Sunday, 31 July 2011

Spirit Speaks - Trust Your Inner Voice


 (¯`♥´¯) .♥.•*¨`*♫.•
´*.¸.•´♥ “Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path.”
~ Henry Winkler

The New Moon meditation that we shared with 13 of our friends last night, was filled with some wonderful wisdom.  One idea that kept coming up was that we are now at a time where we must be aware of our own reality, and that we should not be swayed by others advice or directions.  We must be true to our own path.  Others, unless they are filled with deep wisdom, are not given permission, by Creator, to know your path.

Try being in silence.

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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Great Spirit Speaks - Feel the Silence


God is the friend of silence. See how nature... trees, flowers, grass... grows in silence. See the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls.

Mother Teresa 

There seems to be an extreme push from the heavens, for all of us to be in silence.  Creator seems to be looking to have us experience Oneness.  Whether we do this through silent observation, prayer, or meditation, the result will be an expansion of consciousness or awareness, of all that is around us.

Try it!

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Spirit Animal - Marmot


Last Sunday, Roger and I and our two dogs spent a day in the mountains north of Banff.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  However, you could see the patches of snow higher up.  One of the only animals that we got to see was the Marmot. 

Marmot’s make a high pitched whistle to alert their family that an intruder is in the area.  Our dogs counted as intruders!  Humans, on the other hand, were seen as a great source of food.

I think our Ancestors must have seen these little guys as miniature beavers.  They must have been surprised to have these furry little mountain ambassadors come to the camps to check out the food supply.  Marmots are very curious!

We noticed that Marmot acted like a gardener for Mother Nature.  They dug tunnels and brought up fresh soil that enriched the top soil which looked depleted from heavy snow falls and lush vegetation.  Marmot moved rocks around, and picked up small pieces of paper, stashing them we know not where – caretaking the park site.

For me, Marmot is an example of Oneness working.  She looks after the environment around here in harmony with the mountains, trees, vegetation, other animals, and, yes, people.  She is cheerful and funny.  She provides a sense of the elemental relationship of interdependent ecosystems.  She forgives us our humanness.  She remains with the mountain after we leave.

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Spirit Speaks - Be Authentic


“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” – Ben Okri

Sometimes I get messages or sound bites that I have a difficult time deciphering.  One of these sound bites was “stand in your authenticity”. 

My first thought was, “Could you be more obscure?”

I thought about it, and then just left the idea and went on to think about something else.  You know how it is though, the harder that you try NOT to think of something, the more you think about it. 

So, I went and looked up the word “authentic”.  The definitions are:


  1. Of undisputed origin; genuine
    • - the letter is now accepted as an authentic document
    • - authentic 14th-century furniture
  2. Made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original
    • - the restaurant serves authentic Italian meals
    • - every detail of the movie was totally authentic
  3. Based on facts; accurate or reliable
    • - an authentic depiction of the situation
  4. (in existentialist philosophy) Relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life
    • (of a church mode) Comprising the notes lying between the principal note or final and the note an octave higher

    Well this cleared things up! Not!  Was I supposed to be looking at genuine or traditional?  Was I supposed to be accurate or reliable?  To me, these are two different states.  Was I supposed to change?  How can one be in healing mode and be in between what is real and what is not?  I had more questions. 

    I sat in meditation.  I sat and thought the word authenticity.  I said a prayer.  I called on Creator/Great Spirit to help me understand how authenticity will help me be in service. 

    Then I felt a shift around me.  I had this knowing that I was to be genuine in my beliefs because that way I had no need of ego.  Ego is only required when one is not sure of the ground around them.  I felt good!  And, this will be easy to do.

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    Wednesday, 27 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Dolphin On Family


    Dolphin swims around the shoreline today to bring a message.  Although Dolphin seems very happy-go-lucky, she will be the first to tell you that the family, the pod, is extremely important to Dolphin. 

    All dolphins watch out for the young ones, and they will bring food to injured or ailing or older dolphins.  Dolphin says that it is important to remember family roots.  Families can teach one another and support new learning.  This is part of the success of Dolphin and why her kind has survived for ten million years. 

    There are many classifications of dolphins, based on whether they have teeth or not, what kind of nose and dorsal fin they have, how they breath, and even the language that they speak.  Dolphin is a chatterer, and loves to talk to other dolphins about anything – fish, swimming, practical jokes, and family.

    If Dolphin is coming to visit you right now, it may be that she is bringing you guidance about dealing with family.  The last eclipse was a propeller that started people looking at relationships – friends and family – yet mostly family.   Are there things that you need to heal in your self and in your family?  Are there lineage issues such as diseases or physical issues that need to be resolved and healed at this time?  Is it time to dive into family secrets that have been hidden until now? 

    Whatever the message is for you, Dolphin says that you should act before the next new moon.  It is time for healing!

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    Tuesday, 26 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Parrot


    When Parrot flies into your life, you are in for a treat!  She is colourful!   Her colour is also a clue about her healing abilities. 

    Yes, Parrot heals with colour.  She reminds us that we cannot survive with just one colour of light frequency – we must have a balanced palate of colour in our banquet of light.

    Parrot lives in very tropical areas where the Sun is powerful, and where light splashes into the environment.  With the multitude of tropical flower colours, Parrot fits into the environment, and is camouflaged.  The question becomes, “Rather than dark colours, do you need bright colours (light and laughter) to more easily fit in your environment?”

    Parrot in captivity tells everyone to find somewhere warm and sunny to visit – and she says “Take me with you!”

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    Monday, 25 July 2011

    Spirit Speaks - One Learns In The Space of Silence


    There is only one real rhythm; in Silence you hear it. When you live to the rhythm of this Silence, you become it slowly.    - Mother Meera

    Mystic writers say that we are moving now into the time of Oneness – a time where we will all be as one.  These writers say that we need to be still, and to listen.

    For me, silence is about stilling one’s own mind so that you can hear the messages from the life around you. 

    I have written about this before.  Check out….

    Spirit Speaks - We Must Be Silent
    From Judy - Feeling the Silence
    Buddha Speaks – Silence and Meditation
    Spirit Speaks – The Beauty of Silence

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    Sunday, 24 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Buck Wisdom


    Last night, Roger and I took the dogs for a walk in Fish Creek Park.  Just as we got to the park entrance, a large, male jack rabbit bounded up in front of us – startling all four of us. 

    Later during the walk, we saw a young buck walk out of the woods, and then a few minutes later, it was joined by an older buck.  Both deer still had lots of velvet on their antlers.

    They were across the channel of water from us, and therefore, were quite unafraid.  They nibbled leaves and watched us, and seemed to be giving us safe passage along the river. 

    Today, I was wondering what the significance was of the three animals.  Then I heard, “It is all about the bucks!”

    I struggled with that wisdom for a while.  Then I got a flash – the three bucks are like representations of dollars (buck is slang for dollars), and for abundance.  The message and blessing is that we will be well taken care of and that we will have all the abundance that we need – in the form of dollars and in other ways. 

    I was very grateful for this little pep talk from the Universe.

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    Saturday, 23 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Sloth


    A Sloth showed up in my meditation today.   She was just “hanging around” waiting to be noticed.

    I asked about her.  She said that she and her cousins inhabit Central and South America.  (Sloth is a cousin to the Anteater and to the Armadillo.) I asked why she was popping in today.  She said that she wanted to give me some information.

    Rainbow Sloth is about living in harmony with one’s environment – surroundings, the earth, relatives, and other life forms.  Sloth wants humans to honour the ecosystem that they live in, instead of trying to destroy it.

    Rainbow Humans have just learned to recycle, and do not do it efficiently.  Sloth eats what is near at hand, and takes a week to process the food.  She does not move quickly – 5 meters per hour.  She buries her excrement so that it will nourish the plant life more quickly – recycle and reuse.

    Rainbow  As Sloth hangs upside down, she is safe from all predators.  She asks, “ What you do to make your self safe from all things?”  Sloth is proof that you do not have to be stronger or faster or more competitive to survive.  You simply must make use of your skills and develop your key traits, as Sloth did.

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    Friday, 22 July 2011

    Buddha Speaks - Why Get Upset?


    Replace Anger with Tolerance  -  The sixth chapter of the Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life is considered to be a special magical precept from Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, for replacing anger with tolerance. The essence is: Why get upset if you can do something about something? And if you can't do anything about it, then why get upset?  -Robert Thurman, “Rising to the Challenge: Cool Heroism”

    I see many people work themselves into a mass of anger over a situation which they may have not created, and which they cannot control.  I realize that often the anger is about the injustice of a situation, or, I should say, the perceived injustice in the situation.

    Often too, the anger is about not tolerating anything that seems to be a compromise.  In this case, the ego is so strong that everything must be either the person’s way, or they erupt in anger.

    If we avoid getting upset, often we can see a different way to resolve our feelings because we can see a solution for the situation.  It is hard to think outside the box if we are sitting in the box and stewing about it.

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    Thursday, 21 July 2011

    Spirit Speaks - Care For The Children


    “Remember that your children are not your own but are lent to you by the Creator.” – A Mohawk Proverb

    I read this quote and felt a shift in my perception.  We humans do not do a great job of taking care of the children. 

    I had a conversation the other day with a colleague about education.  He said that he and his wife sent their children to a private school because even though his city built a huge, new school close to his house, the elected school board hired idiots (his word for teachers released from contracts in other school divisions) to staff the place.  His concern was that his children would receive a sub-standard education.  He believes that great teachers are going to private schools where they are paid top dollar, and where they motivate the students to learn.  My friend is caring for his children.

    I thought how lucky his kids were to be cared for so that they can continue the work of the Creator.

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    Wednesday, 20 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Eagle Says “Remember”


    I was having really strange dreams last night.  I could not focus in on the message in the dream, and everything felt slightly wrong. 

    Then, my dream scape shifted.  I was walking with my sister.  I looked up, and there was this large Eagle sitting in a tree slightly ahead of us, and up on a branch.  She looked at me and said, “Remember!” 

    I remembered that Eagle is about seeing the bigger picture.  She is about looking at beginnings and endings.  I know too that she is about riding the currents and finding a way to stay aloft without doing much work.

    At that moment, she jumped off the branch, and caught a current and soared up into the air.  Then she dived down towards me.  I stuck out my arm in case she wanted to land on it.  Instead, just above my arm, she swooped back up into the air.

    She went so high that I thought she might disappear.  Then, she came floating down, as the wind caught her wings.  It made me remember that we do not need to be in control of things.  We can let them happen, in the easiest manner possible.

    I go to work with a lighter heart!

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    Tuesday, 19 July 2011

    Angels Speak - Thunder and Rain


    We are the Angels that look after the rain.  We like to announce the rain with the sound of thunder because it so much like the sound of big drums!  Rain is for washing and cleaning the air and the earth.  Animals that do not like to swim love their showers from the rain.

    Rain is a way to bring oxygen and light to Earth.  The more rain, the more light, as contradictory as that sounds.  Bringing light to Earth is a matter of physics – H2O – two hydrogen and one oxygen bring down a little light. 

    Rain causes people to be alone with their thoughts; to be self assessing.  This is perhaps why so many people feel that rain causes depression.  It is not the rain; it is one’s thoughts!  If your thoughts, your life, and your world are clean, then you will enjoy the rain because it brings in new life.

    Rain is for crops and gardens, for flowers and trees, for meadows and for creeks, for sleeping and for meditation.  It is the moisture that keeps the sparkle in all of life.

    Enjoy the rain!

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    Monday, 18 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Bee


    Summer, and the flowers bloom on the trees and in the gardens.  The flowers on fruit trees require pollination. The Bee is busy at work. 

    Bee stopped what it was doing the other day at the park, and flew over to me.  I held out my hand, and it landed gently on my palm.  Bee had a few things to say.

    • There will always be queen bees, drones, and worker bees.  The trick is to be happy with what you are given, and not to yearn for something else.  Queen bees do not leave the hive.  Drones die very young.  Worker bees have jobs to do, and still have the freedom to travel where ever they wish to go.  They get to taste the raw sweetness (nectar) of life.
    • Bees have always been in service to the natural world.  In doing the work of the hive, they work for Mother Nature (Creator) and, through this, find ways to be in service to mankind.  This is the ultimate way to grow spiritually -  to “bee” in service to all parts of the Earth.
    • Bees are peace-loving, despite our reputation as aggressive that comes from our Africanized bee cousins.  If you do not threaten the hive, you will be left alone.  We wish that mankind understood the idea of “leaving alone” much better than their actions are showing.  Now, it seems whatever mankind sees, he wants to disturb by redesigning, moving, digging, or covering up.
    • A hive has a natural order of interconnectedness.  This type of communication did exist between animals and mankind.  Perhaps it will come back before mankind totally disappears.

    Then Bee buzzed off!

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    Sunday, 17 July 2011

    Spirit Speaks – It is About Singing Your Song


    The other day, while shopping, I heard a three year old singing the most delightful little song.  Her mother quietened her by saying, “No one wants to hear you sing!”  The little girl was crushed!  Then, the two were lost in the crowd.

    Years ago when I had a consulting business, I had an unconscious habit of humming while I worked.  The consultants and staff would ask me to stop because they could not concentrate.  Fair enough!  I stopped humming.  Now, I only hum and sing if I am completely by myself. 

    I wonder how many of us have lost our voice along our journey because others hushed us.  The strange thing is that music and song are made to be shared. 

    I hope that you sing and hum, and add a little dance to your music!  I will listen.

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    Saturday, 16 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Swan Says Love


    Summertime – the time of warmth, happiness, and weddings.  It is a time to contemplate love.  One of the symbols of love is Swan.

    The gracefulness of the Swan, and its colour, are symbols of innocence and purity around the world.  Additionally, most people, in all countries where Swan resides, see Swan as a symbol of beauty.  The combination of grace, purity, innocence and beauty, make Swan synonymous with “love”.

    As a symbol of love, Swan decorates wedding cakes, is featured on wedding invitations, and may be in the centerpiece or the hall decorations.  In an outdoor wedding, Swan may be swimming in the river or lake.  Swan is appropriate for weddings because Swan mates for life, and if it loses its mate, may remain solitary until death.  Therefore, Swan is the proof of the “one life, one love” saying. 

    It is so beautiful, and so strong!  This is the vision that men have of the woman that they will marry, and often, the vision that the women has of her handsome man.  The theme that Swan conveys is that love enhances the beauty and strength for all those that carry love in their hearts. 

    It makes sense then, that the Swan is the favoured animal for Aphrodite – Venus, the goddess of love.

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    Friday, 15 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Swallow


    A popular tattoo for both men and women is the image of a swallow.  Some like the stylized version which is more symbolic.  Here is a design that I like.


    I began to wonder why Swallow was such a popular choice for tattoos, and why so many people say “Swallow” when you ask them to name a bird.

    Some of the reasons that Swallow has such a following are:

    1. Our  Norse ancestors tell the story that the Swallow flew around Jesus’ head, and sang songs to distract him from his suffering.
    2. British and German ancestors say that if Swallow nests on your house, all within will have good luck.  Additionally, the house is protected from disasters such as fires, heavy wind, and hail and snow.
    3. North American First Nations legends tell how Swallow tricked the Sun, and was able to steal fire from the Sun, and bring fire to The People so the people would be warm in winter.
    4. Farmers believe that the time that Swallow arrives back from migration will indicate the type of year that farmers will have.  Late arrival means a short and cooler summer.  Early arrival means a long, warm summer which means a good growing season.
    5. Farmers also believe that a high flying Swallow meant good weather, and Swallow flying low, close to the ground, indicated cooler, rainy weather.  (Note that because Swallow is an insect eater, it probably tells more about the behaviour of the insects and weather.)

    Most gardeners love Swallow and build or buy big Swallow Houses for the Swallows to live in while they are in the north.  The benefit is that Swallow eats so many insects, including mosquitoes.

    Swallow has played a role in our belief systems because of the various legends told about it.  If Swallow is hanging out around you, it is a good thing, and she will bring you blessings.

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    Thursday, 14 July 2011

    Spirit Speaks - When You Slip In The Mud


    Slipping in the mud is common, especially after heavy rains.    Does it have any meaning?  Yes, it does!

    The blending of water (emotions) with the earth (materiality) is the physical manifestation of transition from one place to a next.  If you have ever fallen into mud, you know that you must wash it off.  You then go from dirty to clean, which shows the next step in the process – transformation.

    We have been taught through science that all life was born out of the oceans washing up to the shore and creating mud.  Life literally crawled out of the mud to get to dry land.  This means that mud may also symbolize birthing.  If you fall in the mud, and get up, is it because you have this great idea that requires birthing?

    People who are ungrounded, or flighty, will often have a “muddy” experience to remind the to get grounded.  The first warning of the need to be grounded is usually spilling water on the ground, and the formation of mud at one’s feet. 

    What if you are out hiking and you get stuck in the mud?  This may be a physical reflection of being stuck in one area of your life – perhaps job, career, family, or even feeling stuck about what direction your life generally should go.  A clue about direction can usually be found in the geographic area that your mudslide occurred in. 

    Let’s talk about mud slide.  The last several years there have been an extraordinary number (by my standards) of mudslides around the world.   Just as falling in mud or slipping in mud represents an issue for an individual, the mudslide represents an issue for a wider population.  Some of the issues:

    • stuck in the old way of doing things – now is the time to let go.
    • what you are doing and saying has no grounds – so the ground is swept away from you.
    • so you think that you are morally or economically higher or better than others – let’s change that thought right now and sweep everything you have away from you.
    • you think that you are beyond the basics – well, if your shelter and food are gone than you move right back to basics.  Maybe you can do it better this time!

    Mud has a lot of lessons to teach.  Perhaps you will watch who plays in the mud, and who doesn’t with more interest.

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    Wednesday, 13 July 2011

    Angels Speak - Learn The Attitude of “Hope”


    “Hope is not a question of personal philosophy. In the face of uncertainty, operating from a stance of hope is a strategic and practical response. It is a way of approaching the world. As environmental writer Professor David Orr said of it, “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.”” ~~ Paul Gilding

    The Angels say that HOPE is what keeps people moving forward.  They see it all the time.  When people are in dire circumstances, it is hope that allows these people to persevere and to get out of tough situations.

    Hope, say the Angels, is not a gene.  You are not born with it.  It is something that you learn, or find.  It is strength of spirit.  Some say it is strength of will.  It might even be an attitude.   As Angels do not have will – they do not need it – and they do not require hope, Angels find the evolution of  mankind’s hope to be one of the most interesting emotions that developed over time.

    Although many writers over time have attributed hope to religious faith, the Angels say that there is not any correlation between religion and hope.  Individuals who have never heard of many of the religions will exhibit hope.  And, add the Angels, they are starting to see hope in many animals. 

    Hope is anticipation that the current situation will change and will be better for the person who is feeling hope.  The Angels agree that “when there is a will, there is a way!”  It seems that a strong call to action is another trait of people that feel hope.  The Angels have wondered if it is the movement or action that inspires hope.  Or, is it that hope causes action?  They are not really all that clear on which comes first.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Tuesday, 12 July 2011

    Spirit Animal – Garter Snake Says “Ground”


    The Garter Snake (GS) inhabits Fish Creek park and the surrounding park areas that angle off the rivers.  It works to be invisible so that it does not frighten people, and so that Hawk or Crow does not find it, and eat it.

    GS lives close to the ground, and that, it says, helps it to stay grounded and in the now moment.  GS is known for its gentleness, and for the affection and attachment it may form with some people or some animals.

    GS recommends following these guidelines for grounding.

    • Pick a warm spot to ground in.  Cold makes you slow down and makes grounding more difficult.
    • Make sure that the spot you pick is safe.  Perhaps travel around the area that you will be using and sprinkle musk, like we do, and keep out other animals.  Or, you may  create sacred space in your own way.
    • Get comfortable in your space.  Close your eyes.  Coil inward.  Let your energy drop down into the ground. 
    • Plan to bask for at least fifteen minutes in the warmth and grounding.  You will feel so refreshed!

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    Monday, 11 July 2011

    Buddha Speaks - Feeling Pain Together


    Direct Seeing -  With direct seeing, we know that we are not alone in our suffering and that no one need feel alone when in pain. Seeing our oneness is the beginning of our compassion, and it allows us to reach beyond aversion and separation.

    -Sharon Salzberg, “A Quiver of the Heart”

    When I read this passage, I am reminded that not all of us see the same way.  I realize that many people judge others’ pain to be lesser than their own.  I wonder why we seem to feel aversion, or even jealousy, about other people’s pain.  A scene from the movie, “Grumpy Old Men” sticks in my mind.  Jack Lemmon’s and Walter Matthau’s character each competed to see who had the biggest hurt!  It was funny, and sad, at the same time.

    I confess, when I see other people in pain, I most often seem to hurt for them.  It quickly goes away.  The pain lets me see/feel how they are feeling, and, I empathise with their pain.  I typically respond the same way to tears of grief or sadness.

    I think most people are like that!

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    Sunday, 10 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Hummingbird Visit

    Last week, I received a wonderful story about Hummingbird.  I have permission to share this.  Enjoy!

    A summer ago I had a hummingbird land near me while I was swimming in the Lake of the Ozarks, it was an incredibly humid day, one of those days that you didn't even get out of the water. It sat where I was floating... for a good solid few minutes, and would hop down every so often and drink some of the water.


    (Picture from Allie.  I blew up the hummingbird in the picture below so you could see how comfortable it looks!)


    It was a really awesome experience... before then, and since, I've always loved hummingbird, their photos, any artwork, seeing them in and around the gardens around my house... I enjoy swallows too... I have swallow ornaments hanging from my ceiling in my bedroom... and hummingbirds as the background of my blog.

    I'm not really sure if you check this e-mail often or even do this sort of thing anymore... but is there any certain way to know if that is my "spirit animal?" I know you cannot choose your animal... but how do I know if it has chosen me or not?

    Thank you for any help you can provide!



    Allie, I will answer your question by saying that spirit animals choose us by spending time with us in non-traditional or non-normal behaviour.  A hummingbird does not normally sit on a spaghetti floater and drink water.  When hummingbird does this, it is honouring you for enjoying the sweetness of life, and shows you that the water is sweet by drinking it.  She shows you too, that at that moment, your life could not be sweeter!

    If you are hanging up swallow stuff, then Swallow has touched you in some way, perhaps in dream time, and the stuff that you put up is in honour of this relationship, and to help you stay in touch with swallow’s energy.  It is one of your spirit animal guides.

    Please understand that spirit animal guides may change over time, and sometimes, a guide is with you only while you are experiencing a certain situation.  So, your hummingbird may be with you all your life; or, it may suddenly flit away, and a new guide will take its place.  It sounds however, like Swallow is a long term guide.

    I have not posted a blog on Swallow.  This is a reminder to me to do so! 

    Thank you!

    Love and light to you,

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    Saturday, 9 July 2011

    Spirit Speaks - When Lightning Strikes A Tree


    “Lightning is good.  When Lightning strikes a tree, people say that tree has been blessed and they go to gather that wood for special purposes.”  -  Apache Tradition

    Last week, lightning hit a tree on Poplar Island, an island in the Bow River, and part of Fish Creek Park.  The tree burned for a long time, for it was a large tree, and had lived a long time.

    I began to think about the tree.  One of my thoughts was that the Elementals had decided that this tree was special, and that it should not suffer the fate of being chewed down by beavers, and then becoming part of the next beaver dam. 

    Instead, the Elementals decided that this tree would be transformed from tree to charcoal.  It then becomes a wonderful instrument of cleaning and healing for all the animals that ingest it.  As it washes into the river, it becomes a natural filter.

    It seems to me that this is how humans may transform – with one flash of great light they become less than they were before and then so much more.

    I wish you a flash of inspiration!

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    Friday, 8 July 2011

    Spirit Speaks -- Rivers, Streams, and Creeks


    For the last ten years, we have lived quite close to the Bow River and to Fish Creek.  This year, although the Bow and Fish Creek have flowed to the tops of their banks and slightly over, we have not had the flooding that many places have had.  Because the melt is very slow this year in the mountains, we still may have flooding to come.

    This set me thinking about the role of rivers and streams and creeks.  Shaman, medicine people, and mystics believe that the water that flows in a bed (rivers, streams, creeks) represents:

    • going with the flow
    • evolution and change from one state to another
    • the passage of time
    • creation and destruction
    • shape-shifting
    • emotional journeys at different levels
    • return to oneness
    • travel from one place to the next, similar to the Chariot card in the Tarot
    • and, the river represents goals

    The Bow, then, is showing those of us that live close to it, that when emotions run high (as in high water) change must happen.  Just as the water causes an evolution in the course of the river, we are in for an evolution in our lives – perhaps who we are and how we live.  The river has been high now for several months.  This shows that there is a long period of time that will pass where our emotions will be high, and therefore quick to be in the forefront of things.  There will be some destruction of what was and a creating of new things.  What we once thought we knew will take on a new shape, and it will be better.

    The river runs year after year.  Life flows the way it needs to.

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    Thursday, 7 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Dove Drops Feathers


    The other morning, I stepped out of the house, through the patio door, and found some dove feathers on the mat outside the door.  I picked them up, said a thank-you, and left them on the table on the deck.  I was going to clean them when I got back from walking the dogs.

    When I got back, the dove feathers had blown back to the mat.  I laughed.  Dove surely wanted me to use these feathers for something.  And, when the dogs and I were walking, I found a beautiful magpie feather sitting on the middle of the path. I found this quite unusual since that path is walked by over a hundred dog owners and their dogs, each day, and usually twice a day.

    So, I  knew that something was special about feathers, and I knew that Dove was sending a message.

    1.  Feathers are very often a sign from the Angels that they have heard your prayer, or request, and that they will do as you have prayed for the greatest and highest good.

    2.  Dove is about peace and being peaceful, and being nurturing.  I am working this out in my life right now as I run a consulting company, teach StarTalker Quest weekly, and still see clients twice per week for Angels And Ancestors.  It seems like Dove is offering her help.

    3.  While Roger and I were having breakfast that day, Dove came and sat on the peak of our house and cooed at us while we were eating.  It seems like she was saying to be gentle to ourselves and to enjoy our life.

    4.  I have been contemplating making a new drum beater, and I keep seeing it with feathers at the end.  The gift of the dove feathers seems like I will be making a “Dove” drum beater.

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    Wednesday, 6 July 2011

    Mother Earth Speaks - Black Sea Salt

    A picture of Black Sea Salt.  What is it?

    The ingredients say 100% natural salt (lava salt from Hawaii) and activated charcoal powder. What is Activated Charcoal Powder? Simply burnt wood that has had all its oxygen removed. It is a non-toxic universal antidote that can be taken internally or applied topically. In powdered form, activated charcoal is one of nature’s most efficient adsorbents­a powerful aid in eliminating toxins, gas and many poisons from the human system. Provides relief for gas, diarrhea, swollen skin and more. So, not only is it a pretty salt with a nice crystalline crunch, it has, besides the sea salt, an ingredient that is healthy for your insides and outsides! –from /
    In one of the new moon meditations, we were linked up with Mother Earth, and she advised us on what natural product we needed, from her, to help us achieve good health.
    In my meditation, I was guided to get Black Sea Salt.  I had no idea what it was, or why I would want to use it.  It took me several weeks to find any in a local store.  When I finally found it, I purchased it and began using it.  I have been using it now for a month. 
    The black sea salt has trace minerals, plus charcoal, in it, that my body needs.  Since using it, my body does not crave salt in the same way that it did previously.  I find that I eat less food when I use the black sea salt.
    Remember, that this is not medical advice and that you should check with a doctor before eating anything that is unknown.  And, do take what I say with a grain of salt!  However, physically, my nails are stronger and my hair is growing faster.
    Mother Earth knew what she was talking about!
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    Tuesday, 5 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - How Otter Saved The Animals

    One of my young friends loves otters!  She identifies with their swimming, their playfulness, and their resourcefulness.

    She wanted to know an old story of the otters.  The following Cree legend is for her.



    As the story is told, in the days when the earth was new and there were no men but only animals, the sun was far away in the sky. It was so far away that there was no summer. It was so far away that the trees and the grasses did not grow as they should.
    He-Who-Made-the-Animals saw how it was that there was not enough sun to heat the earth, and so he fashioned a snare. The Sun did not see the snare in his path, walked into the snare, and the snare held him fast.

    Then the sun was close to the earth. In fact, the snare held the sun so close to the earth that there was no night. Day after day the sun shown and the earth dried and the grasses withered. There was not enough food or water for the animals and they desperately called a council.

    "Sun," the animals said, "You give too much heat to the earth."

    "Set me free from this snare" the Sun said, "and I will go away."

    "But if you go away, then there will not be enough heat."

    "Set me free," the Sun said, "and I will come to the edge of the earth in the morning and in the evening; then at noon-time I will stand straight above the earth and warm it then."

    The animals sat around the council fire and they said, "Who is going to set the sun free?"

    "I shall not do it," Wildcat said. "Whoever sets the sun free must go so close to the sun that he will be burned to death."

    Lynx said, "Whoever sets the sun free must chew the leather thong that holds him; the sun will burn him to death before he can do it."

    "I shall not do it," said the deer, the wolf and the raccoon.

    "I shall do it," Otter said. "How can you do it?" said the animals. "You are too small, your teeth are for fish, and your fur has already burned away." None of the other animals liked the otter because he played too much. They did not think he was brave.

    "Let him try," Bear said. "He will burn to death, but we will not miss him. He is of no use to us. He looks silly now that his fur is gone." The animals laughed.

    Ignoring the taunts, the otter set off to the place in the sky above the earth where the sun was held by the snare. Otter took many days to get to the sun. The sun burned him. The sun was so bright, Otter had to close his eyes. When he reached the sun, Otter began to chew on the leather thong that held the sun. His skin was burning and blistering, his eyes were hot stones. But Otter did not stop chewing.

    Suddenly he chewed through the leather. The animals saw the sun rise into the sky. The animals felt the cool winds begin to blow on the earth. Otter had freed the sun from the snare.
    Time passed. Otter lay in the center of the council ring. There was no fur at all left on his body. His skin was burned and scorched and his flesh was falling off his bones. His teeth were only blackened stumps.

    He-Who-Made-the-Animals also stood in the center of the council ring. "Otter," he said, "the animals will not forget what you have done for them. I will see that they do not forget," and he gave Otter new strong teeth, tireless muscles, keen eyesight, and a powerful tail to help him in his hunting and in his play. He did not have to give him bravery. But he gave him new fine fur that was like down on his skin, and a second coat of fur to guard the first so that he would not get cold in water or in winter. Then he gave him joy so that he would always be happy in his otter's life, and Otter has so remained until this day.
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    Monday, 4 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - The Legend of the Panda Bear

    Sometimes, we feel attracted to an animal and we do not know why.  We put it down to feeling empathy with the animal, or with being in touch with the animal.  For years, Panda Bear stuffed animals were given to babies.  I was given one and it is one of my first toys that I remember.  I began to wonder why many of us feel such attachment to an animal that is not native to North America. 
    I then found this wonderful legend from Tibet.  See if it resonates for you as it did for me.
    A long time ago, when pandas lived in the mountains of Tibet, they were white as snow.  They were friends with four female shepherds that watched their flocks, in the mountains near their village.  One day as the shepherdesses where playing with a panda cub, a leopard leapt out of the bush and tried to attack the cub.  The young shepherdesses threw themselves in front of the cub to save it and were killed by the leopard. 
    All the pandas in the area were saddened by their deaths and held a memorial service to honor them and their bravery.  To remember their sacrifice for the cub, the pandas all wore black ashes on their arms (as was the local custom).  As they wept for the shepherdesses, they wiped their eyes with their paws, they covered their ears to block out the sound of the crying and they hugged each other in grief.  As they did these things the ash spread and blackened their fur. The pandas did not wash the black off their fur as a way to remember the girls.  To this day, pandas are covered with the black markings to always remember.
    I love this story, and the compassion of Panda!

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    Sunday, 3 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Black Bear



    Today, a Black Bear mother popped in to say that she had a few words to say about humans and their view of Black Bear.  She said that humans see the black bear as angry, confrontational and destructive.  She feels sad about this.

    Her view is that humans interfere too much in the lives of Black Bear, especially when she is with her cubs.  She will do anything to protect her cubs from over zealous humans.  And, these humans call her angry and destructive.

    Black Bear says, “Give us our space.  Honour our role in creation and in the maintenance of the wild.  Treat us with respect and we will not become angry that you are in our space.  Give us time to raise our young, and then we will disappear to the higher country.  We must be at lower levels to show our little ones how to hunt and feed the food that is not higher.  It is what it is.”

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    Saturday, 2 July 2011

    Spirit Animal - Bobcat

    With a gray to brown coat, whiskered face, and black-tufted ears, the bobcat resembles the other species of the mid-sized Lynx genus. It is smaller than the Canada lynx, with which it shares parts of its range, but is about twice as large as the domestic cat. It has distinctive black bars on its forelegs and a black-tipped, stubby tail, from which it derives its name. – from Wikipedia
    In my meditation this morning, the animal that knocked to come in was “Bobcat”.  She offered that she had some thoughts to share, and that her kind will be showing up as guides for more and more people.  She said that Bobcat has even been accepted as a “pet” in some homes, although, in her mind, the Bobcat moved in as a guardian. 
    She says:
    • Look to us as guides about being adaptable to environment.  We inhabit wooded areas, as well as semi-desert, urban edge, forest edges, and swampland environments.  You think that you can survive in only one place.  Begin to experiment with being in different areas.
    • Find a healthy food that agrees with you, and eat mostly that food.  Your body will become healthier, leaner, and better able to support you.  You will be immune to diseases that plague others that eat a multitude of different, unhealthy foods.
    • Understand the time of day that provides you with the most energy.  Bobcat moves when our prey is active - from just before sunset to midnight, and again for about three hours around dawn.  If your work does not fit your sleep pattern, perhaps you should change your work, or, simply ask for a different schedule.
    • Our coat is multi-coloured so that we camouflage easily in all terrain.  How do you camouflage yourself?
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    Friday, 1 July 2011

    Spirit Speaks - July 1 2011 New Moon and Eclipse

    The time of the new moon is a time for workings of beginnings of projects and plans.  This is the year that we, the human race, will begin to take a new view of life. 

    A good meditation to do today is to meditate on self forgiveness.  There are many things that hold us hostage from moving forward and our own judgements is the largest hurdle.



    The partial solar eclipse on July 1, 2011, will only be visible if you are on the coast of Antarctica, where the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. This eclipse occurs only one month after the June 1 partial solar eclipse. The lunar penumbra will briefly touch and only glance the globe off Lutzow-Holm bay which is on the coast of Antarctica. A partial solar eclipse occurs when the moon’s shadow misses the earth but passes very close to it.  from   Picture is from

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    From Judy – Happy Canada Day!



    I am grateful to be in a place that I love.  My wish for all people is to live in a place that they love.  May life be filled with love, laughter, and abundance for all of you.

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