Friday, 30 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Greyhound Mascot

The Greyhound looked at me from the passenger’s seat.  It was assigned to me as a mascot for the upcoming race.  Her name was Jasmine, and she was beautiful.  Her eyes were filled with an unusual light.  Greyhounds are very intelligent, but this was more than intelligence – it almost seemed holy.

Then she grinned.  And stuck out her tongue, and panted.  She looked like a normal dog.  Then I felt it – a warmth that spread over my body as I lined up the car for the race.  She had so much love!  I have heard that Greyhounds have very large hearts which is why they can sprint so fast.  It seems true for this was a marvellous feeling.  She butted my arm with her head, as though saying, “Let’s get going!”.

If a Greyhound comes into your life, remember that they are wonderful people animals – they like people.  The dogs are loyal, and friendly, despite what you may have heard about keeping them muzzled.  They do love to run, so keep them beside you and run with them, until you know that they will return at your command.  These are dogs that have been used for generations to run game down for their masters, to help keep food on the table.

If you aren’t sure about the message that Greyhound is bringing you, then sit in meditation until the message is clear.

Enjoy the love!

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Spirit Animal Speaks - Polar Bear Shows Up With Injuries

I awoke from the dream about 4:00am wondering why it was so vivid.  In my dream, the big Polar Bear showed up along side the road that I was driving on.  Immediately, I was out of my vehicle and standing beside her.  She had jagged gashes on her back leg.

I asked what she was doing beside the road when she should be in the Arctic, in the cold and snow.  She replied that she came to ask me for healing because I have always been kind and had a great love for Polar Bears. (When I worked for Northern Stores, I would get the people that worked at the stores to take pictures of Polar Bears and send them to me for my collection.)  She said that when humans have great feelings for Polar Bears or other animals, they can feel it through the Great Mind (what we might call Oneness or the unconscious collective mind).  She said that animals, birds, and other beings can keep track of the humans that they are safe with.

Mama Polar Bear said that she came in dream time because she did not want to frighten me during my active time.  She said that she just needed great love to help her heal more quickly.  I closed my eyes and put my hands into her fur, and prayed for her healing, asking Nature to allow her speeded up time for healing.  And then she disappeared.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Spirit Speaks - When You Are Sad

The question rises to the heavens – Why am I so sad?  Why is it that I feel like doing nothing?  Why does sadness dog me?

The answer from Spirit:

Everything in life must be in balance.  When you have what you call “good times”, then your energy ebbs up to a height.  To be in balance, it must come down – you call this sadness.  If you stayed in the middle, without emotion, you would not feel happy or sad.   This is the way of things.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Tiger Explains How To Blend

Photo: A Siberian tiger grooming

I have this vivid memory of sitting with a Tiger, on some rocks, overlooking a small lake.  I am sure that I was in dream time, sometime last night.  I know that I was not frightened, and the feeling was like I was with an old friend.  We sat and talked.

Tiger was explaining to me that I needed to go out more and practice blending in to the rest of the people or into the environment around me.  He said that I should look less happy, and more sad.  He suggested that I walk with my head down, and that I not meet people’s eyes.  He said that I should slouch along, and not walk upright.

Tiger says that the best way to camouflage is to imitate what is around you.  And, even if you are strong and fearless, drawing attention to yourself is often fool hardy.  Tiger’s advice, “always keep something in reserve”.

I am not sure why this advice was important for me to have.  It does, however, seem glued to the front of my mind.  I think that over the next several days, the reason for this teaching will be explained.  At least Tiger made the information stick in my mind.

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Monday, 26 September 2011

From Judy - I Will Follow The Sun

I have not blogged since Thursday because I was away at a funeral for my Uncle.  My Aunt and Uncle were a constant in my life from when I was born.  As their children were born, they too, became a constant in our family. 

While I was sitting in the service, I was thinking how different life is now that my Uncle is gone.  My Dad predeceased my Uncle by three years.  They were good friends, and did several things a week together.  After Dad died, my Uncle became more important because he was the Elder of our family.

My Uncle’s interment happened late in the day, around the time he would go to do chores when he was still farming.  He always wanted to get the chores done before the Sun set, and he started chores just after sunrise.  Lunch was always at noon, when the sun was high.  We actually could set our watches by what my Uncle was doing.

I realized as we were sitting through the last prayer in the service, that my Uncle was very much in touch with Nature.  I thought about all the changes that he had seen – he was 92 – and how he kept in stride with what was going on with agriculture, even though he did not have to “mind the farm” for many years because his sons and grandsons now are the keepers of the land. 

I thought about all the times he pulled all of the kids on the toboggan behind the old truck so we could fly down the ditch through the snow.  I thought about him hiding Easter eggs in their yard for all of us to find, and their old black retriever finding most of the candy and eating it before we got out there.  I thought about all the Christmases and Easters and birthdays and Sundays that we spent at one another’s houses, having wonderful meals and telling stories, and being family.  I remember how he always checked the weather, and then compared it to the Farmer’s Almanac.  I think this is a good song for him.

I’ll Follow The Sun

One day you'll look to see I've gone
For tomorrow may rain,
so I'll follow the sun
Some day you'll know I was the one
But tomorrow may rain,
so I'll follow the sun
And now the time has come
and, my love, I must go
And though I lose a friend
In the end you will know, oh
One day you'll find that I have gone
But tomorrow may rain,
so I'll follow the sun
But tomorrow may rain,
so I'll follow the sun
And now the time has come
and, my love, I must go
And though I lose a friend
In the end you will know, oh
One day you'll find that I have gone
But tomorrow may rain,
so I'll follow the sun.

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Elementals Speak - Mossy Places


This picture is a quiet place in a small forest on the edge of a lake.  It is a magical place.  Even though the trees have been cut down long ago, the Elementals love this spot.  If you look in the upper left hand corner of the picture, you may see the shadows of what looks like two beings in the woods.

The Elementals say that much energy is transmitted in sites like these.  They suggest that you visit a woods or forest very soon and find a spot like this to sit and to gather energy.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Spirit Speaks - Gradin Visits


Some of you may remember my friend, Gradin, from posts earlier in the year.  I met him when we were in Sedona.  In my meditation, Gradin popped in.  He said he was doing a check up on me because I had not checked in with him for a while.  Good friends, he said, need to check on the other one from time to time.  It is healthy and caring.

I thought that Gradin had pretty good advice.  I asked him what he had been up to.  He said that the area is feeling Earth tremors (mild earthquakes) so he and the other Elementals and Tree Spirits have been working with the trees and the land to calm it down.  Gradin explained that the tree roots could gather the soil together and keep it compact, rather than loose.  This is safer for the animals and the humans to walk on.  He said there were a lot of people hiking. 

He said that more and more people are noticing him and the other Tree Spirits and the Elementals.  I asked him if they were out more in the daytime.  His reply was that nothing had changed other than he thought that humans were more aware and open to the idea of other beings.  He then lifted his head and said that he heard one of his trees calling him, and that he needed to go.  We said goodbye until next time we meet.

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Angels Speak - The Time To Be In Service

Dearest Beloveds… this is the time to be in service!  It is the time to help yourself, your family, and all the people that you know, to move beyond that place of fear.  Fear takes you back to the place of density.  Density takes you into a place of judgement, placing blame, resentment, and control.

When you are in service, that is, doing something kind for others with or without their knowledge, then life is good.  You are in a vibration that does not see or feel the fear.  Instead, you see the stories and how the stories were all created by another human.  The stories do not exist, otherwise.

If you are feeling that you are getting that “down” feeling, we suggest walking in Nature, and watching how Nature carries on, even with all the stories and fear that are around it.  Nature ignores.  Nature can do this because it is part of the Oneness.  To be part of this feeling or experience, simply go into meditation and let go of all you know.  The Oneness is a calmness where you have infinite wisdom available to you.

If it feels right, try asking for help to walk apart from the fear.  And, you can ask for help to feel forgiveness for your self, for others, and to feel compassion for those who do not have the guidance to be without fear, and the needs of food, clothing, shelter, safety, and security. 

Your Earth Ancestors, long ago, were in that place of fear and need.  They found by working with Nature, and being fully in tune with it, they could satisfy all those needs and be at one with everything.  They saw themselves as caretakers.  We ask you to see your self as a caretaker for what is around you.  How can you do things to be more in harmony with all?

We, the Archangels of Understanding, wish you love.

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Spirit Animal - After While Crocodile



For the last week, when my mind is blank, I will hear the phrase, “after while crocodile”.  At first I thought that it was simply a song that I was picking up from somewhere.  Then I realized that there was a Crocodile sitting out there, waiting to talk to me.  She passed the time by singing to herself that in a while I would fit her in.  It has been a long time since she popped in.  (See post from March 30, 2009

I apologized for keeping her waiting.  (One wants to treat all beings with respect.  It is a good idea, however, to be very respectful of Crocodile because if you work in different planes, she is often the guardian of the gates to move between planes.)

Crocodile was in a happy mood.  She began to tell me of several things:

  • Crocodiles have been around for a very long time (55 million years per Wikipedia) and have watched different species evolve and devolve.  She considers that crocodiles are one of man’s ancestors.
  • Crocodiles have always lived near sites sacred to man in Asia and Africa and Australia.  This is because the crocodile is able to move through all the directions and through all of the levels and planes of creation, as determined by man, since Crocodiles have been around since the beginning of life on Earth.  Crocodiles have also been part of or symbols in religion. 
  • Crocodile believes that her species was the original dragon species and that two strains developed – one with wings and one without.  The current crocodile is one without wings, and yet flies through the water.
  • Crocodile sees the energies increasing on Earth, and says that it is a good thing to see humans evolving once more.

I thanked Crocodile for her information, and waved her away.

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Buddha Speaks - Being Kind


I read these words from the Dalai Lama, and I was blown away by the message.  I wondered why we change in our middle years.  I asked some of my friends for their thoughts.  I received some wonderful answers.

  • We are too busy working and raising our families.
  • We are so focused on making money to pay for our lifestyles that any interruption seems costly and unnecessary.
  • We see greed from corporations over the price of things, demanding more work from employees without compensating them for overtime, and, I think, we feel so used that we lose our compassion for others.
  • There is protection for the young and for the old, but not for the ages in between.  It is every man for himself!
  • I don’t think we neglect kindness in the middle.  It is simply we give donations, and not of ourselves.  We are too tired!

What do you think?

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Friday, 16 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Peacock and Sight

When an animal comes in to speak about life, I am always intrigued, and invite them in with enthusiasm.  This was how I felt with Peacock.

I have chatted with Peacock before.  See my post SUNDAY, 4 MAY, 2008  Spirit Animals – Peacock.  As you can see, it is a long time since we spoke.  This time, Peacock had a message around seeing things.  His message is:

  • Peacocks are known for their prowess in killing snakes.  Watch for the snake in the grass – the one that has a big agenda that does not include you.  Protect yourself!
  • Many say that the spots in my feathers represent the all-seeing eye.  In some cultures, the eye wards off evil or wards off curses.  My feathers do offer protection to me.  Whether they are part of your path and sacred to you is your journey.
  • Beware anyone that tries to dazzle you with the extravagant because this is usually for show and does not have substance.  When you are in a business deal where this is happening, do ask “show me the money!”.
  • In most cultures, the circle is the symbol of cycles, and of continuity.  This is why there are circles on my feathers, to remind you that you may have been in this place before.  If you did not like it, then now is the time to change -  career, life, relationships, beliefs  -  all can be changed.

I thanked Peacock for his wisdom and bid him good bye.

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Pelican Hermit


Imagine my surprise when my friend and I walked down to the river two nights ago, and there, all by herself, was Pelican.  I wrote about her at the end of August and stated then that I was surprised that she was still here, in Fish Creek Park.

I talked to her briefly and asked her why she was still here, when it is close to winter, and why she was by herself.  She said that she was very comfortable by herself, and that she was getting tired of the constant noise within the flock.  She liked fishing by herself, and she thought that the catch was better.   She said that she observed more without the flock because she was too caught up in the interchange between members of the flock.

I asked where the flock was and she said that they had returned to southern California and Mexico.  They fly through the passes which for the most part, follow river routes so they have food and an easy fly.   She added that they did not understand her wish to stay.  They said that she was odd, to want to be alone.  I laughed and said that we called being alone, away from others of our kind “being a hermit”.  She flapped her wings in appreciation. 

I asked what she would do for the winter.  She said that she would follow the Geese lead, and stick to warmer waters. 

I wished her well, and we continued on our walk.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Earth Keepers – Providing Sanctuary For Animals

A message that has been coming through for the last several months that humans need to be responsible for the animals – especially the ones that they have mistreated. 

I was struck by the compassion in the story in this video about Andy Parent and his refuge for animals.   Enjoy the story.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Buddha Speaks - Training for What

Our entire life has been training. The question is: training in what? This question means: training in which direction?... Are we training in numbing ourselves in the face of fear, or training in waking up? Training in opening the heart, or training in shutting down? - from "Fruitless Labor," by Gaylon Ferguson

Last night, in my StarTalker class (I teach several ladies a program called StarTalker), our guest speaker talked about all the things that we do in our life, and how they all prepare us for working towards understanding ourselves.  It was interesting to me that it is not about understanding others which is what we learn in school, in psychology or sociology, it is about understanding ourselves.

We are on a journey of self discovery.  We are learning how unique and how exciting our journey is – even if sometimes it feels quite painful.  I am still working through all the ideas that were presented last night.  However, I am once again amazed that the Universe sent the above quote which ties in to the session from last night. 

I have lots to think about.

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Pigeon Talks About Protection


I think there might be something energetic going on in the world around children and protecting the children.  Yesterday, Kingfisher talked about children, and today, Pigeon is coming in to talk about children.  There is definitely a pattern.

Pigeon edged into the meditation every so quietly, and said that she had permission to be there from the Archangels guarding my space.  She said that she had something that she wanted to share.

Pigeon went on to talk about protection of the young and how it seemed to be a problem for humans because humans could not discern when they should be protecting and when they should be coaching.  I thought this might be an astute observation.  I asked her to explain.

She said that when the young are still dependent and not able to fend for themselves, then the role of the parent is to protect.    It is also the role of the parent to feed and to provide shelter.  As soon as the young become more aware, then it is time to alternate between protecting – as protecting from weather or predators – and teaching or coaching – as knowing when it is safe to fly and where to find the best food.

I explained that human children are not able to fend for themselves as quickly as her offspring.  Birds mature more quickly.   Her response surprised me!

Pigeon said that the pigeon group memory shows young humans, at four and five years development, acting more like adults – gathering food and wood and doing work.

I thanked her for sharing, and said that I would have to think about what she was saying.

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Spirit Animal – Belted Kingfisher Talks About Raising Young

“The belted kingfisher's unusual characteristics reveals a very distinct look, especially the tiny feet and relatively large head.  The outsized head, designed for fishing, displays an uneven double-pointed crest with a sturdy, sharply pointed beak. The head sits upon a stocky body with a short tail.

Overall, the adults are 11 to 14 inches long with a white neck ring and breast, which stands out against the blue-gray body plumage.  Unlike most birds, the females are more brightly colored.  They have a belt of rusty feathers adorning their sides and breast that the males lack.” -

This morning, the Kingfishers swooped over the channel, scaring ducks and geese, and sending them flying.  It was a sight to see!  Four large Kingfisher ladies claimed a chunk of the channel just for themselves.

They were down to serious hunting for fish and frogs, to pack on some extra protein for their long flight south.  The business of feeding and training the offspring is complete.  During that time, the Moms sometimes get quite lean as much of the food goes to the babies. 

Belted Kingfisher talks about raising young:

  • Make a fine home for the children and teach them how to care for it.  We dig a long burrow, and at the end is a chamber.  The young must stay there, and keep it clean.  They cover all voidings with dirt.  Their room is clean.
  • Teach them to go outside in a careful manner.  One does not go dashing out.  One goes out cautiously to avoid being attacked by the snake or the hawk.  Bigger things often bully and create fear.
  • Many beings are afraid of water.  Teach your children to swim.  We teach them to dive immediately by dropping insects on the surface of the water.  The young must dive down to pick up the food.  They learn about water and flying at the same time.
  • Teach your young about safe places.  We dive into the water to be safe.  And, we fly into thorny bushes or dense bush around the water to escape flying predators. 

I thought that her remarks were full of good sense.

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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Angels Speak - Picking Up The Pieces


The Angels say that when things do not go the way that we thought they would, and our world seems in pieces, it is the time to pick up the pieces. 

When our world falls apart, it is because we have attached too much significance to the different events in our lives, or to the outcome of a set of events.  This is the problem with being attached.

Often, when everything falls apart, it is an opening for Great Spirit to send something new your way because you have now opened the door, and you are not closed to something new happening. 

When you pick up a piece of a puzzle, most often, you do not immediately know where it fits.  This is exactly what happens when Creator sends you little experiences that are outside of your comfort level.  You do not know how it fits, and yet it does.  If we had a big enough capacity to view everything, we could see immediately where this new “thing” fits.

So, take each new experience, and celebrate it, instead of locking it up somewhere.  Let go of that kind of control.  Be joyful around each day!

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Robin Academy


As the dogs and I completed our morning walk the other day, we rounded the curve at the big maple tree, and came upon a flock of robins – at least twenty.  They looked mostly young, and they were sitting on roots, and low shrubs.  In the manner of a Professor addressing his class, was what appeared to be a much older Robin, sitting on the ground, addressing the youth around him.  Some of the young robins were fluttering at each other – typical kids!

I caught all of this at a glance.  I told the dogs to wait, and the three of us stopped to see what would happen next.

The Professor Robin gave a sharp chirrup, and the robins got quiet.  He started to speak.  It sounded like he was telling them about the long journey south, and what they would need to do to prepare.  Some of the young robins still had spots on their chest.   He flew up and then back down.  He kept chirruping, and flapping his wings.  And then, as he turned to look around, he spotted the dogs and me.  He let out a squawk, and all the robins took off.

I was laughing at the remarkable resemblance to our school system that I saw in the Robin Academy.  I even thought how Professor Robin looked like the Dean of the English Department in university. 

It was a fun morning, to see how robins prepare their young.  I am grateful for the experience.

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Angels Speak - Opening Doors


The Angels crowed around the meditation room, and the peace and love and harmony massaged the soul.  The Archangels guarded the space to keep all that was in the room safe and sacred. 

Different Angels talked about the coming changes to everything – where fear would be erased, and the blueprint for fight or flight would cease to exist.  They talked of flying and of lights and of energy.  They talked about the rippling of time between locations and planets.  Most of it was over my head in terms of science.  However, the feeling of freedom and joy captured my heart, and a yearning was born.  Or, perhaps it is better to say that it was awakened.  I think I may have always had this yearning.

Then the Angels talked about how many of us will be making huge career changes to get us in place to doing what we love, and to be in different places to be carriers of light – love, compassion, and generosity. They spoke of amazing opportunities opening up, like doors to far away places.  The Sid the changes will be healing for all involved. 

I was excited by this prophecy.  The time frame feels like several months.  The idea of doors opening is beautiful, and comforting.  And, even, as my nephew would say, “Sweet!”

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Black Bear

Yesterday, we went to Elbow Falls to spend some time outside while it was so warm.  However, when we got there, the Falls were closed due to extreme bear activity.  We went on to another pond, and spent a couple of wonderful hours.  On our way home, a good sized black bear stopped and looked at us, and then crossed the road at a trot.

Black Bear is about being un-encumbered.  It is about the freedom to roam, and to be respected.  Black Bear is about connecting to the wildest part of who we are.

Black Bear is a teacher.  She talks about the perfect timing for things:  new projects, new creativity, new lessons about growth and spirituality.  In her wisdom, she demonstrates the power of retreat.  Most beings do not get enough sleep.  Black Bear says that bears and other creatures like her, know that it is imperative to the creative process of life to get lots of sleep, and to be at one with self.  For humans, this retreat may be for meditation, or for a silent retreat, or even for a retreat into the wilds of nature.

When we emerge from retreat, we will again appreciate the abundance of life, and the sweetness of the world.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Elementals Speak - Embracing Nature


One of the pictures that has been coming up in my meditations, is the image of Nature being cared for by the Elemental energies – for grass, plants, and trees; and for soil, and for water, and for environment.  Each Elemental is a specialist, and does what is needed to keep things moving forward.  This process involves creating and letting die where the change is needed.

Some of the Elementals are frustrated because humans think that they know more than the Nature Guardians, the the humans interfere in what should be the natural progression of a species.  One of the Elementals talked about the modification of plants – GMO – and how that upsets the blueprint for the plant.

Another Elemental talked about the human need to “preserve” a plant or tree that was scheduled, by blueprint, to die off, to make way for its next adaptation. 

In life, we learn that we must let things go to get new things.  We learn that cycles are natural and that fighting them by trying to preserve what is, becomes an exercise in self defeat.  We learn not to be too attached to anything.

My response to the Elementals was that each person needs to go through a learning and growth stage.  If the people that want to do the preserving are in that stage, then, it is part of what they need to understand, and we need to let the learning unfold.

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Spirit Speaks - How To Be Your Own Person



I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine.  Fritz Perls

The wonderful message that came through this morning is “spend time each day by yourself.  If you can, find time to meditate.  It will make you happy.  It will dim all that happens around you.  Each thing that happens around you is about your reality, and the reality that other people create.  It is not real because they – and you – have made it up.  The tree does not need to create multiple realities.  Be like the tree, or other plants.  Be your self.”

The message brought tears to my eyes.  One has heard this type of message all our lives.  How do we do this?  How do we live outside the influence of others?  I posed this question.  My Angels dived in with laughter and love. 

“Let go of guilt.  Guilt is a form of manipulation.  People – parents, siblings, friends, guilt you when they want to control your behaviour.  Guilt is a form of control.  You let go of your power when you feel guilt.  To let go of guilt, go to your Spirit, and to your Soul, and to your heart, and look at what makes you happy.  If it makes you happy NOT to do something, then be happy!  If it makes others unhappy, then it is their problem, and not yours.”

This is good advice, and I will begin the practice today.  Will you?

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Monk Seal Sings


It is always interesting to me how the animals choose to come in to speak with me or with others.  And, I am always watching for patterns of the types of animals.  Yesterday, the animal was a Starfish.  Today, it is a Monk Seal.  Both are ocean going.  Both live in and out of water.  Both are considered by most people to be beautiful. 

The Monk Seal is diving into the ocean, right to the bottom.  She represents the intuition, magic, guidance from the unknown.  And yet she is able to be out on the shore, on the rocks.  Rocks represent wisdom and stability.  Shore represents the earth and the material.

Seal sits on the edge of the ocean and sings of far away places and great depths of understanding and emotion.  She tells people not to be afraid.  She tells us that all comes from the All Mother, the Ocean, and that we can share in the ocean’s abundance.  She sings of breezes that carry new scents and new ideas.  She tells us too, that we must look forward and not backward.  She says that all is well!

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Starfish


I was talking to a young friend of mine today, and she asked me why she was seeing Starfish in her dreams.  She said that they popped up on sandy beaches, in aquariums, and on her beach blanket, all in her dreams.  She figured that there was a message there somewhere, and she decided that she needed help in figuring it out.  She is eleven.

I told her that Starfish are the stars under the ocean like there are stars in the sky.  The Starfish are like guides.  Old fashioned navigation on the ocean was done by the positioning of the stars in the sky. 

Starfish tell us that we can regenerate, and that we can regenerate what we need.  Although most Starfish are five armed, many can be six or seven or eight armed.  A five armed Starfish can mutate (regenerate) to six arm if need be.  Therefore, Starfish are about creation and creativity.

Starfish showing up in your life is telling you to become more creative and to create what you need to survive.  It tells you to change what is not suiting you right now.  Because it is an ocean being, it is telling you too, to be aware of your emotions and to look below the surface when you are upset or angry and look to see what is really going on.  And, when you are ready, bring those emotions up to the surface and tell others what is going on for you.  When you are on the beach, you are in full view of everyone.  Make the most of it!

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Friday, 2 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Stag



Last night, the dogs and I were startled by a very large white tailed stag jumping out of the brush and grass, and bounding past us.  The dogs couldn’t even bark!  It seemed like he jumped out of a hole in the sky!

When he was safely past us, he stopped and looked at us.  His eyes were very large and dark, and to me, seemed so full of wisdom. 

I heard him speak in my head.

“Child, I greet you.  You need not be afraid.  These things I must tell you.  You and others, must set boundaries of what is your territory.  You must be able to define and protect it.  It is a time for gathering up family.  Find those that you trust, and keep them close.  Those that stand alone will have the hardest time adjusting to all that is new.  Learn how to jump from thing to thing, while keeping the thoughts of what has been very alive.  And, look to what is ahead.  Jumping from one problem to another is not a solution.  All things are corrected where they began, not down the road.”

And then he bounded away.

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Thursday, 1 September 2011

From Judy - Welcoming In September 1 2011


Fall is one of my favourite times of the year.  For me, it is almost as though the smells change on September 1 and the weather changes at the same time.

I think of September more than March or April as the month of change.  It seems that most of my life, my career changes have happened in the fall, usually, sometime in September or early October. 

When I think of September, I think of abundance.  This is the time of pickling, and canning, and freezing all of the produce of the summer.


I picture Mother Nature getting all of her charges in the Northern Hemisphere ready for bed.  Winter comes early in Alberta.  Already, there are new skiffs of snow up on the mountains.

The contradiction of autumn is that while we are finishing things off on one hand, it is a time of seeking renewal and many of us start new things – craft clubs, fitness programs, bowling, curling, hockey, and the list goes on. 

A resting time!  I see that, often, we use the fall to plan a rest from the activity of summer, and to get ready to vegetate through the coldest of the winter.


I see the Elementals, the energy spirits in the park, change their behaviour from wild to more gentle as they prepare the park for winter. 

I think that the fall is a time of healing for nature and for humans.  I see us all come closer to that peacefulness of Oneness.  For, all of us are matter, and all of us are of the Earth. 

For me, September is a time of contemplating what will happen next.  I love the surprises that it brings.

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