Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How To Connect With Plant Life With the Goddess, Pamona


Pomona is the Roman goddess of fruiting trees and orchards. She watches over and protects fruit trees and cares for their cultivation.  She is the Goddess of plants, herbs, crops, and harvest.  In olden times, some of the crop was given to her for sharing with those without.

I am sharing with you one of the meditations from our New Moon meditation from several nights ago.  Pamona took us on a short journey to see what plants or trees we were connected with, and why.  Most of us saw a little story/movie around each tree or plant that we were connected with.  You can do this meditation at any time.  Please do this in sacred space or protected space.

“Dearest ones!  Welcome.  Take a deep breath in and out three or four times to relax your body.  Shrug your shoulders and loosen them from the tension of the day.  Move your neck around to loosen it.

Now, settle in comfortably for the journey.  Close your eyes and breath slowly.  Find your way to your safe place – the place you go when you meditate.  It may be the spot by the river, on a rock.  Or, it may be a sandy beach, or up on ledge on a mountain side.  Or, it may be a small clearing by a waterfall.  Where ever it is, go there now.  As you go, know that your guardian angel walks with you and that some of your other Angels that walk with you are staying in guarding position.  You are safe! You have nothing to fear.  You may go to this place to do the work that you need to do.

When you get to your spot, get settled.  Sit down and look around.  Breath in the clean, fresh air.  Know that this is a place where magic happens.  As you sit there, you begin to hear the sounds of bells and some tinkling.  You may hear the sound of some quiet drumming.  And, you hear laughter.  A beautiful, tall lady comes into view.  She is surrounded by small children who are laughing and playing instruments – drums, bells, little chimes – and she is surrounded by small birds and animals.  The entourage seems filled with love and joy. 

You realize as she gets closer that Pamona must be six feet tall, and that she is not slender, but well rounded and muscular.  She also looks very loving and kind.  You begin to feel a little bit of awe.

Pamona and her group surround you and begin dancing and singing around you.  You hear her say that she will connect you with the times that you were responsible for trees, fruit, plants, and perhaps, harvest.  She sings you to the points in time where you were one with a tree or plant.

Now, you will have a time of silence to connect to these memories in your cells.  In three to five minutes, you will be called back to your safe place.


Slowly, you come back from your journey with Pamona.  You are completely aware of the times that you had a special connection with a different tree, or herb, or other plant.  She and her group smile on you, and she touches your forehead, before they all disappear into the forest.

You shake your self and plant the memories firmly in your mind.  Then slowly, you come back to the now moment, and shrug your shoulders, and then open your eyes.

You give thanks to Pamona for her gift of memory, and thank Creator for the wondrous life that you have.

When you are back, it is a good idea to ground.  If you have time, write a quick synopsis of your meditation in your journal.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Moon - August 29, 2011


Last night was the last new moon of summer.  It was cloudy and windy, and only occasionally could we see a star or two.  We sat in a circle around the fire pit, and worked through the meditation with the goddess, Pomona.  She is the guardian of the trees, and fruit trees, and fall harvest dating back to Roman times.

The energy was quite high!   What was more interesting was how the Wind Elementals did as we asked, and kept the majority of the wind away from us.  The trees a block over were bending with the ferocity of the wind, and, where we were, was much calmer.

Our Ancestors danced with the fire and carried our requests for release of things that serve us no longer, up to the heavens.

Pomona led us on two wonderful meditations and then St. Germaine came in to talk to us about all the things going on in the world.

The evening ended with a community sharing of food – especially fruit and seeds, and wonderful conversations.

May love grow for you from this new moon and forever.

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Monday, 29 August 2011

Angels Speak - Contemplate

The word “contemplate” means: 

  1. (v. t.) To consider or have in view, as contingent or probable; to look forward to; to purpose; to intend.
  2. (v. i.) To consider or think studiously; to ponder; to reflect; to muse; to meditate.
  3. (v. t.) To look at on all sides or in all its bearings; to view or consider with continued attention; to regard with deliberate care; to meditate on; to study.

I was surprised when this was the word that the Angels gave to me to work with today.  For me, contemplation is what I do all the time when I am thinking about a software problem, a writing issue, or a “how to” problem.  In fact, I think most people contemplate all the time.

The Angels laughed at me when I expressed this idea.  Their idea of contemplation is tied in with meditation, and thinking about God or Great Spirit, and wondering how to live one’s life more gently.  I have mentioned before that the First Law Of The Universe is “Harm No One”.  This is a tough one for humans to follow, especially those in religions that believe in annihilating all the non-believers.  Our training has been to be competitive and to believe in the survival of the fittest – Darwin’s theory.  We think that we must beat others down. 

The Angels are working with us to help us see that we are all needed to be part of life, and that we can grow to understand this idea through contemplation (or meditation).  The Angels work with individuals and with groups to have the idea of force and fighting removed from the consciousness. 

When we contemplate, we are in the present moment, and we will not need to resort to force to achieve an end.

May you have a wonderfully contemplative day!

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Pelican Offers Advice


As we walked along the path by the river, we were surprised to see a lonely looking Pelican floating along the water, occasionally sticking its head below the water and then pulling it up again.

My friend recently lost her husband to a long battle with cancer.  She was enjoying the walk and we were having a lively conversation.  Suddenly, the Pelican squawked, and stared right at her.  It began a lively combination of swimming, and sticking its head under water, and shaking water off, and then starting the combination all over.   We were surprised yet again, by this unusual behaviour.

Elizabeth asked me what I thought the bird was doing.  My reply was that the Pelican was giving her a message about life.  Here is my interpretation of the message.

  • Pick up the pace of what you are doing.  It is okay to be gentle for a while, however, you do need to get on with things.
  • When you feel an emotion, dive into it, and find out where it takes you.  Remember that an emotion is symptomatic of something else going on.
  • Hiding from the world view by burying your head will not change things.  Meet things head on.
  • When you have explored something, shake it off, and move on to the next thing.
  • Moving with the water’s flow is easier than swimming upstream.

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Brown Rabbit


A couple of evenings ago, a small brown bunny ran across the street, just in front of our car.  As it ran past, the bunny turned and looked at us.  I could see that it did not look scared.  Instead, it looked like it was all business, and that it had a message.

As though someone was zinging arrows to a target, the following thoughts popped into my mind from Brown Rabbit.

  • Taking a risk is okay if you don’t do it too often.
  • Running for your life is a good way to keep fit.  Do not make a habit of it.
  • Even though there is lots of room on this planet, too often life converges where two beings or objects or oppositions, must simply collide with one another.  This is perfect!
  • Life can be as short or as long, as you care for it.
  • Abundance is in the eyes of the beholder while truly, abundance is all around us.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Angels Speak - What Time Is It


An interesting perspective popped up in the meditation today.  I felt my angels come in, and then I heard them ask, “What time is it?”   Since my understanding is that time has no meaning for Angels and Creator, I thought that was an odd question.  Of course, there was a lesson there for me.

The Angels said that there is a time for everything on Earth.  However, there is never a specific time set for healing.  Christians think that they get their soul healed when they attend church on Sunday.  Other religions have the same beliefs about attending their institutions.  No one however, seems to take time to heal on a daily basis. 

The message from the Angels is that it is time to pay attention to one’s physical ailments and to get them healed.  Prayer and meditation will help this process.

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Karma Files - Resistance to a Trip


Several weeks ago, when we visited the Sun Dial Medicine Wheel, I was grateful that I knew how to clear karma.  You see, I was quite resistant to going to the medicine wheel, and I did not know why.  I just knew that something dreadful would happen.

I let this emotion build and build and I talked myself out of going several times.  Finally, common sense kicked in and I realized that there must be some reason for the reluctance to go to the medicine wheel.

I sat in meditation one night, and asked why I had this issue.  I heard that I needed to clear Karma using the guidance of the Angels of Karma.  I have a great meditation for this purpose and I sat in meditation.

The first story that needed clearing was that several thousand years ago, I was a Medicine Man working with my tribe at the medicine wheel.  At the end of our ceremony, the sky went dark for three days because of an eclipse.  At that time, the Earth turned more slowly.  My tribe believed that I had stopped the Sun.  They thought that no one should have that power, and they killed me.  Coincidently, the Sun returned after they killed me, and the People believed that they had done the right thing.

There were several more stories that were similar in that I died near or because of the medicine wheel.

When I cleared the energy of imbalance around these stories, my body relaxed and I was able to travel to the wheel, and to enjoy.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Peregrine Falcon


Last night, just after supper, we had quite the surprise!  A large peregrine falcon flew down into the yard, and sat on the fence.  After about five minutes, he took off, and flew through the trees.

I had a very busy day, and I realized that Falcon was coming in with a message for me.  The message, however, is applicable for anyone who is making changes, and who sometimes feels like they are alone in the forest.

  • Move when you need to find new territory or when the weather becomes unbearable and food is scarce.   Humans seem to think that they are rooted to one spot.  Falcon moves all over the world.
  • Live along mountain ranges, with a valley below, and lots of fresh water.  You will always have food.
  • When you see that you have the jump on your prey, take advantage of the element of surprise and do what you need to do.
  • Do not haphazardly destroy the food supply or even your enemies.  At some point, you may need the enemy to give assistance.
  • The element of air is very healing.  It carries light, and, although invisible, it can cushion you in times of falling.  Learn to work with the air.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Spirit Speaks - Symbols and Images

The interesting thing that has been happening for me over the last three months is that I am coming to understand that symbols have much more meaning and power than I was aware of, up to this moment.

When I am dreaming, I see symbols, sometimes as colourful as the one in the above picture.  Sometimes, instead of words, there are flashes of images (pictures) that tell a story.  To show you what I mean, take a look at the two pictures below.



The literal meaning of the two pictures together is “rock star”.  Now, for most of us, the image that pops to mind is one of the great rock stars like John Lennon, or Rod Stewart, or Bono, and so on.  What Spirit is saying with this set of images, in my vision, is that rocks are the predecessors of stars.  I don’t know if there is a scientific explanation.  Perhaps when planets explode, the rocks are flung out and eventually converge together to create something new.

Why is Spirit using symbols and pictures?  I think it is because my mind, like most of your minds, is keyed to have a meaning of a word.  When we hear the word, then our mind wants to take over and forces us in the direction of language, rather than in the direction of the message. 

When we see the symbols, then our memory can go back to different life times to pull up the story that we need to remember.   These stories give us a reference point for doing, or not doing, certain actions. 

What I know now is that I need to watch for the same symbols over and over.  One of my friends says that she gets lots of repetitions of the number 8 when she is on the easiest path.  Another friend says that she sees feathers when she is feeling blue, and then she knows that her angels are with her. 

My symbols are one thing becoming another.  I know this means that I am transforming.

I think that all of us are.

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Monday, 22 August 2011

1000 Posts to Angels And Ancestors Blog


I am excited!  I just checked my blog post numbers, and I realize that today was my 1000th post! 

Thanks to all of you that take time to read the blog, and to post comments.  YOU have kept me going.

Many blessings to all of you,

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Spirit Animal - Mink Matters


What I remember about Mink from my childhood, is that when Mink is around, it may dig into the hen house and eat the chickens.

When Mink popped into my meditation today, I was rather surprised.  Mink was offended by my surprise and insisted that she mattered as much as any of the other animals.  Mink tells me that she is gifted with abundance by Creator.  She says that in Nature, Mink is given a territory that she must guard or defend from other Minks, and often from other predators. 

Mink offers that her diet is what humans should be eating because it keeps her slim and healthy.  She eats fresh fish twice a day, or wild meat (rabbit and small animals are her favourites) and she drinks lots of water and gets lots of exercise.  She loves to swim, and believes the cold water keeps her blood circulating.

Mink has some thoughts to share about life.

  • Move about and don’t stay in one place too long.  If your habits are too predictable, your enemies will hunt you and eat you.
  • Know your environment, and watch for changes in it – even the behaviour of your neighbours.  It will warn you that something is up, and you can find a safe place to wait out the problem.
  • When you have something that is valuable, other people want it – like mink fur.  Watch for those that will take away what you have.

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Blue Jay Says To Feel The Weather


Blue Jay popped into our yard today, and foraged around for some seeds, and picked at the dog’s bones.  He then popped up on a log, and started to chat.

He said that the signs are all pointing to an early winter, and that the food would be scarce for the birds and animals this winter. 

I asked him how he knew.

He says that the birds and the animals can feel the weather and how it is shifting.  He said to watch some of the birds like the Artic Tern and the Robins.  They are heading south already, and that is early for them.

The squirrels, he says, are madly stashing food.  He says that the Blue Jays try to keep an eye on where they put the food because they can raid it if they get too hungry. 

Blue Jay went on to say that the weather would fluctuate drastically, and that there would be extreme cold and snow, and then warm weather would hit.  This will cause melting and freezing that will make getting food on the ground very difficult because there will be a coat of ice.

Blue Jay asked me what we were going to do to prepare for the winter.  I said that we would harvest our garden, and get some farmer market veggies to store, and that we would get our snow blower checked over.  We also got our first load of wood, and hoped to get another load before the end of September.

Blue Jay said that we were doing well, and flew away.

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Spirit Speaks - Alone Really Means All One!


Till now I always got by on my own
I never really cared until I met you
And now it chills me to the bone
-from the Song “Alone” by the group, Heart


" Spend some time alone every day."
~His Holiness the Dalai Lama


"When you venture beyond identity, you realize that what you are is awakened consciousness. No longer a separate piece of the puzzle of life, but interconnected existence itself."  - J. M. Harrison


That’s it.  There is nothing more to say.

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Wolf Insights


Wolf drops by from time to time to share some insights.  Although regarded as a predator, and therefore something to be fearful around, Wolf is quite gentle when she is treated with respect.  That is her first insight.

The natural order of all things is to separate into levels of dominance or seniority or skills.  Humans do not follow this natural order.  Often the weakest, the least skilled, and the thoughtless become leaders or seconds.  They are careless with Nature and with life.  Trust them not.

Keep the pack small.  When the pack is small, you are more mobile and can follow the food more easily.  Larger packs are more work and are more likely to give the leader trouble.  A kill does not feed as many and there is more greed.

Train the young.  The youngest and weakest wolf is trained in the way to fend for itself or for another if that is what is called for.  I see your young and know that most cannot fend for themselves and certainly will not care for another.  This erodes the power of the pack and the species.

Hunt the sure thing.  It is not in our Nature to go after the biggest and the strongest.  The chase simply will wear us out!  We are caretakers and help keep the herd animals strong.  We take the weakest and let the herd keep its strong to lead and to breed.

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Angels Speak - Allowing Time For Yourself


I have been caught up in “doing” office work, writing, laundry, learning, and all the necessary things that we do everyday to be part of this world.

I am finding less time, or choosing to take less time, to meditate and to contemplate and to simply be very quiet and still.

Two nights ago when I was having trouble sleeping, my Angels came to visit and provided the following information about my plight.

They said….

  • When you are always doing things, your mind goes into overdrive, and it wants to keep you busy because it thinks that activity makes you happy.  This creates a hyper state of imbalance, especially for you Dear One, because you like your quiet, still time.
  • Taking time to meditate means that you are taking time to pay attention to what is not in your world.  It is difficult to move to an understanding of the unseen things if you do not take time out to meet them and to talk to them.  It is part of who you are – the Spirit – so much like all of us, that needs time to sit in Meditation and Prayer.  This is when you sort out what is good for you and what is not.  If you keep them mixed together, you begin to receive mixed messages in your body.  When your body receives mixed messages, it forgets how to function the way it was meant to.  Toxins build up, energy is low, and sleeplessness happens.
  • Part of each person’s journey is about learning what the right choices feel like.  The right choice is healing.  The soul feels calm and peaceful.  Life flows along smoothly.  All is well.  When the choices are made from a sense of “I should” or “duty” or “guilt”, then the balance is disrupted and the tasks are forced.  This causes strain, and this further causes stress.  Let go of this compulsion.
  • When you are feeling the strain, ask the Angels to come into your life to walk with you.  You can expand time.  You can retreat.  You can say “no”.  The Angels will help you.  Bring us in through prayers.  Know that the first service one does is to self.  Keeping self healthy and happy lets you help others.  This is your soul journey, making choices in a world that you have created.  Remember this.

I thanked the Angels for all that I had to think about, and dropped off to sleep.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Spirit Speaks - You are A Guest



This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Last night, I could not sleep!  I would close my eyes and get different thoughts and visions.  All of them were filled with information and insights.  The vision that stayed with me though, because it was so profound, was one that I call – You Are A Guest.

In this vision, a beautiful lady is sitting across from me in a setting similar to a living room.  She is in a big chair and I am on a sofa, and a coffee table – round and about three feet across – sits between us.

She is telling me that she is disappointed in me.  She asked me to look after her house, and she comes home to find that it is completely messy.  She tells me that there are holes in the carpet, burn marks on the furniture and the floors, and that her water is not running full force.

I am stunned!  I have no recollection of house sitting.  I don’t believe that I have met her before, although she is lovely, and I don’t recognize the house.

She asks me if I would allow guests to behave like that in my home.  I reply that we don’t allow smoking in our house, and that none of our guests would behave like that anyway. 

She then asks me why I have not cleaned up before she returned home. 

I am sputtering for an answer when she says, “Never mind! I won’t ask you to do this again!”

Now I am really confused because I don’t remember her asking me in the first place.

I decide that I must defend myself.  I begin saying that I have not been asked to look after her house, and then the scene changes.

She takes me by the hand and walks me through charred forests and meadows.  She then walks me through deserts and drought land.  I see animals and people starving, dying, and dead.  We then move to places where water flows over the land, down streets and through houses.  And, we walk over mountain tops where the snow caps are clearly receding, based on the marks of where snow lay earlier.  The next stop is different places where open pit mining is happening – huge great holes in the earth.

The scene changes again, and I am back in the living room, sitting in a big, comfy chair, with a hot cup of tea in my hand.

The lady tells me that humans have been thoughtless guests in her home – the planet.  She asks me what she should do.  I tell her that most often, the landlord evicts abusive tenants.  They seldom get a second chance. 

She smiles and says that she has served her eviction notice.

I wake up, and wonder what is next for all of us.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Lion By The Road


I was deep into my meditation and moving rapidly into a hyper space – I think.  Suddenly I was brought back to awareness by the sound of growling. 

I focused my senses and came back down into my meditation pose in my safe place in spirit.  I blinked and looked around.  By the path, close to where I was sitting, lay a very large, male lion.  And, he growled again.

The translation of the growl was, “It is about time!  I have been trying to get your attention for a while.  Something could eat you!”

He was quite serious.

I asked him what he wanted. 

He said that he would like to start being more active as an animal guide – spirit animal guide – to humans.  He thought he could help them.

I asked him what he would do with humans.

He said that he had a list of things he could teach humans. 

  • Being a leader is difficult without some training or without a mentor.  Lion can mentor and teach.
  • The range must be protected.  Lion will teach you to recognize what your domain of activity is, and how to get better at it, and to protect it from being taken over by others.  (Inventors could use some “lion guidance”.
  • Family is important.  Lion can work with you to help you redo your relationships within the family to your advantage, and usually, to the advantage of others.  Lion will help you understand your place in your own family – with spouse and offspring.
  • Food intake keeps one going.  Lion will work with you to learn what food is best for you. 
  • Lions tend to their range – they are caretakers of sorts.  He will show you why you must cultivate the eco system of where you live.

I thanked Lion for his insight.

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Tarot Discussion - Moving Forward

Using the Goddess deck, I asked the questions about what was next for me.

The answer is “Magic”. 


The great Egyptian fertility goddess Isis is a potent symbol of the alchemic transformation suggested by this card. She alone was the possessor of the secret name of Ra, the Egyptian ruling god, giving her unlimited magical powers.

Translates as:  A yearning to grow beyond perceived limitations. The ability to transform your life through the strength of originality and personal power. Renewed creativity and vigor. A new awareness of one’s power as one becomes in touch with a higher purpose.

At first I thought this was just weird.  I already have Magic in my life, and it doesn’t seem like the alchemy of magic will change.  And then I had an insight.  The insight was that more miraculous things will be happening.  Timing of events, of meeting people, of being in the right place, and of getting what I need, will all happen faster and more easily.

I am thankful.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Butterfly Dances At Sundial Medicine Wheel


Yesterday, Roger and I went with our friend, Paula, to the Carmangay Sundial Medicine Wheel.  It is located about 180 kilometers south and east of Calgary.  Our trek happened on the power of the full moon as well.

The weather was beautiful, and the temperature reached 29 degrees Celsius so we had the perfect conditions to experience the power of the Wheel.


Alberta has eight different types of wheels.


The Sundial is type two.

This is our second trek to the Wheel.  The place is powerful.  As with most sacred places, Guardians exist.  We offered them a water for their throats, tobacco for their pipes, and wild rice for their bowls.  We then asked permission to enter the Wheel, and we were pulled forward.  There were several things that we did by way of ceremony.

Then, each of us found a place within the Wheel to sit in meditation.  We each had set our intentions prior to entering, and the Sundial Wheel did its work with us.  We were up there for just over an hour.

Then, we came down the hill for it was the next group’s turn to go up the hill for ceremony.

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Angels Speak - August 13, 2011 Full Moon


August 13 2011 Full Moon is about moving humans forward on the road of honest gratitude.  At least, this is what the Angels say.  The Angels tell us that we are still caught up in the ways of ego – that we think that everything should be as it was.

What the Angels say is that now, we must think about new ways of living.  We do not need to work in the shadow of corporate dictators.  We do not need to give up what we love and how we live, to work at someone else’s beck and call.  We are at a time where we must look at balance.

If we are out of balance, then we must find a way to quickly become in tune with our lives.  Otherwise, we will become ill.  The Angels point out all of the people around you that are out of balance, and how they are becoming ill.

The Angels ask you to sit in meditation and ask for help with staying in balance, with resolving issues in friendships and family matters.  They say that all it takes is the willingness to give up the need to control the outcome. 

They say, too, that it is a good time to make new friends and build new alliances.  It is a time to explore new ideas.  If an organization belief system or family belief system has been dictating your movements and way of life, then, research the belief and ask the Angels to help you release it.  It is time to move on.

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Rattlesnake


Rattlesnake has been winding it’s way into my meditations over the last two weeks.  Rattlesnake is a very strong Spirit Guide.  She brings many gifts to increase your power and abilities.  Not only does she blend into her surroundings, she knows how to stay silent and to be still when danger is around.  Hawks, weasels, and other snakes are just some of the predators that love to include Rattlesnake in their diet.

I asked Rattlesnake about the gifts that she brings to working with a human.  She grinned.  She said that many humans reject working with her because they are frightened of her.  She is a tough teacher and guide.  Her gifts, she said, are:

  • Agility and speed.  When Rattler shares these gifts with you, you will move more quickly than you could imagine. You will have a momentary awareness seconds ahead of time, about what the adversary will do, and you can counteract with Rattler’s speed.
  • Power of the hunt.  Rattlesnake is a very good hunter, and the best hunter amongst the snake-kind.  She will help you find whatever it is you are looking for, whether it is food, information, or actual objects.  
  • The ability to shed.  While this seems quite tame compared to her first two gifts, Rattler’s ability to shed her skin translates to you being able to shed all the things that do not serve you, and gives you the ability to shed ill health, injury, and other harm to your person.  Shedding is a powerful gift.

I thanked Rattler for coming in to see me.  She asked that if you are interested in talking to her, that you call her into your meditation, and that you chat.  Do not be surprised if she tests you.

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Spirit Speaks - Humour and Love


In my meditation this morning, the two words of the day are LOVE and HUMOUR.  At first, I had a difficult time putting the two thoughts together.  I don’t normally think of Love as funny.  Yet, on reflection, I realize that my three days with my sister and her family were filled with lots of love and much laughter (humour), because we found everything funny.  We were together and we felt that hint of invincibility that comes from being one family. 

I then thought back to the last New Moon meditation and realized that the same feeling was there – Humour and Love  -  because we all enjoyed one another so much and we had the same, off beat, view of life.  We talked and laughed and shared. 

I bow to Creator/Great Spirit for once again being able to teach a wonderful lesson to me through the use of two words. 

This was a very healing lesson.

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Angels Speak - Necklace in the Stars

The Necklace Nebula

Hubble Offers a Dazzling View of the 'Necklace' Nebula

A giant cosmic necklace glows brightly in this NASA Hubble Space Telescope image. The object, aptly named the Necklace Nebula, is a recently discovered planetary nebula, the glowing remains of an ordinary, Sun-like star. The nebula consists of a bright ring, measuring 12 trillion miles across, dotted with dense, bright knots of gas that resemble diamonds in a necklace. The knots glow brightly due to absorption of ultraviolet light from the central stars.

Sometimes, you see a picture and and it captures your heart.  In your soul, you know that you have been “out there” before, and you recognize the shapes from some place deep within your memory.  When I saw this picture, it triggered a longing so intense that I felt swept away.  My Soul memory is telling me that I (and perhaps, we,) walked with Creator and were part of the making of this phenomenon or one like it. 

How do you feel about this picture?

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Magpie Mysteries


One of the animals that has been showing up in my meditations and outside while I am gardening, is Magpie.  Magpie leaves her shimmering feathers on the path in front of me, on our deck, and sometimes on a sidewalk when I am out and about.

Most of the feathers that she leaves are black or very dark blue.  Several have been ruffled as though she has pulled them out and dropped them for me to find.  These feathers are like hints to a great treasure.

She sings of the days of magic and mystery.  She talks about all the people that she and her kind have guided.  She talks of love, of the love of Creator for all things.  She speaks of Nature and how in nature, no one takes more than they need.  She talks of stewardship and being part of the Oneness.

Magpie reminds me that I have agreed to be part of the Oneness.  She says that I need to remind others to care for the land and the animals.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Bucking Bronco


Today is about freedom.  A bucking horse comes galloping and bucking across my meadow in my meditation.  Bronco has some thoughts to share.

  • Freedom is about NOT being restrained.
  • Throw off anything that does not suit you.
  • If you want to go some place new, full steam ahead at a gallop.
  • Exercise is not just about walking – it is about running and jumping.
  • When your head is down, it is hard to put a rope around it.
  • There is always someone who wants to saddle you with something.
  • Don’t let anyone touch your ears!
  • If you let them, people will run you in circles. 
  • When someone holds out a carrot, they definitely have a hidden agenda.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Dragonfly


Yesterday and today, I am noticing an abundance of dragonflies around the yard, and in the meadows in the park.  They are all colours. 

As I walked up the hill in the park the other day, three dragonflies flew before me, as though the climb signified a huge change in my life.   My walk was similar to dragonflies journey from egg to larvae to transformation as a dragonfly.  It moves up through the water in the different stages.

I wondered what Dragonfly was trying to tell me – that I will be getting my own set of double wings?  Or, that I will be flying high?  Both those ideas ring true.  Or, is Dragonfly trying to tell me that it is the journey that is the most fun?  My mind flashes with possibilities of light.  It feels like something big will happen.

It is hard to believe that some people think of Dragonfly as bad luck.  However, for some people, change is not good, and so bad luck is the label.  Change is not good or bad at the end of the day because it just is.  It is our response that attaches value to the situation. 

Maybe all the dragonflies are working to help me accept simply being in the moment of this day. 

Whatever the reason that Dragonfly has been showing up, I feel happier for seeing it, and I am grateful.

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Spirit Speaks - Walk With Me


Years ago, I saw the great movie, “Being There” with Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine.  The last scene shows Peter Sellers walking away from Earth.  The movie so wonderfully creates the idea of innocence and how we can be true to our selves. 

This movie comes up for me because today we said good-bye to a friend.  His celebration of life was beside a fast moving river.  There was a huge circle of love, formed by all the people that came to honour him, and share their stories of adventures with him.  When the last of his ashes was scattered, I saw the image of him walking away, over the water.

For me, death of the physical is simply our spirits agreeing to accept the invitation to “walk with me” that Creator, or Great Spirit, or God, issues.  There is a point, I think, when we no longer need to be on Earth.  We have finished what we started.  And, as we are all energy, energy returns to like.

I think that celebrating life, as we did today, is a wonderful way to bring peace to the family and to each of us.  We are all created with a sense of Oneness that we seem to forget upon arriving on earth.  Maybe it is time for us to actively look for the Oneness in ourselves and how it connects to others.  This practice will help us understand how love wraps around us, and how, when each of us leaves the world a better place, all of us are lifted.

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Truth Of Who You Are


The most sublime truth of all has never been stated or written or sung. Not because it is far away and can not be reached, but because it is so intimately close, closer than anything that can be spoken. It is alive as the stillness in the core of your being too close to be described, too close to be objectified, too close to be known in the usual way of knowledge. The truth of who you are is yours already. It is already present.  ―Gangaji

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Friday, 5 August 2011

Buddha Speaks - Do One Good Thing


Don't worry if you feel you can only do one tiny good thing in one small corner of the cosmos. Just be a Buddha body in that one place.   ―Thich Nhat Hanh
Today is the day that you can start to do one good thing a day.  This is easy.  The list of good deeds that one can do is endless.  Each deed is a statement of love.  Each action is healing for the person that does the work.
  • Say thank you at least once.
  • Smile at someone.
  • Hold the door for someone.
  • Bring a co-worker or a friend a cup of tea. (Or coffee.)
  • Yield for the car coming on the freeway.
  • Throw some change into a cup for some good cause.
  • Throw some change into a hat for a homeless person.
  • Pick up a piece of garbage off the ground in a park area.
What would you add to this list?  What ever it is, that is the next good thing that you can do. 
I often wonder if doing one good thing was a law, whether people would still intentionally break it.
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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Spirit Speaks - You Are All Creators


Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.  --Frank Zappa

I have been sitting in my office in the evening, to do accounting tasks, and find myself doodling on scratch pads, or thinking about quilting, or even pulling out my wood carving stuff.

What I realized was that my creative, imaginative, “Me” was wanting out!  It wants to come out and play, and draw, and make beautiful patterns, and satisfy something that I have been supressing as I have been trying to get my year end completed.

Let’s face it – accounting is required but not fun the way carving and quilting are fun.  Creator is reminding me that I need to honour my ability to create on a more regular basis than I have been.  When you look at the things that archaeologists dig up and that get put in museums, you can see that man has created since the beginning of time.

Maybe that is why there are so many unhappy people in the world – they don’t have time to create.  I think that creating something – a cake, dinner, art, music, or whatever, is part of what keeps each of us alive.  I think that when we don’t create, that we become depressed.  I think some people have had creativity stifled in them so much that they don’t know that the “I am missing something” feeling is really their need to create something.  Each time that we create, we leave our mark. 

I would like to see our world change to give us more time to create things just for ourselves.  I think that we can meditate to see what we should create next.  I believe that all creative tasks should be done from a state of love. 

As a side story, I wanted to make meatballs for our potluck dinner the other night.  However, I was running out of time.  So, I went to the store and bought a box of frozen meatballs and a bottle of Diane Original sauce.  At home, I mixed the two together, and then before popping the casserole dish in the oven, I waved my hands over the dish and said, “Love, love, love, little meatballs.  Think love.  Think love when you are cooking and think love when you are being added to someone’s plate, and think love through the whole experience.”  I had so many compliments on my meatball dish!  I think I was very creative.

Have a wonderfully creative day and go out and make your mark!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Wisdom of Frog


“The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives.” – Sioux Proverb

I heard this saying the other day, and it made me laugh!  Then, it made me feel sad.  I could see that the irony is that man has done exactly what the frog will not do.

Creator has given us – human beings – an amazing abundance of food, environments, mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans.  The beauty that we have around us, naturally, exceeds what one can create artificially, in my opinion.

I remember one of my teachers saying that God created animals to monitor and to teach humans.  The story went on that some of the animals quit working with man because they found him too difficult. 

I wonder whether the scarcity, the lack of abundance in many places, is Mother Nature saying that she is tired of all the “do-overs” that mankind seems to need. 

What pond will you avoid drinking from?

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Spirit Animal - Pelican Comfort


On Saturday night, we had an amazing experience as we opened sacred space for our New Moon Meditation.  As we greeted Creator, six black-tipped winged pelicans flew over us.  The purity of the white sparkled in the sunshine.  We had one person in our circle who had never attended any kind of meditation before.  He was truly astonished!

The Pelican has long been a symbol of the link between Earth and Heaven.  Our Ancestors believed that the Pelican carried new souls to Earth in its big beak.  This is why we have the notion that Pelicans deliver babies.

Pelican then, can give lessons to all of us about being in service to Creator, and to mankind.  Pelican too, does give warnings when bad weather will strike the sea.  They fly further inland, and tend to hunch down on the ground, or to find refuge in some water that is quite inland and away from the storm. 

Some of our Ancestors believed that the Pelican was a form of Elemental that moved between Earth, Water, and Air, and that the orange beak and feet represented its ability to pass through Fire. 

One thing that we know from the New Moon meditation is that Pelican can bring comfort in the form of peacefulness and calmness, and for that, we are grateful!

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Monday, 1 August 2011

Angels Speak - How Do You Set Intentions For August 1, 2011


August 1 is traditionally the day that our Ancestors welcomed the Goddess of Harvest into their houses and onto the farms.  Harvest of fruit, corn, and even early grain started after the Goddess came in to give her blessings.

The Angels have a message for us.  They say that there are no longer the gardens and farms and orchards that there used to be.  So many people depend on others for their food.  The Angels suggest that the non-farmers offer up prayers or meditations for the farmers.  The meditation or prayer may offer that the harvest is bountiful and that all crops come off without bad weather or other obstacles.  We can ask for a blessing of abundance for all gardens and for all gardeners.

The Angels say that August is to be a time of turmoil around the world.  They say that we can make it less tumultuous by being grounded, and at peace with all that is.  They remind us that we are the creators of our own story.  Therefore, we can re-write the story at any time.  We can set the intentions that all is well where ever we live.

In fact, the Angels say that we can change destiny with some prayer.

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