Saturday, 29 April 2017

Spirit Guides - You Control Your Destiny


We all have problems that we would like to solve.  We all think that there are short cuts to solving problems. 

The Spirit Guides tell us that the quickest way to solve a problem is to own it.  That is, recognize that at the source of each problem is you.  You make your problems.  Yes, even if the problems seem to be circumstantial. 

The Guides say that each problem is a situation sent to us to help us learn something about ourselves.  If we say it is not our fault, if we blame, we are abdicating responsibility and giving away our power.


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Are You Feeling Confined?


There are days that life feels like it is a trap.  It pens you into routine/work/life that feels over whelming, and confining.

The Spirit Guides tell us that we need to redefine how we LIVE.  They tell us that we are restricting ourselves with all of our rules.  The more we want to feel free, the more restricted that we feel.  It is a great irony of the 21st Century. 

The Guides tell us that we should be letting go of the rules and restrictions.  They ask us to look for positivity in what we do, and to feel the Oneness with everything.  It is time to break free.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spirit Guides - What Makes You Feel Alive?


When we move through life, we find that different people and different events will change how we feel spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  Those things that make us feel utterly well and happy and peaceful are the things that we should hold close to us.

When things make us feel alive, the Spirit Guides tell us that we are in harmony with the earth and the heavens.  We spontaneously are grateful for everything.  We spread love and we love ourselves.  Life is grand.

Today, make a list of what makes you feel glad that you are alive.


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Being Positive


Every day has the ups and downs of normal life.  Some people, though, only see the downs.  They are so busy remembering the not so good times, that they miss the good times and the good things.

The Spirit Guides tell us that children are good teachers for seeing the positive in everything.  They teach us about communication and compassion, and finding the beautiful and the mystery in everything.

We all can find something positive in each day.  If you haven't been thinking about positivity, start today.  You can even write it in a journal and form it as "things to be grateful for".


Friday, 21 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Picking People


The Spirit Guides tell us that people can drain our energy because they are so needy.  Sometimes, that neediness translates into them saying nasty things to us.  When they are nasty and put us down, they feel powerful.  We feel abused and drained.

The Spirit Guides tell us that the best people to be around are the people that make us feel peaceful and calm.  They help to inspire us to do different things.  We think our world is better because we have met them.

We have the free will to choose the people around us.  It is an act of healing to let go of the people who drain us.  It is a change of life to refuse to let others hold us down.  Our destiny is to be happy and loving and compassionate.

Start today.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Spirit Guides - The Story of Self





The mystery of self – the Spirit Guides tell us that we come to Earth to explore the mystery.  Many get side-tracked by the other things that happen, and they focus on outer things like celebrities, drama, "fixing things", and other things that distract them from looking inward.

The Guides say that now is the time to let go of the distractions.


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Who You Are


The Spirit Guides tell us that today is the day to realize that you are a very special contribution to the world.  The Guides say that we under value our worth because over the years, others have belittled our worth.  We are now in a place to learn about loving ourselves, and letting go of all the doubts that people have imprinted upon us.

Today is your day to find out that you are amazing, important, special, unique, kind, precious, and, that you are loved.


Spirit Guides - Other People's Opinions



The Spirit Guides tell us that we are all originals.  Thus, we do not need to heed the opinions of others.  They tell us that great minds talk about world issues.  Smaller minds talk about the issues of the community.  And, the smallest minds talk about people.

Today, choose whether you will be a tiger or a sheep.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Choosing Your Stand



I took the picture above on the bank of the Bow River because it shows a Canada Goose sitting in a tree.  the Goose is perfectly placed to watch out for a new mate.

The Spirit Guides tell us that we must choose our stand carefully because it will either make us strong or make us vulnerable.  It should allow us to watch out for those things that might trip us up, or, it will place us in the way of something bigger than we are.

The idea of a soul being in service can help us decide what kind of a stand we want to have.  The Oneness of what we choose makes us safer, or not.  If we are too self centered, we are not safe.  If we are too open, then we are infringing on others.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Spirit Guides–Improve Yourself


The Spirit Guides tell us that we spend too much time finding fault in other people, and in giving them advice to improve themselves.  The truth is that we can only improve ourselves. 

Today, listen very closely to what others say to you and track (write down) how often someone tries to tell you how to improve yourself.  It may be family or colleagues at work.  And, at the same time, track how often, unsolicited, you give advice to others.

Are you surprised?


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spirit Guides–Everything is Energy



The Spirit Guides are urging us to move more carefully in our lives.  Our thoughts create the energy that pours out into the world.  Now is a time when the world needs love, kindness, and compassion.  Yet the pouring out of anger and punishment is what is driving many people's actions. 

The Spirit Guides are urging us to find calmness, peace, and willingness to share and to cooperate within ourselves.  Then they ask us to share this feeling with others.  We know that we grow as we let go of our own insecurities.  Today is the day to let go.


Friday, 7 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Karma Thoughts



Rolling the memories of your life, back and forth on the big screen of your life, you will see moments when it seemed luck was on your side, and that nothing can go wrong.  Then, you see times where you were unkind and life smacks you with something grim that you have to deal with.

The Spirit Guides talk to us about Karma, the idea that what we put out to the world comes back to us, sometimes as much as ten fold or ten times.  To explain this, think about something very loving and kind that you did for not just one person, but for a group of people.  Not only did you feel a sense of rightness after the action, you also saw "rewards" from doing that particular action.  Send out – get back. 

The Spirit Guides tell us that karma has a long reach through many life times.  So, if you were a taker in a previous life time, in this life time, the Universe might reverse that action, and you will need to be constantly giving, at expense to yourself. 

There are not hard, fast rules of karma.  Today, think of all the good things that you can do for people, and begin doing them.


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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Sacred Living Being



The Universe is so large that we cannot comprehend the size of it. And, we know, from the observations of astronomers and scientists, that the Universe is alive and ever changing.

The Spirit Guides tell us that the Universe has many children. Planet Earth, our home, is one of the many children.  The emphasis on OUR HOME cannot be over stated.  We are living on a SACRED LIVING BEING.  We need to take care of her, and to be mindful of her.  She provides us with our abundance and our tranquility.  In this century, we have not been able to achieve any harmony with her because man, represented by commercial interests, tries to dominate her and to gut her resources.

It is time to take a stand on using those resources that businesses are using up to make a profit.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Spirit Guides - At One With Yourself



We hear about all the ways that Nature is making herself known – through rain storms and floods, through intense cold and snow storms, through volcano eruptions, and through great wind storms and earthquakes.

The Spirit Guides tell us that Nature is mirroring all that is going on in our emotional and mental states.  Nature amplifies our emotions through rain and flood environments.  She talks about our frozen emotions with the cold and the snow. And the eruptions and earthquakes mirror our anger.

Watch the weather and natural occurrences around you.  What do they mirror for you?


Saturday, 1 April 2017

Spirit Guides - There Are No Others


The greatest lesson to all mankind is that we are all one.  There are no others. 

As we move into April 2017, we can work on the integration of all beings into the oneness of being. 

We can work on Kindness to ourselves and to others.

We can examine what self worth means and why we have so much difficulty with our own self worth, and, instead, berate others.

We can find ways to feed our soul with love, purpose, and mindfulness.


Friday, 31 March 2017

Nature Speaks - The Subtle Energy



Nature teaches us that our well being is not separate from her well being.  The more time we spend inside, in large buildings, in stale air, the more we insulate ourselves from Nature and all that is natural.  We come to accept the artificial.

Nature teaches us about subtle energies when we are out in the parks or beside the rivers.  She teaches us to feel how the energy in the area touches our energy and then merges with it.  It is Nature's instant messaging system.  And, just like having a bad messaging app, if you are shut off from Nature, you will not receive the message.

Nature teaches us about seeing beyond our self image.  She makes life more interesting by showing us all of the aspects of Creator, inside that little space that we are standing in, when we are outside.  She gives us a chance to change how we have been and to create who we want to be.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Nature Speaks - It's In The Water



Nature reminds us that we are mostly made up of water.  So, we come under her care.  She tells us to get more, clean water into our bodies.  She tells us to go to the seas and the oceans and to be in the salt water so that it can cleanse us.

Nature reminds us that we are polluting and killing aspects of our oceans and seas.  She asks what you can do, today, to help clean the water.  We know that salt water is healing and cleansing.  We know that we have had an abundance of water, but that it is a shrinking natural resource because of the damage that mankind is doing to it. 

Nature reminds us that clean water is necessary to our survival, and that when we drink half a gallon of water a day, our skin is soft and our hair is shiny, and we need less solid food.

Today, have a sea salt bath.  Drink a half a gallon of clear water over the day, and give thanks to Nature, to Mother Earth, for water.


Monday, 27 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Slow Down


Nature does not have posters about peace and love and harmony.  Instead, she shows these things in the relationships between plants and animals and animals and their offspring.  Nature does not harp on self love.  Instead, she shows these things in how her beings take care of themselves.  Watch the birds bath in a bird bath.  Watch horses groom one another.  There exists an understanding and kindness that is innate.

For humans, everything seems to be about hurry and wait.  What if we did slow down?  What if we were mindful all the time? What if we stepped out of our head and saw through our soul?  How would our world change?


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Nature Your Soul



All the things that we need to live can come from Nature.  Nature has always been there for humans.  Now, however, man wants to replace Nature with things that are artificial.  Man thinks that humans can be fooled into thinking that artificial is better.

Nature tells us that the best things in the world for humans are the natural things – fresh fruit, fresh veggies, herbs, and large, healthy trees, fresh water, and the invigoration of the four seasons.  Today, give up the artificial.  Cook and eat fresh goods. 


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Be An Original


Nature creates species of things and then lets them develop the way that they need to.  Very few things in Nature are identical.  The amount of freedom and creativity within Nature is awe inspiring.

Humans however, seem to think that they need to "copy" someone else.  They believe that to mimic is to show praise.  Instead, it shows absence of originality and creativity.  To copy is to minimalize the beauty of the self.

Today, be your original self.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Nature Speaks - What is Life?


When we are able to see all the little things that are amazing in Nature, then we have achieved the ability to move beyond the small things in life.  We have moved beyond the pettiness. 

Nature tells us and shows us so many beautiful things and so many miracles all the time.  Mostly, though, we do not see them.  We are locked in a rut of living that we consider to be our life.  Our life is so much more, if we let it be.

Chief Crowfoot, in the quote above, teaches us to look at all the little things that otherwise go unnoticed.  Today, step back from your regular steps in your life, and look for something different.  Look for the daily, little miracles that move through this world.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Spring Equinox 2017



Nature and the calendar are not always in agreement.  Today, the calendar tells us that it is the Spring Equinox.  In the northern hemisphere, it tells us that the days will now be long and warm.  Most of the snow and cold are behind us.

It tells us that the early flowers and herbs will be poking out their green shoots.  On the west coast, the spring bulbs will be growing and out in bloom. 

Nature announces spring by giving the birds a new, happier note to sing in the morning.  The robins arrive.  The rabbits do their athletic, complex mating dance.  All beings that hibernate come out of their dens. 

The world feels alive and vibrant. The world is healing, peaceful. Life feels tranquil.


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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Nature Speaks - The Burden of Life


Nature tells us that life is not a burden.  All the beings in her realm live their lives fully.  Some are short lived and some are long lived.  None of them have regrets or guilt.

Humans tend to create a world where everything is difficult.  Humans make it so.  Rather than going with the flow, humans create all sorts of hills and valleys that do not exist.  They create their own despair and desperation.

Today, find time to let go of your burdens and lift yourself and those around you up with the knowledge of the beauty of who we are.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Who Are You Today?


Nature does not have to remind her charges to be positive.  She does not need to remind them to be mindful.  All the beings in Nature are positive and mindful all the time.  It is part of what they are.  You might say it is in their DNA.

Since humans are part of Nature, these two aspects of being should be also in our DNA.  Yet many humans are not positive; they are depressed.  Many humans are not mindful and in the present, their minds/ego keep them wholly in the past, reliving painful moments and events.

Allowing yourself to be outside, in Nature, and observing the life outside of your contained environment does breathe life into you.  For moments, you can be conscious of nothing but what is around you in Nature.  You have a sense of peacefulness and Oneness with what is around you. 

Peace is inside you, and when you are in Nature.


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Nature Speaks - This Is My Gym



Nature always reminds us that the best place to be is outside, close to the Earth and close to Nature.  The outdoors is healing.  Yes, it can be tough and even dangerous.  Nature does however, bring you closer to yourself.  It lets all of the frustrations and resentments melt away, into the healing folds of the Earth.

When you are outside, in Nature, whether in a park, your garden, or on a mountain side, you feel your body respond to the calmness and the sense of rightness.  Our bodies are living organisms that crave to be in the sunlight and to feel the wind and the rain and the stars.  Our bodies die a little faster when they are cooped up in tall, stuffy buildings.

Today, find time to go for a walk.  Take that extra few minutes to refresh your body, and your mind.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Do Not Give Up


The best lesson that Nature gives us that we cannot give up.  Nature never does.  Nature, as a guiding principle, instills the will to continue, in all her children – plants, animals, insects, fish, and all manner of creepers and crawlers. 

Water, wind, ice, and fire all work on the physical aspects of the Earth to change them.  The change most often is not instantaneous, but happens over time.  Time may be decades or eons. 

Humans do not understand the concept of time in the same way.  Human life span is measured in decades. Therefore, all change, in human time, needs to be very quick. Having patience and lack of patience are character builders that we all struggle with.  Seeing something through to the end is so very satisfying.

What are you going to work on that you have given up on in the past?


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Nature Speaks–Create Whenever You Feel Like It


Life is always changing in Nature.  It is a constant.  All new things created are in mathematical portions as all the things before them.  While life in nature seems to be haphazard, it is not.

Life for humans is always changing.  However, it seems human growth and development is fettered.  Creativity is thwarted.  You MUST color between the lines and follow the rules.

Life, by its definition, is creativity.  Thus, we should create whenever the mood strikes us.  Today, do something outside your norm.  Be creative.  Walk on the road, where you can, and not on the side walk.  Does it feel different? 


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Peacefulness


March is a time of peace. The plant life is fully generating and ready to "spring" into action for the seasons of spring, summer, and fall.  The animals are awakening and leaving behind their hibernation.  All over the mountains and plains, life becomes apparent as the seasons shift.

With the shifting, comes a time of peacefulness and playfulness.  Nature tells us that time has components of peace, positivity, and abundance.  Now is a time to find your inner peace.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Nature Speaks–Flooding


Nature shows us the power of snow and water as spring comes and the snow melts, and the rivers, flood.  This is an annual reminder that cleansing must happen.  From this reminder, we have the "spring house cleaning" activities.

Spring is a chance to make all things new or fresh again.  As the rivers flood their banks, we need to flood our homes with cleansing to let out the energies that have accumulated over the winter.  We need to sweep away the angers and resentments.  We need to wash down the walls of isolation.

This is a time to decide what you will clean up in your life.


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Communication


Nature has always supported human kind. She does this by vast communication systems that exist between members of species, and between the different species.  Experiments have shown that music, as an example, is heard by plants, trees, cows, horses, dogs, crocodiles, etc. Humans hear the rustle of the leaves or the creaking of the trees, the different animal sounds, and even the sounds of water and wind. 

Often, the communication is simply the way something looks, which makes it a sign.  Communication does not need to be acoustic.

Today, walk outside and see how many ways Nature communicates life and need to you.  How will you help her?


Friday, 3 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Persistence


Nature shows us that much of life in the natural world would not exist without persistence.  All around us are examples of plants growing in places where we thing it is impossible for them to grow.  Baby animals must persist to stand/crawl/move immediately after being born to get that first nourishment that pushes them forward.

Nature's biggest lesson to us is "never give up".  We have been in a time of self indulgence in the West.  We let others do our work for us.  We expect everything and want to give nothing.  We are headed for a time of levelling where we must persist to get what we need. 

Today, make a plan to persist on something that seems to be over-whelming.  What is the goal?  What is the action plan?  What is the reward?


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Nature Speaks - March 2017


March is the time of beginnings.  New animals come into the world – in the North Hemisphere – because the days are longer and warmer.  The snow and cold is mostly behind us.  We see the first sprigs of green come up on the warm days.

Nature reminds us that there are seasons for reasons.  She tells us that everything has a cycle.  If you are experiencing a problem and you feel like the timing is off, it is because you may be out of your season for doing "something".  Nature tells us that we need to come back into balance, to ground, to find inner peace, and then move forward with our activity or task.

Make a list of things that have not worked in the past, and then when all of a sudden, things seemed to work with out extra effort.  You can do it by year and by month.  You will start to see your cycle of achievement.


Saturday, 25 February 2017



Living in the light, or living happily in a spiritual way, gives us a harmonious life.  When we live life the way that we want to, then we are not under the spell of those who wish to control our lives.

We can live in the country, on a rock, on a mountain, or in the middle of the city, and achieve harmony with the space around us.

This is the gift of being in your space, living in your heart, and ignoring the others who demand that you live a certain way.

Today, decide how you will live harmoniously.


Thursday, 23 February 2017


As world inhabitants, we are still a long way from recognizing that this World is a living organism, and that we are all part of it.  We are part of the oneness of the world.  We see ourselves as separate, and we try to beat everything else around us into submission.  It is futile.  It is, in fact, beating ourselves.
We are connected to each other, the animals, plants and trees, ocean, marine life, reptiles, and everything that exists on Earth.  If we feel, they feel.  We communicate and they communicate.  Just like we may not speak another language from a foreign country, other beings on the planet do not communicate with us.
If we use our awareness, we can sense the energies and communication between other inhabitants of the planet. 
It is time to start exercising our oneness muscle.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017



Some say that Nature is cruel.  However, if you watch Nature, she does many acts of kindness.

Some say Humans are cruel.  If you watch them, you will see humans do many acts of kindness.

Kindness is recognizing that someone or something needs help of some kind, and then stepping in to quietly provide that help, and then stepping away.

It is not a kindness to do something for someone, and then hold it over their head.


Sunday, 19 February 2017




There is a harmony in being fearless. It means that you recognize the challenges and the potential for failure, and you push on.  We live in a world where fearlessness has been replaced by "what will they think".  Therefore, many grand ideas that would change our lives are tucked up in someone's mind because they are afraid to bring this idea forward. 

It is our FREE WILL to be able to move forward and do what we need to do for ourselves.  We need to be able to live with only ourselves if we should not achieve.  The others do not matter.


Friday, 17 February 2017




Calmness usually means that we are free from excitement or passion, that we are  tranquil. Yet, we must ever strive to achieve the state of calmness for it can be fleeting as we feel the pressures of every day worries and tasks.

Calmness lets us grow within ourselves, and lets us step back to see the world differently.  We see the actions of man to another man with more compassion.  We are more aware that each person has a great battle that wages within them.  We understand that sometimes the "letting go" of attachments is all that is required to bring great calmness.

Finding calm within is my next big achievement.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017



This day, I will be absolutely joyous.  I will feel all the good and the beauty in the world, and I will move forward with great purpose.  I will let those around me feel the joy.  The light of joyous will shine from me.

I use joyous to erase the sadness and the hurt and the humiliation that those around me may suffer from.  I recognize that I choose to be joyous.  I am totally grounded in joyousness.

Moving forward from this day, I will carry joyous with me in my pocket so that I can pull it out and wave it at situations that will pull me down.


Monday, 13 February 2017



Where do we find time to be mindful?  All the time!  It is a choice to be mindful.  It is a choice to be distracted.  It is a choice to be at one with what you are doing.

When you hear the phrase, "be with me now", then you know it is time to let go of the busy-ness that piles up on our shoulders.  Shake it off!  Breathe! Let it all go.

This is your day to be mindful all day, in everything that you do. 


Saturday, 11 February 2017




Gazing, looking, seeing, and remembering.  One meaning of gazing  is "look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought".

Gazing is a form of meditation.  It allows us to focus on something and yet nothing, and move our consciousness.  We are in a duet with that which we gaze at.  We become partners in creating energy that lifts the spirit. 


Thursday, 9 February 2017




There are times in our lives when the only thing that saves us from complete madness is the serenity that settles over us.  We feel at ease with whatever situation is going on. 

Where does serenity come from?  The Angels tell us that it comes from within, from a deep faith and sense of rightfulness.  It leaves us feeling distanced from the commotion, and from the anger. Serenity gives us a gateway into feeling compassion and kindness, the kind that is without strings.

When we are in that place of serenity, we are not in ego. We leave greed behind.  Power has no meaning.  The environment fades.  We are in that slightly altered state.  We feel connected and alive.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017



This is the meditation for today.  How do I become tranquil? Tranquility is about finding that space of calm within one's self.  As the pace of life speeds up and as the egos begin war with each other, we need to find that space that is tranquil.

You can become tranquil in many ways. 

1) Let go of worrying about the next minutes, days and years of your life

2) Let go of trying to find your life mission.  It will come to you if you stay still.

3) Adapt the ways of the turtle and go slowly into new things, but carry your home – your self awareness- with you

4) Be kind

5) Let go of friends and family that stress you.  It is called de-stressing. 


Sunday, 5 February 2017



The theme is about being untouched by what is going on in the world outside.  We all search for that bit of blissfulness that will move us beyond this reality.  We see it and we don't care because we are blissful. 

WE ARE MADE FOR BLISS.  Blissfulness means that we are so very happy that we have moved beyond what most people feel and hear and see. 

We float in the feeling of touching everything but having nothing touch us. We are moving and yet still.  We are laughing out loud, and yet are quiet.  We are filled with loving and are serene.


Friday, 3 February 2017



Right now, the most beautiful place on Earth is where there is peacefulness.  This is the place that our soul yearns to go to – to find that place where there is not any ego or power or selfishness.  We each have a need to find a place of peace where we can feel safe and where we can watch the stars or the clouds in the sky.

We need to know that in the peace, we do not need to watch our back (or our front or our sides) because we are protected.  We look for that place of peace all the time.

Most often it is a place of serenity inside you.  Sometimes, it is a physical place that you can go to.

Where is your place of peace?


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

February as a Step Into Spring


The weather has been cold and there is lots of snow.  It seems difficult to believe that in two weeks the weather man is predicting melting temperatures.  We snuggle in our homes and semi-hibernate as the cold roles through.  We admire the snow because it is clean and bright, and we if we are avid winter people, we get out and ski, snow shoe, or walk.

The challenge for all of us is to find grace in what we do each day.  As February moves into SPRING, we have a chance to practice the art of self healing – the letting go of things that bother us or of people that bother us.  Our Ancestors used the winter to review their life and to think about changes that they wanted to make come spring.  We can achieve what we think of. 


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Angels Speak - About Happiness



It is difficult for most people to stay in a complete state of happiness indefinitely.  While it seems sad that we cannot be happy all the time, the off set is that we are not sad all the time, either.  We find things that make us happy and sad.  We find things that let us grow in our wisdom about happiness or sadness.

The Angels tell us that we are in a place of learning about emotions and truthfulness.

Where are you in your journey to find happiness?


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Angels Speak - Keep Moving



When we think that we cannot move forward any longer because of the pain, the pressure, the depression, and the hopelessness – then know that it is exactly the right time to move forward. 

Keep going!  One step and another.  Ask for help from the Angels.  Ask for strength.  It will happen.


Friday, 27 January 2017

Buddha Speaks - The Lessons We Need To Learn



Have you ever looked back at your life and noted that some events occur over and over?  Those are life lessons that we need to learn to deal with.  Until we deal with them, we are not going to move past the lessons. They will keep repeating until we understand what we are to learn.

When we learn the lesson, then we move into the healing of that situation.  We have a time of letting go of the past.  The transition from victim to healed is fast and is empowering.  It is a blessing.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Angels Speak - I Believe In Myself


January is a great time to decide to look at one's self.  The Angels tell us that we are perfect but that many of us do not believe that.

The big message is "I believe in myself".