Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Angels Speak - Finding Release


The Angels tell us that it is okay to feel Anger.  When we have pain caused by someone’s actions, we will feel anger and resentment.  If we suppress the emotions, we store it in our bodies, and it makes us sick.

The Angels tell us that we need to feel the emotions. We need to honor the emotions and immerse ourselves in that emotion.  Then we can let it go.

As we release each feeling, we need to set it free with love and grace, and we need to direct forgiveness to our self and to the person that we are angry with.  When we face it, we resolve it.


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Angels Speak – Shine On



When you are not sure that you are on the right path, then call on the Light from with in to shine on the path that you are to follow.  You feel the light in your heart and body.  Your cells recognize the path from the light of your soul.

When people do bad things, then they are not feeling the light, and they are wandering into the dark places.  They have lost the clarity of purpose.

When things are turning around for you, let the light shine even stronger than when you were looking for your path.  Perhaps your light will be a lighthouse for someone else.


Friday, 25 November 2016

Angels Speak - New Directions


The Angels tell us that there are so many things that we think that we want, and, when we get them, these “things” are empty!  Sometimes, the barrier to your goal is not to make you work harder or smarter; it is there to change your direction. 

The cows and goats will always take the easiest path to their destination.  They do this because they see a barrier and find a gentle way around the barrier. 

Today is the day that you recognize the barriers and move in a different direction.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving November 2016!


Being grateful is a good way to start and to end the day.  May this Thanksgiving fill you with wellness and peacefulness.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Angels Speak - Take Time To Read



Sometimes, we need to be alone and occupied.  The Angels say that reading can be a form of meditation, if you allow it to be.  You can read meditation books or fantasy or non-fiction.  It is the time that you take to be yourself, to be in a place where you are not wearing a mask, that makes this a wonderful experience.

When you read, you move to a state of mindfulness.  Experiencing mindfulness over and over as you read, lets you experience it more often when you do other activities.

When people poke fun at you reading, and they will, never apologize for who you are.  Readers have the gift of seeing more and seeing the bigger picture.  Readers move more easily into the Great Unconsciousness.


Monday, 21 November 2016

Angels Speak - Do You Wait For Friday?


The Angels tell us that we waste a good chunk of our lives in waiting for something that we think will make our lives better.  The best example is waiting for Friday… like Friday will magically change our life into something wonderful and fantastic.

When we work with TIME, we need to remember that time is a human construct.  Our Ancestors lived by sun and moon time. Nature still moves to rhythm or cyclic time. Natural cycles  is the harmony that we are all looking to achieve.  We can find it in the present moment.

Healing does not occur in the past or the future.  It occurs in the moment.  Watch animals that are wounded.  They find a spot that they think is safe, and they go there and sleep as much as they can so that healing occurs quickly.  Humans are so different.  They think that if they do this now and that then, they will heal. 

Happiness cannot be felt in the future, it can be felt in the moment.

Live now.


Saturday, 19 November 2016

Angels Speak - A Definition of Friend



The Angels speak about friendship and how all of us need to have some good friends.  In a discussion about friendship, a question came up.  “How do you know someone is a friend?”

The various answers are:

  • A friend is someone that you go out to do things with and to have fun with
  • A friend is someone like you who has the same spirit and values
  • A friend is one who brings peace to you when you are with them
  • A friend is someone who will do things for you, or be in service with you as you do things
  • A friend is someone that you share with out of love and trust.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Angels Speak - Be Strong


The Angels tell us that we need to be strong.  Strong in our physical body and in our emotional body.  By staying fit, the Angels say that we can more easily deal with the issues that are arising because of the chaos in the world right now. 

When we are strong in our emotional body, we do not get so upset that we cannot focus on what needs to be done.  If we are emotionally weak, we let our physical appearance fall into disrepair, and we can forget to eat.  Our Ancestors knew the value of staying strong.  With strength comes Confidence and Abundance.

What exercises help us the most?  Interestingly, walking or jogging slowly, or doing stretching yoga, are the exercises that will both keep you fit and will ground you.  These exercises will also help you keep your emotional body stable.  Sitting or walking meditation will support both your emotional body and your physical body.

A simple meditation that you can use many times during the day is this:

  • Put your tongue to the roof of your mouth
  • Set your timer on your phone for a minute
  • Close your eyes, or not
  • Breathe in and out for a minute, counting a breath in and out as one, the next breath in and out as two, etc.
  • The number of breaths in a minute is your 1 Minute meditation. 
  • Your pulse will slow down and your body will relax.

If meditation doesn’t work for you, try praying.


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Angels Speak - You are a Genius


The Angels tell us that life is difficult because of the judgements that we make on events as well as the judgements placed on us by others.  We refuse to see the true genius of who we are because we are so busy worrying about how we appear.

Love who you are!


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Angels Speak - On Being Different


The Angels tell us that all of the people who are identified as weird, different, strange, or even scary, are the very people that make changes to the world.  They are not followers or part of the herd in the strictest sense.  They are the innovators that see the world from a different angle.

The Angels also tell us that everyone is weird.  Some folks shut it down because they do not want to be different or strange.  By shutting down, they kill the creativity that nestles in their bodies.  They begin to react to things by rote. 

Try to be your weird self today, and enjoy it.


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Angels Speak - There is Always Mystery


The Angels tell us that we have not discovered everything.  They say that there is still mystery in our lives.  It may be around us or in our country, or even in the World. 

For some, the mystery will never be discovered because they ignore it and move around with what is comfortable in their lives.  We are all prone to walking around with blinders.  Scientists and astronomers look for what they think they will find, and sometimes miss the beauty and the mystery. 

Today, look for a mystery.


Monday, 7 November 2016

Angels Speak - Who Do You Use As A Model



Sometimes, when we do not know what to do, we can try to model the person that we admire, and do what we think they might do.  What if you do not have a model for the situation at hand?

The answer is, “Do what is right!”  You will know in your heart, exactly what is right.  Do not try to follow logic.  Do not try to ask for opinions from others. 

The Angels tell us that more and more, we must be the model that we are seeking.  Each of us is an individual and we must move through life with our unique perspective on everything.


Saturday, 5 November 2016

Angels Speak - It is about Faith


Have you ever had so many things happen to you that even though the events are  not really bad, it takes its toll on your time and energy?  Some of these events might be:

  • Your illness
  • A child’s illness
  • A parent’s illness
  • A death in the family
  • An accident of some sort
  • A series of mistakes at work
  • People leaving your team
  • Friends leaving your circle
  • Job change or job loss
  • An appliance break down in your home
  • Car repairs
  • A disagreement in the family
  • Unexpected expenses for dentist or insurance

The Angels tell us that although we may feel like we are being tested, we are not.  The events that happen are accumulations of energy that are outside of our control.  We feel like we are facing some big test – and that is an emotional reaction.  Really, it is just life.  We can accept with grace, or we can fight and make our lives difficult.

With faith in ourselves, our lives, our friends and our families, we can move through events with grace. 


Friday, 4 November 2016

Angels Speak - What True Happiness Is


The Angels tell us that HAPPINESS has become a very complicated word on our lives.  Happiness and contentment and satisfaction were all rolled into one meaning for our Ancestors.  As time has progressed from the Industrial Revolution, happiness is being distilled into wanting more, having more, greed, power, dominance, and control.

The Angels say that we have lost the essence of happiness.  Happiness is the joy of being who you are, in the present moment, without any conditions.

When we move through the present and feel the life force of everything around us, we are interacting at a level where we are all we can be.  We are spiritual.  We are perfect.


Thursday, 3 November 2016

Angels Speak - Decide


There have been some very high energy changes in the atmosphere recently.  These energies have been pressuring us to make decisions about what we would like to do next with our lives. 

The easy answer is to carry on as we are.  If that suits you, do it.  If you have been wanting a career change, then this is the time to make a switch.  Go back to school.  Get some training.  Find out if this new desire is your passion.  If it is not, you can always go back to your original work.

What changes do you want to make to your character?  Do you want to be nicer or kinder?  Do you want to be more giving or less giving.  These are some of the choices that we can make.

The Angels tell us that now – the month of November – is the opportune time to change what we want to change.


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Spirit Animal - Mountain Lion


Mountain Lion comes in to talk about life and to give advice.  She says that life is tougher in the mountains this year than the last several years.

  • She predicts that some mountain lions will perish because there is a lack of food
  • She also predicts that more mountain lions will lose their lives to human interference whether by accident, or by hunting
  • She tells us that staying physically active will keep one strong and able to face the issues that are coming from the changing weather
  • She says that having good shelter is very important
  • She ask that you listen to your intuition or instinct and follow it.

See more on mountain lion/cougar at https://angelsandancestors.blogspot.com/2011/05/spirit-animal-cougar-watches.html