Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Archangels Speak - About Placing Trust


The Archangels tell us that we often put our trust in people that only wish to use and abuse us.  We need to find people that we can really trust – or people who can really say, "I see you" – the famous line from the movie, "Avatar".

Often, people draw us in because they have an agenda that they think we can help them fulfill.  A relationship based on an agenda is a false friendship, and one that will let you down. 


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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Happy Summer Solstice 2017


Our Ancestors celebrated Summer Solstice because it is the longest day.  It is a celebration of the SUN, of planting and the beginning of harvesting strawberries, haying, and bringing in the first offerings of the gardens.

Summer Solstice is the perfect time to work on self healing and to be kind to others.  The blessings of light are perfect for this time.

Try this prayer:



Saturday, 17 June 2017

Archangels Speak - Finding Inspiration


The Archangels tell us that many people are looking for ways to connect to themselves and to the world/nature.  Some folks are able to find that connection when they go horseback riding. 

Riders say that they feel freedom and detachment from their every life situation. They find a peacefulness that they feel infinitely grateful for.  They feel love for everything in that perfect moment on the ride. And, in that moment, they feel incredible self love.


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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Archangels Speak - Keep Educating Yourself


The Archangels say that you need to love yourself enough to keep learning.  One of the reasons that people shut down and get into a rut is that they forget that they must keep learning and they must stay active.

Life is a daily schedule of life lessons and learning.  Only, many people ignore the lesson and vent that Fate is not kind to them.  Whether you learn a new language, software skills, or how to do wood working, the training provided in that education is invaluable for keeping your brain alert.


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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Archangels Speak - Remember and then Forget


The Archangels tell us that we can all be blissful if we forget all of the wrongs that have been done to us.  In being blissful, we feel comfortable.  We have set our well being.

The challenge is, say the Archangels, that we often need to remember our lessons so that we can grow past them.  Lessons learned give us hope for better things.  We learn "how to" NOT do things.  It is the remembering that gives us direction for inventing new tools and techniques to live differently.

How do we let go?  We let go by remembering, honoring the lesson, and then releasing it back to the Universe for it was never ours.

Today, find time to release some troubling memories.  Bless them, and let them go.


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Archangels Speak–Winning Streak!


The Archangels tell us that we create our own luck by living life in a positive way, and by being confident.  All good things come to us with a subtle beginning.  Then, as our confidence grows, we move forward and achieve all kinds of success.

Our biggest obstacle, say the Angels, is that we get in our heads/mind/ego and that we sabotage our own actions.  We talk ourselves out of being successful.  To get around this issue, the Angels suggest keeping a blank mind unless we need to problem solve.  The blank mind lets us be in the present moment so that we are totally involved in what we are doing.

Today, make a list of the ways that you self sabotage.   You may be surprised at how often it happens.


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Friday, 9 June 2017

Archangels Speak - What is Health?


The Archangels say that our ancestors lived as healthy as they could.  They were hunters, gatherers, and then farmers and city dwellers.  They grew their own food and had little in the way of indulgences.

The Archangels now express amazement  at the indulgences that we all allow ourselves, even at the expense of our health.  It becomes more difficult to keep humans safe from all harm when humans harm themselves.

Today, start looking at your indulgences, and how you will begin to release them to improve your well being.


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Archangels - Different Countries


The Archangels tell us that people move around a lot more now than they did a thousand years ago.  The oddest thing is that people still complain if their new surroundings do not mimic something of their previous surroundings. 

The Archangels tell us that each geographic area is designed to be suitable for a specific type of human, animal, bird etc.  This means that not all habitats will suit all beings. Get over it!


Monday, 5 June 2017

Archangels–Images of Love



The Archangels tell us that all people are a mixture of good and bad intent.  Some never act upon the bad intent while others do act.  If the person is in our family or within our group of friends, do we withhold love from them because we do not like their actions?

The question is age-old.  And yet, parents say to their children all the time, if you don't ……, I won't love you any more.  What could be more devastating to a child then the idea of withholding love.  At a young age, the child does not even really understand what love is/is not.

Today, ponder the question of unconditional love.


Saturday, 3 June 2017

Archangels - Comfortable and Wise


The most comfortable and wisest people are those who watch their health when they are healthy; guard their country when it is untroubled; and cultivate their fields well when weeds are nonexistent or scarce.
—Venerable Chwasan, “The Grace in This World

The Archangels share many ideas with us, and the wisdom today is about being on guard.  This means that we must not slip into complacency about health, protection, growing our food, and tending our animals and children.

Mankind is a caretaker of many things, and over time, mankind has forgotten how to care-take himself and others.  This is a tragedy that has transpired into many businesses that profit from the idea of doing your caretaking for you.

Today, choose one thing to be more mindful about.  It may be looking after plants at home or in the office.  Become the best that you can be at this task.


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Archangels - Aloneness


The Archangels are here this month – June 2017 – to give us advice on being ourselves. 

To me, this seems quite funny because how can someone outside of us, tell us how to be our self?

The answer to that question, say the Angels, is that we do not come with any guidelines on how to at one with self.  From the moment that we are born, others tell us how we should behave, think, feel, etc.  When we do have moments of self, they tell us that we are wrong. 

So, enjoy this month.  Find something that sings to you, and go with it.


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - You Never Walk Alone


The Ancestors tell us that we never walk alone.  They remind us that we carry all of the past people, our ancestors, with us.  They remind us that Great Spirit and Angels are always within reach, simply by asking for their presence.

The choice to feel alone and depressed is about choosing your reality.  There is not any need to feel alone or to feel depressed.  The depression is you mind bending you to its will. 

The times when you feel so alone, unloved, and you are moving into depression, call out to the Ancestors, to the Angels, and to your spirit guides.  You will soon have a crowd around you.

Today, give a silent prayer of thanks for those that came before you.  Thank them for the experiences that they had so they could create the wisdom that you inherited.


Monday, 29 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Pay Attention To the Elders


The Ancestors tell us that we have our beginnings in them.  We have their blood, their values, and the tribal customs that carry through.

Because of the wisdom in the Elders, the Ancestors remind us to keep the Elders close, for that history is what will help us to find new ways to do things and keep us from repeating mistakes.

We are missing so much of our history because we have let the Elders fade away and locked them in senior care homes, and disregarded their stories.

Today, find an Elder, and find their story.


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Laugh at Impatience


The Ancestors tell us that to accomplish what they have accomplished takes great patience.  Simple tools and difficult environments meant that to build a house or a barn or a fence took a great deal of time. 

Our Ancestors laugh at us because they see that we want everything instantly.  We, the descendants, do not know patience.  Patience brings positivity.  Patience brings change slowly.  Patience gives us the courage to say hard things.

Today, slow down.  Practice patience.


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Learn From Experience


The Ancestors say that as we learn to let go of the expectations that we have, and we become more mindful of the moment, then life shifts.  We move to a place of tranquility because we are mindful of all the little things that help to interconnect us to others and to Nature.

We have a new hope as we see how the children are embracing the acts of caring for the Earth and for each other.  We are moving forward, slowly, into a new era of caring. 


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Ancestors - How To Live Life


Our Ancestors had very little in the way of choice for each activity that they did through out the day.  The one thing that they could choose was how they approached life.  The best choice was to be fearless, hopeful, moderate in eating, more quiet than talkative, and very loving.

This sounds like a great mantra for living life every day, even in current times.  While many say that we do not have a choice in things, all of the activities above are choices we can make to change our life. 

Today, choose one activity and concentrate on achieving it throughout the day.


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Ancestors - Show Your Love To Others


People do amazing things all the time.  Sometime the actions are selfish.  Sometimes, the actions are full of love and good tidings to others.

Some of our Ancestors were far-sighted and could see the need for trees for shade, for conserving the land, for cleaning the air, and for bearing fruit to feed us.  Those of our Ancestors that planted trees show us the way to do actions bigger than ourselves.  This is a great service to humanity and to the Earth.  It serves Nature, with love.

This week, plant some trees somewhere.


Friday, 19 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - An Earth Blessing


We have all felt sadness and grief, especially when a relative (ancestor) dies.  We feel loss when a friend moves away.  We feel changes with the changing of the seasons.

The Earth Ancestors tell us that through time, others have felt this way.  It is difficult to say hard things like good-byes for this time and to find words to give bad news.  The People have a blessing to help one get through the tough times.  The blessing may bring peace over time. 

If you need a blessing today, say this one several times to yourself.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - When Bad is Good


Our Earth Ancestors realized that whether an event or action is good or bad is a judgement call based on one's perspective.  As the poster says, the bad becomes good when something worse happens.

Life is filled with the good/not so good activities and events.  Our task in life is to learn to cope with each event and then set it behind us and to move forward.  We spend our lives learning to live life. 

The Ancestors lived their lives, and provided what wisdom they could to their children and grandchildren.  We are a product of all that came before.


Monday, 15 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - Keep Moving



The Ancestors in different regions have different ideas of success.  The common factor in all beliefs is the idea that one must keep moving forward in physical, mental, and spiritual endeavors.

With each advancement in life, the Soul soars, and the wisdom grows.  Contentment becomes a by-product.  Achievement becomes the goal rather that a specific goal.

Today is your day to decide whether you stand still, or not.


Saturday, 13 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Walk Alone


There is always safety in numbers, and that is why our Ancestors travelled in tribes and lived in villages.  Yet, there are times when we must be alone to listen to our soul.

With aloneness comes the space to feel Oneness, Harmony, and to do self Healing.  It is the OHH sequence of life – Oneness, Harmony, and Healing.  When we achieve this resonance in our selves, then we move forward into life with confidence.  We are ready to take on new challenges and to assist others.

Today, take some time to walk alone and work to fee the harmony, the OHH of the moment.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - Tension


The hardest part of living is not doing the necessary, day to day activities; it is the constant stress of all the "you should's" and the dealing with "what is wrong with you" messages.

The people around us find it easier to try to manage your life than to deal with their own life.  The Ancestors realize that tension is created when we are trying to do something that is out of our nature.  The structure of our work, our leisure, our politics and our religions, all combine to create unnecessary stress and tension.

We need to find a way to exercise our free will.  We need to figure out the steps for letting go of the tensions, and for finding out the sweet place where we can love our self, freely.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - About Healing


The Ancestors tell us that the Elders, those that have lived many years and have gathered the wisdom of experience, are the guides that we need to create a bright future.

The Grandmothers have the accumulated knowledge of caring for the People, and for caring for the Earth.  Today, we have lost that faith in their knowledge.  We have placed our trust in politicians and corporations. 

Take some time to remember that the Ancestors were very clear about the interdependence of man and Earth and all of nature.  What will you do today to help that connection?


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Earth Ancestors–The Past and The Present


The Earth Ancestors talk to us about living our lives fully and with mindfulness of the environment around us.  They ask that we let go of the wrongs that they may have done, and that we honor all the good things that they did and created.

The Ancestors ask us to live our life with fullness, and with gratitude.  The Ancestors are happy to have paved the way for this destiny that we now have which is so very different than what they had. 

The Ancestors ask us to treat each other well, and to work together. 


Friday, 5 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - Your Legacy


Our Ancestors tell us that we can easily get caught up in the "me" and "I" moments of life.  They remind us that each generation needs to find something that has a greater meaning and that will be the long, lasting legacy that the children and grandchildren and later generations will find and hold with respect.

Our Ancestors encourage us to find something that is bigger than ourselves, to do, and to work with.  Many use some kind of volunteer work to begin the journey to go beyond one's self. 

What speaks to you that takes you outside of the concept of "me"?


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - Size Does Not Matter



We often think that size has something to do with the amount of power one has.  This are misconceptions that have been taught to us. 

Think of the baby when it arrives into it's parents lives… the baby controls what happens because of its smallness and its helplessness. 

This is the lesson for each of us – to be aware that we all have power, regardless of our size, and that we need to exercise our power to keep it.  We cannot give it away.


Monday, 1 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - May 1 2017–May Day


Our Ancestors celebrated May Day, the first day of May, because it was welcomed as the beginning of summer.  It is celebrated with flowers and ribbons and dancing.  The day was popular festival to signal that fields had been ploughed and the seeding was complete.

The celebration was to bring forth the Gods/Goddesses to bless the seeding and thereby ensure a great harvest.  For some Ancestors, May 1 was a celebration of fertility, and this was a popular day to court and confirm your love to the man or the woman who held your heart.

In today's world,  May Day is just another day.  You can make it special by going out into Nature to find places to be at peace with yourself.


Saturday, 29 April 2017

Spirit Guides - You Control Your Destiny


We all have problems that we would like to solve.  We all think that there are short cuts to solving problems. 

The Spirit Guides tell us that the quickest way to solve a problem is to own it.  That is, recognize that at the source of each problem is you.  You make your problems.  Yes, even if the problems seem to be circumstantial. 

The Guides say that each problem is a situation sent to us to help us learn something about ourselves.  If we say it is not our fault, if we blame, we are abdicating responsibility and giving away our power.


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Are You Feeling Confined?


There are days that life feels like it is a trap.  It pens you into routine/work/life that feels over whelming, and confining.

The Spirit Guides tell us that we need to redefine how we LIVE.  They tell us that we are restricting ourselves with all of our rules.  The more we want to feel free, the more restricted that we feel.  It is a great irony of the 21st Century. 

The Guides tell us that we should be letting go of the rules and restrictions.  They ask us to look for positivity in what we do, and to feel the Oneness with everything.  It is time to break free.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spirit Guides - What Makes You Feel Alive?


When we move through life, we find that different people and different events will change how we feel spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  Those things that make us feel utterly well and happy and peaceful are the things that we should hold close to us.

When things make us feel alive, the Spirit Guides tell us that we are in harmony with the earth and the heavens.  We spontaneously are grateful for everything.  We spread love and we love ourselves.  Life is grand.

Today, make a list of what makes you feel glad that you are alive.


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Being Positive


Every day has the ups and downs of normal life.  Some people, though, only see the downs.  They are so busy remembering the not so good times, that they miss the good times and the good things.

The Spirit Guides tell us that children are good teachers for seeing the positive in everything.  They teach us about communication and compassion, and finding the beautiful and the mystery in everything.

We all can find something positive in each day.  If you haven't been thinking about positivity, start today.  You can even write it in a journal and form it as "things to be grateful for".


Friday, 21 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Picking People


The Spirit Guides tell us that people can drain our energy because they are so needy.  Sometimes, that neediness translates into them saying nasty things to us.  When they are nasty and put us down, they feel powerful.  We feel abused and drained.

The Spirit Guides tell us that the best people to be around are the people that make us feel peaceful and calm.  They help to inspire us to do different things.  We think our world is better because we have met them.

We have the free will to choose the people around us.  It is an act of healing to let go of the people who drain us.  It is a change of life to refuse to let others hold us down.  Our destiny is to be happy and loving and compassionate.

Start today.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Spirit Guides - The Story of Self





The mystery of self – the Spirit Guides tell us that we come to Earth to explore the mystery.  Many get side-tracked by the other things that happen, and they focus on outer things like celebrities, drama, "fixing things", and other things that distract them from looking inward.

The Guides say that now is the time to let go of the distractions.


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Who You Are


The Spirit Guides tell us that today is the day to realize that you are a very special contribution to the world.  The Guides say that we under value our worth because over the years, others have belittled our worth.  We are now in a place to learn about loving ourselves, and letting go of all the doubts that people have imprinted upon us.

Today is your day to find out that you are amazing, important, special, unique, kind, precious, and, that you are loved.


Spirit Guides - Other People's Opinions



The Spirit Guides tell us that we are all originals.  Thus, we do not need to heed the opinions of others.  They tell us that great minds talk about world issues.  Smaller minds talk about the issues of the community.  And, the smallest minds talk about people.

Today, choose whether you will be a tiger or a sheep.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Choosing Your Stand



I took the picture above on the bank of the Bow River because it shows a Canada Goose sitting in a tree.  the Goose is perfectly placed to watch out for a new mate.

The Spirit Guides tell us that we must choose our stand carefully because it will either make us strong or make us vulnerable.  It should allow us to watch out for those things that might trip us up, or, it will place us in the way of something bigger than we are.

The idea of a soul being in service can help us decide what kind of a stand we want to have.  The Oneness of what we choose makes us safer, or not.  If we are too self centered, we are not safe.  If we are too open, then we are infringing on others.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Spirit Guides–Improve Yourself


The Spirit Guides tell us that we spend too much time finding fault in other people, and in giving them advice to improve themselves.  The truth is that we can only improve ourselves. 

Today, listen very closely to what others say to you and track (write down) how often someone tries to tell you how to improve yourself.  It may be family or colleagues at work.  And, at the same time, track how often, unsolicited, you give advice to others.

Are you surprised?


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spirit Guides–Everything is Energy



The Spirit Guides are urging us to move more carefully in our lives.  Our thoughts create the energy that pours out into the world.  Now is a time when the world needs love, kindness, and compassion.  Yet the pouring out of anger and punishment is what is driving many people's actions. 

The Spirit Guides are urging us to find calmness, peace, and willingness to share and to cooperate within ourselves.  Then they ask us to share this feeling with others.  We know that we grow as we let go of our own insecurities.  Today is the day to let go.


Friday, 7 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Karma Thoughts



Rolling the memories of your life, back and forth on the big screen of your life, you will see moments when it seemed luck was on your side, and that nothing can go wrong.  Then, you see times where you were unkind and life smacks you with something grim that you have to deal with.

The Spirit Guides talk to us about Karma, the idea that what we put out to the world comes back to us, sometimes as much as ten fold or ten times.  To explain this, think about something very loving and kind that you did for not just one person, but for a group of people.  Not only did you feel a sense of rightness after the action, you also saw "rewards" from doing that particular action.  Send out – get back. 

The Spirit Guides tell us that karma has a long reach through many life times.  So, if you were a taker in a previous life time, in this life time, the Universe might reverse that action, and you will need to be constantly giving, at expense to yourself. 

There are not hard, fast rules of karma.  Today, think of all the good things that you can do for people, and begin doing them.


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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Sacred Living Being



The Universe is so large that we cannot comprehend the size of it. And, we know, from the observations of astronomers and scientists, that the Universe is alive and ever changing.

The Spirit Guides tell us that the Universe has many children. Planet Earth, our home, is one of the many children.  The emphasis on OUR HOME cannot be over stated.  We are living on a SACRED LIVING BEING.  We need to take care of her, and to be mindful of her.  She provides us with our abundance and our tranquility.  In this century, we have not been able to achieve any harmony with her because man, represented by commercial interests, tries to dominate her and to gut her resources.

It is time to take a stand on using those resources that businesses are using up to make a profit.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Spirit Guides - At One With Yourself



We hear about all the ways that Nature is making herself known – through rain storms and floods, through intense cold and snow storms, through volcano eruptions, and through great wind storms and earthquakes.

The Spirit Guides tell us that Nature is mirroring all that is going on in our emotional and mental states.  Nature amplifies our emotions through rain and flood environments.  She talks about our frozen emotions with the cold and the snow. And the eruptions and earthquakes mirror our anger.

Watch the weather and natural occurrences around you.  What do they mirror for you?


Saturday, 1 April 2017

Spirit Guides - There Are No Others


The greatest lesson to all mankind is that we are all one.  There are no others. 

As we move into April 2017, we can work on the integration of all beings into the oneness of being. 

We can work on Kindness to ourselves and to others.

We can examine what self worth means and why we have so much difficulty with our own self worth, and, instead, berate others.

We can find ways to feed our soul with love, purpose, and mindfulness.


Friday, 31 March 2017

Nature Speaks - The Subtle Energy



Nature teaches us that our well being is not separate from her well being.  The more time we spend inside, in large buildings, in stale air, the more we insulate ourselves from Nature and all that is natural.  We come to accept the artificial.

Nature teaches us about subtle energies when we are out in the parks or beside the rivers.  She teaches us to feel how the energy in the area touches our energy and then merges with it.  It is Nature's instant messaging system.  And, just like having a bad messaging app, if you are shut off from Nature, you will not receive the message.

Nature teaches us about seeing beyond our self image.  She makes life more interesting by showing us all of the aspects of Creator, inside that little space that we are standing in, when we are outside.  She gives us a chance to change how we have been and to create who we want to be.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Nature Speaks - It's In The Water



Nature reminds us that we are mostly made up of water.  So, we come under her care.  She tells us to get more, clean water into our bodies.  She tells us to go to the seas and the oceans and to be in the salt water so that it can cleanse us.

Nature reminds us that we are polluting and killing aspects of our oceans and seas.  She asks what you can do, today, to help clean the water.  We know that salt water is healing and cleansing.  We know that we have had an abundance of water, but that it is a shrinking natural resource because of the damage that mankind is doing to it. 

Nature reminds us that clean water is necessary to our survival, and that when we drink half a gallon of water a day, our skin is soft and our hair is shiny, and we need less solid food.

Today, have a sea salt bath.  Drink a half a gallon of clear water over the day, and give thanks to Nature, to Mother Earth, for water.


Monday, 27 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Slow Down


Nature does not have posters about peace and love and harmony.  Instead, she shows these things in the relationships between plants and animals and animals and their offspring.  Nature does not harp on self love.  Instead, she shows these things in how her beings take care of themselves.  Watch the birds bath in a bird bath.  Watch horses groom one another.  There exists an understanding and kindness that is innate.

For humans, everything seems to be about hurry and wait.  What if we did slow down?  What if we were mindful all the time? What if we stepped out of our head and saw through our soul?  How would our world change?


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Nature Your Soul



All the things that we need to live can come from Nature.  Nature has always been there for humans.  Now, however, man wants to replace Nature with things that are artificial.  Man thinks that humans can be fooled into thinking that artificial is better.

Nature tells us that the best things in the world for humans are the natural things – fresh fruit, fresh veggies, herbs, and large, healthy trees, fresh water, and the invigoration of the four seasons.  Today, give up the artificial.  Cook and eat fresh goods.