Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Back Blogging!

Life is wonderful!  I have someone that took over blogging for me for Questers.ca and I now have some time to get back to my own blog posts.

I am back!

So many happy, sad, wonderful, disheartening, and strange things have happened over the past six months.  I will have lots of stuff to write about going forward. 

I still will not turn on the comments because of all of the weird stuff that is hitting the blog email.  Sorry folk!  Perhaps I can turn the comments back on in a month or so.

Stay tuned.

Many blessings.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Blog Comments

After promising to leave the blog open for comments, I now find that I must close the comments.  I am getting an extraordinary amount of spam comments mail.

I apologize to those of you who wish to comment and who wish to post legitimate stories. 

Stay well and stay adventuresome.



Monday, 31 December 2018

Happy New Year 2019 and Farewell


A very Happy New Year wish to each of you!  2018 has been an fascinating year of changes around the world.  Truth is coming to the forefront.  The movement to protect women and children is gaining momentum.  Around the world, ordinary people are revolting against corruption and dictatorships.  Life is changing.


As part of my change for the next year, I am taking a year off from blogging on Judy's Angels and Ancestors blog.  I thank each of you for your views and for your comments.  I will leave the blog active at least until June 2019 so you can still send me comments and share your thoughts.

Many blessings


Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Merry Christmas 2018


May this Christmas time be a joyous time for you and all those that you care about.  May you have time to yourself.  May you enjoy all that is around you.  May you feel peace and contentment.  May you interact with all those around you with grace and ease.

Many blessings.