Thursday, 30 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Magpie Drops In


Magpie dropped to the path ahead of us (the dogs and me), and began to chatter.  Slowly, the chattering took form in my mind.  Here are some of the thoughts.

  • Spend time in the present for this is where your power comes from.  In the present, you will be open to all that is available from the Oneness.
  • Magpie does not dwell on the past; we remember the lessons.  One lesson is that a man with a long stick that smokes (gun) will hurt or end us.  Remember the lessons and let go of the emotion, the scene and all the blame!
  • Walk more.  Even though we fly, we walk on the ground because it does ground us.  Humans do not walk enough.
  • Play more.  Magpies enjoy each other and other animals.  We play.  We see you compete, we do not see you play.

I contemplated what Magpie was saying and realized that I can do better in being in the present.  I worked to stay in the moment as I wrote this blog.  I realized that my mind is like a herd of cats, different thoughts wanting to go different places.  I had to consciously work back to the moment.  When I did that, I felt more energy.  I am grateful to Magpie.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Hawk Wants You To Listen


I received a great story by email, from Andy, about his experience with Hawk.  He and I have emailed, and he has given me permission to share what he wrote.  Here is his story.

I was riding my motorcycle on a Alberta highway when I spotted a hawk flying on a collision course to me and at the last moment, it pulled up and away from me.  Ii know they have great eye sight so I know it must of seen me and heard me. Ii think the message was to pay more attention to my path be it my life path or the actual path I was ridding or both. Or, maybe there was some other meaning. I made my trip home and put the bike away and went out on my front porch. I heard a commotion happening in the trees when a small hawk type bird flew out with a small bird in its talons. Two parent robin birds were trying to attack it to let go of their young. This was quite a sight! But, I don't know the message in this.  -Andy

Since each of us is unique, and since we all have unique experiences with animals, Andy’s message will be tailored for him, and where he is in his life.

Some of the thoughts that come up are:

  • Be clear of the path you are choosing.
  • Beware of the items/people that you may collide with as you stay on the current path.
  • Chase what you need to have in your life.
  • Do not allow others the power to take away things from you that you love.

Hawk is working hard to communicate with Andy.  Watch to see how animals try to communicate with you.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Angels Speak - Conquering Fear


The Angels have been gathering to send different messages to Earth. 

“Beloved Ones!  We call you this for each of you is part of The One.  Each of you has the gift of creation inside you.

This is a time to observe yourself and others.  What we see is much fear.  Even those that are connected to all things are showing fear over the changes that are happening to the physical earth, to the emotional stability of many people, and to the movement away from science.  We say to you that these changes are all part of the process of movement from what you were to who you will be.

All activity happens on four levels – the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, and the physical – and you are concentrating on the physical and emotional.  To conquer fear, one must move to the spiritual.  Open up to love.  Allow love in.  Look at each event with love, and without the judgement that you all so readily use.   All that happens is for the greatest good.  Those that die have agreed to do so under their plan when they came to Earth.  Transitioning from the physical body to the spiritual body is simply one breath.  In that breath, all that you will be is shown and you feel the light of The One. 

When you move past the physical and emotional, the mental makes a brief adjustment, and then there is nothing but everything!  This is why you can be without fear.  There is so much more that what you experience now.

And, if your path is to stay in the physical, know that fear is not required because there is so much light that is being extended to each of you right now.  Abundance is the word of the day.  Lose the fear of scarcity, poverty, and powerlessness.  You are all powerful!  Ask us to come in to remind you of all that you are. 

We are your Angels

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Spirit Speaks - What can I expect for the week of June 27th to July 1st 2011?

I was wondering what the week would be like for this week leading up to the new moon and the eclipse.  So, I did what I often do, I pulled some cards from the deck  “Soul Cards” created by Deborah Koff-Chapin.

Here are the cards that I pulled.  I have to confess that these two cards are not giving me any kind of message. 

If you have any thoughts on what these might mean, either for me or for you, please post a comment or send me an email.



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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Skunk’s Support


On Saturday, we had our Solstice celebration because all the energies have now hit the Earth.  Our celebration was filled with laughter, good food, and circle time around the fire.

One of the things that Creator worked with us on, was to understand how to change our lives.  Creator lead us through a meditation-journey.  Part of the journey was meeting up with a Spirit Animal guide who will help us through the changes.

My spirit guide was Skunk.  I thought this was odd because I have an aversion to very strong smells.  However, as we sat on the beach of the river, side by side, I grew accustomed to Skunk’s odour, and actually even found it comforting.

Some of the ideas that Skunk conveyed were:

  • You need to be di-stinct.  Be comfortable being different.  Distinguish your self by your smell, your appearance, and your actions.
  • You need to follow your in-stinct.  When something smells wrong, know that it is wrong and do not look to fix it.  Walk away!
  • If you are indi-stinct, it is difficult to be a teacher-leader.  This is the time to show your skills and to share them.

Skunk went on to share some other thoughts that I need to sort through for a while. 

If you have thoughts on Skunk’s appearance by my side, please send me your comments.


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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Spirit Speaks - Rainbows

Rainbows have been coming up for me and for so many people since the Spring Equinox.  The rainbows are colorful, big, and full of happiness.  The group of kids that draw rainbows in all of their pictures were named “the rainbow children”.  Their futures look bright, and they are so very intelligent.

Below are two pictures that I took on my walk with the dogs last week.  The rainbow seems to shoot out of the cloud in two streams of colour.  The picture actually does not show the different hues that were in the rainbow.


Pictures by Judy Hirst, June 2011.

When I look at the rainbows, and the variety that have been hitting the Earth in our geographic area, I wonder what the rainbows are bringing to us.

Then, I look at the Rainbow Children, and I think, “the rainbows are bringing higher intelligence to the planet.  Most of the adults here, now, were not born with the very fast processing capabilities that the Rainbow Children have.  The rainbows are bringing the changes required for us to catch up!


I say this because sometimes, when I see a rainbow, my soul yearns to be in that light.  I hear others say the same thing.  I see rainbows that seem to focus around sites were spiritual events will be happening. 

I listen to my friends talk about all the different rainbows that they see, and the pictures that they have taken, and I feel that the rainbows are working with us – that is – the light energy of the rainbows – is working to help change us.  The Inca predicted that by 2012, humans would become “the rainbow warrior” who was filled with light and love and goodness.

Perhaps the rainbows are the start of this process.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Deer Shows Up Unexpectedly


I get many comments on the different blogs that I write.  Sometimes however, a comment tweaks something in my mind, and I know that I must write about it.  The comment that is written below was contributed by an Anonymous source, and, the comment is so appropriate for these times when so many changes are happening.

I will let you read the comment, and then continue with my thoughts.

I was walking down my block on Monday, 6/20. I was in the middle of the block when I realized there was a deer at the end of the block -- a busy intersection. And then it ran in my direction stopping about 15 or 20 feet away from me. It just looked at me. I wasn't afraid, was just in awe at this magnificent creature. And then it started running again and went right by me (within about 5 or 6 feet from me) and down to the other end of the block. Next, the deer came running again, passing me as I watched it kicking up divots in people's lawns. It was so graceful, so powerful. It had the beginnings of antlers on top of it's head - it was so beautiful. I was worried for it being in such a populated neighborhood - this is Chicago. It went down the busy street and turned to go up an alley. I called an emergency number because I was concerned for the deer - I was worried it would run out into traffic, or that someone would hurt it on purpose. It's the closest I've ever been to a deer. Oddly, there had been a news story within the week before about a doe and her fawns near an even busier intersection in another Chicago neighborhood, about 3 to 4 miles southeast of where I live. I believe there is a reason for our encounter, I just don't know what it is yet.

Sometimes, Deer or Rabbit, will show up unexpectedly when you are about to start a quest.  This sounds very mystical and very Arthurian, and yet, it is true!  Because Deer and Rabbit leap, and bound, and are also shy, timid and gentle, they are the perfect spirit animals to have around to begin a quest.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Trout Splashes Around


Rainbow trout swims into your life if you are feeling over run by emotions.  Right now, with all of the Earth energy moving around and realigning, we are feeling emotional and often slightly depressed. 

Trout tells us that life is good, and it is about swimming against the current to stay alive and keep the species going.  Trout goes on to say:

  • Do something that allows you to come up into the sunlight every day.  Trout catches flies.
  • Jumping loosens all of the tension in your body.  This is why you often see Trout jump at the end of the day.  When tension leaves your body, sleep happens more easily.
  • When you are looking for food, find a place that you can find your food (prey), easily!  Trout will sink to the mud in water that is calmer, and wait for the current to carry food to Trout.  You do not need to hunt and make food gathering hard work that burns your energy.  Look at what you can do to make this process easier.
  • Highs and lows are normal in life.  Everyone is looking for balance – the balance is to allow both, and not stay in one place or the other.  Two highs balance out two lows.  The warmth balances the coolness.  We all need both.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Spirit Speaks - Summer Solstice 2011

How did I spend my summer solstice?  Out in nature, experiencing warm, warm sun, and then rain, hail, and marvellous rainbows before we moved back into the light!

This solstice was about getting back to basics – food, shelter, and being with the elements.  We joined our friends in a park, beside a trout pond, to eat, drum and be merry.  Fourteen of us gathered around the fire pit for the first downpour.  



This is a picture of the umbrellas around the fire pit.  Yes, we needed jackets because it got almost cold.

And, the dampness, too, chills the body.

As soon as this first shower ended.  The sun came out and it was hot.







It is hard to see the hail stones on the ground, however, they were there, and some of them were dime size. 

Hail is about being frozen – like the rune, ISS, or ISA, which means “Ice, cold, freezing. Lack of change. Stagnation. Lack of emotion. Storing binding. Bridge across danger.”

This is a time to let go of all that is frozen in us.




I made this picture larger so that is easier to see the double rainbow.  Rainbows are about the promise of better things, such as abundance, enjoyment, generosity, kindness, and the acknowledgement of what is to come.

Rainbow warriors especially feel an affinity to these symbols of newness.







The rain finally stopped, and the sun came out.  Because one of our group thoughtfully put an umbrella over the wood in the fire pit and covered our wood pile with a plastic table cloth, we had dry wood.  Our shoes and socks and pant legs were steaming from the heat of the fire. 

The drumming and singing felt as though it washed away the cold and wet.  Even most of the puddles left from the rain did wash away.



Our evening ended with a walk around the trout pond, and a glorious sunset.

We are indeed blessed!





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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Buddha Speaks - About Cheating

This is a funny time in the world.  When you watch the news, most of what is broadcast talks about people cheating on others, people in power cheating those without power by taking bribes and making decisions that are not for the highest good; and about cheating in sporting events. 

I came across this story in my studies on Buddhism, and thought it was appropriate for the times.


A Man Named Wise

Once upon a time, the Enlightenment Being was born in a merchants' family in Benares, in northern India. He was given the name Wise. When he grew up he began doing business with a man whose name just happened to be Verywise.

It came to pass that Wise and Verywise took a caravan of 500 bullock carts into the countryside. After selling all their goods they returned to Benares with their handsome profits.

When it came time to split their gains between them, Verywise said, "I should get twice as much profit as you." "How come?" asked Wise. "Because you are Wise and I am Verywise. It is obvious that Wise should get only half as much as Verywise."

Then Wise asked, "Didn't we both invest equal amounts in this caravan trip? Why do you deserve twice as much profit as I?" Verywise replied, "Because of my quality of being Verywise." In this way their quarrel went on with no end in sight.

Then Verywise thought, "I have a plan to win this argument." So he went to his father and asked him to hide inside a huge hollow tree. He said, "When my partner and I come by and ask how to share our profits, then you should say, 'Verywise deserves a double share."'

Verywise returned to Wise and said, 'My friend, neither of us wants this quarrel. Let's go to the old sacred tree and ask the tree spirit to settle it."

When they went to the tree Verywise said solemnly, "My lord tree spirit, we have a problem. Kindly solve it for us." Then his father, hidden inside the hollow tree, disguised his voice and asked, "What is your question?" The man's cheating son said, "My lord tree spirit, this man is Wise and I am Verywise. We have done business together. Tell us how to share the profits." Again disguising his voice, his father responded, "Wise deserves a single share and Verywise deserves a double share."

Hearing this solution, Wise decided to find out if it really was a tree spirit speaking from inside the tree. So he threw some hay into it and set it on fire. Immediately Verywise's father grabbed onto a branch, jumped out of the flames and fell on the ground. He said in his own voice,, "Although his name is Verywise, my son is just a clever cheater. I'm lucky that the one named Wise really is so. and I've escaped only half toasted!"

Then Wise and Verywise shared their profits equally. Eventually they both died and were reborn as they deserved.  The lesson, “A cheater may be clever but not wise.”

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Monday, 20 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Beaver Traits


Beaver was sitting across the channel, on the bank, looking for some tender young trees and, keeping an eye on the dogs and on me.  Beaver has been in this channel for about four years.  She has created several good dams, and she has helped change the eco system of the channel and the river.  The channel now has young trout in it.

Beaver has some traits that humans can use.  They are:

  • when you see water that is stagnant and mucky, find a way to clean it up.  You may have to get dirty to do it; it will be worth it.
  • being industrious leads you to discover new ways of doing things.  So, be busy when it is required – as when you need to fix your den, the dam, or gather food for winter.  When you are not busy, play and socialize.
  • when somebody says that “it can’t be done”, go ahead and do it anyway.  See the picture below of the world’s biggest beaver dam.




The dam is located on the southern edge of Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta, Canada Photo: BNPS



  • understand that there is a shortage of fresh water.  Beavers know how to maximize fresh water and aerate it to create a healthy environment for fish and wildlife.

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Angels Speak -- Beautiful People


All the people are beautiful!  There is not any standard weight, height, hair colour, or skin colour that makes one person more beautiful than another to us.  As Angels, we see the perfection of your soul/higher self, and marvel at the journeys that you program for yourself for this earthly journey.

Where does the human find their definition of beauty?  More and more, we observe, the definition of beauty comes from the mass media.  Someone tells you this person is beautiful, and thus you believe it.  Yet, there are so many beautiful people in the world – all of them are beautiful – we have no understanding as to how you could limit your perception to one type or form of beauty.  We have no understanding of limiting your perception to the human form which is made of mud, and which is set to expire.  The eternal light of the soul that shines in each person is the beautiful gift.

We see more and more of you are waking up to the beauty of the natural world.  Consider, humans are part of the natural world.  Each human has a purpose that many will never know of and that is also a beauty that each body carries with them.

We ask that the next time you want to judge a person as “beautiful” or “ugly” or “plain” that you reconsider.  Look for the beauty that you have overlooked in the first glance!

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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Blue Heron Guide


We are lucky that there is a great blue heron reserve within two miles of our house.  So, we often see Blue Herons. 

The sight today was special, however.  I was walking and thinking about the new things that I am doing with Angels and with Data Cloud.  I was thinking about all that Roger and I have been learning, and I was thinking about all the rain that has been falling.

Then, a Great Blue Heron flew across the path, in front of us, seemingly coming out of nowhere, and moving north.  I felt the tug and push of something knocking on my thoughts.  I saw colourful flashes of shades of green and brown.  I understood!

“Look through my eyes.  I fly above what you walk in.  You need to rise to a place to see all that you are doing and them see the big picture, the landscape of the new journey that you are on.  There is much to be done and new energies to disperse.  It is time.  Are you ready?”

I believe that I am ready!

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Spirit Speaks - Ganesh


About 2003, I discovered the God, Ganesh.  He appeared in a dream, and said, “Take me with you”.  At the time, I was traveling for Microsoft.  I knew nothing about him, however, Roger did, and explained why I was seeing Ganesh.  It was because I needed help breaking down barriers. 

Some consider Ganesh an Ascended Master while others consider him a God or a Lord. He has mantras and meditations written specifically to help people connect with him (Ganesh).  What I know is that he is an aspect of Creator that shines out love, oneness, and makes life abundant.  More and more people are seeing him.  I think he is here to help everyone break down the barriers in their lives that keeps out the love.

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Buddha Speaks - Understanding Patience


When you plant seeds in the garden, you don’t dig them up every day to see if they have sprouted yet. You simply water them and clear away the weeds; you know that the seeds will grow in time. Similarly, just do your daily practice and cultivate a kind heart. Abandon impatience and instead be content creating the causes for goodness; the results will come when they’re ready.  Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron, “Meditator’s Toolbox”

I watch people and I see their impatience.  I understand it because I was quite impatient in many things for a very long time.  I have come to understand that when I have no expectations of others, then, I have no impatience.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Fawn


While we were in the park the other night, the dogs and I were harassed by mosquitos that were hungry for blood.  We began to hurry to get out of the bugs.  As we walked past the open field, I could see what looked like a bird flopping on the ground.  As I got closer, I could see that it was a small fawn, lying still in the grass.  Except, it was not still.  Both ears were flapping like crazy as the mosquitos and flies bit down on the tender skin.

Fawn was showing us that even when we think we are being still, often, some little annoyance will keep part of us moving.  This motion may, or may not, interfere with our sitting in meditation, or sitting in silence. The motion is instinctive, and something that we cannot control.  Fawn shows us that our body has its own protective mechanism.

Creator has outfitted all of the beings, animal, bird, fish, insect, reptiles, and humans, to protect ourselves if something plagues us.  That is a good thing! 

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Rabbit Says “Leaps And Bounds”


When Rabbit hops in and out of your daily life, and leaps about in your dreams, then you know that something “big” is happening!

Rabbit has often been a symbol of fertility, abundance, and beginnings.  Now, Rabbit is showing up all over the place (in the Calgary area), and being seen by people that would not normally notice her.  They talk about Rabbit nibbling on their grass in the back alleys, about Rabbit and her friends jumping around and not seemingly that afraid of cats and dogs.  Mostly, they talk about how excited they feel to see Rabbit. 

Rabbit, like her mythological counterpart, The Easter Bunny, is bringing that sense of joy and wonderment.  She makes people feel excited and helps them back off the “fear” factor that many feel right now.  She is helping us grow at a soul level by “leaps and bounds”.

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Toad Plays “Who Do You Love”


Last night, as the dogs and I walked out in the park tonight, at dusk, I could hear all the different frogs singing their songs.  And then it got quiet.  The dogs and I heard this boom, boom, boom.  It sounded like a drum.  Then, there was a steady rock’n roll beat, and an image appeared.  It looked like “Toad” – the toad from Toad Hall – was going to sing.  He was standing over the water, and looked about six feet tall.

The words that he sang were “who do you love”, over and over in a deep, bass voice.  I know the song, so I was expecting to hear him begin to sing the whole version.  However, the words changed to “do you love you”, in the key of G, with a deep, 4/4 drum beat.  I was startled!  It seemed like all the animals (deer, dogs, ducks, geese) paused and looked up.

I thought I did love me.  Yet, when he sang those words, I felt this guilt flow through me as though I did not love myself enough.  Wow! That was something that I am going to work on.  I realized that Toad was singing about “angel love” or unconditional love, and that I had not gone far enough with me.

Then, Toad began to sing again, “who do you love?”, and the visions I saw were of all the important people in my life.  These were the people that I love.  My big surprise is that there were several people missing.  The missing people were in a screen called – “Like, don’t love even though you thought you did”.  Another surprise!

Toad now started singing, “Gotta work it out, baby!” And, he sang that over and over as his voice faded away.

Why did a cartoon or movie type image appear to me?  Well, at that moment, Spirit decided that this image was something that I would relate to, and therefore, understand the message more clearly.  The images that appear to us, or the words or smells or “knowings” that we get, are symbolic to us as individuals, and sometimes as archetypes of groups or tribes.  The symbols convey a message.

I got my message, loud and clear!

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Angels Speak - The Passing Of Time


Yesterday, we celebrated my mother-in-law’s eightieth birthday.  It was a wonderful time!  Friends and family gathered to pay tribute to her eighty years.  The stories were funny and often, touching.

Later, when everyone was gone, the Angels tapped me on the shoulder, and said that it was a lovely gathering.  I had been thinking what it must be like to live to eighty years old, and I guess I formed it as a question because the Angels were coming in to answer.

The Angels told me that humans were getting longer lives so that they had the opportunity to finish all the lessons and to have the chance to get to the place of “no illusions”.  This means that people are getting to see through the illusions and to see the perfection of all beings.  To me, this means being without expectations of how things should be, or, of how things are.

They went on to say that there are other reasons, and that I could sit in meditation and talk about them, soon.  The hint being that I need to do more meditations.

Of course, the Angels can see the complete picture, and we cannot.  Still, I think that I like this explanation!

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Friday, 10 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Buffalo Talks of Circles


Buffalo speaks….

I come to you at this time because it is clear that the time for circles is here.  There are beginnings and endings, and in between.  The Buffalo has walked this Earth a long time.  Buffalo gave freely of itself to keep the two legged beings alive.  It is Buffalo who kept the two-leggeds in food and clothing, and kept them alive for many, many cycles of life.

Now the time is that the Buffalo are fading.  We are kept in tight spaces.  We do not roam as we did.  We have no access to sacred circles.  All over the plains and the woods that we roam are sacred circles that allow us to energize and be in touch with what the two-leggeds are about.  We no longer feel the circles like we did.  It seems the Buffalo has come to the end of its circle as a provider and now needs to be supported.  Such is the way of circles.

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Buddha Speaks - Wow! I Am–Alive!


When we allow space into our meditation practice, however, something quite wonderful begins to happen. That solidity, that seriousness begins to break down. We begin to relax a bit more and experience some of the fluidity we enjoyed as very young children. We begin to dance with our experience: “Haaa...I’m so upset...I’m so good...I’m happy...I’m a human being...I might be upset, but I’m alive...If I were dead, I might not have emotion...but, wow, I’m alive.”  -Tsoknyi Rinpoche, "Allow for Space"

This quote reminds of Robin, singing away, about the joy of life, and singing, “Yes, I am alive!”.  When I am downtown Calgary, I feel the discouragement and negativity and envy and selfishness that permeates many individuals and groups.  Remember that, on their own, the individual can be quite different than when she/he is with a group, such as when they are in an employee group. 

For me, this is an indication that the individual or the group is caught up in the self created pain of victim-hood.  They have forgotten the joy of life.  The alternative to being alive, is, well, being dead! And, although being dead is simply transforming, for me, right now, in this moment, the joy of the life of dance or, the dance of life, is more fun.

I wish you fun and joy today!

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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Spirit Speaks -- The Knots Prayer

One of my friends sent this to me today, and I realized that this is so perfect, that I had to share it.  So, although these words were written by someone else, the message comes from me in a heart-felt way.

Blessings to each of you.



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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Robin’s Voice


Robin has a nest in our yard every year, and has been in our yard for nine years.  I think that “our” Robin beats the odds of the three year life span as Robin and Mrs. Robin seem to get better and older each year.  This year, truly, I notice more grey on them.  I think they are of the group that live ten to fourteen years.

Each morning, Robin lifts his voice – a clear sweet melody that makes you feel the joy that he feels when he wakes up and starts his day.  He sits on our deck and sings.  Then, Mrs. Robin comes and joins him with a lower, quieter melody.  The Robin duet puts a voice to the feeling of getting up and greeting the world.  Robin says that what happened yesterday doesn’t matter, and that today is a new day, and a great day!  He and Mrs. sing of things to do, and, they wish us well.  Then, they fly away to catch worms and keep the cycle of life going forward.

I love that they give voice to our morning.

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Monday, 6 June 2011

Spirit Speaks -- I Am A Rock


I had an epiphany the other day when I was thinking about Great Spirit, God, Source, The ONE, whatever name you wish to put on Spirit. 

I was day dreaming.  In my day dream, I saw pictures of Sedona and the great rocks there.   The one to the left is called ‘Spirit Rock’.  I have seen it.  I felt pleasure and comfort when I saw it. 

For years, I have had dreams about Uluru Ayers Rock.  I dreamt of it before I actually knew what it was. That is the second picture in this group.  It is in Australia, and, it is old.  This rock has been the destination of many a pilgrimage.

And, the last picture in the group is of Stone Mountain, outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  I was there in 2001, and Roger and I climbed the long way up, and down, and it truly was the experience of a lifetime! 

My epiphany was that many of us associate “God” with a rock.  Or, perhaps I should say that we associate spiritual places with rocks.  And, when I had this thought, I heard, “I am a rock”. 

I then heard, “And, I am everything else as well!”

What is interesting to me is that all of us resonate with the idea of God being a Rock.  In fact, if you Google Spirit Rock, you will see that it comes up millions of times, all over the world.

The comforting thing for me when I saw this was “I guess Great Spirit  really is omnipotent.  She/he can be in many places at once.  And, it has been in many places for a long time.


  The idea of the “rock” is quite spectacular in its own way because the rock is so big, majestic, and so everlasting.  If I was a being that was trying to establish communication with a species that seemed to have difficulty communicating, I too would try to communicate through symbolic, living things like a rock. 

It now makes more sense to me as to why monks established monasteries on big mountains (rocks) to be closer to Source.  It also gave those people below them something to look up to and to communicate with, and to view as an intermediary to Creator.


We all got into trouble by using intermediaries because most intermediaries had their own agenda which seems to include power, riches, etc.   Being able to do one’s own communicating with the One Source has a big advantage in avoiding the politics and expense of using someone else.  


I wonder if all rocks carry great power, or if there are new rocks appearing. 

I look at the world wide fascination with crystals, or as some people call them, “rocks”, and I have to believe that Spirit is moving through “I am a rock” through crystals, as well.

I like that idea. 


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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Northern Pike


I used to have a cabin on Moose Lake in Manitoba.  One of my favourite summer pastimes was to lie on the rubber raft, hands trailing in the water, feeling the gentle rocking of the water movement.  Often, when I would peer into the water, I would see a mid-size Pike looking back at me.  In Canada, we call Pike by the name “Jack Fish”. 

I have not thought about Pike very much over the last ten years.  Then, this week, twice, Pike came up in the conversation.  As I sat meditating, I invited Pike to come into my space to share any messages that it might have.  Pike has this advice.

    • Staying still is a great camouflage behaviour.  It works out even better for a person if they can learn something from “spying” on what is going on.
    • Lurking in the shadows is one way to catch your prey.  Police have learned to do this from Pike and the police call this the “stake-out” routine.
    • Since most beings do have a brain, and do their reasoning at their head, it is best to consume prey in a head-first position so that they do not have time to plan an escape.
    • When you get caught, never give up!  Fight until the end!  It is amazing how often one can jump off the hook.

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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Spirit Animal - “Heads Up” Says Giraffe


I know that an animal wants to talk to me and give me a message when a picture pops up of it, over and over.  This has been happening with Giraffe.  I will open a magazine, and there will be a picture of a Giraffe.  Or, I will open an email slideshow, and the first or second picture will be a giraffe.

I finally slowed down and asked Giraffe what it wanted to tell me.  She asked me to close my eyes, and imagine that I was in Africa.  She then asked me to open my eyes and see the scrubby bushes and grasses that give lions and cheetahs something to hide behind. 

Then she said,

“Life is a lot like the scrubby bushes that cover the savannahs in my world.  We often get so used to seeing the bumps and the valleys, that we soon ignore them.  In the beginning, we do watch them so that we don’t trip or stumble.  We make sure that we are not taken by surprise by predators. 

Then suddenly, we seem to forget about these parts of the environment.  We look beyond them, and forget that at some point, we must deal with them.  They are like the details in life that we must take care of – car payments, mortgages, food, shelter – details that are taken for granted, and therefore not treated with the attention, and perhaps respect that they require.  Soon they catch up with us.

Giraffes know that at all times, especially with the young about, that we must keep our heads up.  We must look beyond the immediate, to the distance to see what is coming.  You, too, need to do that!”

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Friday, 3 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Horse Stories


When you're weary
Feeling small
When tears are in your eyes
I will dry them all
I'm on your side
When times get rough
And friends just can't be found

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Bridge Over Troubled Water P. Simon, 1969
Featured on Bridge Over Troubled Water

When I see this horse, (he lives at my friend’s farm) I am always reminded of the song by Simon and Garfunkel.  It does not matter how tired or frustrated I am, I find this horse comforting.  He is so gentle and innocent.  I feel like he is a gift of friendship from the Universe.

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Spirit Speaks - On Being Mean


“The moment we begin tolerating meanness, in ourselves and others, we are using our authorial power in the service of wrongdoing. We have both the capacity and the obligation to do better.” – Martha Beck

I saw this quote today, and it rang through me.  I believe that we have all been treated meanly at times, and through that process, we have learned to be mean.  Some of us may have had parents who treated us meanly either as a means of “toughening us up”, or, because they resented us and what being a parent means.  Look at this word and how many meanings it has in this paragraph.  No wonder we are confused about how to act!

The Old English definition of “mean” is common, as in the mean or center between very poor and very rich, or very uneducated and very educated.  This explanation, for me, is fitting.  When we act “meanly”, we are acting in a selfish, unkind, malicious, cruel, spiteful way.

Well, I am sure that you have heard it all before.  I don’t MEAN anything by this post.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mother Earth Speaks - Self Release and Self Caring On The New Moon


Not only is the the day of the New Moon, this is also the day of the partial solar eclipse.  Tonight, our meditation was guided by Mother Earth.

The significant things that came up were:

  • this is a day of self-release where all the barriers, rules, and “Don’ts” that we have put in our own way are now being lifted over the next three days or next three weeks.  This is part of the energy of the three eclipses.
  • all of us are connected to the earth because we are of mud, and we need her minerals and vitamins to survive.
  • water is the way that she flows through us.
  • by remembering that we are connected, we will know our truth and how to work with her more easily.

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