Monday, 29 August 2016

Angels Speak - Where Do Things Begin?


If you could focus on what changes are happening inside your body right now, you would be amazed and in deep awe of just how perfect that you are.

If you could hear how intelligently your cells talk to one another to keep you together and to keep you healthy by fighting off infections, bacteria, and numerous maladies, you would be more grateful for your body.

If you could see your blood roar through your body at the speed of a raging river, you would laugh and clap at the wildness of the flow.

If you could watch the light that shines within you, you would know that you are perfect.


Saturday, 27 August 2016

Angels Speak - Don't Get Yourself In A NOT


A friend sent me this lovely prayer. Read through it and see if it resonates for you.


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Buddha Speaks - Powerful Truths



When I think that I have lost my way, I remember that there are truths out there,

Sometimes I find that I search these truths out when no one seems to care.

I wonder where the truths came from – what other world.

Did the Angels bring them here on wings unfurled?

Did those folks that received them just throw the truths away?

Or do the folks who have greed and lust and power have that much sway

To bury all the truths below the layers of empty promises and lies?

Perhaps it is time to change all that and let the lies all cease.

It's time to turn to all the truths and settle on inner peace.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Buddha Speaks - Action


Human beings are creatures of action.  As we move down a spiritual path, we sometimes forget that we still need to do, or to be part of an ongoing action.  It might be raising a family, or being a forest ranger.  It may be that we need to run or to work out.  Whatever action calls to you is the action that you need to honour.  It is a different calling for each of us because we are unique.  And yes, the calling might be similar but it will not be exact.

How do we move through the changes as we get our calls for action?  First, recognize that the call is a blessing.  We may get it early in life or very late.  Some get the calling and ignore it. Second, realize that the call to action may change you, and, it may cause your family and friends to forsake you.  When people say that you have changed, they do not necessarily mean it as a compliment. Third, know that it will take some planning on your part to make the change gracefully.