Sunday, 26 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Skunk’s Support


On Saturday, we had our Solstice celebration because all the energies have now hit the Earth.  Our celebration was filled with laughter, good food, and circle time around the fire.

One of the things that Creator worked with us on, was to understand how to change our lives.  Creator lead us through a meditation-journey.  Part of the journey was meeting up with a Spirit Animal guide who will help us through the changes.

My spirit guide was Skunk.  I thought this was odd because I have an aversion to very strong smells.  However, as we sat on the beach of the river, side by side, I grew accustomed to Skunk’s odour, and actually even found it comforting.

Some of the ideas that Skunk conveyed were:

  • You need to be di-stinct.  Be comfortable being different.  Distinguish your self by your smell, your appearance, and your actions.
  • You need to follow your in-stinct.  When something smells wrong, know that it is wrong and do not look to fix it.  Walk away!
  • If you are indi-stinct, it is difficult to be a teacher-leader.  This is the time to show your skills and to share them.

Skunk went on to share some other thoughts that I need to sort through for a while. 

If you have thoughts on Skunk’s appearance by my side, please send me your comments.


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Anonymous said...

Love this post! I too see Skunks all the time. They make me think of "Flower" in the Disney movie, Bambi. Blessings to you and your Skunk.