Wednesday, 31 December 2014

That’s A Wrap For 2014



2014 has been a very special year for me, and there have been huge changes in the world.  I look back and I see that a lot of healing has to happen to bring the world energies back into balance.   To do that healing, we each need to work on ourselves.  We are the ones that make a difference.

Every day, I look around, and I am amazed that the Creator still puts together such beautiful sunsets, skies full of twinkling stars, birds that sing the most beautiful songs, and all the other joys I find everyday. 

I wish each of you a year filled with light, love, joy, and peace.


Monday, 29 December 2014

Angels Speak - Take Little Steps



The Angels say that often, we try to do too much or we try to take steps that are impossibly big because we expect instant gratification.

This message is to remind us all that we need to work through the process and that we need to take small steps to achieve our goals.  As the saying goes, one can only put on one shoe at a time.  It is the steps that condition us to be strong enough to hold the goal, once we achieve it.

To get to the top of the stairs, one can only climb a step at a time.  You can try to take two or even three, and often then, you will trip and fall.  This little illustration shows us how important steps are. 


Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mother Nature Speaks - Beautiful Space



As the New Year comes closer, my mind goes to the beautiful spaces that I have seen.  These are my go-to spots for meditating or for going to recharge my energies on a day that is constantly draining.

Mother Nature says that in a beautiful space, the following things happen:

  • The thoughts that make your body sick and cause depression are gently pulled from your body.  In its place, you are given new energy.
  • The smells clean out the congestion of the trauma of working. You breath easier.  Your lungs fill with air.  You feel the peace.
  • The quiet soothes your mind and slows it down.  You feel the quiet and know that you are closer to your self and to Creator.


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Angels Speak - Keep a Clean Mind



Today, rather that talk about Christmas, I want to share a philosophy that has been serving me well.  Keep a Clean Mind. 

For me, that means not getting caught up in someone else’s drama, rants, taboos, values, or judgements.  Those are the mud and dirt, and smelly things that make up dirty feet.

Rather, I let the sound of birds, or the sound and smell of the ocean, or even the sound of the rustling of leaves, bathe my mind when others are “carrying on”. 

I wish you peace and love and joy.


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Angels Speak - Be Love


Sit and be still for ten minutes.  In that ten minutes, think of all the people that you have shut out of your life because …. they were mean or they made you angry, or they were not like me, or they did not agree with me, or, any of the reasons that you have come up with.

Love is the only way.  Therefore, if you have resistance to loving and accepting someone, then, you will not move forward.  You will stay mired in the same things that you complain about holding you back.

Take a break and do something else.

Come back and sit in meditation for ten minutes.  In that time, contemplate the concept of love.  What does love feel like?  Does it have a taste?  Have you observed what you thought was pure, unconditional love?  Can you love like that?

Most of us want compensation for our love.  That makes love conditional.  It is not love.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

Angels Speak - Life Philosophy for Winter Solstice 2014



Keep moving.  Stay balanced.  Stay grounded.  Look up to the Stars. Sing. Be in service to something outside yourself.  Bend. Sway. Find the rhythm of the energies within you.  Like the ocean, the energies ebb and flow.  Stay within the flow.  Life is easier. 


Friday, 19 December 2014

Angels Speak - Describing Life



I believe that there is more to life than we engage with.  So often, we expect life to be within our construct, or our control. Mother Earth, the Universe, random acts, and even weather, can change the way we perceive life. 

The easiest way to deal with life is to roll with it.  Walk with grace and ease.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Spirit Speaks - Nature is Part Of Me


As we move through the next several weeks, I know that keeping grounded and being in Nature will help me to cope with the mixed energies of those around me.   For me, December is a happy time.  For many, it is a time of great stress and of anguish and anger. 

When you feel that stress hit you, find a few minutes to walk in the park or by the river or lake or ocean. .  Lean against a tree.  Sit on a bench and be still.  Le the World talk to you.  Mother Nature has lots to say.


Monday, 15 December 2014

Angels Speak–Understanding Patience



When we walk into a situation, we often cannot wait for it to be finished. We tap our foot, or our fingers.  We fidget. We complain.

I love this poster.  Attitude is everything.


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Angels Speak - In Motion



This poster reminds me that sometimes, we get going so fast that we cannot stop.  And, some people never get started.  It is a wonderful thing to be so happy in life that one just keeps moving and growing and loving. 


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Angels Speak - Life is Fast



The topic of our discussion at the table was how fast everything seems to be moving.  Microsoft puts out new software about every six months on the ERP systems.  New smartphones come out fast and furiously.  New TV shows are given six weeks to make it or they are canned.  Kids grow up quickly. Even the Earth is revolving a little more quickly than it did ten years ago.

As things speed up, the process can wear us down.  People like to be able to move at turtle speed sometimes.  It is hard to move at racing speed all the time. 

How do we cope with this intensity?  There is not a perfect way.  Each of us needs to find our way to move through the fast times.  For me, meditation in the morning, ten to fifteen minutes, and ten minutes at night helps me to slow down.  During the day, I do Still Breath, where you breath in, and hold your breath for a count of ten or so, and then breathe out, and hold for a count of ten.  Repeat for at least three rounds.  This gets rid of the tension that attaches to your body during the day.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Angels Speak - Thoughts On Failing


This quote resonated deeply for me. Failing or succeeding is in the eyes of the person walking the action, not in those that observe the action. 

While this might seem cryptic, I mean if I run a race and beat my own time by several seconds and yet do not win the race, I may have failed at winning the race but I succeeded in improving what I could do.  I succeeded!   

Sometimes, we do not see how we have been succeeding because we focus on the failing.  We need to change how we observe, and we need to have faith that we always succeed in some way.  Our faith and an attitude of gratitude will keep us from failing.

As long as we are in service to loving kindness, which is a great recipe for living, we cannot fail.


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mother Nature Speaks - A Blessing Prayer From Nature



When the time seems to be rushing past you, that is the time that you need a beautiful blessing prayer from Mother Nature.  This prayer lets you tap in to the energy of the Earth that is timeless.  It is something that Buddhists use to energize themselves.  Our Earth Ancestors used Nature to cleanse themselves.  Having a garden is like having a blessing, and yes, it is Nature. 

The Sun and the rain represent part of our spiritual nature.  They bring about Earth changes, and often, changes in us.  Time and time again, I find that my best ease for stress, sorrow, or tiredness, is a walk with Mother Nature.

May you feel the love in these words.


Friday, 5 December 2014

Angels Speak - What Should You Do Today?



What would I leave undone and be okay with, if I died?  I really did think about this.  Mostly, it was work in my daily job.  This made me think about all the things I want to do.

My list is not that long.  I don’t call it my bucket list.  I call it my FUN List.

  • Finish my several quilts
  • Have a Vegas weekend with my sisters
  • Swim with the dolphins somewhere
  • Walk with a wolf
  • Work with an elephant

Whether I get more education, attend conferences, or do anything that takes away from me time, seems to fade away. 

Where are you in your journey to have FUN.


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Angels Speak - No Excuses


Gotta love the practical message in this poster!  Making excuses is an easy way to deflect responsibility from one’s self and to blame others.  (See Monday’s post)  Accept that you have to do “something” and that you have made that commitment. Accept that you cannot always meet commitments as there are circumstances beyond our control.  However, own up that you “did not do…..”, regardless of the reason.  It is going beyond and the feeling is quite freeing.


Monday, 1 December 2014

Spirit Speaks - Step Beyond


I saw this picture and loved it!  How cool is it to be able to step through a portal into the beyond?  We all know that this picture is a metaphor for life.  It is about moving beyond:

  • jealousy
  • greed
  • anger
  • racism
  • fear
  • control
  • manipulation
  • guilt
  • blame
  • regrets
  • grievances
  • self doubt
  • intolerance
  • pettiness
  • mean spiritedness

And the list goes on.  Add to it.  The list has emotions, attitudes, and actions on it.  

As the picture shows, when we move beyond any of these life hurdles, we move up and beyond that limitation. 

What a wonderful world!