Saturday, 29 April 2017

Spirit Guides - You Control Your Destiny


We all have problems that we would like to solve.  We all think that there are short cuts to solving problems. 

The Spirit Guides tell us that the quickest way to solve a problem is to own it.  That is, recognize that at the source of each problem is you.  You make your problems.  Yes, even if the problems seem to be circumstantial. 

The Guides say that each problem is a situation sent to us to help us learn something about ourselves.  If we say it is not our fault, if we blame, we are abdicating responsibility and giving away our power.


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Are You Feeling Confined?


There are days that life feels like it is a trap.  It pens you into routine/work/life that feels over whelming, and confining.

The Spirit Guides tell us that we need to redefine how we LIVE.  They tell us that we are restricting ourselves with all of our rules.  The more we want to feel free, the more restricted that we feel.  It is a great irony of the 21st Century. 

The Guides tell us that we should be letting go of the rules and restrictions.  They ask us to look for positivity in what we do, and to feel the Oneness with everything.  It is time to break free.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spirit Guides - What Makes You Feel Alive?


When we move through life, we find that different people and different events will change how we feel spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  Those things that make us feel utterly well and happy and peaceful are the things that we should hold close to us.

When things make us feel alive, the Spirit Guides tell us that we are in harmony with the earth and the heavens.  We spontaneously are grateful for everything.  We spread love and we love ourselves.  Life is grand.

Today, make a list of what makes you feel glad that you are alive.


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Being Positive


Every day has the ups and downs of normal life.  Some people, though, only see the downs.  They are so busy remembering the not so good times, that they miss the good times and the good things.

The Spirit Guides tell us that children are good teachers for seeing the positive in everything.  They teach us about communication and compassion, and finding the beautiful and the mystery in everything.

We all can find something positive in each day.  If you haven't been thinking about positivity, start today.  You can even write it in a journal and form it as "things to be grateful for".