Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Fawn


While we were in the park the other night, the dogs and I were harassed by mosquitos that were hungry for blood.  We began to hurry to get out of the bugs.  As we walked past the open field, I could see what looked like a bird flopping on the ground.  As I got closer, I could see that it was a small fawn, lying still in the grass.  Except, it was not still.  Both ears were flapping like crazy as the mosquitos and flies bit down on the tender skin.

Fawn was showing us that even when we think we are being still, often, some little annoyance will keep part of us moving.  This motion may, or may not, interfere with our sitting in meditation, or sitting in silence. The motion is instinctive, and something that we cannot control.  Fawn shows us that our body has its own protective mechanism.

Creator has outfitted all of the beings, animal, bird, fish, insect, reptiles, and humans, to protect ourselves if something plagues us.  That is a good thing! 

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