Monday, 29 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Pay Attention To the Elders


The Ancestors tell us that we have our beginnings in them.  We have their blood, their values, and the tribal customs that carry through.

Because of the wisdom in the Elders, the Ancestors remind us to keep the Elders close, for that history is what will help us to find new ways to do things and keep us from repeating mistakes.

We are missing so much of our history because we have let the Elders fade away and locked them in senior care homes, and disregarded their stories.

Today, find an Elder, and find their story.


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Laugh at Impatience


The Ancestors tell us that to accomplish what they have accomplished takes great patience.  Simple tools and difficult environments meant that to build a house or a barn or a fence took a great deal of time. 

Our Ancestors laugh at us because they see that we want everything instantly.  We, the descendants, do not know patience.  Patience brings positivity.  Patience brings change slowly.  Patience gives us the courage to say hard things.

Today, slow down.  Practice patience.


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ancestors Speak - Learn From Experience


The Ancestors say that as we learn to let go of the expectations that we have, and we become more mindful of the moment, then life shifts.  We move to a place of tranquility because we are mindful of all the little things that help to interconnect us to others and to Nature.

We have a new hope as we see how the children are embracing the acts of caring for the Earth and for each other.  We are moving forward, slowly, into a new era of caring. 


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Ancestors - How To Live Life


Our Ancestors had very little in the way of choice for each activity that they did through out the day.  The one thing that they could choose was how they approached life.  The best choice was to be fearless, hopeful, moderate in eating, more quiet than talkative, and very loving.

This sounds like a great mantra for living life every day, even in current times.  While many say that we do not have a choice in things, all of the activities above are choices we can make to change our life. 

Today, choose one activity and concentrate on achieving it throughout the day.