Thursday, 29 September 2016

Angels Speak - The Act of Forgiveness



The Angels tell us that grievances stifle our growth. Whatever wounds we have suffered usually creates resentment or hate and anger. 

Currently, different events in the world are showing us these acts of anger that are expressed in extreme forms of violence.  How much hurt do these acts cause?  Are they actually payment for the original act of whatever aggression?  It seems that the cycle keeps escalating without anyone achieving satisfaction. 

Is there a solution for this cycle?  Yes, however, the solution is in each person.  The individual makes the choice to act or not to act. 


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Angels Speak - Speaking of Love




The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they’re still alive.
Olando Battista

The Angels tell us that the world really needs a lot of love right now, and that we need to tell our family, our friends, and all the people that surround us that we love them.

We find that saying the words "I love you" in what ever context exists are some of the hardest words to say.  Is it because we are stingy with our love?  If so, then love shrivels and dies.  Is it because we feel vulnerable?  If so, then we swath our love in fear, and the fear, not the love, grows. Is it because we withhold as a form of control – I don't love you unless?  Then, LOVE is lost in the struggle for power and control.

The Angels say, "Let the love flow without limits."


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Spirit Animal - Jack Rabbit's Luck


In many cultures, Rabbit is believed to be a sacred animal because he brings such good luck.  When a Rabbit died, people tried to preserve the luck by using all its parts.  This is why many people will carry a rabbit's foot when they feel that they are being unlucky.  In early days of television, the extra antennae shaped like a V were called "Rabbit Ears" because the marketing people thought people would associate the luck with the technology.  People were lucky to lock into the TV signal. 

Rabbit celebrates every spring with wild dances as part of their mating ritual.  Some believe that the May Pole dance is based on the complex hopping and movements that Rabbit does.  Many believe that when Rabbit runs before you, she is leading you to abundance.  And, when Rabbit runs away from you and does not run parallel with you, that Rabbit is showing that you will have mediocre luck.


Friday, 23 September 2016

Angels Speak - How Far Can YOU See?


We often wonder why we cannot see into the future.  We would like to know whether we will achieve or have great abundance.  One of the reasons that we don't see into the future the Angels tell us, is that seeing something down the road may become a barrier to achieving even more. 

There are no limits other than the restrictions that we place on ourselves.  We are not without resources or imagination.  Sometimes, we just do not know what to do with it.