Wednesday, 30 April 2008


The word – create – is a verb that comes from the Latin “crescere” which means “to grow”. (from Many healers have found in working with their clients that a big “pain” area in people’s lives is blocked creativity. This block may manifest as a disease of the reproductive organs in both men and women. Or, it may show as a problem in the throat area as our creativity is our truth. If we are not able to
express our truth, we become stunted and cease to grow. Remember that creativity is not simply about art – it is about expression whether through gardening, designing a software program, cleaning your house, starting a new business, or taking classes to learn about something that interests you.

Our wish for you in May is that you discover a creative part of you that brings you an “ah ha” moment and sows seeds for your continued growth! Namaste, Judy and Roger.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Spirit Animals –Cow

By Judith Hirst-Joyeux - first published in "Tidings of Interest" April 2008 by Angels And Ancestors

2008 04 cows 2nd time

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The cow is being given a bad reputation these days in the way that scientists and environmentalists are blaming the cow for releasing methane gas that is causing the green house effect.

About 60 percent of all methane in the atmosphere is believed to be caused by human activities. Fossil fuels, cattle and sheep, landfills, rice paddies and forest fires are the main human-related sources. Oceans, wetlands, gas hydrate deposits, permafrost, termites, freshwater bodies, and non-wetland soils are among the natural sources.” – from Rueters April 30, 2007.

The cow, however, is a very powerful Spirit Animal. When Cow appears to you in dreams, visions, or on your path to work or play, remember some of these strengths about the Cow.

1. Fertility, Nurturing - Cows are linked traditionally with the Goddess of Fertility such as Aphrodite (Greek Goddess), Bastet (Egyptian Goddess), Freya (Norse Goddess), Arianrhod (Welsh Goddess), Diana (Roman Goddess). The Cow is associated with motherhood and nurturing since it provides food for mankind. It also provides calves which may become food. Therefore, the Cow represents fertility through sacrifice. A Cow will always try to do what is best for itself and others, however, the herd needs are paramount. Drive by a pasture in the spring and see the Nursemaid Cows who watch over the new calves while the Mothers and other herd members graze.

2. Steadfast – The Cow is known as being able to stand its ground through weather and predator. Cow medicine is about standing one’s truth and not being influenced. It is also about mastering challenges.

3. Perception – As part of the food chain for large predators, the Cow is very alert and intelligent. Lead cows have led herds from pasture to pasture to avoid droughts and danger. Cows work with a sixth sense about danger and opportunity. Those with Cows as guides will be strongly perceptive, and the Cow will appear to tell you to pay attention.

4. Compassion – Cows have large eyes that see all. The stare may be hypnotic and will tear down one’s walls to find the soul. The Cow’s eyes are full of compassion since they are an animal of continuous sacrifice. Cow has learned to put the herd before self, to put the calf before self, and to move in a way for the highest good of the herd. Cows that are jumpers or rogues always end up on the other side of the fence and away from the herd. They become isolated.

The cow is a powerful totem and shows us how to nurture ourselves and honor others.  Those with this totem are usually service oriented and put other peoples needs before their own. 

© April 2008 Judith Hirst-Joyeux. Judith is a Sage-Healer-Shaman who works with the Goddesses and Gods, Great Spirit, and angelic realms to move quickly to the source of issues or blocks.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

April and Diamonds


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Although March is the herald of spring, it seems that April is the jewel of spring, for it is at this time that the Earth begins to truly breathe. The sap is fully running and leaks out of the small buds at the end of the branches. When the sun catches these drops of moisture, sparkles happen, and one thinks of little diamonds shining on the trees. As the water begins to run harder and faster, the chunks of ice floating in the streams seem like “little diamonds” finding their way to a new life.

In April, I wish you many happy days that will evoke happy memories that sparkle like diamonds in the years to come.

This article first appeared in "Tidings of Interest" published by Angels And Ancestors. The full publication is at