Monday, 31 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Guidance for Week of May 31 2010 – Move Forward to Healing

Last week, world wide, Mother Earth shook up the lives of many people.  There were volcanic eruptions in Ecuador and Guatemala.  There was an earthquake in Australia. There were sinkholes in Russia and the US.  And, of course, there was the great, gushing stream of oil that flowed out of the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.

So, I asked what the light workers could do this week to help the world – humans, animals, plants, and oceans – move forward to healing.  I used I deck of cards called “Unicorn Tarot”, written by Suzanne Star and illustrated by Liz Hilton, and published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Overview:  XIX The Sun


The Sun, as the overview card, is telling us that everything is perfect – that all souls on Earth are in alignment with their goals of seeking inner wisdom and self realization.  The key is to know that this world is the dream.  The essence of life is to achieve the goals that we each set for ourselves, in spite of what feels like adversity.




Challenge: Two of Cups image 

The Two of Cups show us the challenge that we all face each day – how to keep our loved ones safe.  Whether it is our spouse or parents, or children, or dear friends, we face the duality of doing what is right for ourselves and what is right for them.  Hold on!  We do not get to decide what is right for them.  They do.  So, we need to do what we feel is right in our hearts, for our selves, with harm to none.   Perhaps we need to trust that Mother Earth will take care of her self.

Course of Action: Knight of Rods  image

The Knight of Rods is all about being strong minded.  It is also about movement and action.  Therefore, the course of action is clear.  Each person must take the action that seems right for him or her.  This card also suggests that staying RIGHT minded is necessary at this time.  That is, do not succumb to the despair that is seeping through many people’s lives.  The first card says that really, every thing is quite all right.  Everything is happening as it should.  How are you coping with all of that?

Sacrifice: IX The Hermit  image

The sacrifice that all light worker’s will need to look at is the sacrifice of giving up their solitary life and becoming involved. For simply by being present with many, the positiveness, the light, and the calmness may be transmitted.  The Hermit or Wisdom Keeper, is now being asked to step down off the mountain and share some of the wisdom, and lead by example. The Hermit carries a lamp to show the way. 


New Position: Ten of Rods 


Now that the Hermit comes down off the mountain, he is in a new position – one of becoming involved.  The Ten of Rods warns us that we can become over involved and take on too much because of the deep caring that we have, and the compassion for all beings.  When we set off to help, we need to be careful that others do not take advantage of us, and that we do not act on judgements that come from a place of tiredness or of simply being over extended.


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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Angels Speak – Archangel Zadkiel


Most beloveds, I Archangel Zadkiel greet you with much love and admiration.  You have been experiencing disharmony after having so much harmony for the previous six years. Then, starting a year ago, financial situations began to change, disruptions in services began, and the deep anger or despair in people, world wide, began to emerge.  You have watched these changes feeling somewhat insulated.  It is not part of me.  And yet, it is.  We have been telling you for some time that all is connected.  The point of the connectedness is to learn the lessons from those that are in the stream of consciousness and then leave it for other realms.

As you each create your own reality, how then do you define the experiences of the volcanic eruptions, of tsunamis, or of earthquakes?  How do you define the weather changes and strange feelings of heaviness and sleepiness that did not plague you before? The answer is simply that you are picking up the experiences through the stream of consciousness or Oneness. For those of you that have been affected by the sadness or the terror that floods the emotional plain, we tell you that you must learn to observe the information and to block the emotion.  The emotions do not serve you. 

A simple way to set up the filter for allowing only the lessons through the field of observation is to ask the Archangels or Angels, your choice, to help you to construct a filter that operates 24 x 7, everyday, all the time, until you turn the filter off.  Ask the angels to add any extra filtering characteristics that you might need, individually, such as blocking certain sounds or frequencies.

There are no correct or formal words to use – simply ask!  And, if you are having trouble sleeping, or waking up, or eating or eating too much, ask us to help you with those issues.  They are all related to the changes that you and your earthly bodies are undergoing at this time.  Some of you may be plagued by very dark thoughts or bad dreams.  These too may be avoided by asking us to intervene and turn away these energies before they arrive at your energy templates, and enter your space.

Be at peace and know that all is going according to the plan of the Almighty.  I leave you now.  Ask me questions any time, and I will respond.

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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Spirit Animal – Badger’s Teaching

Badger is one of my four teachers, and regularly would appear in my dreams.  Of late, Badger is more of an unseen presence, watching what I do, and with holding comments – I guess because there has been nothing to find fault with, and to use as a lesson.

Today, however, Badger is coming in with a specific teaching.  It seems that the teaching is not just for me; it is for everyone.

“And so, Young Pup, it has been long since we worked together.  Your journeys are much different than in the beginning of your travel time.  You work with more threads and realms. 

This is about this realm – The One Who Provides Food – and what we feel is coming.  Our memories tell that that type of change has happened before, and yet this change feels different.  The skin layer feels different.  That which you call earth or dirt, has a feeling of being more alive.  The sighs and groans of the earth are part of the moving or re-arranging that is taking place. The lines of power which hold us in one place are moving.  They are swinging away from their old positions and lining up in new directions – it seems with the brightest stars in the sky. 

We badgers hear the cries for help that come from the birds and the animals that follow the old lines of power. With the lines moving, birds and animals are going to new places and perhaps not safe places.  We feel the energy of the four legged ones along the back part of our head (brain) where we can communicate will all.  Four leggeds are looking for places – valleys with water and grass and trees – to wait out the changes.  We watch as the plants grow and stop, a much different rhythm than many cycles ago.  We see the ground things (insects) changing.  They are becoming smaller and going deeper. 

I say to you, “Pay attention to the sounds of the birds and the animals. Follow their lead in gathering food and storing it.”  Sit in silence more often in the grass and in the trees.  Let your mind roam, and hear the words of the animals.  Push your thought and judgement away.  Simply sit and allow the higher energies of you to connect to the great energy that links all beings.  Be still and listen.  Do not talk.  Listen.  You will hear.  Do this soon – over the next two not suns, do this!

Picture of badger from


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Friday, 28 May 2010

Spirit Animal – Dove Flies By

Today has been a day that feels mournful to me – the air is cold. Indeed, we had snow last night and we are to get snow tonight, even though it is almost the end of May.

I was contemplating how my life seems to be on hold this week, even though I can feel the energies percolating just below the edge of sight.  I was driving down Deer Run Drive, when a beautiful mourning dove flew along side the van, before veering off into a nearby tree.  I had my window open so I could hear her cooing away.  It seemed like she was trying to comfort me…. “It’s alright dear!  This is just temporary.  The sun is coming out and your life is readjusting.”

I shook my head, and smiled, and kept driving.  I pulled into the garage, and unloaded my books that my friend returned, and walked into the house.  After dumping the books on the way up stairs, I walked to the kitchen sink for a drink of water. 

Dove flew through the yard, and did a loop, before settling on the grass near my sanctuary arbour. She stared intently at me.  I knew she was telling me something.


    picture of mourning dove from 

I stopped and listened.  Dove says,

“Do not be hard on your self. Treat yourself with gentleness as you treat all of the birds and squirrels and ants and critters that visit your yard.  Feel the love that we have for you.  Feel the peace that Nature brings to your place. This is a sanctuary where we are all welcome.  We feel the Oneness that comes in this place.  Let us guide you to a knowing that there is a naturalness to this change that is happening.  Some of us birds are nesting later because we wish to wait out the changes.  We feel this is part of life.  We say, create!  Let us see how you use the wood and the beauty that you see in your mind.  We are grateful that you care for us.”

It is pretty hard to feel too sad when you receive a visit like this one from Dove.

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Spirit Animal – Jack Rabbit’s Routine

We have several big jack rabbits that live around our cove and the several streets around us.  The Rabbits like it in suburbia because they feel much safer from the coyotes who live in the park, several streets over. One big rabbit that we call “Buck”, feels that his life is just too boring. So, he comes and sits on the edge of our driveway once or twice a week, just waiting for my dogs to come out of the garage, as we start out on our daily walk.  Buck waits until he’s noticed, and then he bounds away, looking behind to ensure that Magic and Sage are following.  The other day, I yelled, “Stop!” at the dogs, and all three animals froze.  The dogs came back and so did Buck – at least he started to, before he veered off under a bush.


Yesterday, Buck came almost to the end of the driveway, and watched, sadly it seemed, as the dogs climbed into the van with me. We were leaving Buck behind.  I watched him contemplate what to do, and then he turned and dashed up onto a lawn and began to nibble grass.  He looked at me as we drove past him, and Rabbit seemed to wink at me.  I had the following visions as we drove away.

  • When we plan or expect something, we are not allowing for Nature to take its course.  We need to allow to get more out of life.
  • Playing is healing, for all of us.  Most animals play within their species.  It is the out of species play that has more magic in it, and that allows for an understanding of the Oneness that exists for all things.
  • Life is what we make of it.  A lost chance to play turns into a great opportunity to eat new grass, undisturbed by dogs and people (because they are leaving).
  • Rabbits see a smorgasbord table as they look at the yards in the neighbourhood.  Acceptance of abundance comes naturally to Rabbit.  The lesson is for humans to see that as well. 

As the dogs and I walked and played with our friends, I realized that Buck the Rabbit had a pretty good life.  And, that his good life stemmed from our good life.  The best lesson from Rabbit and his routine of waiting for the dogs was that he showed me that I have much to be grateful for.  And I am, grateful, for my life and for having a Jack Rabbit live not too far away.  Watch for our FREE June magazine at

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Spirit Animal – Fox Along the Fence

Yesterday, my sister and I were out at Pasu Farm, enjoying a celebratory lunch, when we saw a very large red fox trot along side the fence of the sheep pasture, on the same side as the sheep and new lambs.  Fox, however, seemed to pay no attention to the sheep, and trotted along.


Fox seemed to stop quickly, and look at us.  

Typically when an animal does this, it is trying to convey a message.   Some of the immediate messages that seemed to be transmitted to us were:

  1. In your world, the fox is walking amongst the sheep, doing pretty much what he wants.  The underlying vision was of corporate machines getting rich from us by telling us lies that we follow like sheep.
  2. Sometimes, to move through life, one needs to be bold as a fox – and as clever.  Do not always do the expected.
  3. Often, you may do something openly, perhaps use the new powers of manifestation that you have, and people still will not believe what they are seeing.  This is what allows Fox to move around so freely in the day time.
  4. Boundaries are important.  However, the boundary has to mean something to all concerned.  In the case of the sheep fence, it had no meaning for Fox.  Where do boundaries have no meaning in your life?

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Angels Speak – Surrender


Here is the meaning of the word surrender as listed by the Merriam Webster dictionary.

Main Entry: 1sur·ren·der  Pronunciation: \sə-ˈren-dər\   Function: verb  Inflected Form(s): sur·ren·dered; sur·ren·der·ing \-d(ə-)riŋ\    Etymology: Middle English surrendren, from surrendre, noun  Date: 15th century--transitive verb 1 a : to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand <surrendered the fort> b : to give up completely or agree to forgo especially in favor of another
2 a : to give (oneself) up into the power of another especially as a prisoner b : to give (oneself) over to something (as an influence)

What makes this word interesting to me is that it has been my word of the day off and on for about four weeks.  From a spiritual point of view, surrender is about letting go of ego control, and allowing all things to be.  Life becomes about being in the flow of things, and about life getting easier.  When we are in control, we often trip ourselves, and get in our own way.

Some of the aspects of surrender are:

  1. Allowing yourself to wake up when you want to, not when you have to for getting to work on time.
  2. Starting your job when it feels right to you – not at the time dictated by someone else.
  3. Following your instincts and feelings rather than trying to logic out a situation.
  4. Working from the heart, and not from the mind (a different phrasing of number 3.)
  5. Allowing time in nature.
  6. Simply stating what it is you need, and sitting back and allowing it to come into your life.

These are all very difficult tasks for us in this modern world, ruled by a clock and careers.  If you could change one thing, what is it that you would change?

I started thinking about what I would surrender, because this word is coming up for a reason.  I realize that I need to surrender my expectations of other people, especially my family.  They are who they are.  I realize too, that I need to give up my expectations of my life.  I am in a place where I need to allow my life to happen.  I do not need to pursue work – by asking for it to be in my life, it will appear, in whatever form the Universe needs me to have it.  I do not need to worry about money.  Money is a tool, and tools always appear.  We all create what we need.  I simply need to create from the heart.   Do you want Judy to do a reading for you?  Book a reading at

Monday, 24 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – What Work Should I Be Doing?

This is a question that comes up quite often from different people, and in the last three months, it comes up daily in discussions with my friends.  “It feels like everything is changing!” or, “It feels like all the rules are changing!”, are two of the common comments. 

My life too has been changing.  So, using me as the surrogate for all of us in change, I asked the question - “What work should I be doing?”   Here is the answer from THE DRAGON TAROT by Nigel Suckling and illustrated by Roger and Linda Garland, and published by Cico Books, London.


1.  5 of Cups – This is a time of dis-satisfaction.  Unhappiness can cause the relationship (work) to feel unhealthy.  The issue is within you – a new vision is required.

2.  XIX The Sun -  LUCK, PEACE, PLENTY, CONTENTMENT, GROWTH – this card tells us that new beginnings are already working around you.  New work is coming your way that will provide all that you require – shelter, food, contentment, and it will all be something that you are fascinated with, and which you do well.

3.  III The Empress – FERTILITY HARMONY SUCCESS SENSUALITY – this card is telling you that the Goddess watches out for you, and that she has a hand in bringing you the next work.  It seems that it will be some kind of nurturing work – perhaps teaching or healing, however, not in the traditional sense.  There is a mystery about the work that implies that although it is new to you, it has a spiritual background that you have not used for many lifetimes.

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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Light Worker Guidance for week of May 23, 2010 using Sacred Geometry

This is another big week of activity on the planet.  We are all feeling the energy shifting.  So, I asked Great Spirit to give me an indication of what all of us as light workers could expect this week.

These cards are from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck written by Francene Hart, and published by Bear Co.


Card 15 – Square - (Earth, Male) 

The square is about having sacred space by either invoking the four directions or bringing in angels in the four corners of your space.  In this space, create the intentions that you have for the next week.  This card represents the ideas of earth, earthly connection, safety, material things, and security.  You need to be secure this week.



Card 42 – Nucleus (Core Issues)

Our angel guardians are very active at this time. They live in the center of creation, and they tell us that we are each in a time of creation, of beginnings.  Some of us will take places of leadership on the planet, and others of us will move to take a place of leadership in space.  Those of you that work with Ashtar’s Command will be busy.  Some of you will be busy in the midst of controversy.  Do not take on any work that does not resonate for you.  Do not let others manipulate you.


Card 29 – Starry Dreams (Dreams and Visions)

Stars and more stars carry us out beyond time and into infinity.   We now can use the stars and dreams to “remember” our stories.  Each of the dreams offers a message.  Each message is an aspect or comment on our reality.  Contemplate the dreams in meditation and allow your inner knowing, and not your ego, to give you guidance.  This will be your cues for action. 


Card 26 - Sacred Union (Passion and Spirit)

Many of us are now in relationships.  This card is showing the way that souls spiral together as love grows and wraps around the other.  Love is healing.  Do you feel the healing?  Is your journey with your mate painful.  Look at the place of passion and of spirit in your life.  Passion alone is not enough to provide the healing.  What is it that you are seeking in your life partner?  Have you allowed all the lessons to play out?  Is it time to look into your heart and set the intention for sacred union in your life? 

Remember, that these cards serve as guidelines and not as rules.  For some of you, the cards are confirmations of what is already transpiring. 

Live and love well! 

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Friday, 21 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Honouring Copernicus

Astronomer Copernicus reburied as hero

By VANESSA GERA, Associated Press Writer -----

FROMBORK, Poland – Nicolaus Copernicus, the 16th-century astronomer whose findings were condemned by the Roman Catholic Church as heretical, was reburied by Polish priests as a hero on Saturday, nearly 500 years after he was laid to rest in an unmarked grave.

His burial in a tomb in the cathedral where he once served as a church canon and doctor indicates how far the church has come in making peace with the scientist whose revolutionary theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun helped usher in the modern scientific age.

Copernicus, who lived from 1473 to 1543, died as a little-known astronomer working in what is now Poland, far from Europe's centers of learning. He had spent years laboring in his free time developing his theory, which was later condemned as heretical by the church because it removed Earth and humanity from their central position in the universe.

Nicolaus Copernicus picture from Wikipedia

Portrait, 1580, Toruń Old Town City Hall

Copernicus' "Commentariolus" summarized his heliocentric theory. It listed the "assumptions" upon which the theory was based as follows:[87]

1. There is no one center of all the celestial circles or spheres.
2. The center of the earth is not the center of the universe, but only of gravity and of the lunar sphere.
3. All the spheres revolve about the sun as their mid-point, and therefore the sun is the center of the universe.
4. The ratio of the earth's distance from the sun to the height of the firmament (outermost celestial sphere containing the stars) is so much smaller than the ratio of the earth's radius to its distance from the sun that the distance from the earth to the sun is imperceptible in comparison with the height of the firmament.
5. Whatever motion appears in the firmament arises not from any motion of the firmament, but from the earth's motion. The earth together with its circumjacent elements performs a complete rotation on its fixed poles in a daily motion, while the firmament and highest heaven abide unchanged.
6. What appear to us as motions of the sun arise not from its motion but from the motion of the earth and our sphere, with which we revolve about the sun like any other planet. The earth has, then, more than one motion.
7. The apparent retrograde and direct motion of the planets arises not from their motion but from the earth's. The motion of the earth alone, therefore, suffices to explain so many apparent inequalities in the heavens.  (From Wikipedia)

So, it seems, that all things do equal out over time.  Copernicus was honoured and given a traditional burial by the Church that dismissed him and caused him harm.

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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Big Rock’s Emotional Impact

On May 20th, I took two friends for a drive in the country, and our last major stop was Big Rock.  The temperature was cool, and we had intermittent rain showers.  Still, Big Rock seemed to call to us to come and see it.  The closer that we got on the path leading up to the Rock, the greater the tug seemed to be.  At about fifty feet out, there seemed to be a physical thump around the heart area of my body.  My friend said she felt something too.

What came to me as I wondered why all the emotion around my heart, was that Big Rock was an antennae that could transmit all of the light and love and feminine energy that was being sent down into the mountain tops in the Kananaskis mountain range, and broadcast across the foothills and east. During the time we were there, there were ten other people who stopped and got a shot of the feminine love energy.  And, remember, the day was not a beautiful, sunny day.

There was so much energy around the place, I could almost feel the Rock as a “rock person” as described in the Blackfoot legends.  The three of us offered Big Rock guardians some tobacco and water, and did a little bit of drumming in honour of the work that Big Rock does.

We left feeling very content and peaceful.

Big Rock sits north, along Highway 7, west of Okotoks, Alberta.


   Inside one of the crevices on Big Rock


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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Resurrecting The Lily

Extinct water lily successfully grown from seed Last Updated: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 | 11:50 AM ET CBC News

The tiny water lily Nymphaea thermarum was declared extinct after 
water feeding its habitat in Rwanda was diverted for farming. The tiny water lily Nymphaea thermarum was declared extinct after water feeding its habitat in Rwanda was diverted for farming. (Prof. E. Fischer)

A delicate African water lily declared extinct in the wild has been resurrected at Britain's Royal Botanic Garden, Kew.

Horticulturalist Carlos Magdalena spent months trying to create the optimal conditions for the lily's seeds to grow and now hopes to reintroduce the plant to its native Rwandan hot springs.

"I feel really feel happy and relieved when I managed to successfully grow the plant. I realized then that it wasn't going to disappear forever," he told BBC News.


Sometimes, life shows us how joyfully mankind can interact with the Earth.  This type of action, such as the planting of seeds, shows us in our true “God-like” image of being creative caretakers or “earth-keepers”.  Bravo!

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Spirit Animal – Red Tail Hawk’s Guidance


Picture of red tailed hawk from

The Red-Tailed Hawk is a member of the genus Buteo, a group of medium-sized raptors with robust bodies and broad wings. Members of this genus are known as buzzards in Europe, but hawks in North America (Wikipedia)

Today, Red Hawk sat in the trees along Parkland.  She is ever watchful – looking for mice and gophers – watching the activities in the park with a proprietary eye.  She sits so high up.  She never gets involved with the people or the animals that move through the park.  She is unlike the crows and the magpies who sit in the lowest branches of the tree and squawk at the dogs, and try to drop things on the people. 

This is Red Hawk’s Guidance:  Be the observer. Stand back from the drama, from the emotions, and from the action-reaction pattern.  Step in to take what you need and then step back.  Engaging in dialogue with those caught up in their own stories is simply about creating a bigger story. Stand back and take responsibility for your own actions; do not lay responsibility for your actions at the feet of another.  Hunting to feed one’s self is a necessity.  Hunting to spite others is an act against Oneness.  Let Great Spirit guide your steps.  Let the influences of your spirit guides take you to the places where growth occurs.


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Monday, 17 May 2010

Spirit Speaks - Betrayal


(Part of the poster for the movie called “Betrayal” based on a Harold Pinter play.)

So often in life, we feel betrayed or wronged because we expected someone to behave in a certain way, and then they do something that hurts us. The many meanings of the word include -disloyalty, sell-out (informal), deception, treason, treachery, trickery, duplicity, double-cross (informal), double-dealing, breach of trust, perfidy, unfaithfulness, falseness, and inconstancy (from 

The word means “be + traitor”. Generally, the traitor is someone close to you.  The BIG question is always, “Why did the other person betray me?”  The answer is, “It is all about power, and making themselves look good at the expense of others.”  Some psychologists say that betrayal is about jealousy. I believe that it is about causing pain for the other person.  Of course, the karma returns to hit the betrayer immediately.  When others see that the betrayer has betrayed once, then other people are very careful not to get to close to the betrayer because they expect him/her to betray again.

For the one that is betrayed, the question becomes, “How do I learn to love/trust again?  You do not need to learn – you already know how.  What is required is to get past the fear, and realize that the issue of feeling betrayed is real, honour the feeling, and then, let it go!  The feeling is yours, and you do not need this story.


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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Community Healing, Or Not!

com·mu·ni·ty   n. pl. com·mu·ni·ties

1.   a. A group of people living in the same locality and imageunder the same government.   b. The district or locality in which such a group lives.

2.    a. A group of people having common interests: the scientific community; the international business community. b. A group viewed as forming a distinct segment of society: the gay community; the community of color.

  3.    a. Similarity or identity: a community of interests. b. Sharing, participation, and fellowship.

4. Society as a whole; the public.

5. Ecology -- a. A group of plants and animals living and interacting with one another in a specific region under relatively similar environmental conditions.   b. The region occupied by a group of interacting organisms.   ~~ from


On May 14 through 16, 2010, Roger and I attended the Quester’s Conference in Olds, Alberta.  One of the things that became clear to me is that this is truly a community of like individuals.  We felt so at home.  One of the speakers commented that there was a purpose for all of us to be together in one room for so many days, and that that reason had to do with healing.  And so it seemed very common to hear people asking another person to heal their back, neck (we were all sleeping in strange beds on strange pillows so neck issues could come out), or other issues that seemed to become very prominent in each person’s body while at the conference.

On Saturday night, after a full day, I was meditating on the gift of healing when I received a download from the Angels.  Here is the message.

Dearest one.  We applaud the work that you and all those attending the conference are doing.  We remind you that healing must take place unconditionally for it to be of the highest good.  When people such as religious groups practice healing at the expense of others because of the other person’s sexual preference or religious beliefs, then true healing does not occur.  Rather, the situation is more like a curse for the others.  Therefore the blessing/healing and the curse cancel out one another.  This is why so many “healings” do not work.

Please remind everyone that when they send healing energy to the Earth or to another being, that the healing must be free of restrictions.  We send this with love and blessings, – The GreatWhite Brotherhood of Healing Light   See the May Magazine online at

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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ancestors Speak – The Evening Meal

Christmas in Winnipeg 2006 022022

Picture of dinner table set for fourteen – Copyright 2007 Judy Hirst

Growing up in a large family has its challenges.  There are also many benefits.  One benefit is the traditions that we learned – traditions passed down by our Ancestors. 

One of the healing things that we did daily was to have our evening meal together, around the table, and not in front of the TV.  The TV, if it was on, was turned off for the meal because we were expected to talk during supper.  This meal was a time of sharing how one’s day went, and in that sharing was a healing of the bad things or the scary things. 

The discussions were not just between my parents; they were discussions that included all of us.  We learned to speak in a direct way to each other.  Each meal started with a short prayer by one of us children, and each meal had a loaf of bread that was passed around the table.  The meal always had meat, potatoes, and a vegetable or two. Because we raised beef cattle and pigs, we usually had beef or pork. 

Thirty years after leaving the farm, my brothers and sisters and I are still close.  We often talk about some of our more memorable evening meals around the table.  Often, family members were discussed at the table, and that is how we learned our family history.  We heard the stories of the things that they did, the jokes that they played, or the journeys that they took.  We learned about perseverance and patience.  We understood that sometimes one has to make great changes, like moving from England to Canada, or Sweden to Canada, in order to make life better.

Most of all, we learned that sitting around the table at the evening meal is a sharing circle, and that this circle exists in all homes.  One simply has to use it.

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Friday, 14 May 2010

Spirit Animal – Muskrat Blessings

image Picture of Muskrat from 

Muskrat lives in marshes, ponds, streams and rivers, and builds a lodge similar to a beaver lodge.  Unlike beavers, Muskrat is really a rodent that swims. Muskrat eats vegetation, mussels, crayfish, frogs and turtles. 

Muskrats are covered with short, thick fur which is medium to dark brown in color with the belly a bit lighter but as the age increases the "fur" turns a partly gray in color. The fur has two layers, which helps protect them from the cold water. They have long tails which are covered with scales rather than hair and are flattened vertically to aid them in swimming. When they walk on land the tail drags on the ground. ~ Wikipedia

So in this time of change, why is Muskrat showing up?  Muskrat comes to us to give us a blessing and to teach us lessons.  Muskrat’s blessing is one of survival.  It has learned to survive in some noxious water conditions.  She can also stay submerged for up to fifteen minutes without feeling the effects of carbon dioxide.  Muskrat says, “Breathing deeply allows us to saturate our blood with oxygen that supports us when oxygen is not available.  We wish you humans the gift of deep breath so that you expand your lung capacity and will be able to survive air that is not always clean.  Breathing deeply will soothe you, and help you digest your food better.  Find time each day to breath deeply.  Keep plants around you to cleanse the air and to provide you with life force.”

Often Muskrat shares the same habitat as a beaver.  However, these two furry river animals do not fight over food or territory.  Instead, they symbiotically work together to keep the water clean, flowing, and healthy.  Although muskrats may fight one another over territory, Muskrat shows us how to create a community where all creatures depending on the water environment may thrive. 


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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Using Nettles (Herb)


A Stinging Nettle in the field.

When I was growing up, every summer was filled with chores that helped put food on the table.  One of the chores was pulling weeds.  Our farm was located in what is called light soil, and so the soil had a sand component.  Contrary to the belief that stinging nettles only grow in damp places, these nettles grow mostly anywhere, and they grew very well in the garden.  We had to wear long sleeve shirts and gloves to weed them out of the plants because we kids did get rashes from the nettles.

What makes this somewhat ironical is that in the spring, when the stinging nettles were first coming out, and when they were still quite soft, my mother would make us gather the nettles and we would have a feed of steamed green nettles, at least once a week for three weeks.  Mom said that it was a spring tonic that cleaned out the winter colds and flu bugs still stored in our bodies. 

As I got older, and became more interested in the properties of different plants, I learned a bit more about this amazing weed.

  • Stinging nettle contains natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatories (including quercetin), that open up constricted bronchial and nasal passages, helping to ease hay fever, and nose & sinus type allergies symptoms.
  • Nettles were used as a tonic for the female system.  This was discovered by the Native American women who used it throughout pregnancy and as a remedy to stop haemorrhaging during childbirth. It is considered one of the best all round women's tonics.
  • Nettles are amazing in that they contain protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene, along with vitamins A,C, D, and B complex, all in a form that is easy for the body to use.
  • Nettles act as a diuretic that encourages excretion of uric acid and therefore helps prevent kidney stones.

Add a little nettle to your meal this spring!


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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Archangel Speaks – Archangel Michael

image Most beloveds! I AM Archangel Michael.  I joyously greet you as you move through this time of change and self realization.  So many of you are being called to look deep inside yourself to see those events in your life that you have labelled as “wrongs done to you”.  You are being called to see them in a new light – the same light or perspective that we have of you – as though you were all players on a big movie screen.  You know that when you watch a movie, only part of the action is visible at one time.  Now, you are seeing the whole picture around the event that is in question.  You see that perhaps there was no wrong intended.  You see that you took it upon yourself to create the wrong and live by that moment.  You have created a world that is false.

All of you have done this over and over in your lives.  You have created this world so that you could learn lessons that would help your spiritual growth and so that you would understand the ranges of emotion, and the depth of cleansing that the I AM presence offers to each of you upon your return to infinity.  Each soul has a chance to move to that place of unconditional love for those that seek to harm the vessel (human body).  There is no place like it (Earth). 

So, instead of looking out ward to those around you for validation of who you are, look inward.  Look past all the abuse that you have placed upon yourself, and see yourself for the pure, bright, white light that you are.  See the magnificence of your journey, even though there were those who tried to stop you and send you home early.  Know that you have been honoured by your soul group, by your angels, and by those beings that watch your journey.  Healing is something that is best done from the inside, and not from the outside.  Nature – the beasts, birds, fish, and reptiles, do not have someone come and sit over them to heal them.  They find a safe place to heal themselves, or, they perish.  In that perishing, they are then reborn to take the lesson again to understand that choice makes a difference.

So too for each of you is choice an important lesson.  Choose to  heal, or not.  Choose to love, or not.  Choose to be generous, or not.  Choose to be grateful, or not.  It is your choices, and not what others do to you that makes the difference.  Peace is found inside your heart, not outside.  Those that have peaceful hearts may be in a noisy football stadium and be at peace.  This life that you are in is a “how to expand awareness” lesson on a grand scale.  Do be grateful.  Do not close yourself to the beauty and abundance around you.  Each of you deserve the best.


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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tarot Discussion – What is my purpose now?

As we go through life, we change.  And, as we change, our usefulness to the Universe changes – for better or for worse.  I know that I am in a period of vast change.  So are many other people.  Perhaps this reading will resonate for you.

I used the cards from the  Runic Tarot by Caroline Smith and John Astrop , and used a three card spread.



Past – Samhain #6 – Health and Yoga

Shaman sitting on the ground in ritual position.  This signifies where I have been – working on my fitness, looking at Buddhism and other Shamanic works, and working with BodyTalk and other health therapies



  Present – the card for Summer Solstice (acts as an Ace)

This is the time of creative abundance, and the time of joining with family – those that are related, and those that have become the spiritual family – those souls that I have traveled with over many lifetimes.  The card tells me that I am in a time of blossoming – perhaps to become something new or, more that I was before.



Future – Samhain #11 – Rebellion

This is the card showing me what is to be – the way that I rebel against the old order and help those that want to implement something new.  A huge change is required to push out the corruption that tries to rule the people in order to hide the abhorrent things that are being done to children and to women.  The Karma that has been with us for so long is now going to be cleared and it seems that I need to do something to help the process along. 

What do you need to do?

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Monday, 10 May 2010

Buddha Speaks – Right Action



Picture of Buddha from




Right Action is actually one of the eight paths on the Buddhist Eightfold Path. It comes under the section of ethics. Most commonly, to Monks, it is the law of Right Conduct. Simply put – abstaining from taking the life of any living thing, abstaining from stealing, abstaining from un-chastity (refraining from improper sexual conduct), abstaining from lying (truth and integrity in all things), and abstain from intoxicants.

Generally, all belief systems mirror the intention of right action. Therefore in spiritual practice we hear the phrase “right action” and take it as shorthand for all of the “RIGHTS” in the Eightfold Path. From pagan tradition, the phrase, “and harm to none (no one), is also about Right Action. Books have been written on how the Rights should be learned, implemented and incorporated into one’s personal creed. This includes judgment of others and
offering unsolicited advice. More on that in another article. For now, we leave it to everyone to make up their mind about Right Action.

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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spirit Animals – Golden Retriever

Over the last three weeks, I have read several different novels that feature a golden retriever as one of the main characters.  Then, for several nights, I have dreamt of a golden retriever.  Normally, I would just put this down to me being the caretaker for our great dog, (golden retriever), Sage.  The combination of the books and dreams, however, make me think that there is more to this than a dream about my dog.

The message seems to be around golden retrievers being spiritual guides. 


               Sage waiting to see if the rabbit comes back.


  Sage following the trail of a moose through the snow.


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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Blueberries (Bilberry) (Herb)

The camping season is now opening up, although we are still getting some mixed snow and rain in Calgary.  I see my neighbours pulling out their campers and equipment, and hosing down tarps.  Most campers carry a first aid kit.  However, the best first aid kit is the great outdoors, and all the wonderful plants in Mother Nature’s garden.

Let’s talk about blueberries. They are very common place in North America, whether in the east or the west, north or south.








We humans have a trait that wants to be a follower, and to adapt what ever the newest health fad is – Noni Juice, Acai Berry, or some other wonder berry.  The thing is, BLUEBERRY is our very own wonder berry.

1.  TREATS DIARRHEA - When camping, take fresh or dried blueberries with you. Two tablespoons of dried berries will cure diarrhea.  Studies have shown that a decoction of Blueberries will sterilize
cultures of colon bacillus and of Ebert's bacillus in a 24 hour
period.  The latter is the Typhoid bacillus.  Dried blueberries don't weigh much and are certainly worth carrying in a backpack.  Blueberries are a natural remedy for persistent diarrhea and acute enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine) caused by a virus or bacteria.

2. TREATS HERPES II – FLU -  Extract of Blueberry (available commercially under the name of  Bilberry, the "Old English" name for Blueberry) has been found to be an antiviral in cell culture for herpes simplex virus II, influenza  and vaccinia (cowpox) virus.

3.  KILLS BACTERIA - Extracts of blueberries have also been found to kill or inhibit growth of funguses, yeasts and bacteria, including Trichomonas vaginalis (an inflammation of the vagina that can be transmitted to males-causing itching and discharge in both sexes).

4.  ARTHRITIS - STRENGTHEN ARTERIES - Blueberries benefit all capillaries, veins and the arteries and by doing so improve the circulation to the hands, feet, brain and heart. Blueberries are used to strengthen coronary arteries and varicose veins and help in reducing arteriosclerosis and plaque deposits.

Blueberry belongs to a family called flavonoids.Although not true vitamins, flavonoids have been given the name ofVitamin "P". The P stands for permeability and is responsible forcollagen stabilization in the body. Collagen is the most abundantprotein in the body, consisting of veins, tendons, ligaments andcartilage. Collagen is destroyed during the inflammation of arthritis,gout, periodontal disease as well as other conditions of inflammationinvolving the joints, connective tissues, bones and cartilage. Flavonoids not only aid in prevention of collagen destruction, but alsoadd to the strength of such tissue. Blueberries, because of theirhigh content of flavonoids, actually make the collagen stronger byadhesion and cross linking with the collagen. They improve circulationand feed the capillaries by altering the ability of fluids and nourishment to pass through, inhibiting free radical damage andimproving the tone of the entire vascular system by strengtheningall of the veins and the arteries.

5. ULCERS - Current research indicates that blueberries may be useful in the future in treatment and prevention of ulcers.  It is thought that this is due to the blueberry's empowering of the defensive barriers of the gastrointestinal mucous.

Will you pack blueberries with your gear this year?       

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Friday, 7 May 2010

Archangel Speaks – Archangel Haniel


Beloved children of Earth, I adore all that you do!  You work so earnestly to learn lessons, to live out the life plans that you wrote for this time. You get so sidetracked as you believe that all you have is this life time, and the body vessel that houses your soul.  You do feel the pull of the moon, the call of the water, the need to be free.  And, many of you push these feelings aside as you struggle in an earthly reality that has been created out of the greed of many.  The pace of your life – whether in work or in play – is stressing your body vessel, and shutting down your senses. 

At one time, humans would be caught up in their daily work, and then simply stop to enjoy the song of a bird, or the laughter of children.  People would stop to breath deeply.   Now, you each breath shallowly compared to the capacity that your lungs were set for.  Stop now, and breath deeply, down to your toes, to draw the breath down as deeply as you can.  Breath is what feeds you.  You can draw in life energy from a deep breath taken outside.  The life force of the natural world will feed you and sustain you. It seems that as you are captive in tall buildings that you forget to breath.  Perhaps, it is that you unconsciously feel your true nature, your God Spirit, imprisoned, and you would rather die that be penned up. 

The Moon calls to you many nights, to come out and walk under her because she can shine healing light upon you.  Most of you, however, recoil from this pull.  You don’t want to be “weird”.  You regard those that talk with Angels as “weird”.  These that you call “weird” are doing as their nature requires them to do.  These people are truly free because they do not feel the constraint that limits the feelings that they have.  These weird people are answering their calling that takes them outside of the business and lets them be in the moment.  These weird ones are all taken care of by Creator because they help to hold the balance between catastrophe and light.  They know how to ask us for help, and they know how to assist us when we cannot make direct contact with a being in distress.

I come to you today to ask you to take some time for healing your self and your family.  When was the last time that you sat and talked to your spouse or your children, or your parents or siblings, to find out what they were doing in their life aside from their career work?  Have you walked in the park with your child or dog, without your cell phone in your ear?  Have you taken time to skip stones in the water at a pond or river?  Invite me to create a space in your day so that you can take time for you.  Use it to meditate outside or to walk in the park or to sit in your back yard or balcony.  Feel the peace within this time.  Use it to ground.  Know that you are loved.

It is with grace and blessing that I leave you now,

Archangel Haniel


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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Using our brain for leadership (feeling)

Several days ago, I channelled a message from Archangel Gabriel which talked about “feeling”. Feeling, he says, comes from the heart.

Now, here is a wonderful video from TEDTV with Simon Sinek, talking about how he believes that success in being a leader comes from the brain.  He says that the feeling or understanding comes from our lizard brain.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Feverfew (Herb)

If you were out in the wild, and could not get to a doctor, would you know what plants could help you with various ailments?  Probably not!  If earthquakes or tornados or some other natural disaster cut you off from getting your regular medications, could you use a plant to substitute what you are missing?  The people in Haiti and in Chile and in China are now being faced with some of these issues. 

Feverfew picture from image






One plant that grows very well in North America is feverfew. It has some very specific uses.  Feverfew seems to help:

1.  headaches and migraines by reducing blood vessel spasms and by depressing the release of serotonin and prostaglandins which cause migraines.

2.  control the redness in irritated skin, due to inflammation.

3.  relieve stomach aches.

4.  treat menstrual cramping.

5.  reduce fever from colds, pneumonia, and flu.




This sounds like a plant that we should all be growing.  I suggest that you add it to your flower bed or flower pot or garden this spring.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Archangel Speaks – Archangel Gabriel




Picture of Archangel Gabriel


Dearest ones! I call to all of you today to pick up the pace of your spiritual work.  You all have much to do.  Many of you have not yet completed what you came to Earth to accomplish.  Now is a good time to get back on track. 

All of you have known fear and frustration in your lives.  Some of you have overcome this, and others have gotten stuck.  It seems that many of you believe in us, the Archangels, and yet you do call on us for help unless you think it is something “big”.  Let me assure you, everything in your life is big.  Nothing happens by accident.  Everything is scripted, and, now that the Earth space is opening up, others in the Universe, those that have been with you before, are coming to lend you a hand.

It seems that you can accept us, your angel guardians and Archangels, and yet you cannot accept the idea that there might be others out in the space around you, unseen and concerned for you.  We are working to push up all government agencies to make the global announcement of other planets working with you; that aliens are walking amongst you, and that they are aiding you.  Yes, there are subversives.  There are those elements in any species. 

How will you open your hearts to those that are different than you?  Will it be the way you treat each other, with judgement and blame and shame heaped upon them?  Look inside your heart now to see what it is within you that makes you resent your differences and why you need to project this anger at your issues on to the others.  Have you done any work with your chakras.  If so, why did you stop?  Archangel Michael has talked about how humans sabotage themselves by getting started on a “new” program of life style and then simply stopping because the change seems so hard. 

When the change seems hard, ask us to help.  Simply say, “Archangel Gabriel, please come and help me with this…. whatever it is.”  That is all that you need to do.  You need to simply ask.  You can ask us to help you catch the bus, iron the clothes, find a job, lull you to sleep at night, and to connect with your soul and higher self.  We are a one stop shop for communication with the Divine.  Use us.  Ask us questions.  Sit in silence and pray or talk to us like you would a friend.  We are there for you.

Feel yourself wrapped in love, and know that we are watching and walking with you.  Blessed ones, we love you.

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Monday, 3 May 2010

Spirit Animal – Elk Rhythm


Picture of Elk is from Wikipedia…..

Sometimes, animals poke at you in your dreams and in your day vision until you simply acknowledge them!  And, that issue has been happening for me with Elk.  This poking started about two weeks ago.  The poking is now getting stronger. 

Elk is a herd animal, and likes to be with others.  It likes to be able to wander off by itself for some privacy, as well.  Elk sticks to mountain areas, and forests.  She is large and strong, and will fight when cornered or threatened.  She goes where she needs to go, such as settling down in the local town park during the night when the wolves and cougars roam. 

Elk follows the rhythm of the cycle of nature.  When it is winter, she is in the lower, milder zones, close to running water.  When it is summer she and the herd are hp higher, cropping the short mountain grass even shorter. 

Elk’s message is about finding new pastures, a new place to live and to be.  Part of the message is spiritual; about feeling the rightness of the actions that I and that others must take now.  It is also about living in the heart – being in touch with all that makes one feel happy and content.  Elk is always content when it is moving as it loves to do.  The question posed to each of us is what do we need to do to feel happy and content?  What is it that makes us want to strike out at something?  This thing should be avoided.

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tarot Discussion – What Do Light Workers Need to Know for May 2010?

This month, May, feels like it is going to be pivotal in what changes are up for planet earth.  So, I asked what we all need to know.  Here is the response using the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck written by Francene Hart, and published by Bear Co.


Medicine Wheel #20

The medicine wheel is significant in its roundness. We are all on the wheel of life, and we must return to living and working with nature, instead of trying to control and conform nature.  This includes our own nature which is to love and laugh and play. When we remember this, we return to the Divine, and we will reconnect with our true selves.  With this feeling, we will appreciate the natural things, and want to spend more time in Nature.  We will grow our own food once more. And, we will not feel lonely as we do in this technology age of isolation.


Hexagon #43

This card is about the structure of beauty in our lives.  It reminds us that amid all chaos and business, we must stop to enjoy the beauty of the world – flowers, trees, animals, and each other.





Invoking the Infinite #52

The Infinite and the Divine are linked.  The hands show us healing under the pyramid (over the head).  This reminds us to use our healing power as the Divine directs us – on ourselves, the planet, other people/animals/plants/water.  Without doing self healing, there is little point in healing others, for you pass on your challenges.



Together #47 

Balance is the key in this card.  The merkaba and the Tree of Life are about balancing the masculine and the feminine, about sharing, about co-creation. The card points out the imbalance on the planet that reflects the imbalance in each of us, and in our personal and career relationships.  All must be healed, beginning with the self. The first step is to love one’s self, and then to love those around you, with all their wrinkles, faults and illnesses.  This is a tall order, and, yes, you have the power to do this.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Spirit Speaks – Beltane Motivation



Beltane Fire picture from Edinburgh, Scotland.



Beltane is the Celtic festival celebrating the arrival of summer.  May 1 is a good day to take the cattle and sheep to summer grazing, and to lighten the load of the farmer.  May 1 signals that the towns and cities will be busier as people come out of the winter/spring hibernation.  Many of our Ancestors honoured Beltane in some way – whether Celtic or other tradition.

In Ireland/Scotland, Beltane is celebrated by all night bonfires, such as the one pictured above. There is music and dancing, and often the burning of an effigy of old man winter.  “Another common aspect of the festival which survived up until the early 20th century in Ireland was the hanging of May Boughs on the doors and windows of houses and the erection of May Bushes in farmyards, which usually consisted either of a branch of rowan/caorthann (mountain ash) or more commonly whitethorn/sceach geal (hawthorn) which is in bloom at the time and is commonly called the 'May Bush' or just 'May' in Hiberno-English. ~~ From Wikipedia~~”

Beltane is a time of healing because in the celebration of life, all one’s troubles are placed on a shelf, to be dealt with at another time.  This is a time when Nature shows how beautiful she is, and the deer and the wolf give birth.  It is a time of oneness in a community. And often, great fun emerges as people tip back an ale or two, and shed their inhibitions.

This is a time for newness.  It is a time to become motivated – to work on the yard, the garden; to take up an exercise program; to look up family and old friends; to do something nice for one’s self; to get out of the city, or to get out of the country; to write/paint/play music and allow the creativity.  May 1 is a doorway for loving one’s self unconditionally, and appreciating others.

May your Beltane motivate you to have fun!

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