Sunday, 31 January 2016

Spirit Animal - Polar Bear On Survival


Another night of dreams and walking, and talking with those that know so much.

Polar Bear took me on a hike with him through the different areas that were part of his territory.  The snow is deep, and it is cold.  The wind blows off the ocean with a bitterness that surprises me.  I ask if it is always like this.  Bear answers that it is often worse.  The bad weather is good for the bears because the seals are forced to come to shore and then the hunting is good.  Bears, he explains, do not get lost in the wind and snow when it gets all white (white-outs).  The blowing snow is good cover.

Bear talks about survival and how it seems everything is changing.  The seasons do not seem quite right.  Food is more scarce.  Bear is finding different ways to survive.  While seal is a staple food, some bears are going after dogs and after dog food, and garbage.  Some bears are stealing the catch of the humans. 

Bear says that the bear people are going to have to change to keep going.  He sees that the survival rate of young bears has been dropping.  Some of his friends are no longer.  He wonders when his time will come. 

We both turn as we hear a loud crash.  It seems like the largest wave that I have ever seen is coming over the rocks.  I am startled. I wake up.


Friday, 29 January 2016

Spirit Animal - Buffalo on Winter


Buffalo walks in my dreams and tells me that food is getting more scarce.  I look around and I see that it is winter.  I tell Buffalo that food is always more scarce in Winter.  He shakes his shaggy head at me and says that I don't understand.  He says that the plants are not regenerating as they should.  He says the land is not fertile and that the plants are not as healthy.

In the dream, Buffalo says that the herd will move to a different spot – further west he thinks.  I ask what is causing the problem.  Buffalo shakes his head again.  He is not sure, he says, but he thinks it is the way that the humans are digging in the ground.  I take it that he means how they drill for oil and perhaps mining.  When i ask him this, he shakes again, and says it is more about how the land is torn up to put in roads and buildings, and how the leftovers (waste) from the humans is handled. 

He walks up to me and butts me with his head.  It is his way of saying goodbye.  He turns, and as one, the herd moves with him and they begin their trek.

I feel sad, and I yell "Goodbye!".

I do not think I will see him again in dream time.


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Angels Speak - When Someone Dies


In the past six months, it seems that one or two people that I know have died.  When someone you know leaves the planet, you feel sadness, and perhaps at a deeper level, grief.  Some people feel guilt for not spending more time with the individual.  I keep remembering that life is transient.  I like the idea of celebrating that I was fortunate enough to know the person, even if it was a short time. 


Monday, 25 January 2016

Nature Speaks - The Art Of Healing


Have you read any articles in the past six months that talk about how western medicine is beginning to fail?  There are shows and discussions about this on the radio and on television or the internet. The big issue seems to be that the artificial medicines are no longer beating back diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and infection.

Lone Pine Publishing has several books on herbs and plants, and healing.  I am reading "Medicinal Garden Plants for Canada".  It is filled with information about the plant and the ailment in humans that the plant can heal.  White clover tea, for example, is used by First Nations people to revive the exhausted or to fight fevers. 

The best thing is that many of these plants can be grown in balcony pots.  Perhaps it is time to try growing some plants to experiment with.


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Angels Speak - Letting Go


I don't know the answer to why we cling to things, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, hopes, dreams, or people.  I do know that we learn this habit of hanging on at a very young age.  For many, this habit grows into selfishness.  For others, it becomes helps them become misers.  Still, for others, it becomes a way of growth.  They cling for a while and then realize that the clinging does not serve them, and, they let go.

Animals can teach us a lot about letting go and acceptance.  When you free an animal, they are more apt to follow you.  When you free them, you treat them as an equal being.  You show respect.  Perhaps we should think about that in our relationship with humans.


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Nature Speaks - If You Are Unhappy..



Life is pretty hectic as we move into the new year.  It seems there is more information, more emails, more news feeds, and more people wanting things from me.  I love to get away from all the pressures.  In the evening, I will go for a walk with my dogs.  We go to one of the three parks around us.  On Saturday, I like to go for a long walk with my dogs.

Two of my neighbours walk every other day, for about two hours at a time, in the park, along the river.  They say the walk clears their minds and makes them feel more peaceful.  They come back feeling more mellow.

Perhaps this is the year to make a promis to yourself to walk out in Nature more often. 


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Angels Speak - You Are Confident



My friend Wendy and I were talking about goal setting and how we both do it at the beginning of the year.  She was saying that her goal this year is to take better care of herself.  My goal, I said, was to make it through the year. 

"Well," she said, "That is a measurable goal!"

We both laughed.  However, I was not joking.  I think that this year, 2016, will be very challenging to all of us in physical and mental ways.  I am working on finding a meditation time period and a series of guided meditations that resonate with me.  The ones that I used to use are not working for me now. 

I went to the dentist today for a checkup and for teeth cleaning.  I have been seeing this dentist since 2002.  He was looking at my mouth.  He said that I was taking better care of my teeth than I thought I was doing.  He poked at a crown.  He made me laugh when he said, "Remember this tooth and the root canal, and the problems it caused.  The little bugger has not given us any grief since." 

As we talked, he made me think about the poster – You're doing better than you think.  I realized that all of us are doing what we do, and often, we think we are not doing so well.  The rest of our world watches and they think we are doing very well at life.

That includes you.  You are doing better than you think.


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Angels Speak–About Standing Out



We are all here, looking to fit in, and not knowing what fitting in really means.  For some of us, it is being part of the crowd.  For others, it is being part of a family or tribe.  Still for others, it is about being excellent at what they do.  These are the nerds, if you will.  These are the scientists, archeologists, musicians, artists, actors, and the risk takers. 

We are all required to move our civilization foward.  We are all required to create the whole.  My observation is that many people consider that they alone are the "great ones" and that others do not matter. 

If I have learned anything so far in this life, it is that we all matter.  We all contribute.  We are all part of the Universe.  That is what matters.


Friday, 15 January 2016

Angels Speak - Measures of Success



What a strange thought – do your job and not be paid for it!  Most volunteers do exactly that especially if they volunteer on boards and serve as part of the executive.  I was thinking about my job, and whether I would do it for free.  My husband reminded me that I do different online learning courses on my own time so that I can stay up with the technology.  He also reminded me that I offer information on my blogs… I do that for free.  In fact, he said I do a lot of writing for free. 

What he said started me thinking.  I have not reached any conclusions yet.  I am still mulling things over.  Maybe I have a second calling.  Who knows?


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Angels Speak - Where You Come From



I look back and I wonder what I have accomplished.  I make a list.  It seems pretty long.  It is actually impressive.  And, it does not feel complete.

So, I make a list of all the things that I want to do.  I try to categorize them into years – 2016, 2017 to 2018, 2019, and so on.  That too, is a very impressive list.  Now, it is easy to forget about where I have been because I can see the fun of the challenge of what is to be.  I feel rejuvenated for it.  I feel like life is starting all over.  I know that it is an illusion, like much of our life.  What a fun thing though.

One of the things on my list are the movies that I want to see this year.  I just saw the movie INTERN, with Robert De Niro, and it was great!  I have other fun things on my list.

What does your list look like?


Monday, 11 January 2016

Angels Speak - Make Mistakes



Well, I made a mistake today.  It was not a big one, but it certainly got in the way of what I was doing.  I did discover something.  The shortcut that I thought I was taking was really no short cut.  However, I did discover a different type of shortcut through the process.  It shaves several steps off my client's project setup.  I think that is cool!

I also discovered that after several years of being without a wallet, and using a small clutch to keep my change and assorted credit cards and membership cards together, that a good wallet with lots of card slots keeps one well orgarnized.  I love that!


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Angels Speak - Keep Going



The hill looks long and steep.  Our inclination is to go around or to turn back.  We all have that feeling.  Some of us, though, choose the path that is the most difficult because it helps us grow and expand.  When we stay in our comfort zone, we are treading water, that is, not going anywhere.  If we stop, we will drown but we don't move. 

Life is motion.  So, even in a treading water position, you are moving.  The rut you are in will soon be come so uncomfortable that you will move and change.  That is the way.


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Nature Speaks - Hear Me, See Me



I love this poster because it conveys the idea that we learn early on that Nature is special and that we are part of Nature.  When we are young, we feel the connection to all things because it is part of our DNA. As we grow older, we are caught up in the minutiae of life.  We become controlled by it, and we become busy.  We forget that that we exist in Nature, because of Nature.  We have become slaves to science and technology. Yet, they are all connected.

Today, reconnect with Nature.


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Angels Speak - Pick A Destination



As the new year moves on, we are all in a position to make new choices about where we are going this year.  The destination may be physical, like going to Italy for a vacation.  Or, it may be an intellectual destination.  We may take new classes or undertake a new degree. Another destination may be to explore our spirituality or grow in our religion. 

The destination does not matter.  It is the growing that we do that makes it all worthwhile and fun.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Nature Speaks - Harmony

This year, we all need to find ways to be more in harmony with the land around us.  We can see the land struggles with lack of moisture, or with too much moisture because humans have changed the plants and the trees in the environment so that the balance that Mother Earth put in place has changed.  Sometimes, we have to start fresh.
The early people of the land believed that it was their duty to shepard the land and the animals so that scarcity did not exist and so that bounty  was available to all.  The idea of being a steward of the land is a concept that is returning.  Organic farmers are learning the ways of the steward.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Angels Speak - Positivity

As part of my new year, I am increasing my degree of positivity.  Like the poster says, radiate positivity. Life changes.
With life changes, positivity is easier because life becomes easier.  It sounds so trite. Yet, it is true. What a joy life becomes!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016

This is the day that our year starts again.  Like a new day, it is a chance to start over.  It is a time to make new choices and create the life that you wish for yourself.
This is a time to make some wishes for yourself.  To see more about wishes, please look at blog..