Monday, 6 June 2011

Spirit Speaks -- I Am A Rock


I had an epiphany the other day when I was thinking about Great Spirit, God, Source, The ONE, whatever name you wish to put on Spirit. 

I was day dreaming.  In my day dream, I saw pictures of Sedona and the great rocks there.   The one to the left is called ‘Spirit Rock’.  I have seen it.  I felt pleasure and comfort when I saw it. 

For years, I have had dreams about Uluru Ayers Rock.  I dreamt of it before I actually knew what it was. That is the second picture in this group.  It is in Australia, and, it is old.  This rock has been the destination of many a pilgrimage.

And, the last picture in the group is of Stone Mountain, outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  I was there in 2001, and Roger and I climbed the long way up, and down, and it truly was the experience of a lifetime! 

My epiphany was that many of us associate “God” with a rock.  Or, perhaps I should say that we associate spiritual places with rocks.  And, when I had this thought, I heard, “I am a rock”. 

I then heard, “And, I am everything else as well!”

What is interesting to me is that all of us resonate with the idea of God being a Rock.  In fact, if you Google Spirit Rock, you will see that it comes up millions of times, all over the world.

The comforting thing for me when I saw this was “I guess Great Spirit  really is omnipotent.  She/he can be in many places at once.  And, it has been in many places for a long time.


  The idea of the “rock” is quite spectacular in its own way because the rock is so big, majestic, and so everlasting.  If I was a being that was trying to establish communication with a species that seemed to have difficulty communicating, I too would try to communicate through symbolic, living things like a rock. 

It now makes more sense to me as to why monks established monasteries on big mountains (rocks) to be closer to Source.  It also gave those people below them something to look up to and to communicate with, and to view as an intermediary to Creator.


We all got into trouble by using intermediaries because most intermediaries had their own agenda which seems to include power, riches, etc.   Being able to do one’s own communicating with the One Source has a big advantage in avoiding the politics and expense of using someone else.  


I wonder if all rocks carry great power, or if there are new rocks appearing. 

I look at the world wide fascination with crystals, or as some people call them, “rocks”, and I have to believe that Spirit is moving through “I am a rock” through crystals, as well.

I like that idea. 


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Anonymous said...

i like this, lovely post.

iam a rock too :-)
i have a deep passion for rock.. stone, pebble or crystal. all so beautiful.

i've heard it said that stone is the keeper mother earths secrets. they hold within them our earths entire history. record keepers..a huge archive.