Saturday, 30 April 2011

Buddha Speaks - Right Eating


A surprisingly large portion of the Vinaya [monastic code]’s two hundred and fifty rules advocate a proper way to eat. “A lot of things are based on this idea of eating food properly,” the Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche taught his American students, “which is how to behave as a basically decent person.”  –Sandra Garson, "Food for Enlightenment"

The idea of right eating has been around for a long time.  However, for me, over the last several weeks, the need to eat the best food in the healthiest manner, has been pushing at me.  I want green, clean food.  I want food that is home made. And, I want food that boosts my immune system.  It feels that a strong immune system will be very important towards the end of 2011.

When I say I crave green – I am not saying that I will not eat meat.  I was reading a teaching about meat eating in Buddhism.  I’d like to share part of it with you.

In the days of the Buddha, the Buddhist monks wandered from village to village carrying minimum necessities, which included a begging bowl. They ate whatever food that was given to them, without preference and choice as a part of their effort to control greed and desires. Since choice meant desire, they shunned all preferences and choices in matters of living and practicing the Buddhist Dharma. The tolerated harsh conditions of life and accepted them as opportunities to practice the Eightfold Path. They observed the same discipline in matters of eating food. When they passed through a village and if someone offered them meat, they ate it dispassionately, without craving or contempt.

The essential practice of Buddhism, which was based on the Four Noble Truth and The Eightfold Path precluded any possibility of seeking and desiring on the part of the monks. The teachings of the Buddha encouraged them to overcome their desires and live unconditionally with an ethical bent of mind. Thus there were no restrictions on meat eating in the early days of Buddhism. This practice continues till today in many schools of Buddhism. For the followers of the Buddha, right resolve or right intention is more important than the superficial display of morality, which is defined as "resolved on renunciation, on freedom from ill-will and on harmlessness. 

- from a teaching by Jayarm V

Everyone gets to make up their own mind about what they eat and how they eat it.  I believe that decision should come from the heart, not because someone says so. 

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Friday, 29 April 2011

Stars and Planets - A Rose of Galaxies

A Rose Made of Galaxies Highlights Hubble's 21st Anniversary
NASA's Hubble Celebrates 21st Anniversary with "Rose" of Galaxies
One of the common themes that I hear about all the time is the spiral of life or the spiral of gratitude or even the spiral that is found in our cells.
When I saw this picture from NASA, I knew it was significant because it shows the spiral of existence so exquisitely.  It makes one think of good things.
Enjoy the rose!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Moose Dreams


Moose has been walking through my dreams recently.  He did not stop to speak, simply walked through the area, stopped and looked at me, and moved on.  I wondered why he seemed so distant.

Because I could not get a good sense of the meaning of the dream, I thumbed through my dream book.  Moose, it seems, often represents the whirlwind and the dynamic evolution of the Universe.  Moose may also show change and evolution as indicated by the unpredictable and totally spontaneous way that a Moose will act.

Moose, then, is showing me, by showing up in my dreams, that there is a big change or evolution going on in all that I know, and that in my dreams, I will be able to walk farther, and touch more distant places in the stars.

I like that!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ancestors Speak - Planting Time


One of the images in my meditation yesterday was that of planting seeds and seedlings, of many kinds!  The image was filled with love.  Some of the seedlings were planted in gardens and others in open fields and in forests.

The sense of the meaning around this image was that we all need to take an active part in reclaiming the Earth.  We need to grow clean, healthy plants and set them out all over the world to help bring this Earth back to being a place of green abundance.

The United Nations and some governments are talking about a food shortage for the fall of 2011 and into 2012 and 2013.  The vision showed me that the shortages are un-natural and not necessary.  We all have the ability to grow food, even in small containers.

Not to grow food is a choice.

What do you choose?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spirit Speaks - Working Within The Chaos


Astrologers tell us that we have just entered a time of chaos, as Mercury moves into retrograde.  Although it is nice to have someone confirm that the energy is chaotic, we all are aware of the energies that move from high to low, and then across the board, pulling emotions, and causing euphoria and despair.

Our Ancestors left us stories of times of chaos, and how these times turned people angry.  These were the dark times, when people turned against one another simply for spite and to show some sort of power.  It was a time when innocents were hurt.

We are heading into a time like this again – and we have felt it coming.  We see the storms in the skies causing rain and snow in unusual amounts and in unusual places.  In other places, unusual heat and drought is occurring. 

Archangels and Ascended Masters speak for Great Spirit and tell us to find a port that we can weather out the storm.  If you need to be in the chaos, call on an Archangel or Ascended Master to help you move through it, and to protect you.

The Earth changes in the forms of earthquakes and whirlpools and large, open cracks in the earth tell us that the very base of our life is also going through changes. 

The task that we have at this time is to work within the chaos to create havens of peace.  This means a place where you feel safe and protected, and where you will allow others to come and be protected.  IT is a time to remember to work at NOT arguing with people – simply do what you must.

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Monday, 25 April 2011

From Judy - Feeling the Silence

Silence is another kind of space. When everything is quiet and suddenly there is a noise, we ordinarily say the silence was shattered. But it’s more accurate to say that we forget the silence and listen only to the sound.  -Ken McLeod, "Something from Nothing"


I know that the world around us is never really silent.  That is a given.  Science has proven that there are levels of sound waves that humans simply cannot hear.  It is also true that there are times when life is incredibly noisy.  When I go to a shopping mall, or to a large event, or even to a party with lots of people and with music, I find that the noise can assault my senses – even my feelings.

I found this quote on silence, and realized for me, that it is true; I focus on the noise instead of the lack of noise that surrounds it.

For me, silence is a feeling that lets me be aware of so many other things.  I hear my thoughts and I feel the touch of the thoughts and, sometimes, can follow the trail of the thought back to the origin.  This may take me through several levels of awareness.  The silence, for me, becomes a space to work in. 

Try the working in silence and see what it brings you.  Let me know. 


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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Magpie Plays With Air Elementals


Yesterday, the dogs and I walked along the ridge of the park that overlooks Deer Valley.  There was a medium breeze blowing – one that ruffles your hair and pulls it a bit, but causes no discomfort.

As we walked, I saw a Magpie fly up fairly high, and then close his wings close to his body, and dive down to the Earth for about ten seconds, and then snap open his wings and ride the air current up to the next dive. 

I have never seen a Magpie do this type of flying before.  I opened up my vision, and as I watched, I could see the fun the Magpie and the Air Elementals were having.  Magpie falling, and the Air Elementals catching her and flipping her up.  It seemed similar to what we might do when a bunch of people use a blanket to toss a person up in the air, and then catch them.

Magpie took a break and shared this lesson with me….

There are times when one must dive right in to what ever they are doing or what ever the situation is.  Then, there are other times that one must simply ride the waves or the current of what ever is going on.  One way is about action and the other way is about allowing.  Both are right, when they are needed!

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Coyote–Call on Coyote for Help In Chaos!


The Spirit of Coyote and I had a long chat the other night.  I could not sleep, and Coyote is always restless.  So, we sat down to talk. 

I had some questions.  Like – why do some legends call Coyote by the name, “The Trickster”?  Why is Coyote associated with chaos?  Is Coyote good or bad, and why?

Coyote grinned a lot.  He got comfortable and then he began to talk.  One of the things that he told me was that many animal spirits agreed to be “in service”  and have been given directions by Great Spirit, to try to help mankind.  This was a direction given very early on in the Earth’s history.  Many of the animals, Coyote included, would therefore show up when someone or some peoples were in trouble.

The Spirit Animals would fee the call of the person’s soul, or their prayers, for assistance. The problem became a “chicken and the egg situation”.  When trouble was brewing and Coyote showed up to help, people began to associate Coyote with the problem, and chased Coyote away.  (People did this with Raven, Badger, Wolf and Bear, as well, fearing the Spirits as much as the trouble that they were facing.)

People, with their belief systems, would think that a situation should be resolved or should move in a certain way.  When the situation did not go as they planned, the person would need someone to blame, and would therefore blame Coyote – whom many tribes began to call “The Trickster”.

Coyote has now been called to active duty once again because chaos is in the world again.  Coyote has the antidote for chaos – stay in the moment (like Coyote does), and see the humour and the good in all things.  Realize that one does not control Nature – one works with it.  And, say your prayers or be in meditation on a daily basis.  It is good for the soul.

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Friday, 22 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Moose Meditation


This is a walking meditation – which means you say it over and over as you walk.

I am in touch with the Earth.

I feel the water on my legs.

I crunch what I eat between my teeth.

I know that I am nourished with the best that I can receive.

If it isn’t good food, then I must learn to receive better things in my life.

I am grateful for all that I have.

Thank you, thank you , thank you.

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Angels Speak – Eat Green To Reconnect With The Earth


For those of us that are still in snow covered areas, where Spring is taking a while to move forward, our vitamins and minerals are depleting.  Perhaps people who are living in weather troubled areas of flooding and drought are also experiencing this problem.

The Angels have been saying that we need to reconnect with the Earth, and to do that, we need to replenish the vitamins and minerals that have been leeching out of our bodies with over use of processed or fast food options. 

We have abundance in our lives, and we can choose to take the food that is nourishing.  Our Ancestors knew to dry green things to eat through the winter and into Spring.  The green food wants to be in service to help all beings.  With the inclusion of greens into our bodies, we help the greens become so much more.  Eventually, we all return to the Earth to begin again. 

Great Spirit has created natural processes to nurture us.  The Oceans assist the greens by creating different climates, and by providing moisture in the form of rain or snow.  The rain and snow carry light which is absorbed into the food.  We are grow with oxygen in our food, and the light in the oxygen.

Choose the greens grown close to home, if possible, to re-affirm your connection with the place that you are now living.  Celebrate the greens while you eat.  You will feel magnificent!

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Power of Words–A Lesson

This morning, when I finished my short meditation, I asked for my words of the day.  The two that came up for me were:

               POWER                LOVE

I was struck by the way these two words went together.  Love-power and Power-love.  They made me think about the power mother animals have to defend their babies and to keep them safe.  The words made me feel the power that flows through my body from my heart, a love of life and all things in Creator’s world. 

One thing I have learned, Creator/Great Spirit will always provide a lesson to make sure that I have received the full intent of the message.

That is why part of me was not surprised when I received this video in my email.  For me, this little movie demonstrates completely the power of love, and the love power that can change a person’s life.

Love power

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spirit Speaks - Keep Going!


Healing words from the Dali Lama:

Never Give up
No matter what is going on
Never Give up
Develop the heart
Too much energy is spent developing the mind
instead of the heart
Be compassionate
Work for peace
and I say again
Never Give up
No matter what is happening
No matter what is going on around you
Never Give up

One of the commonalities between many of the very old traditions, that is, before Christianity, is the spirit of perseverance.  What I am seeing as I meet people over the last six months is that sense of despair and of having given up. 

As I expand my sight to see what is really going on, I see that the despair is borne from the disparaging words from others – others who tell them that everything is awful, or that they’ll never get it right, or….

The picture that I see is that others around them cause the person’s sense of desperation and defeat.  Living to the words of others rather than what is in yourself is truly the way to losing your way. 

I love the words from the Dali Lama – Never Give Up, No matter what is going on around you!

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Spirit Speaks -- Elemental Beings Amongst Us

More and  more, I think we need to be aware of the gifts around us.  Elementals are beings of light, just as we are.  They care-take the plains, forests, mountains, and waters to keep the grasses, shrubs, trees, and all other plants, as healthy as possible – considering all the pollutants that humans dump into the world.



April 2011 by Judy Hirst.

The pictures above and below this paragraph show the purple over light of an Elemental being who popped out to show herself to me, and who asked me to share with you that all Elementals watch over humans when they can.  For example, when you are out hiking in a park, and you feel very warm and safe, it may be that an Elemental is working with you.


April 2011 by Judy Hirst.

Enjoy the company of the Elementals in the woods.

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Celebrating the April 2011 Full Moon


While it seems like it should be a good month into Spring, here, at the eastern edge of the Rockies, we still have snow, and, as I write, big, soft flakes are falling down. 

This is the night of the Full Moon – a time of great power when the Moon has the strongest pull on the Earth. 

This Full Moon calls to us in different ways.  In our area, it calls us to be still and to be quiet. It asks us to listen to the messages rising up from our hearts.  It asks us to meditate on love of all that we do; that we need to embrace everything that we do.  Picking and choosing what we like and dislike gives away our power to others.  If we like everything, then there is no room for someone to manipulate us.

The Full Moon speaks to the soul.  It talks about freedom, and flying, and feeling joy!  We offer prayers of inclusion for all to live in peace at the time of the Full Moon. Our Ancestors knew that the Full Moon was a time for spiritual cleansing, so often they fasted at this time, to allow for a cleansing on all levels.

May each of you receive what you need from this Full Moon.

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Spirit Speaks–Elementals Dancing


This picture of the Elementals dancing in the sun light was taken in January 2011 by Judy Hirst.

The one thing that I am more conscious of than ever, is that there are all kinds of beings all around us that are not like us – not human that is.  However, if you take humans down to a basic energy level, than all beings are like us, and, yes, we must all be related. 

I took this picture on our way back to the car, after hiking up a small mountain.  As we walked down the path, I could feel a humming in the air.  I stopped and snapped this picture.

What the picture does not show is that the inner ring and the outer ring were both rotating, at different speeds, showing the lights dancing around.   If I had to describe a sound that I could hear, it would be a very high pitched laughing.  There was so much joy in that clearing.

Perhaps if we got down to the most core, energetic part of ourselves, we too would feel that kind of joy.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Canada Goose In A Tree



Picture by Judy Hirst April 2011.

I was walking up the path, through the woods, with the dogs, when I saw this strange sight ahead of me.  I had to take a picture.



Picture by Judy Hirst April 2011.

Yes, it is a Canada Goose in a tree.  As I was walking through the park, I wondered why it was important for me to see this bird in such a strange environment. 

Goose let out a couple of loud honks.  I believe that I have captured the essence of its message.

“This is a time for learning new things and trying out safe places.  When the ground and the water is not safe for me, I know I can be up here.  I have already tested this.  I will be able to watch for that which may harm our kind.  I can give warning.  I also see the world differently from this place.  I now re-arrange my view of all that is.”

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Spirit Speaks - Are You Edgy Right Now?

If you are feeling edgy and tired and drained and cranky, and if you are feeling like you have done it all, and you are just DONE, then you need to read this blog.

The map below is of the Seismic Monitor for April 13th – yes it is a day ahead of where I am located.  Take a look at all of the red circles.  Those are the earthquakes that are happening today.  Orange is yesterday’s earthquakes, and yellow indicates the earthquakes in the last two weeks.


This blog is not about creating fear.  There is nothing to fear if you understand what is going on – the earth is realigning and rebalancing – just like we do, by shaking everything out.  You can see that a lot of shaking is going on.

Shaking reverberates through the earth.  We all feel it, to greater or lesser degrees than others around us.   And, just as we feel the stress of humans around us, and that we sometimes get affected by their stress; we are all feeling the stress of the earth. 

So  we need to sit with this agitation and breath it in and out.  I do this in meditation.  I use “The Loving Kindness” meditation. 


(Take a deep breath in)

(Speak this line on the out breath)

May I be filled with loving kindness,

(Take a deep breath in)

(Speak this line on the out breath)

May I be well!

(Take a deep breath in)

(Speak this line on the out breath)

May I be peacefull and at ease

(Take a deep breath in)

(Speak this line on the out breath)

May I be happy!

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Monday, 11 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Downey Woodpecker’s Mission


Today, on our walk, a Downey Woodpecker flew beside us, from tree to tree for about an eighth of a mile.  I wondered what he was doing.  (I knew it was male because of the red patch.)  He would fly beside us and make this odd humming sound, before he hopped into a tree, looking for bugs or seeds.

The dogs and I stopped and watched him, and he talked about his mission.  Downey’s mission is to care-take the trees in a given territory, and to monitor the Spirits or Energies in the area, and to help them shift when it is time.  He said that he liked what he did, and that he had a pretty good life – he was content.

The dogs and I continued on our walk.  I thought about the simple contentment that this bird was showing me.  What a great teacher!

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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Virtues–Words for Meditation

The poster below comes from  I saw this and thought what a great tool it is for me for meditation, for those times when I need to focus, and a word becomes the focus tool.

I also read the list and thought about how these words describe all the things that I have tried to learn over the years. 

It is a very, long list!



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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Dream Of Turkeys


My dream last night was so very strange.  I dreamed of riding in a car with a big man.  He took me to a farm yard, and told me that the turkeys that I could see were dehydrated, and that they had been in a great fire.  If they did not get water, they would die.  He asked me if I could water them, and I replied yes.

I jumped out of the car while he drove off to get more help.  I found a pail of water in the yard, covered with white feathers.  About 1/4 of mile away, I could see a small lake.  I wondered why the turkeys did not go to the lake.  I checked the water in the pail, and it was clear. I started pushing turkeys to the pail, and soaking their beaks.  Some finally began to drink.  I ran to a shed to get more pails.  I had to look hard for pails that were not cracked. 

As I came back to the turkeys, I saw one turkey fly up on the pail, and tip it over.  The water soaked into the ground.  I carried two pails of water – one for each end of the flock – and shoved turkeys to the pails, and soaked their beaks.  I heard a noise from the other side of the flock, where a bunch of turkeys were trying to drink, and saw one bigger turkey trying to chase the others away from the pail.  He finally flew up on the edge of the pail, and of course, tipped it, and all the water flowed away. 

I carried water until I thought my arms would fall off.  Some turkeys got water, however, they tipped the pails, fought over the pails, and generally wasted more water than they drank.  Some of the turkeys did not get water, and they were falling on the ground, dying.  I was upset!  I finally was so tired I took one of the empty pails, and turned it over and sat and cried.

The man in the car came back, with some help, but it seemed too late.  He patted my shoulder and told me that I had done a good job.  He and the others would burn the dead turkeys and give the turkeys that could drink, some more water. 

At that point, I woke up.  I knew the dream was telling me  a story.  The story felt like a parable about people.  This dream will stay with me a long time!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Spirit Speaks - Wisdom Accumulates


Wisdom accumulates—not in a linear arithmetic progression but in a complex, dynamic system. Each understanding sheds light upon the others in an interactive living process. Insights that seem unassailable may suddenly meet passionate doubt, all clarity shattered at the very moment it is most needed. Then, just as suddenly, wisdom will resurface, stronger for having vanished, wisdom that now knows of its own disintegration.

Nina Wise, "Sudden Awakening"

I read this quote, and I had this click in my brain that said I have seen or heard this before, but not in this lifetime!  It seems that one of the life lessons that I have chosen is to find out how wisdom works.  What I mean is, what is the shifting point where we move from having random knowledge to the point of having great wisdom?

The Mayan believed that the shift to wisdom happens between fifty and fifty-four years old – if the person lived that long.  Most indigenous peoples do move their adults to an honoured position of “elder” at about the same time.  Very rarely does one become an elder at a younger age.  So, the question for me is – does the time frame that you are alive automatically qualify you to be wise; or, is it that something chemically happens in your brain to make you wise?

In the reading that I have been doing, it seems that there is an actual, physical, chemical change in the brain around this age of life.  This change also seems to be reflected in the emotional, mental, and spiritual make up of the person.  Perhaps that saying is true.  “As we get older, we get smarter!”

What are your thoughts about this?

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Owl says, “Who do you trust?”


This picture was taken by Judy almost two years ago when the Great Owl had her first nest here.










This morning, as the dogs and I walked through the Burnsmeade Wood, I heard a quiet “whooo-oo”.  I looked around, and snuggled up to the tree trunk, was Great Horned Owl.  She is nesting here again this year, and she seems comfortable telling me this.  I thank her for her confidence in me.

As I wave good bye to her, and wish her a happy day, she craned her neck and said to me, “Whoo-oo do you trust?”

I was surprised enough to come to a complete halt in the walk.  I stood wondering.  In my mind, I quickly made a list of the people that I trust absolutely.  The list is less than five people long.  I then made a longer list of people that I mostly trust.  This list is almost twenty people long.  I then began to wonder, is this a good or a bad thing?  I know everything just “is”, however, I wondered why the lists were not longer. 

I was still standing there when Owl stirred again.  She echoed my thought – why?  Why did I not trust more?  What happened with people that I simply did not trust them?  I wasn’t sure.  It is just something that happened.

I wandered home, thinking about trust.  I looked it up when I got home.  Wikipedia says, “Trust -- Verb: Believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.   Noun: Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” 

I realized that I mostly don’t believe in people’s reliability, or strength, or truth.  I would like to change that.

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Spirit Animal - The Winged Horse Guide



I could not sleep last night, and tossed and turned.  As I finally drifted off into that zone of haziness, I heard a noise.  I looked around and I was standing in a field and a very large, white, winged horse was standing there, pawing at the ground.  She said, “Come fly with me.” 

I wondered how I would sit on her back.  As it turns out, I did not need to worry. I grabbed her mane, and she lifted us both off the ground, and then, magically, I was on her back, behind her magnificent wings. The air felt cool around me, but I felt warm.  It felt like we flew for a long time, and then we landed in a large garden, behind what looked like a Labradorite castle.  My traveling companion shifted me to the ground, and walked over to an alcove, and said, “I have brought the one requested.”

My first thought that something really weird was going on.  And my second thought was that this would make a great story.  I wondered what would happen next.

A very tall woman wearing some hat that looked like a wizard’s hat, wrapped with veils, stood up and walked towards me.  She said, “I have a story to tell you about who you really are.”

“Darina who brought you here, has been guarding you all of your life, and has kept you out of trouble.  Now, we need you to understand.”

At this point, I thought things were quite surreal.  As The Lady, for that seemed to be her name, kept talking, I could not hold the thoughts.  The great horse, Darina, came over and nudged me, and I woke up.

Upon waking, I realized that since I was in that dreamy, hazy state, and now, that about five hours had passed.  And, I could not recall anything that the tall lady had said except the very beginning of the conversation.  The dream felt real.  I felt like I had been riding.  And, I was very tired.

When I am totally rested, I will call the horse and see if we can go back to this place.  I think it will be a great adventure!

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Cheetah Says Sprint When You Can


Not all of us were made to run marathon races.  Some of us were made to be sprinters.  We like to go fast!  Cheetah comes in to talk to us about the lessons she has learned from sprinting.

  • Sprinting – going really fast – gives you the element of surprise when you are stalking food (working) or when you are simply having fun.
  • The short, fast run keeps your muscles toned, your wind and lungs maxed, and your heart tuned to a low resting rate.  You become a prime, physical specimen.
  • When you sprint, your focus is quite sharp for a short period of time.  Then you can stop and rest and look around.  This is when you become very aware of your environment.  What happens then is that you see a bigger, clearer picture that is different then when you are moving slower but more consistently moving, such as one would in a marathon.
  • If you wish to give yourself more time at the destination, then one needs to sprint to it, and not run towards the destination slowly.

As I listened to Cheetah, I was amazed at the wisdom in her words.  She indicated that she and her kind have been around about eight million years, and that they have not changed much in that time.  The last bit of wisdom, then, is that sprinting may preserve the species.

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Fox Says Find A Haven


The past month has been very hectic for Roger and I, and, we therefore decided that this past weekend, April 2 and 3, that we would take a short break.  We tried several hotels in Banff, and the only place with an opening was Fox Lodge. 

We arrived at Fox Lodge on Saturday after driving through a spring blizzard.  As we walked through the tree house like structure, and we saw this cave type opening, I started to laugh! 

I had been seeing a fox in my dreams and it kept taking me down into this large burrow which grew into a cave.  One of the features of the Fox Lodge is a very, fox-like cavern hot tub with a cave-like opening to the sky.  And, yes, snow falls through the opening.

I realized in our room, surrounded by Fox light fixtures and mountain animal printed wall paper, that Fox had been telling me to go to ground, and find a haven to rest in for a few days.  The Lodge had great food, great beds, plenty of entertainment, and a fantastic “quiet time” policy.

Fox enjoys its quiet time, too, and recognizes when others need that time.

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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Magpie Nesting


Magpie is an optimist!  Even though there is still a fair bit of snow on the ground, Magpie is now building her nest.  She believes that it will all turn out well, and her need to nest is great.

Magpie is sending us a message about getting our house in order.  Building a nest is an act of creativity.  Magpie says that it is time for each of us to create something new in our lives.  She offers the guidance that we should not think too much about what we are doing, and, we should not stop to worry about what others might say about our creation.

If you are getting the urge to house clean, to clean the garage or shed, or to start coating walls with brightly coloured paint, know that you are feeling the surge of creative energy that is surrounding the earth.

Look at a magpie nest.


It seems haphazard and messy.  Yet, it serves the Magpie well and protects her young.  From a distance, it seems a work of art!  It is beautiful because it is unique, and solely that Magpie pair’s creation.

Follow the example of Magpie, and let loose your creativity.

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Friday, 1 April 2011

Spirit Speaks – Be Happy In Your Space


The message that keeps coming to me, over and over, is that this is a time of “getting it together”.  This is a time to orient one’s self to what is coming, and to be at peace with all changes.  This is a time to be happy in one’s space, and to be able to retreat and to care of self. 

I hear chanting at night – coming from a far away place.  It sounds like monks chanting very old sounds.  I find the rhythm of the sounds very comforting, and, they usually lull me to sleep. 

The space that I am in tells me to slow down and not to be too demanding of myself.  It seems that message is true for others, too.  When I analyze this with the sound of the chanting, it seems that what I hear is a chant for peace.  The underlying intent is for peace for each individual, peace for humanity, and peace for the planet. 

May each of you have a peaceful time!

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