Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Buddha Speaks - Living In the Past


The Osho Card for today

These tenses--past, present and future--are not the tenses of time; they are tenses of the mind. That which is no longer before the mind becomes the past. That which is before the mind is the present. And that which is going to be before the mind is the future. Past is that which is no longer before you. Future is that which is not yet before you. And present is that which is before you and is slipping out of your sight. Soon it will be past.... If you don't cling to the past...because clinging to the past is absolute stupidity.  …..

The figure pictured in this card is so preoccupied with clutching her box of memories that she has turned her back on the sparkling champagne glass of blessings available here and now. Her nostalgia for the past really makes her a 'blockhead', and a beggar besides, as we can see from her patched and ragged clothes. She needn't be a beggar, of course--but she is not available to taste the pleasures that offer themselves in the present. It's time to face up to the fact that the past is gone, and any effort to repeat it is a sure way to stay stuck in old blueprints that you would have already outgrown if you hadn't been so busy clinging to what you have already been through. Take a deep breath, put the box down, tie it up in a pretty ribbon if you must, and bid it a fond and reverent farewell. Life is passing you by, and you're in danger of becoming an old fossil before your time!

--Osho The Great Zen Master Ta Hui Chapter 10

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Spirit Speaks - On being Positive


One of my friends sent me information on positive change.  She thought that I might share it with people who look at my blog.   I went further and found that the information comes from Selacia.  Her advice is great.  The links to her site are at the bottom of the article.  Enjoy!

Accelerate Your Transformation

- Tips to Jump Start Positive Change -
by Selacia

Tips to Jump Start Positive Change

1. Challenging Circumstances- When faced with a challenge, keep your focus in present time. Even if what you are experiencing began long ago, you want to respond with today's energy. As part of your lifelong process of transformation, your energy shifts from day to day. Insights and processing from last night's dreaming can provide you with fresh perspectives and more lightness of being. When looking at your challenge, invite your higher wisdom to guide you in applying a higher awareness and fully utilizing your current knowing. You may be pleasantly surprised with the positive results. 

2. A Time for Everything- Life is often so fast paced that it's common to feel behind schedule. Relax your body and mind for moments here and there as you intuitively check in about timings. Indeed, there's a time for everything. Remember this before jumping into your next activity. Oftentimes what you planned, no matter how important it seems, is best left until after you have done something else - which can be an activity or simply being still. Your heart and intuitively guided reason can show you the way. Check in with yourself to determine if what you planned for the day needs to shift, and then make adjustments. You will be happy you did. 

3. Manifesting Your Vision- As you pick the less traveled road for the next portion of your unique journey, inquire within to be sure that it's wide enough and extends far enough to accommodate your goals and expansive vision. As a divine changemaker, you are learning to express your highest potentials. Do not limit yourself to what your doubts tell you to settle for, or for what others have told you is possible. Embrace the expanded view spirit has for your life. 

4. Roadblocks- Consider that the roadblock you face is a symbol that you may need to update your view. Sometimes a detour or alternative approach is required. This may involve a different timing, implementing something you haven't yet thought of, or even abandoning your idea altogether. A divine changemaker learns to see roadblocks as opportunities for spiritual practice - they aren't the enemy; they may be a blessing in disguise. 

5. Positive Potentials - Each day carries within it a positive potential and energies you can apply for your own enlightenment. Connect with more of the positive potentials available by regularly acknowledging that they exist. This is easier on some days than others, of course. Even so, get into the habit of remembering this lighter side of being. A new opportunity waits each time you open your eyes in a new way - without expectations and without focusing on what you created before.  When you are open to the next wonderful surprise arriving on your doorstep - letting go of how and when it shows up - you become like a magnet for your own good.

Copyright 2013 by Selacia -





Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Spirit Speaks - Allow Yourself Freedom To Do What You Need To Do



My friend Vivian sent this poster to me.  It made me think of all the times that people have said to me, “It can’t be done.”  When people  believe that they are defeated, I feel sad!   There is nothing better than achieving a goal for self.




Sunday, 6 January 2013

Buddha Speaks–Generosity

The practice of generosity is the practice of freedom, and it carries with it all the joy and pleasure that are associated with liberation. Indeed, there may be no greater sense of fulfillment in life than the simultaneous feelings of human interconnection and pure freedom that arise from an authentic act of selfless generosity.

- Dale S. Wright, “The Bodhisattva’s Gift”


It is hard to imagine in our world filled with so much abundance, that we collectively seem to have trouble with generosity.  The other part of generosity that puzzles me is that so many people want to tell you a) that you should be generous, and b) how much you need to give in order to be generous.

The conflict for me is the judgement and control that seems to be in our society around generosity.  If generosity must come from the heart, how can someone set standards of giving, or pass judgement on those that they perceive do not give? 

The passage above caught my attention because it says “generosity is the practice of freedom”.  The words resonated deep within me.

Generosity is taking time to do something kind for someone else, without acknowledgement from anyone other than the receiver, and if it is anonymous, then without acknowledgement at all.  How wonderful is this gift to self!



Friday, 4 January 2013

Spirit Animal - Turtle Power

For many years, Turtle was a mentor to me.  Then, when it seemed I did not need her, she quietly slipped away.

Now, Turtle has again entered my life.  She has brought a fluorite turtle back into my life.  My Purple Green Turtle is now sitting on my dresser.  She reminds me that I am all that I need.  I have connection to all things in me.  I simply need to remember that connection’s address or vibration, or in the world of IT, the Ping address. 

Turtle reminds me that I need to slow down.  Hurrying will not change the destination or time.  Time is not real – it is abstract.   Turtle also says that we live longer if we go slower.  I guess I will find out the truth of this, if I slow down.

Turtle teaches that sometimes you need to have a hard shell around you so that you can go your own way.  Others like to influence you, but you can keep out of harm’s way by withdrawing into the protectiveness of self.

These are good lessons for all of us.




Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

This is the year that many things will change.  We are now in the future that we were told would never come. 

As we stand here, be thankful for all that we have – food, clothes, housing, and technology that allows to communicate across the world in minutes.

Blessings to each of you!