Thursday, 31 March 2011

From Judy–The Spiritual Bully


When someone constantly badgers us with their ideas about what they are hearing and need to  tell us, whether they have our permission or not, I call the person a “spiritual bully”.  This means that they believe they have some divine right to tell you what ever they think about you and what you are doing, even if it is only their opinion, and typically, they get angry at you if you don’t take their advice.

One of the first laws of the universe is “harm no one (none)”.  This means that you do not violate a person’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual space, without permission.  To do so is to set out to intentionally harm them.  This happens so often with teachers and mentors with their students or followers.  It happens when someone feels that they are more powerful than someone else, and that power is used to force the “someone else” to take on tasks that they might not otherwise do.

Some ideas for coping with spiritual bullies are:

  • Set boundaries to take back your power.   “Boundaries are not walls, they are safety markers to keep you safe.  You have a right to protect yourself when someone comes into your space uninvited.”
  • Stand in your power and show your confidence by saying “no, I can’t do that right now.”  This means that you need to feel good about yourself and your abilities. 
  • Make plans to avoid the bullying relationship.  You cannot change other people; however, you can change the environment.  You can choose to be in a healthy, safe environment.  The April Magazine will be up on very soon.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spirit Animals - Buffalo Kin


Buffalo is unique in its shape – a massive hump over its shoulders, and a very thick skull and mane that protects the head from attack.  The hind end is not so protected.  Therefore, as a defense stance, Buffalo will gather in a circle, with their heads out and their hindquarters in.  This allows them to protect themselves and each other. 

If you doubted that we, humans, are related to buffalo, then look at the idea of Buffalo gathering in a circle.  So have humans gathered over time.  Our Ancestors held the circle sacred, as does Buffalo.  In fact, Buffalo will put the young in the center of the circle to protect them as well.

Buffalo kin show us that we need to protect our young, while at the same time training them to survive on their own.  We do not know how to do this anymore, it seems.  Buffalo comes forward now to remind us that the strength of our children is dependent on the strength that we have to teach them what is needed.  We have to do better at teaching than we have in the past.  The April Magazine will be up on very soon.

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Monday, 28 March 2011

Spirit Animal - Bobcat


Bobcat has lived on the fringes of urban areas for years.  It knows how to adapt to desert, mountains, swamp, and plain.  It has learned much over the 1.8 million years it has been on the planet.  Even though man has tried to kill it off, it still walks the earth, proudly wearing its gorgeous fur.

Bobcat has come forward to share some thoughts with us:

  • Regardless of your appearance, you can easily blend in and camouflage yourself when the need arises.  Many of you will need to learn how to blend with the natural surroundings; and you will need to learn how to be quiet.  Four legged and winged ones are shy, and to meet them, you will need quiet and patience.
  • Try limiting your diet to those things that are close at hand, fresh from the land, and made with your own hands.  Your muscles will accept this food better than artificial food. 
  • Find a place where you can go and rest – not your current house – someplace on the land.  If you are scared of natural places, now is a good time to overcome that fear.
  • Learn to understand or to read, the signals of the wildlife around you.  When many birds fly up suddenly, that means something that birds are scared of has come into their presence.  When animals scatter, then a predator (a big one, or a hunting man) is coming into the area.  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spirit Speaks - A New Time For Being Human



It is not enough to be able to drop your body
as easily as a bathrobe, take flight like the eagle,
enter the hollow hills, talk with angels, and
dance among the stars.

We must make the return.

We must live in this world and be gardens
for the dreams that want to take root in it.

~ Robert Moss, Dreaming True ~

The winter has dragged on, and on.  And, it feels like it is birthing something new for us.  It feels like we are moving from a time of density to a time of lightness, on all levels – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I know that I am changing.  I can feel it in my body and my head.  I feel the expansion in my heart.  An expansion that tells me to look at the other parts of the story when I am upset at something that I judge to be an injustice or a hurt or a problem.  And, my body relaxes. 

I love this quote from Robert Moss’s work.  He says that as much as we’d like to be elsewhere, we must be here – present and contributing – to this life.  It is what we make it.  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spirit Animals - White Storks


I was in that strange place again, in dreamland, where everything seems bigger and more clear than it does during the waking hours. 

As I looked around, I realized that I seemed to be on the edge of a swamp, and that there were many white storks wading around in the water.  From time to time, two storks would jump/fly together, and look like they were dancing.  They way that  they moved their necks and wings was so creative that it seemed that they were ethereal beings, dancing away because life is so grand!

Sometimes, they would dip their beaks into the water and then shake the water off on one another.  Sometimes, a feather or two would float off their wings and down on the water.  Sometimes, they wound their necks around each other, in a display of affection.

I wondered why I was watching this, in my dream, and what the message was for me. 

I would love to have you share your thoughts!  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Friday, 25 March 2011

From Judy - He Brought Me Roses!


This has been an interesting week for me.  I have been battling a cold and stuffy head and hoarse throat, and yes, I know that I am clearing huge things, for my self and for others.  I have a business to run and clients who trust that I will get the work completed.  I feel responsible!

I thought about all that I have learned this week, about my self, my friends, and my family, and I am blown away by the rush of change that is happening.  I have taken online workshops; I have read extensively; I have done self healing and clearing and laid on the copper board.  I feel good that I am doing the work. 

The happiest, most loving thing was, when Roger walked in the house with a dozen red roses because he loved me and thought I needed them.  That is the highlight of my week!  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Buddha Speaks - The Story of the Meditating Monk


One of the hardest things that I have found is the process of letting go of fear.  From the time that we are very young, we are conditioned to the idea of fear, and that we must fear anything that is different or unknown.  Perhaps, because of that conditioning, I have gone out of my way to meet, head on, what it is I fear.  I often wondered if I just had a streak of recklessness in me –which was the consensus of my parents – or whether I was legitimately moving forward on my journey. 

This train of thought has been a source of many meditations and contemplations for me.  I wonder if I am able to overcome all fear.  Then I remembered the teaching about the spider.  

I went through my notes, and found that I actually wrote about this  last year – April 13th.  Here is the story.

A Tibetan story tells of a meditation student who, while meditating in his room, believed he saw a spider descending in front of him. Each day the menacing creature returned, growing larger and larger each time. So frightened was the student, that he went to his teacher to report his dilemma. He said he planned to place a knife in his lap during meditation, so when the spider appeared he would kill it. The teacher advised him against this plan. Instead, he suggested, bring a piece of chalk to meditation, and when the spider appeared, mark an "X" on its belly. Then report back.

The student returned to his meditation. When the spider again appeared, he resisted the urge to attack it, and instead did just what the master suggested. When he later reported back to the master, the teacher told him to lift up his shirt and look at his own belly. There was the "X".

Because this is coming up for me again, in the spring, almost a year later, I feel that I need to do some karma clearing around belief systems connected to fear. 

I am off to do that now.   Have a wonderful evening!  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spirit Animals - Coyote Healer in a Dream


In my dream, I was on my knees.  I had been hurt, and was bleeding from two wounds, one to my left shoulder and one to my right thigh.  I hurt.  I was wondering if it was worth continuing trying to live.  I knew that I was bleeding out.  My head dropped forward, and I thought that I would soon die. 

And then I heard a yip of some sort.  I tried to see what was coming, but I could not.  I thought that I could not feel this tired without sleeping.  As I started to lean forward, I leaned into something very soft.  I looked up and saw a large, grey coyote in front of me.  He whined.  He leaned into me. 

I wrapped my fingers around his fur and I felt comfort – like when I was little and could hug my teddy bear.  I felt his fur absorb the blood that I was loosing.  I began to feel better.  I felt my strength return and I rocked back on my heals. 

As I started to say thank-you, he whined and licked my cheek, and then trotted off into the bushes.  I could just barely see him amongst the grey branches.  It seemed that he stopped to watch me, to see what would happen next.

The next scene in the dream was that my dog, Magic, came running up to me, growling in the back of his throat as though he was giving me heck for getting out of his sight.  He dropped down in front of me, panting.  He sniffed the air.  And then he looked directly at the Coyote.  He barked once with what sounded like “Thanks”.  And then he nudged my hand, and got up, as though saying “ It is time to go home.”  I struggled to my feet, and wrapped my hands in the fur in Magic’s neck. 

The next thing I knew was that I was awake, and Magic was lying at the foot of the bed, pressed up against me.  And, I felt tired.  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spirit Animal - Chickadee Remembers


It has been weeks (maybe even four or so months) since I went into the woods where my friends, the Chickadee moves (like tribe or flock) hang out in winter.  The winter here in Calgary has been long, and cold.  Yesterday, as the dogs and I approached the woods, Asi, Chickadee lookout, flew out of a tree to my left shoulder.  He began asking what happened to me, and where his seeds were, and why my hands were covered. 

I had not brought any seeds, thinking that it was early morning and the chickadees would have forgotten me.  Therefore, I was un-prepared for the torrent of emotions and disappointment that greeted me when I showed up empty handed.  Asi actually pulled my hair!  It seems that Chickadee does remember, and that they make life bonds throughout their five or six years on this plane.  And, it seems that the bond becomes a learned memory for the off spring, because there were young ones flying around me that I had not met before.  (I know because they had a different energy signature.)  These new ones had no fear of me and called me by my chickadee name – Yellow Seeds – because I have blonde or yellow hair, and carry seeds in my pocket.   The dogs were quite bemused by the activity around us.

Asi, and some of the others actually sat on the dog leashes to talk to me better.  The dogs simply sat down and watched.  A string of Chickadee beings flew down and proceeded to tell me how difficult the winter had been with no friends (me) and that they really wanted some loving.  I promised that I would return the next day – the 20th.

So, this morning I set out with a friend, our dogs, and a bag of seeds, and headed off to the woods.  Asi greeted me 500 yards from where he normally is.. singing, “I knew you’d come, i knew you’d come!”

I pulled out my handful of seeds, shared some with my friend, and we proceeded to share seed with the Chickadees for the next fifteen minutes.  I had moments of sharing little sunbeams of joy from my friends, until finally we had to return home.  We left a pile of seed on a tree stump that had been cut off at about four and half feet.  The Nuthatches were just joining as we  were leaving.  I promised to come back before the week was out, and had the top of my head brushed by several wings.

I feel happy that I am remembered.  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring Equinox 2011 - A Visit From Gradin


Several mornings ago, while I was sitting in meditation, I had a visit from my friend Gradin. When I sit in meditation, I always sit in protected space. So when one of my spirit friends wants to talk to me, I hear the equivalent of knocking on a door. When I opened the door, there was Gradin, looking lost, and unsure.

I asked what he was doing out there and he replied, “I feel like there’s got a lot going on that I am missing out on. I thought maybe that I could come and hang out with you for the spring equinox and meet some of your friends.”

That is how Gradin came to be part of our Equinox celebration last night, tying his area of the world, Sedona, to our light station.  Gradin also offered us a blessing:

“May your sap run freely,

May you grow straight and tall.

And, may your leaves always face the Sun.”

This blessing brings abundance from a tree spirit, and a true example of friendship and Oneness.

We were blessed with good weather for our ceremony, and enjoyed seeing our friends.

May your Spring Equinox be the start of many miracles.  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Tarot Discussion–What Major Changes Will Affect The World March 21 to 25, 2011?

It is the end of the week, and much has transpired this past week with the earthquakes continuing and the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan.  Like my Ancestors, I thought I would turn to the Oracle cards to find out a hint of what is in store for all of life on planet Earth.  Yes, it is a big question, and yet, it is one that is on our minds.

I thought that I would see what my guides would show me, and see if my faith would help me understand what the message was.    My choice of cards was the Osho Zen Tarot cards. The two cards that came up are so true for our times!

What do you think?


Zen Tarot Card


A man who lives through conscience becomes hard. A man who lives through consciousness remains soft. Why?--because a man who has some ideas about how to live, naturally becomes hard. He has continuously to carry his character around himself. That character is like an armor; his protection, his security; his whole life is invested in that character. And he always reacts to situations through the character, not directly. If you ask him a question, his answer is ready-made. That is the sign of a hard person--he is dull, stupid, mechanical. He may be a good computer, but he is not a man. You do something and he reacts in a well- established way. His reaction is predictable; he is a robot. The real man acts spontaneously. If you ask him a question, your question gets a response, not a reaction. He opens his heart to your question, exposes himself to your question, responds to it....


Zen Tarot Card


We have forgotten how to wait; it is almost an abandoned space. And it is our greatest treasure to be able to wait for the right moment. The whole existence waits for the right moment. Even trees know it--when it is time to bring the flowers and when it is time to let go of all the leaves and stand naked against the sky. They are still beautiful in that nakedness, waiting for the new foliage with a great trust that the old has gone, and the new will soon be coming, and the new leaves will start growing. We have forgotten to wait, we want everything in a hurry. It is a great loss to humanity.... In silence and waiting something inside you goes on growing--your authentic being. And one day it jumps and becomes a flame, and your whole personality is shattered; you are a new man. And this new man knows what ceremony is, this new man knows life's eternal juices.  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Spirit Animal– Koala’s Thoughts


These little Koalas were adopted when their mother was killed.  Growing up as orphans, they have an interesting perspective to share.

“Humans seem to be in a hurry, and they push all the time.  They restrict their play time.  They do not see the world with wide-open eyes, and smell all the good smells.  They see the world as closed and dark, even the good humans that helped us.”

Koala’s lessons for us are:

  1. Play more!
  2. Enjoy being in service, who ever you are showing service to, and don’t make the person receiving the service feel obligated.
  3. Slow down, like Koala, and enjoy the little things.
  4. Simply hanging around is as good as anything!  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Spirit Animal - Blue Jay Shouts From The Tree Tops


When we were out for our walk on Sunday, the dogs and I were regaled by five Blue Jays, sitting at the tops of pine trees and nearby shrubs.  Their song sounded like “get ready, get ready, it’s here”, and it sounded like they were speaking of spring.

As we continued our walk, I could see the Sun shining through the trees, and it looked like the Sun had gotten bigger.  I remembered what I read from a mystic’s channelling – to pay attention to the Sun because it knows what it is doing.  And then I remembered that one of the legends about the Blue Jay.  The Blue Jay has its colour from flying back and forth between the Earth and the Heavens and that Creator gave it the colour, blue, to represent all the truth that it carried.

This made me think that Blue Jay was once again carrying the truth of great energies hitting the Earth, and that Blue Jay was telling all humans to prepare for the onslaught of light.  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Monday, 14 March 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Voice of The Spirit Of Winter


Beloved ones, why do you urge me to leave?  Why is it that you curse the cold and snow that I bring for your benefit?  Why are you frustrated by your inability to move?

These are gifts – gifts that help you stay quiet and absorb the frequencies of energy that travel to the planet now.  When I cover the Earth with snow showers, the light which bounces off the Earth is reflected back to the Earth.  You get several chances to absorb new energy.

There is a need for you to stay in place, hence the cold and other weather that keeps you in position.  This allows you to be quiet and to be with yourself.  It gives you time to contemplate what is currently going on in your life, and what needs to change.  For some of you, visions of past times will begin to dance in your head.

This is a time of remembering all that you are.  This is a time to remember where you came from, that time before Earth.  When you look into the sky, you yearn to be “out there”.  This is normal.  Right now, however, you are required here.

The snow helps you to stay grounded.  It cleans the air.  It cools off the energy of heat that is prevalent on the planet right now.  It resets your body temperature and your body clock.  Snow is good for you.

Welcome me into your life.  I am part of what keeps you whole.  See our new page Tools for Healing  at          The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spirit Animals– Snow Rabbits Mating Dance


This morning on our walk, the dogs and I had a special gift given to us.  We saw about a dozen rabbits gather in an open field to start their mating dance.  They could jump so high!

A gathering of rabbits in this fashion is a gift that heralds abundance and creativity.  This is a gift from the goddess, Eostre, (other names Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur) who is said to be a goddess of the Teutonic era.  Eostre is said to come to Earth in the spring to provide support for the seeding, mating and birthing time.  Any ventures started during this time will be very successful, and the project, business, or trip, will connect you with people that will help you define what your life mission is for the next five to ten years.

The Rabbits have a blessing for you, that all barriers that block you will be diminished by the heights that you are able to soar, above anything you have dreamed of.  See our new page Tools for Healing  at          The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Spirit Animal - Bear Movement


Great Bear comes out of his den early, and sees the ground covered with snow.  He pauses.  He says that the seasons of the Earth and the seasons of the Bear are no longer in synch.  By Bear’s calendar, it is time for him to wake up.  The agreement is that The Spirit of Mother Earth will have food available when Bear wakes up.  In the Northern Hemisphere, this is not happening.  Yes, there is some green sprigs of grass in places.  However, the insects are still buried deep in the bark and the ground.

Bear notices the movement of the Sun.  Many Moons ago, Bear could predict where the Sun would be in the sky, and could plan his route around his territory.  In his mind map of the terrain, he could mark the far boundary by the Sun’s position. Now, he cannot.  Sometimes the Sun seems to bounce around the sky.  Sometimes, it seems like there are two Suns, superimposed on one another.  Bear also feels the pull of the Sun – it has extraordinary strength.  This has caused Bear to be pulled to be outside, and not underground.

As Bear rambles, looking for food, he remembers that there was rumbling in the Earth while he slept in his cave.  The rumbling is new, like the mountain is restless.  As Bear swings his head around, he senses too, that the birds are moving, heading North, even though this seems early.  Bear grunts to himself and wonders if all the land is now in movement.  See our new page Tools for Healing   The March 2011 Magazine is now up at as well as an updated  listing of events.  

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Mother Earth Speaks - See Further



I hear your questions about the way things are.

I say to you that it need not be like this – no one needs to be hungry or without shelter.

How people end up this way is by making choices. 

These choices are not right or wrong.  I ask you to see further than seeing something as black or white.

All that occurs is because of the plan that is laid out for each of you, and for me.

Each plan causes us to take action and to leave passivity behind.

I see further than I did one million years ago.

I see the beauty of the interaction of the organisms under my care.

I too have learned to expand my compassion. 

And, I have learned that I must follow the natural processes.

I see how well housecleaning serves us all.

I will move forward with the changing of the land.

I will clean up the waters for the waters are nourishment to many.

I will be strong in my guidance to all of you.

Again I say, “See Further!”  See our new page Tools for Healing

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spirit Animal - Chipmunk Shivers


The Chipmunk looked cold.  In fact, I wondered if it was frozen, it seemed so still.  I didn’t know we had any chipmunks in the park.  I thought we had only squirrels, gophers, and voles.  I saw it shiver.  I saw it hold up one paw to keep the cold off it for a moment.  I wondered if the Eagle would see it, and eat it.  I saw it shiver again.  And then I seemed hear it’s teeth chatter, and the thought, “I wish I could go back to where I was”.  Then suddenly, the Chipmunk was gone!  There was a little dent in the snow where its body had been.  I looked around to see where the tracks led to, without success.  Chipmunk shivered away!

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spirit Animal - Buffalo Guardians


I come to you, the Spirit of Buffalo, to tell you that Buffalo have always been guardians of the plains.  I tell you that Buffalo is a guide to what the weather will be like, where the water is the cleanest, and where the grass is the most lush.  Where the Buffalo travel, the ground will be fertile.  And, Buffalo will show the easiest path to follow. 

Buffalo shows all beings how to be a great guardian of each other and of the environment around the herd.  The lead cows and the bulls will always move the herd before the area is decimated.  Man should observe this and learn lessons from the way of the Buffalo.  Buffalo always moves to leave the seeds of the grasses to drop so there will be food for the next year.

As the Spirit of Buffalo walks this world, I see the areas that are barren and will not produce green stuff.  The combination of green stuff and Buffalo droppings are what keeps the land fertile and balanced.  One cannot destroy and expect the land to be healthy without doing some replenishing work. 

So it is, I think, the same with people.  Healing cannot occur where there is no love or nurturing.  Healing cannot occur if the person is not out in Nature.  If the human does not feel peacefulness and healing from the land, then there can be no Oneness.  Great Spirit has provided all things so that we may all work, and may all be, in balance.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mother Earth Speaks– The Ground That You Walk On


I hear you as you awaken each day.

I weep for you when you are in pain, whatever the reason.

I feel joy at your accomplishments, and hope for the future because of your achievements.

I feel you sleep, and know that your dreams carry you to places where you learn, whether you remember or not.

I have tried to shrug off all that you have done to me as inconsequential.

I know that the teachings of how to care for the Earth have not been part of your education.

And yet, I believe that you are smarter than that!

I believe that the evidence before you would show you how one event can have consequence and lead to another event.

I ask for your prayers.

I ask for you to send love to me, whether you are in meditation or walking down the street or sitting in your office, because I need your help.

My oceans of tears are increasing because I cry all the time.

I cry because I am losing that feeling of Oneness with some of you  - you are so closed off. 

I weep for joy when many of you help me with your work in Nature.

I ask you all to remember that I AM the ground that you walk on.

I AM part of you.

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Monday, 7 March 2011

Ancestors Speak - Devi Prayer called “Hymn To The Divine Mother

This video is very beautiful, and very appropriate for the Earth changes that are now taking place.



Music - "Devi Prayer" from the album "Sacred Names of Mother Divine" by Craig Pruess and Ananda. Heaven on Earth -

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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Spirit Animal - Raise a Stink!


I was really quite surprised when we were out walking in the park, to smell skunk!  I thought I must be mistaken.  Surely they sleep longer than this.  However, there really was a Skunk looking for someone to talk to.  She said that it is mating time for them.  And, in her five years (five sleeps) she cannot remember it being so cold and snowy when she went out to find her mate.  I asked her if she was having any luck.  She said no… even your dogs are starting to look good.  At this point, both Magic and Sage moved behind me. 

She grinned!  “Kidding”, she said. 

She asked me why there was so much snow still.  I explained the discussion that I had with The Spirit of Winter, where the Spirit said that it was about cleansing.

She than asked me why we put up with such a regulated life.  She was noticing that humans seem to be moving in a very stilted, precise fashion, and that most people moved at certain times.  She asked me why we didn’t complain, and set our own standards.  She impishly said that we should “raise a stink” and get everyone moving according to the rhythm of Nature.  She said that we should be moving and eating with the cycles of the Sun. 

That made me think about daylight saving time.  I had no idea how I would explain that to her.  She noticed that other people were starting to move about the park, and said she would slip away.  I thanked her for her time, and her wisdom, and waved as she trundled off across the channel to the island. 

We headed for home, and I wondered if I would see her again.

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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Spirit Speaks - St. Anthony’s Blessing


Last night, I celebrated the New Moon Meditation with 20 like minded people.  The meditations were beautiful and helpful, led by Mother Mary, and filled with grace.

However, just before our time ended, St. Anthony came in to give a blessing.  In the Catholic faith, St. Anthony is called the “restorer of lost things”.  However, he is known as the protector of children, sailors, homeless folks, and troubadours.  I expected his blessing to be about finding things that are lost, what ever that might be.  Instead, his blessing spoke to quieting the turmoil.  I guess really, his blessing was about finding peace.  The blessing below is not the one he gave last night, it is a blessing intended just for you!

“Dearest Beloved Beings!  Thank you for finding your way to this circle.  It has been going on for some time now.  I wish to give you blessings.  I give you the blessing of being able to move on the path that is yours alone, without requiring the influence of others.  I give you the blessing of rightness, for with rightness you will be able to know what is right for you, and you will allow others to proceed on their own journey.  I give you the blessing of self love and self approval.  With these tools, you may accomplish anything.  I bless you for being you, a perfect representation of the Creator, in all its glory.  Amen.”

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Friday, 4 March 2011

Great Spirit Speaks–New Moon of March 4, 2011


Tonight is a good night to sit and cleanse in the absence of the moonlight.  This is the New Moon that leads us to the power of the Spring Equinox. 

Sit in meditation.  Call in the Archangels to hold the space and keep it sacred for you.  Ask all your angels and guides, for the highest good, to come in and help you pull out all the jealousy and blame in your heart.  Feel the freedom that comes from letting this go.  Even if you want to hang on to it, let it go.  It is time.  Let it be done!

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Tarot Discussion– Osho Zen Tarot “Possibilities”

I wondered what today would be like, and I pulled a card.  What came up made me laugh – for if one is walking in the present moment at all times, one has unlimited possibilities.  It’s fun to get confirmation of what you already know.



This is card #2 – Possibilities


Mind can accept any boundary anywhere. But the reality is that, by its very nature, existence cannot have any boundary, because what will be beyond the boundary? - again another sky.
That's why I am saying skies upon skies are available for your flight. Don't be content easily. Those who remain content easily remain small: small are their joys, small are their ecstasies, small are their silences, small is their being. But there is no need! This smallness is your own imposition upon your freedom, upon your unlimited possibilities, upon your unlimited potential. – Osho





One way to use this card, is to sit in meditation and call forth the images from the “Great Pool of Knowledge” to see what comes up around “possibilities”.  I think you will be surprised.

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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Spirit Animal - Cougar Cares!


Cougar is out in the foothills, east of the mountains, these days because it feels a change coming to the areas west of the mountain ranges.  It comes out to talk to people, and instead, scares them, because people know that Cougar is a ruthless predator.  Cougar wanders the countryside, hoping for someone who will listen.  She hears the rumblings in the Earth.  It sounds like the rocks grinding together in an avalanche.  She notices that the ground animals seem to be more above ground, then below.  A time of change is coming, she says.  This change simply means that one needs to move to a new hunting territory.  And so she moves.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Voice of The Spirit Of Water


My meditations of late have been quite thought provoking for me.  Different beings come in to talk to me, and to guide me, or, to ask me to share information.

This morning, a being that identified itself as “The Spirit Of Water” asked to come into my space to share some thoughts.  The picture above is not quite what it looked like, but is a reasonable likeness.  I asked the being how I could help.  It said to pass on this message.

For billions of years, there has been an abundance of water on this planet.  There was always enough water for all manner of animals, fish, fowl, and creepy crawly things to have water for nourishment.  There even has always been enough water for man because hydrogen and oxygen combine to make more, when more is needed.  Although my water has been poisoned in many places, it is still plentiful, and can be cleaned.

Understand that water is healing.  It cleanses out the body.  It feeds the cells and thus the blood.  It pours oxygen into Earth bodies to keep them strong.  It ignites the food to help it break down and provide nourishment.  Next to air, water is the bringer of life.

Now more than ever, in this time of change, all humans need to drink an abundance of water.  It is so available, and yet humans are drinking coffee and sweet juices and carbonated drinks – drinks that are toxic and deplete the oxygen.  Stop drinking so much liquid that is not water.  How can water heal you if you only drink a glass or so a day?  Let water be of service to you and to the world.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spirit Speaks - Openness and Light

The words that came up for me as the theme for March are “light” and “openness”.  I often wonder how Great Spirit puts these words together for my meditation.  To me, if you are filled with light, then you must be open.  However, when I sat in meditation on this, I saw many images of light where the situation or environment was not open.








This is a picture that I took in a forest reserve outside the city of Sedona, in January 2011.   It looks like a whirling light being is coming down to Earth.










As I sat, Spirit brought in images like the one above, where the light is free to move and thus all the beings of light are also free.  I saw images, too, of dark rooms, with one lone light bulb hanging in the darkness, burning by itself, until it went out.  Then the room was dark, and I could not tell what was room and what was not.  The impression was that everything was closed.  Nothing moved.


Then it hit me – that light is about movement, and openness is about movement.  In some ways, they are the same, and, they are so different!  I saw light shine down on rocks, and small animals and birds sat on the rocks, in the warmth of the Sun.  And, I saw the animals heal.  I saw hoards of people lying on beaches, on the sand, by the water, in the light, and relaxing.  Their cares fell away.

The second message, then, was that when one is in the light, really there are no worries.  Everything feels good and right, and perfectly divine.  When you look for the best and not the worst, the best will always show up.

That meditation on light and openness felt good – a lot of love and Oneness.  That works for me!

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