Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Spirit Animal - About Permission


When we move through life, we do so within the company of many other beings… other humans, animals, birds, aquatics, insects, and possibly animals that we do not yet know.  Man is not kind, generally, to other beings.

Today, let us start a trend to kindness to all beings.  Others do not require our permission.  They require our compassion.


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Spirit Animal - Animal Rights


The one thing that we can all be clear on is that all inhabitants of the Earth have the right to be here as each unique being is part of Earth's balance.

Today, find some way to help the animals, whether it is dogs and cats, or animals in the zoo.  Or, perhaps, endangered animals in your area need help.

You can give time or money, or both.  Every time that you are in service to Nature, you show your gratitude for Mother Nature and all that are in her domain.


Friday, 11 August 2017

Spirit Animal - Tiger Talks About Life


Although Tiger may seem an unlikely guide on life, she comes forward with many thoughts to share about how to live and enjoy your life.

Here are her thoughts:

  1. Walk your territory (neighborhood) several times a week to keep up with changes around you.
  2. Stay in harmony with Nature. 
  3. Eat only those foods that are good for your body.  These foods increase your health, strength, and longevity.
  4. Drink lots of clean water. 
  5. Create a routine.  Stick with it as much as possible for it will keep you grounded.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Spirit Animal - Dog on Love


More and more is being written about dogs and about their purpose.  Some people fear dogs because of snarling, biting, or other aggressive acts.  Dogs are not aggressive unless defending "something" or unless they have owners that have taught them to be aggressive. 

Dog will tell you that her purpose on Earth is to teach unconditional love.  She says that she is to reach out to as many people as she can, even when she is with a loving family.  Dog provides something that people cannot – love without rules or conditions. 

Today, find a dog and close your eyes and look at it to see if you can see the light around its body.


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Spirit Animal–Fox's Message


As the world gets more crowded with humans, the animals are pushed into habitats that are amongst people.  The animals follow the rivers and streams and live in the river valleys and parks.  The animals may be aggressive if one steps into their territory with disrespect and with arrogance. 

Fox lives in the cities and towns and raids the garbage and steals the odd small dog and cat.  Fox tells us that we humans must adapt to them as Fox has had to adapt to humans.  When we speak to Fox, Fox tells us that he can recognize whether we are sincere, whether we are trustworthy, and whether we can cohabitate together.

Today, when you are out in Nature, look for Fox and make an agreement to live with him and with other animals.


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Spirit Tree - About Struggle


We humans think that life is about struggle, and that struggle is made to challenge us or break us.

Spirit Tree tells us that struggle is the mechanism that Mother Nature uses to strengthen plants, animals, and other beings.  As the environment changes, the flora and fauna within the environment must change.  Most humans will not change of their own will so change becomes part of the human conditioning.  Hence, the struggle.

When we move with the rhythm of the world around us, then we no longer need to struggle.  Our challenge is to find the rhythm that suits us.


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Spirit Animal - Lion and Leo August 1 2017


Figure 1 from www.thehoroscope.co August 1 Zodiac

Time moves more quickly, it seems, through the summer.  Although the sign of Leo starts on July 23 (until August 22), many people associate August with the Zodiac sign, Leo.  Leo, or THE LION sign,  speaks to the character of individuals who are very much like the Lion who is king of his pride or community.

Lion has several messages for us as we kick off August.

  • Find what you are passionate about, and pursue that dream
  • Understand your environment, and make sure that you know the motives of everyone in your environment.  This is a way to stay safe.
  • Determine who you want to be in your community – friends, family, and acquaintances, and let those that do not fit in your energies drop off your circle.
  • Stay hydrated.


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Monday, 31 July 2017

Saint Germain - Get Out Into Nature


Saint Germain tells us that often the best way to deal with a problem, dilemma, anxiety, depression, or just being off balance, is to get out of the house or office, and walk in Nature.  When we are out of our regular environment, we can shed the grind of work and email and family responsibilities.  We can breathe in the clarity of the smell of pine and popular and breathe out the toxic chi that accumulates in our body.

In the parks and woods or along a river or lake, you will find more freedom to talk to God/Goddess/Universe/Angels/Ancestors.  There is a joke that in the wilderness, the call to God is a local one.  In the city, it becomes a long distance call. 

Today, plan time to get out into Nature.  Feel the healing when you do.


Saturday, 29 July 2017

Saint Germain - Stay Positive


One of the best ways to stay positive says Saint Germain, is to be kind and loving, and to forgive all those things that are stepping in your way as you walk through your world on a daily basis. 

Each person sees the day and the activity in the day, in a framework based on that person's experience.  This means that we have a chance to start over each day, if that is what our framework is.

How wonderful!  A blank slate every day.


Thursday, 27 July 2017

Saint Germain - Sweat and Tears


Saint Germain tells us that we do not share our salt.  What he means is that we tend not to work hard (sweat) for others and we tend not to cry for others. 

Humans have become more self centered and more selfish.  Although one must keep the self tuned and healthy, it should not be as an abuse of power or at the expense of others.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Saint Germain - Don't Park Your Life


People complain about being in a rut.  The truth of the matter, says Saint Germain, is that they park their hopes, dreams, and creativity, and then expect life to get better. 

Life does not work that way.  Life is about going out and experiencing different things.  It is about stumbling, and even falling, and rolling over, and getting up.  The expectation was that humans would be in a continuous state of learning and experimenting.  However, humans got caught up in the fear of failing so would set up their lives so they could not fail.

Life is not meant to be dull.  Life is meant to be about learning to go with the flow, and learning to be in service to self and to others.

What will you be doing today?


Sunday, 23 July 2017

Saint Germain - 12 Step Program to Self Care


Saint Germain found a poster that lists the twelve steps that we can each follow to improve our self care. 

These steps are not hard and fast rules; they are guidelines for those who have not had guidelines before.

Follow them.


Friday, 21 July 2017

Saint Germain - Do the Best That You Can


Saint Germain says that life is full of surprises.  We travel up and down emotionally and mentally depending on what is going on around us.  We may have physical ailments that fill us with pain and cripple or stop us.  What do we do?

We beat ourselves up because we cannot do this or that.  We berate ourselves for our perceived short comings. We compare ourselves to others. We moan and groan and whine.

Saint Germain asks us to stop doing this to ourselves.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Saint Germain - Approve of Yourself


Saint Germain tells us that we are very hard on ourselves.  Mostly, he says, because others are hard on us.  They criticize, want to change us, and condemn us for things that they dislike. 

Saint Germain tells us that it is time to take back our lives and to give approval to ourselves.  When we are in spirit, we can easily see how perfect we are.  This peace is filled with gratitude.  Our wellbeing comes back to us, and we move forward with confidence and with faith.


Monday, 17 July 2017

Saint Germain - Banish Fear


Let the fear go… says Saint Germain, and let the world shift for you into a kind and abundant place. 

The words make sense.  If we are locked in fear, we cannot see beyond the walls of the prison.  We get stuck in "what ifs…".  We can move beyond the fear.


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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Saint Germain - Show Your Emotions


Saint Germain tells us over and over that we must release our emotions and not keep them bottled up inside.  When we keep emotions inside, we provide an entry point for did-ease.  And, did-ease leads to major illnesses.  Get stuff out!

Our bodies know how to heal themselves so it is time to get the stuff out so that healing may commence.  Scientists have proven that our cells regenerate.  If you have an injury or ailment that will not heal, it is because healing is blocked by the emotion that is stuck in that organ, or that gastric system, or in the cardiovascular system. 

Stuck emotions become gooey and dark in our bodies.  The emotions make us tired and cranky, and depressed.  We do not need to hang on to them


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Saint Germain - More on Forgiveness


When we live in a state of resentment and anger, Saint Germain tells us that we are doing so because we believe in retribution or punishment, instead of forgiveness.  We wish to take punishment into our own hands and it becomes revenge.  It is not spiritual and will create another round of karma that we will need to balance out.

With forgiveness, mankind must also learn compassion.  The compassion helps to incorporate another's experience into your energy so that you may see/feel/understand the other person's journey. 

Changing can take a long time.  Or, with Saint Germain's help, you can change overnight.  Call him in, and ask him to help you shift.  Visualize the Violet Flame as a very large ball of light that surrounds you and Saint Germain, and then bring up the issues that you have with individuals or with groups, and let go.  Forgive.


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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Saint Germain - Now Is The Time To Forgive


Saint Germain tells us that the next four months – July to October – are the months that we need to work on forgiving people in our life.  It does not matter what you think they "did" or what their actions were.  It is part of moving forward to find that space to examine the scenario, and let it go from your thoughts.

He suggests using this invocation.

Invocation of Forgiveness
Today, I call on the powers of forgiveness,
the hope that heals & wipes away resentment,
I am ready to forgive & heal old wounds.
I forgive you for the past, making way for friendship &
to forgive all who have hurt me in the past, deliberately
or by accident. I am ready to forgive myself for errors
made & things I have done in the past that I regret.
Healing replaces resentment, peace replaces anger
as forgiveness grows inside me, my heart lightens.
filling me with a sense of wellbeing & acceptance,
I embrace forgiveness, the great healer of hearts.

The invocation above comes from an earlier blog Ancestors Speak - We Are Temporary In This World


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Saint Germain - You Are Essential


Saint Germain tells us that it is time to let go of the need or craving to please other people.  He says that everyone is essential to the world and to the Universe.  When we need other people's approval or when we listen to another person tell us what we should do… we loose our ability to hear Creation talk to us.

When we trust in our inner guidance, we begin to heal our soul from all the indignities that we have suffered up to that point.  We feel peace and we find that other opinions no longer matter.  We are in a place of well being and Spirit moves us along.


Friday, 7 July 2017

Saint Germain - I'm Possible


The glorious thing about everything being possible, is that it removes the limits.  Saint Germain is associated with the Violet Flame (Violet Fire), which removes obstacles and promotes healing, Light, positivity, and helps us to love ourselves.

This is the time to remove impossible from your vocabulary.  This is the time to know that you can do anything.  IF you want to see some examples of how wrong judges can be about people, check YouTube to see all the singers that are now stars, making millions, that were rejected on American Idol, Britain/America etc. Got Talent, or on THE VOICE. 

You can find hundreds of examples where people were told their ideas were not any good, that they were too old, or that no one was interested, and then that person went on to achieve their goals.

You are possible!


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Saint Germain - Do Things Now!

Saint Germain tells us that time is now running out for you to do all the things that you have on your bucket list.  This is not because you are about to die, but because Great Spirit will call you to work in service to humanity.  Some of you are already doing this work.  Some have refused. 
Right now, take time for yourself and do something that you have wanted to do for a long time.  You will gain positivity.  You will be letting go.  You will be learning. You will come to a place of harmony.  Time will be less of a distraction to you.
Sit down and list the things that you want to do.  Work at creating a space to let them happen.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

July 4 2017–Happy July 4th


This is a day to celebrate the blessings that are available each day.

This is a day to remember the Ancestors that explored, discovered, invented, and lobbied for all that we have today.


Monday, 3 July 2017

Saint Germain - How To Do Some Self Healing

Figure 1 – This picture comes from the website http://positivemed.com/2012/09/28/acupressure-points-for-the-hands/
Saint Germain is guiding us to try some self healing using Hand Reflexology.  The next two months – to Aug 2 – are pivotal in people gaining better health.  Aligning the spine and the legs as well as working on healing all one's organs are the areas of healing that need to be done most quickly.  When your body operates at 100%, you will be able to tackle all challenges.
This is a wonderful time to show love to yourself.  Heal yourself.  Forget about others for the time being.  Step forward into the natural remedy era for self healing.  Live your life and be healthy.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

July 1 2017–Happy Canada Day!

image Hello, Canada, and Happy Canada Day!

And, Happy 150th! image

Canada has lots of celebrating to do.  Although confederation is only 150 years old, Canada has centuries of history courtesy of very brave and determined Ancestors who set out to explore the new world.

Today is a great day to give thanks to all the Ancestors who had the courage to move forward, to go beyond what they knew, to create what we have today.


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Archangels Speak - Do Not Sacrifice Your Family


The Archangels tell us that many people believe that in order to get ahead, or to fit in with others, that they must sacrifice dignity, family, and their self (heart).  When we do sacrifice these things, we give away our power and our soul.  We have no self worth left.

When people make this kind of sacrifice, they usually do it because they think these ties are holding them back from success.  The Angels tell us that it is these ties that keep us sane and grounded. 

Today, remember, with gratitude, how awesome it is to have family to hold in your heart, even when you do not get along.  And, remember to walk with dignity.


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Archangels Speak - Who You Want to Be


The Archangels tell us that we are suffocating ourselves in the offices that we spend all of our time in.  We have forgotten what it is like to participate in Nature.  The Angels say that we stifle our spirit and our creativity by being cramped into cubicles or offices that set boundaries for our behavior.

The Angels encourage us to breathe, and to go outside and breathe.  They tell us that we need to go out and explore the natural world as the technology world is superficial.


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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Angels Speak–Lessons are REPEATED Until Learned


The Angels tell us that they watch us receive the same lessons over and over.  They wish we would call on them to help us find our way past the lessons.

What are some of these lessons?  Addictions, depression, unable to hold jobs, boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse leaving, deception and betrayal, and the list goes on.

The Angels tell us that each lesson is a chance to create a new beginning.  It is a chance to be compassionate to yourself and to others.  It does not matter if the outlook is to be good or not so good.  Moving forward gives us the ability to move to the next level of higher inspiration and higher vibration. 


Friday, 23 June 2017

Archangels - Do Not Judge Your Life as Boring


The Archangels tell us that so many people find their lives boring.  They feel that everyone has adventures and that they are left out.  The truth is that a life of harmony is something that most people seek out. 

The idea of having abundant time to do what ever one wants is a gift.  The idea of having to move through life with someone else orchestrating your days is an example of giving up your power to someone else's control.

Today, see all the beautiful things in your life, and write them down so that you do not forget.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Archangels Speak - About Placing Trust


The Archangels tell us that we often put our trust in people that only wish to use and abuse us.  We need to find people that we can really trust – or people who can really say, "I see you" – the famous line from the movie, "Avatar".

Often, people draw us in because they have an agenda that they think we can help them fulfill.  A relationship based on an agenda is a false friendship, and one that will let you down. 


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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Happy Summer Solstice 2017


Our Ancestors celebrated Summer Solstice because it is the longest day.  It is a celebration of the SUN, of planting and the beginning of harvesting strawberries, haying, and bringing in the first offerings of the gardens.

Summer Solstice is the perfect time to work on self healing and to be kind to others.  The blessings of light are perfect for this time.

Try this prayer:



Saturday, 17 June 2017

Archangels Speak - Finding Inspiration


The Archangels tell us that many people are looking for ways to connect to themselves and to the world/nature.  Some folks are able to find that connection when they go horseback riding. 

Riders say that they feel freedom and detachment from their every life situation. They find a peacefulness that they feel infinitely grateful for.  They feel love for everything in that perfect moment on the ride. And, in that moment, they feel incredible self love.


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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Archangels Speak - Keep Educating Yourself


The Archangels say that you need to love yourself enough to keep learning.  One of the reasons that people shut down and get into a rut is that they forget that they must keep learning and they must stay active.

Life is a daily schedule of life lessons and learning.  Only, many people ignore the lesson and vent that Fate is not kind to them.  Whether you learn a new language, software skills, or how to do wood working, the training provided in that education is invaluable for keeping your brain alert.


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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Archangels Speak - Remember and then Forget


The Archangels tell us that we can all be blissful if we forget all of the wrongs that have been done to us.  In being blissful, we feel comfortable.  We have set our well being.

The challenge is, say the Archangels, that we often need to remember our lessons so that we can grow past them.  Lessons learned give us hope for better things.  We learn "how to" NOT do things.  It is the remembering that gives us direction for inventing new tools and techniques to live differently.

How do we let go?  We let go by remembering, honoring the lesson, and then releasing it back to the Universe for it was never ours.

Today, find time to release some troubling memories.  Bless them, and let them go.


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Archangels Speak–Winning Streak!


The Archangels tell us that we create our own luck by living life in a positive way, and by being confident.  All good things come to us with a subtle beginning.  Then, as our confidence grows, we move forward and achieve all kinds of success.

Our biggest obstacle, say the Angels, is that we get in our heads/mind/ego and that we sabotage our own actions.  We talk ourselves out of being successful.  To get around this issue, the Angels suggest keeping a blank mind unless we need to problem solve.  The blank mind lets us be in the present moment so that we are totally involved in what we are doing.

Today, make a list of the ways that you self sabotage.   You may be surprised at how often it happens.


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Friday, 9 June 2017

Archangels Speak - What is Health?


The Archangels say that our ancestors lived as healthy as they could.  They were hunters, gatherers, and then farmers and city dwellers.  They grew their own food and had little in the way of indulgences.

The Archangels now express amazement  at the indulgences that we all allow ourselves, even at the expense of our health.  It becomes more difficult to keep humans safe from all harm when humans harm themselves.

Today, start looking at your indulgences, and how you will begin to release them to improve your well being.


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Archangels - Different Countries


The Archangels tell us that people move around a lot more now than they did a thousand years ago.  The oddest thing is that people still complain if their new surroundings do not mimic something of their previous surroundings. 

The Archangels tell us that each geographic area is designed to be suitable for a specific type of human, animal, bird etc.  This means that not all habitats will suit all beings. Get over it!


Monday, 5 June 2017

Archangels–Images of Love



The Archangels tell us that all people are a mixture of good and bad intent.  Some never act upon the bad intent while others do act.  If the person is in our family or within our group of friends, do we withhold love from them because we do not like their actions?

The question is age-old.  And yet, parents say to their children all the time, if you don't ……, I won't love you any more.  What could be more devastating to a child then the idea of withholding love.  At a young age, the child does not even really understand what love is/is not.

Today, ponder the question of unconditional love.


Saturday, 3 June 2017

Archangels - Comfortable and Wise


The most comfortable and wisest people are those who watch their health when they are healthy; guard their country when it is untroubled; and cultivate their fields well when weeds are nonexistent or scarce.
—Venerable Chwasan, “The Grace in This World

The Archangels share many ideas with us, and the wisdom today is about being on guard.  This means that we must not slip into complacency about health, protection, growing our food, and tending our animals and children.

Mankind is a caretaker of many things, and over time, mankind has forgotten how to care-take himself and others.  This is a tragedy that has transpired into many businesses that profit from the idea of doing your caretaking for you.

Today, choose one thing to be more mindful about.  It may be looking after plants at home or in the office.  Become the best that you can be at this task.


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Archangels - Aloneness


The Archangels are here this month – June 2017 – to give us advice on being ourselves. 

To me, this seems quite funny because how can someone outside of us, tell us how to be our self?

The answer to that question, say the Angels, is that we do not come with any guidelines on how to at one with self.  From the moment that we are born, others tell us how we should behave, think, feel, etc.  When we do have moments of self, they tell us that we are wrong. 

So, enjoy this month.  Find something that sings to you, and go with it.


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - You Never Walk Alone


The Ancestors tell us that we never walk alone.  They remind us that we carry all of the past people, our ancestors, with us.  They remind us that Great Spirit and Angels are always within reach, simply by asking for their presence.

The choice to feel alone and depressed is about choosing your reality.  There is not any need to feel alone or to feel depressed.  The depression is you mind bending you to its will. 

The times when you feel so alone, unloved, and you are moving into depression, call out to the Ancestors, to the Angels, and to your spirit guides.  You will soon have a crowd around you.

Today, give a silent prayer of thanks for those that came before you.  Thank them for the experiences that they had so they could create the wisdom that you inherited.


Monday, 29 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Pay Attention To the Elders


The Ancestors tell us that we have our beginnings in them.  We have their blood, their values, and the tribal customs that carry through.

Because of the wisdom in the Elders, the Ancestors remind us to keep the Elders close, for that history is what will help us to find new ways to do things and keep us from repeating mistakes.

We are missing so much of our history because we have let the Elders fade away and locked them in senior care homes, and disregarded their stories.

Today, find an Elder, and find their story.


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Laugh at Impatience


The Ancestors tell us that to accomplish what they have accomplished takes great patience.  Simple tools and difficult environments meant that to build a house or a barn or a fence took a great deal of time. 

Our Ancestors laugh at us because they see that we want everything instantly.  We, the descendants, do not know patience.  Patience brings positivity.  Patience brings change slowly.  Patience gives us the courage to say hard things.

Today, slow down.  Practice patience.


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Learn From Experience


The Ancestors say that as we learn to let go of the expectations that we have, and we become more mindful of the moment, then life shifts.  We move to a place of tranquility because we are mindful of all the little things that help to interconnect us to others and to Nature.

We have a new hope as we see how the children are embracing the acts of caring for the Earth and for each other.  We are moving forward, slowly, into a new era of caring. 


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Ancestors - How To Live Life


Our Ancestors had very little in the way of choice for each activity that they did through out the day.  The one thing that they could choose was how they approached life.  The best choice was to be fearless, hopeful, moderate in eating, more quiet than talkative, and very loving.

This sounds like a great mantra for living life every day, even in current times.  While many say that we do not have a choice in things, all of the activities above are choices we can make to change our life. 

Today, choose one activity and concentrate on achieving it throughout the day.