Saturday, 25 June 2011

Spirit Speaks - Rainbows

Rainbows have been coming up for me and for so many people since the Spring Equinox.  The rainbows are colorful, big, and full of happiness.  The group of kids that draw rainbows in all of their pictures were named “the rainbow children”.  Their futures look bright, and they are so very intelligent.

Below are two pictures that I took on my walk with the dogs last week.  The rainbow seems to shoot out of the cloud in two streams of colour.  The picture actually does not show the different hues that were in the rainbow.


Pictures by Judy Hirst, June 2011.

When I look at the rainbows, and the variety that have been hitting the Earth in our geographic area, I wonder what the rainbows are bringing to us.

Then, I look at the Rainbow Children, and I think, “the rainbows are bringing higher intelligence to the planet.  Most of the adults here, now, were not born with the very fast processing capabilities that the Rainbow Children have.  The rainbows are bringing the changes required for us to catch up!


I say this because sometimes, when I see a rainbow, my soul yearns to be in that light.  I hear others say the same thing.  I see rainbows that seem to focus around sites were spiritual events will be happening. 

I listen to my friends talk about all the different rainbows that they see, and the pictures that they have taken, and I feel that the rainbows are working with us – that is – the light energy of the rainbows – is working to help change us.  The Inca predicted that by 2012, humans would become “the rainbow warrior” who was filled with light and love and goodness.

Perhaps the rainbows are the start of this process.

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