Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - You Never Walk Alone


The Ancestors tell us that we never walk alone.  They remind us that we carry all of the past people, our ancestors, with us.  They remind us that Great Spirit and Angels are always within reach, simply by asking for their presence.

The choice to feel alone and depressed is about choosing your reality.  There is not any need to feel alone or to feel depressed.  The depression is you mind bending you to its will. 

The times when you feel so alone, unloved, and you are moving into depression, call out to the Ancestors, to the Angels, and to your spirit guides.  You will soon have a crowd around you.

Today, give a silent prayer of thanks for those that came before you.  Thank them for the experiences that they had so they could create the wisdom that you inherited.


Monday, 29 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Pay Attention To the Elders


The Ancestors tell us that we have our beginnings in them.  We have their blood, their values, and the tribal customs that carry through.

Because of the wisdom in the Elders, the Ancestors remind us to keep the Elders close, for that history is what will help us to find new ways to do things and keep us from repeating mistakes.

We are missing so much of our history because we have let the Elders fade away and locked them in senior care homes, and disregarded their stories.

Today, find an Elder, and find their story.


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Laugh at Impatience


The Ancestors tell us that to accomplish what they have accomplished takes great patience.  Simple tools and difficult environments meant that to build a house or a barn or a fence took a great deal of time. 

Our Ancestors laugh at us because they see that we want everything instantly.  We, the descendants, do not know patience.  Patience brings positivity.  Patience brings change slowly.  Patience gives us the courage to say hard things.

Today, slow down.  Practice patience.


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Learn From Experience


The Ancestors say that as we learn to let go of the expectations that we have, and we become more mindful of the moment, then life shifts.  We move to a place of tranquility because we are mindful of all the little things that help to interconnect us to others and to Nature.

We have a new hope as we see how the children are embracing the acts of caring for the Earth and for each other.  We are moving forward, slowly, into a new era of caring. 


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Ancestors - How To Live Life


Our Ancestors had very little in the way of choice for each activity that they did through out the day.  The one thing that they could choose was how they approached life.  The best choice was to be fearless, hopeful, moderate in eating, more quiet than talkative, and very loving.

This sounds like a great mantra for living life every day, even in current times.  While many say that we do not have a choice in things, all of the activities above are choices we can make to change our life. 

Today, choose one activity and concentrate on achieving it throughout the day.


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Ancestors - Show Your Love To Others


People do amazing things all the time.  Sometime the actions are selfish.  Sometimes, the actions are full of love and good tidings to others.

Some of our Ancestors were far-sighted and could see the need for trees for shade, for conserving the land, for cleaning the air, and for bearing fruit to feed us.  Those of our Ancestors that planted trees show us the way to do actions bigger than ourselves.  This is a great service to humanity and to the Earth.  It serves Nature, with love.

This week, plant some trees somewhere.


Friday, 19 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - An Earth Blessing


We have all felt sadness and grief, especially when a relative (ancestor) dies.  We feel loss when a friend moves away.  We feel changes with the changing of the seasons.

The Earth Ancestors tell us that through time, others have felt this way.  It is difficult to say hard things like good-byes for this time and to find words to give bad news.  The People have a blessing to help one get through the tough times.  The blessing may bring peace over time. 

If you need a blessing today, say this one several times to yourself.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - When Bad is Good


Our Earth Ancestors realized that whether an event or action is good or bad is a judgement call based on one's perspective.  As the poster says, the bad becomes good when something worse happens.

Life is filled with the good/not so good activities and events.  Our task in life is to learn to cope with each event and then set it behind us and to move forward.  We spend our lives learning to live life. 

The Ancestors lived their lives, and provided what wisdom they could to their children and grandchildren.  We are a product of all that came before.


Monday, 15 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - Keep Moving



The Ancestors in different regions have different ideas of success.  The common factor in all beliefs is the idea that one must keep moving forward in physical, mental, and spiritual endeavors.

With each advancement in life, the Soul soars, and the wisdom grows.  Contentment becomes a by-product.  Achievement becomes the goal rather that a specific goal.

Today is your day to decide whether you stand still, or not.


Saturday, 13 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Walk Alone


There is always safety in numbers, and that is why our Ancestors travelled in tribes and lived in villages.  Yet, there are times when we must be alone to listen to our soul.

With aloneness comes the space to feel Oneness, Harmony, and to do self Healing.  It is the OHH sequence of life – Oneness, Harmony, and Healing.  When we achieve this resonance in our selves, then we move forward into life with confidence.  We are ready to take on new challenges and to assist others.

Today, take some time to walk alone and work to fee the harmony, the OHH of the moment.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - Tension


The hardest part of living is not doing the necessary, day to day activities; it is the constant stress of all the "you should's" and the dealing with "what is wrong with you" messages.

The people around us find it easier to try to manage your life than to deal with their own life.  The Ancestors realize that tension is created when we are trying to do something that is out of our nature.  The structure of our work, our leisure, our politics and our religions, all combine to create unnecessary stress and tension.

We need to find a way to exercise our free will.  We need to figure out the steps for letting go of the tensions, and for finding out the sweet place where we can love our self, freely.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - About Healing


The Ancestors tell us that the Elders, those that have lived many years and have gathered the wisdom of experience, are the guides that we need to create a bright future.

The Grandmothers have the accumulated knowledge of caring for the People, and for caring for the Earth.  Today, we have lost that faith in their knowledge.  We have placed our trust in politicians and corporations. 

Take some time to remember that the Ancestors were very clear about the interdependence of man and Earth and all of nature.  What will you do today to help that connection?


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Earth Ancestors–The Past and The Present


The Earth Ancestors talk to us about living our lives fully and with mindfulness of the environment around us.  They ask that we let go of the wrongs that they may have done, and that we honor all the good things that they did and created.

The Ancestors ask us to live our life with fullness, and with gratitude.  The Ancestors are happy to have paved the way for this destiny that we now have which is so very different than what they had. 

The Ancestors ask us to treat each other well, and to work together. 


Friday, 5 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - Your Legacy


Our Ancestors tell us that we can easily get caught up in the "me" and "I" moments of life.  They remind us that each generation needs to find something that has a greater meaning and that will be the long, lasting legacy that the children and grandchildren and later generations will find and hold with respect.

Our Ancestors encourage us to find something that is bigger than ourselves, to do, and to work with.  Many use some kind of volunteer work to begin the journey to go beyond one's self. 

What speaks to you that takes you outside of the concept of "me"?


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - Size Does Not Matter



We often think that size has something to do with the amount of power one has.  This are misconceptions that have been taught to us. 

Think of the baby when it arrives into it's parents lives… the baby controls what happens because of its smallness and its helplessness. 

This is the lesson for each of us – to be aware that we all have power, regardless of our size, and that we need to exercise our power to keep it.  We cannot give it away.


Monday, 1 May 2017

Earth Ancestors - May 1 2017–May Day


Our Ancestors celebrated May Day, the first day of May, because it was welcomed as the beginning of summer.  It is celebrated with flowers and ribbons and dancing.  The day was popular festival to signal that fields had been ploughed and the seeding was complete.

The celebration was to bring forth the Gods/Goddesses to bless the seeding and thereby ensure a great harvest.  For some Ancestors, May 1 was a celebration of fertility, and this was a popular day to court and confirm your love to the man or the woman who held your heart.

In today's world,  May Day is just another day.  You can make it special by going out into Nature to find places to be at peace with yourself.