Saturday, 30 January 2010

Spirit Animal – Grizzly Bear

When an animal speaks to me continuously through dreams, waves at me from pictures in a magazine, or even comes up in regular conversation, I know that I need to pay attention to what message is coming through.


Adult Grizzly

Picture from




Sometimes, however, getting a message is like picking up a lot of static on your favourite radio station.  And, I was getting lots of static.  I could see Grizzly, and could not hear her.  I was getting frustrated!


Grizzly cub from




Then, I was walking out in the provincial park.  Even though it is only the end of January, I began to think about bears.  I know that there is a Cinnamon Bear hibernating on the island.  As soon as I had this thought, the next thought flowed – Grizzly Bears are having their cubs about this time.  Where did that thought come from? I was startled!


Mother Grizzly with her cub – picture from Wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons 

To get in touch with the feeling around the thought, I began to do a deep meditative breathing.  My dogs looked at me, wondering what was amiss.  And gradually, a message came. Grizzly Bear said:

This is the time of hibernation.  During this time, many changes take place in bears.  The female give birth to their young, usually from two to four cubs. It is a time of introspection. For bears, the long sleep lets us walk with The Mother Of Us All without the constraints of the physical.  We learn from her, and apply the lessons when we wake up.  Bears have been shy.  We are now moving back to that place where we see humans as equals, and we will walk in the same places that they do.

There are many humans who are undergoing the same change that we are experiencing.  However, these humans do not sleep the required time to germinate something new.  They do not empty out their systems to give the body rest.  I say this to you – this is a time of giving birth to new ideas, projects, and new ways of living.  Listen to that inner voice. Sleep when you need to, and disregard the chatter of the masses.

Bears are solitary by choice so that we can move as we need to. We also can think, play, eat, and sleep when we need to.  We are not governed by what others want to do or by any control.  Will you let your self be so free as to walk away from those things in life that control you?  See our free February magazine on line at  Check out advertising with us!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Spirit Speaks – Machu Picchu’s Rest

Five days of torrential rains in the region centred on the town of Cuzco have destroyed bridges, some 250 houses and hundreds of hectares of crops. Authorities have also said the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu will likely remain closed for weeks until the government can repair highway and railroad tracks washed out by mudslides and the raging Urubamba River. Damaged buildings, including hotels, are flooded by the Vilcanota river in Cuzco, Peru, on Thursday. Hundreds of tourists waited to be airlifted out after flooding and mudslides stranded them near the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu. (Mariana Bazo/Associated Press)  Read more:


I have been watching the natural weather and earth movements that are happening around the world.  I saw this article on the weather at Machu Picchu, and I wondered what was going on.  I checked in with Spirit, and the closest that I could get to an understanding is that the rains are cleansing  the Earth chakra found here (the male at Machu Picchu and the female at Lake Titicaca). 

Just as we humans must cleanse our chakras as part of our forward progression on our spiritual journey, so too the Earth must cleanse as she makes her way forward.


Picture of the chakras from

This natural event is a good reminder to us that we must do our work to rid ourselves of any energy that is holding us back.   Watch for our new free Angels And Ancestors Magazine being launched online in February at

Spirit Animal – Ladybug


Picture of ladybug from

It is still January, and it is cold in Calgary.  However, the other day, a ladybug flew into the kitchen window, from over my shoulder, which meant it came from in the house somewhere.  I was quite surprised! 

What instantly popped into my mind was the old nursery rhyme -

Ladybug!  Ladybug!
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire.
And your children all gone.

All except one,
And that's little Nan,
For she crept under
The frying pan.

I wondered why Ladybug was flying at me, and what her message was.  I remember hearing a story that Ladybug was a messenger for the Virgin Mary, and would carry her messages to the different people that this Lady worked with. Perhaps the Lady was speaking to me.

I pondered what I had been feeling the last several days. I had been working through the idea that Spirit gave me for the Angels And Ancestors Magazine – the idea around being joyful. I had been worrying the idea, trying to find a way to make it perfect.  And, I was failing!  Ladybug was bringing the message – “let go, and let Spirit (God) – be joyful and feel the joy, and you will be able to write about it. By worrying it, you are getting in the way of the message that Spirit wishes to spread. Stay in the moment, and all will be well!”

As I watched Ladybug, I realized that I was smiling.  She was making me feel joy by simply watching her – how she folded her wings against her body to protect her very soft being, how her little legs carried her through a strange place, our house, and through the cold winter, to allow her to end up on our window.  I then realized that she was showing me something else.  She showed me that all spiritual beings, humans and animals, go to the light.

I felt truly blessed.  I bowed my head in thanks, and when I looked up, Ladybug was gone!  Has Ladybug paid you a visit?  Tell us your story and give us permission to publish, and we will put it in our new Free-online magazine being launched February 2010.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Spirit Animals – The Joy Of Chickadee

071101 Chickidee 006

Picture of chickadee sitting on Judy’s hand – picture by Judy Hirst.

Yesterday, I walked into Burnsmeade Woods with the dogs, and right at the start of the path into the woods, we were greeted with cries of “chika-dee-dee-dee! Dee-de-dee. Dee-dee.”
It sounded like “Welcome! Hi Judy!” I was surrounded by twenty little friends, all joyfully singing and saying, “We missed you!” What was really fun was that while I was getting out their treat of black seeds, they sat on my arm and sang, to me, to the dogs, to the world in general.  One little chickadee flew up on a high up branch, and sang as loud as he could—with words that sounded like, “she’s here, she’s here”.  Within two minutes, three nut hatches and two downy woodpeckers came to join the party.  The noise was glorious – much like any cocktail party sounds!
As the chickadees lined up on my arm for their turn at the seeds, I felt so humble in the presence of such great trust.  I felt so at peace and at one with each of them.  Passersby commented that they could not believe that all these birds would be around me and on me with two dogs there.  My explanation – we have been friends now, the dogs and the birds and I, for about four or five years now. 
Several of the chickadees stopped before they took their seeds, and looked at me, and sent me a message.  The message was – we love you and appreciate you – even without the seeds.  You are our friend.  I was profoundly moved!  The message made me think that we often do not appreciate ourselves, our families or our friends, or even the beauty around us. 
Chickadees gift was the reminder to be even more aware and present than ever before.
Have a beautiful day!   See another post on Chikadee at   Chickadee Visit

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Spirit Speaks – The Dream – Give The Horse An Apple

imagePicture of Black Horse from 

In the dream work that I have read about and in the workshops that I have attended on dreaming, the one constant is that Great Spirit, your Higher Self, and your guides all communicate with you through your dreams.  I had this very interesting dream several weeks ago, and I still think about it.  What do you think of this story?

I become aware, and I know that I have been sleeping and now I am not.  I look around, and I am in a grassy open area with a fence to my right, and behind the fence, what looks like a farm yard. (I grew up on a farm, and this farm yard does not look like that.)  To my left is an open clearing of grass and shrubs, pasture-like, that separates two chunks of bush and woods.  Right beside me is a huge tree with a trunk that would need three of me to wrap my arms around.  It appears to be an oak tree, and feels big and strong and happy.  I feel good beside it.  However, I have this feeling that there is something threatening going to happen.  I keep watching the clearing for something to come out of the bush.

I hear a noise, and a very large black horse (about six feet tall at the shoulder) comes running around the fence.  It appears quite wild. Magically, an apple appears in my hand, and I know that I must get the horse to eat this apple and we will become friends.  The horse rears and charges at me.  I duck around the tree trunk, and as I come out the other side, I hold out the apple.  This large black horse morphs into a creamy coloured horse with a dark mane and tail, and stays the same size.  I am startled. I drop the apple and then pick it up.  It is my talisman.  The horse bears its teeth at me, much like a bear would snarl.  I duck behind the tree again, and it runs after me.

Now, I know that I need to fix this situation.  I know somehow that I need to get it to eat the apple.  I decide that if I bite the apple and chew it, then the horse will know that it is not poison, and the apple will be easier to smell.  I take a bite, and chew it.  The horse has backed away from the tree.  It now morphs into a dark black brown colour with a light mane and tail.  I decide I will simply walk towards it.  The horse backs away.  I hold out the apple and tell it that the apple is good, and that he will be happy with it.  He sniffs it, and wickers and backs away.  I move forward.  I hold out the apple, talking all the time.  Finally, he reaches over and bites half of it.  I look down at the apple, and I can see the star in the apple.  I laugh.  The horse laughs and changes into a dragon.  I am so startled that I jump back, and in that process I wake up in bed gasping for air.

May all your dreams be a truth for you!   Watch for new events at

Monday, 25 January 2010

From Judy – Clara Hughes Remarkable Interview on Cbc on Jan 25, 2010



Picture of Speed Skater, Clara Hughes, Canadian, at the 2006 Winter Olympics, from 


I truly enjoyed the interview with Clara Hughes that aired this morning.  You can listen to it on and the sound track is at the bottom of the page…..  (Note that this link may not work after 3 months.)

Pt 3: Clara Hughes - Canadian speed skater Clara Hughes reflects on her relationship with ice and how athletes are becoming more engaged with real-world issues. (More ...)

Clara is a wonderful speaker, and she is definitely  in service to The Divine or The Universe.  She sees her sport as a vehicle to help others.  Many of the people that she has helped see her as an Angel! 

Way to go, Clara!  See our website at  for updated events and workshops.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Oneness – How to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient



A picture of an open refrigerator, showing food stuffed in.



Recently, my husband and I purchased a new refrigerator, as the old one was simply falling apart and was not keeping an even coolness through out the fridge area.  Some stuff froze and other stuff did not cool off.  I was amazed to find how much more efficient new refrigerators are in their use of power compared to the old fridges.  Being kind to Mother Earth is important to me, because we are all connected.  What I learned about the new fridges energy saving made me think that perhaps we should have sent our old fridge to recycling much sooner.  And, as we are all connected, what is good for Mother Earth is probably good for me.

Shortly after getting our fridge, I read some interesting stuff in a book called “Ani’s Raw Food Desserts” by Ani Phyo.  Ani emphasizes using your tools, like a refrigerator, more efficiently.  Here is some of what she suggests.

  1. Choose glass containers for your food and beverage storage in the fridge because the glass does not leach like plastic and it keeps things colder and inhibits spoilage.  Ani says, “It is cleaner for our bodies, home and planet.”
  2. A full fridge, neatly organized, uses less energy than an empty one.
  3. Clean your fridge with natural products like half vinegar and half water, or water with baking soda, when you need to clean up a spill.
  4. If your fridge is set to 38 degrees Fahrenheit  and your freezer to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, you will save energy since fridges consume 5% more energy for each degree below these two thresh hold marks.
  5. The US Dept. of Energy says that ice and water dispensers use 14% to 20% more energy.  So, either turn off your ice and water, or avoid buying models with these features.

Thanks for being concerned with energy consumption.   Listen to our online meditations at Angels Audio

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Spirit Speaks – Purification



Sacred Geometry Purification Mandela from




Today, when I started my meditation, the word that popped up for consideration was “purification”.  I thought that the word was an odd one to show up just before two sessions with clients.  I asked my guides and Great Spirit for clarification.  Nothing!  I looked up the meaning at Merriam-Webster online, and found this definition of purify.

Main Entry: pu·ri·fy  Pronunciation: \ˈpyu̇r-ə-ˌfī\  Function: verb   Inflected Form(s): pu·ri·fied; pu·ri·fy·ing  Etymology: Middle English purifien, from Anglo-French purifier, from Latin purificare, from Latin purus + -ificare –ify  Date: 14th century

transitive verb : to make pure: as a : to clear from material defilement or imperfection b : to free from guilt or moral or ceremonial blemish c : to free from undesirable elements intransitive verb : to grow or become pure or clean

I read the definition and I still did not get it.  So, I went and did my two sessions, and then came back to the puzzle of the word.  I then had an “Aha!” moment.  In both sessions, one of the issues was around being angry at a situation, or a person, or at life, and then feeling guilty about feeling angry.  The guilt then played on the person’s mind, and caused a moral dilemma. Cognitive dissonance (meaning - psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously) resulted as the person struggled with past teachings and current behaviour.  The outcome is illness.

I realized the synchronicity of the word “purification” in this situation because of what we know about contaminated water. 



Picture of Brita water filter jug from



When we drink water that is contaminated, whether that be by fertilizer, pesticides, manufacturing sludge run off, or even a dead animal, we will more than likely become ill. To avoid that outcome, we work very hard to ensure our water is pure. 

We also need to take those same actions in our daily life, and purify our minds.  If we continue to let harmful thoughts build up, they create a toxic environment in our body, similar to if we had been drinking toxic water, or eating toxic food.  

Let go of all of the negative things that you have heard and that you have said.  Wipe it clean, as though you were cleaning a window. Let it go!  Purify!   See the updated “Making Meditation Joyful” workshop at

Friday, 22 January 2010

Tarot Discussion – Osho Zen Tarot Card “Awareness”



Picture of the Osho Zen tarot card #7 – Awareness



Each day when I sit down to do my meditation, I ask for a word of the day to describe what will be important to me.  Today, Friday, I decided to ask, “What word will be important for all mankind for the weekend?” 

I was surprised at the answer.  Awareness!  Of course this makes perfect sense.  Part of the commentary on this card is…

This mind gives you a sort of stupor. Burdened by the memories of the past, burdened by the projections of the future, you go on living - at the minimum. You don't live at the maximum. Your flame remains very dim. – Osho

Many of the clients that I see now are in a process of what I call “awakening”.  They are dis-satisfied with -the job, the employer, the relationship, the political state.  They are awakening to a new sense of responsibility and/or spirituality.  Perhaps now I will call this state “awareness”.

Our Ancestors had a high level of awareness of the environment around them.  They needed to, otherwise they might die.  What is interesting is that in our fast pace of life, many of us have become numb to our surroundings.  We are so caught up in our details that we are oblivious to the bigger picture.  We miss seeing that a new power line is going to be put in close to our home and to a school.  We do not notice that personal freedoms are quietly being written out of our rights by the politicians and the lobby groups that will benefit from more control of the populace.  We do not question why it is that drugs can be put on the market with a third of the testing then was required by law five years ago.

Because we have gone into a stupor, we allowed financial companies to dupe us about no down payment mortgages.  We allowed incompetent, greedy car manufacturer executives to convince us and the government that they required our money to bail them out.  And then they paid them selves bonuses.

Yes, we do need to be more aware!    Join us for our

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Spirit Speaks – Affirmations Are A Gift!

The image below is from  What a wonderful poster!


Yesterday, I watched a short movie called “THE STRANGEST SECRET”.  You can see it at featuring the wisdom of Earl Nightingale. (Note that this link may only be good for three months.)  The key point in the movie is that by changing what you think about and how you think about anything, you can change your life.  This same thought was the theme of the movie “A KNIGHT’S TALE” starring Heath Ledger.  In fact, the theme was – You can change your stars!

Listening to Nightingale talk sent me back to a sales and marketing course that I took many years ago.  In that three day workshop, I learned ten affirmations that I still use today.  Here they are:

  1. You like yourself unconditionally. You really like yourself.
  2. You always speak in positive terms about yourself and others.
  3. You enjoy and appreciate everyone you meet. You like them, and they like you.
  4. You always decide for yourself what is best for you, and you allow others the same right.
  5. You accept complete responsibility for your life, and for your reactions to all situations.
  6. You enjoy excellent health, and you are easily able to relax at any time.
  7. You are always calm, confident, and self assured in your interactions with others, with groups as well as with individuals.
  8. You are very creative in all areas of your life, always tapping more and more into your super conscious mind.
  9. You have an excellent memory, and you easily recall names, numbers, and information.
  10. You are a total winner and you are completely successful at everything that you undertake to do.

When I say them, I change the word “you” to “I”.  When I listen to them on my iPod, I keep the word “you”.  Repeating each affirmation five times solidifies the meaning in your mind.  Five is the number of “getting things done”.

I asked my guides if affirmations work.  They responded that affirmations are simply mantras.  In a recent blog, I gave this explanation of a mantra.

Mantra repetition simply means  repeating a sentence or group of words that have a phonetic significance.

Mantra is intrinsically related to sound. Mantra is sound, and sound is reverberating in everything in this universe. When water flows, the gurgling sound it makes, is mantra. When wind blows through the trees, the  rustling sound it produces is mantra.  When we walk on the earth, our footsteps produce sound, and that too is mantra.

Many eastern mantras are repeated 100 times at a sitting.  Imagine the change in your body, mind, and spirit if you repeated the above affirmations 100 times a day.  Why not try it? Start with five repetitions of each affirmation, and see what change happens for you.  Let me know the results.  See for upcoming events and workshops.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Spirit Animal – Eagle Squabbles



Bald eagle in tree









Each winter, for the past six years, two bald eagles have wintered in Fish Creek Park.  Most often, one will see them in the early morning, cruising silently over the Bow River, watching for fish.  If one goes down to the river mid day, the eagles will be sitting on opposite sides of the river, on a high branch, watching for fish or small birds, for a snack.  In the times that I have watched them, they are generally silent.  However, about late January and early February, they begin to sit in trees on the same side of the river, and they begin to talk.  Their discussions get quite heated some times, with one or the other standing up straight, and raising its wings as an exclamation of a point made. 

The two birds sound suspiciously like a married couple fighting after being cooped up too long together.  One can almost hear them discuss how bad the fishing is, and that we should have gone further south into the US, and it is your fault that we are here.  My personal favourite discussion happens in February when they start arguing about when they should head North.

A funny thing happened the other day, however.  The eagles were arguing, and I was down on the path watching them.  One of them turned to me, and cocked its head, as though saying - “Are you paying attention?” 

I was caught by surprise.  What should I be paying attention to?  I walked with the dogs, deep in thought.  Obviously Eagle was trying to give me a message.  What was it?

The message came to me almost a day later.  It was:

Eagles are usually regarded as leaders because we fly so high, have a large view perspective, and we are quite large.  We are not afraid of anything.  Observe what happens to us when we are down in the trees, the details of life, and we lose that big world perspective.  We begin to argue and pull rank on little things, much like your political leaders do.

Up in the air, we have no need to assert our power.  We feel it, and we understand it, and we know that all others see our power as well.  Yet, when we get down on the Earth, we lose that sense of all knowing, and we need to show our power.  See how that is happening in Haiti.  From far away, you and all the countries that wish to give aid, see the big picture need as sending in medical aid, and behind that, life assistance (food, clothing, portable shelter).  On the ground, those leaders that would have that same perspective in a different situation, are getting caught up in power struggles over little details that should not be road blocks to healing.

Fledgling, so many of you humans go through life worried about the little things, and missing the much bigger picture.  You need to stand back, and get out of the way.  Your personal feelings are not that important.  They are growing pains.  The next time you have a “situation” in your life, try pushing it down to your toes, and look at it from your full height.  Your perspective will surprise you.

This message hit me with a force of truthfulness.  It was made stronger by the fact that I had read something similar, about humans having a very selfish perspective, in a book I was reading, called “Ancient Secrets Of The Fountain Of Youth” by Peter Kelder. 

The message to me was very clear – do not get sucked into the details of life as a drama.  Back away, and let the drama play out with out you!   See the upcoming workshop:

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit – Raw Oatmeal Cookies

In June of 2009, I was sitting in meditation, when this Being or Spirit, popped into my internal vision, and said, “You need to be eating raw food.” 



Picture of carrots from our garden, sitting beside an 8 ounce glass to show comparative size.  © Judith Hirst-Joyeux October 2009



My initial reaction to this was “I already am eating raw food –  vegetables, salad, fruit!”  In fact, I was quite indignant that I would be told to eat more raw food.  That very day, a client came for a session, and she said that she had purchased a book on raw food meals because it intrigued her so much when she thumbed through the recipes.  She gave me the name of the book, and, at that moment, a rush of energy zinged through me.  I knew that I needed to get the book immediately.  I went the next day to a local bookstore and purchased it.  I came home and began reading it.  Picking out several recipes that looked easy and good, I made up a list of ingredients and went to the store.  I made my first recipe a day later.

Since that time, I have made many raw food recipes.  Some I like, and others I do not.  Did I notice a difference in my body, mind, and spirit?  Yes!  A very positive change began happening towards the end of June.  I had more energy, and I am a high energy person already.  The new energy was stronger and also quieter.  I found that my body was beginning to feel lighter, and my guides said that I was detoxing in a totally natural way (weigh!)

This is a recipe that I make from time to time for our New Moon Meditation evenings. I have put in the notes about what I do because I do not always follow the directions. I do what makes sense for me, at the time I am “cooking”. I love this dish raw for breakfast. It is fast and easy, and you do not need very much to feel full.


2 cups oats (groats, whole) (I used rolled oats – they are basically the same as groats)

1/2 cup almonds

1/2 cup raisins

1/2 cup agave nectar (Or maple syrup. I have used both and I prefer the Agave Nectar)

1/4 cup cashews (Note that I doubled the almonds and left out the cashews)


Put oat groats in food processor and grind until fine. Transfer to a mixing bowl.

Put almonds in food processor and pulse a few times to chop them until just coarsely chopped. Transfer to bowl with the oats.

Add raisins and agave nectar to bowl and mix everything well.

Grind cashews in coffee grinder, and use this to coat your palms as you handle the cookie batter. (I left this out).

Take small chunks of dough and flatten into rounds on the mesh sheet of a dehydrator tray. Dehydrate for about 12 hours on 110 degrees. The time to dehydrate may vary according to how thick you've made the cookies, and whether you like them chewy, or not.

(Note that I actually cooked the cookies for several hours at 250 degrees, so that the cookies were quite dehydrated, but still not over cooked. It is something that you need to practice. I also simply use my oven as I do not have a dehydrator.)

Let me know whether you try this recipe, and how it turns out.   This recipe appears in our January newsletter at  In February, this newsletter will join the archive pages.  See past newsletters (and recipes) at    Do you live in Calgary?  You may want to join us for this workshop -

Channelling Spirit Guidesimage
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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Ancestors Speak – The Sound of “OM”

I was teaching a beginner’s meditation class on Sunday, and as part of the workshop, explained the concept of the word/sound “OM” to the participants.  Then we did some experiential learning with the sound, both with only me saying the sound, and then with all of us saying the sound.

Students felt the vibration from the sound whether I did it or whether they did it. And, they were profoundly moved!



Picture of OM from

'ॐ' is a kind of shortcut of the word 'ओम' in DevaNagari and other Indic scripts – from



Here is part of a slide that I presented on “OM”. 

Mantra repetition simply means  repeating a sentence or group of words that have a phonetic significance.

Mantra is intrinsically related to sound. Mantra is sound, and sound is reverberating in everything in this universe. When water flows, the gurgling sound it makes, is mantra. When wind blows through the trees, the  rustling sound it produces is mantra.  When we walk on the earth, our footsteps produce sound, and that too is mantra.

According to ancient Indian belief  in the beginning there was sound, which  reverberated as Om and from that sound everything came into existence.

I believe that the sound OM, pronounced A-U-M and strung out (Pronunciation: aaaaauuuuummmmm), really is the the sound of Divine creation.  I have seen people chant this for a while, and then suddenly break out in hard sobbing, because, through the chant, they have been reconnected to The Divine, and the person feels an incredible blessing and release.  I know that when I have an issue that I can not seem to move with other tools, that I can generally move it within ten minutes by using the OM chant.


OM or Aum is a Sanskrit root word or seed-sound symbolizing the creative divine intelligence which creates ands sustains all things: It is also known as the cosmic vibratory intelligent word of God that sustains all the created universes. Aum of the Vedas became the sacred word Hum of the Tibetans; Amin of the Moslems; and Amen of the Egyptians Greeks, Romans, Jews and Christians. OM symbol  and info from

One of the stories that I shared in the workshop was about using OM out in Nature. Four years ago, my husband, Roger, and I walked out in the park almost every evening during the summer.  Often, we would find a big log beside the river sub-channel, and sit and OM.  Often while we sat there chanting, the beavers would bring their supper of sticks, and come and sit on the river bank, close to where we were sitting, and chow down and listen to the concert.  When we were done, they would swim off.  The beaver’s actions told me that they, too, enjoy the sound of The Divine.

If you have never tried to say the sound “OM”, I invite you to try it now.  Try it several times a day.  It is a wonderful pick-me-up!    See our website  for workshops and a list of events.  Read the January 2010 newsletter.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Spirit Animal – Red Wolf’s Message

When I asked what I would write about this day, the message came through to talk about Red Wolf.  Red Wolf runs from Texas to Florida, and has been put on the list “extinct in the wild”, twice.

Red wolf mother and cubs – picture from

Red Wolf’s message is about adapting to change.  To keep the pack going, Red Wolf has used all resources available to it, including use Man as a facilitator to keep the line pure and to reintroduce Red Wolf into the wild.
Just as Red Wolf has very large feet for touching the Earth, gaining traction, and staying grounded, Red Wolf tells you to touch the the Earth frequently.  Use the rhythm of Mother Earth’s heartbeat as a guideline for the steps that you will be taking any time that you walk in nature.  And, Red Wolf tells you to get out in to Nature more, and watch how mankind has been destroying life.  By taking note of the destruction, Red Wolf tells you that this same destruction is also happening to humans.  It is your job to stop that destruction.  One person does make a difference.
She also tells us that there are times, like the wolf when you must go as quickly as you can with an opportunity.  Note that Wolf can go up to 35 miles per hour for short distances.  You too can work/learn and make changes at a rapid pace over a short time.
Red Wolf has been found in the Pleistocene era digs.  Therefore, she shows you that one must evolve and change to move with a changing environment.  She cautions you that you too must change – how you eat ie. no more fast foods or dependency on those that you do not know for food – because in the past, Wolf has been poisoned by food that she has not hunted.  She tells you that you may need to move from the locale that you are currently in, and find a place to live that is much safer, has a good source of water, and has fertile soil.
When you need guidance about the environment that you are in, simply call on Red Wolf and her energy, to get help on the path that you should be following.  She is happy to help, and does so gracefully.   Listen to several new moon meditations on our website   Watch for our new workshops at

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Spirit Speaks – Doing The Right Thing

I was watching a show today, and one of the characters said to the other, “Who are you? Dudley Do-Right?”

I laughed!  When I was growing up, I loved Dudley Do-Right cartoons.  Each cartoon featured a northern Mountie who was squeaky clean, always got his man, and always saved the damsel in distress.  When one saw someone as always doing the right thing, being good and true, and being above reproach, that “someone” would often be nick named “Dudley Do-Right”.  It may seem that if someone was sticking to the rules, and refused to hurt or bully or be part of anything that got some one else hurt, they were called a “Do-Right”.



Dudley Do-Right captures Snidely Whiplash, and rescues the lovely Nell.  Nell throughout the series is enthralled with “Horse”.  Picture from Wikipedia.

I feel sad that when people abide by the first Rule of the Universe – harm no one – they are ridiculed.  I feel sad that the world’s overall belief system has not changed much in forty years.  However, it feels like that belief system is about to change.  The biggest task that a Do-Right person has is to take responsibility for themselves and for their actions. In doing so, the person realizes that their actions have consequences.  When you hear a person say, “I had no choice”, know that they are trying to abdicate responsibility, and blame someone else.  Any Do-Right person will say instead, “I made a choice”, and become accountable.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Angels Speak – Healing Past Hurts

I was reading a meditation today that said, “the human heart does not stay away too long from that which hurt it most.  There is return journey to anguish that few of us are released from making.” - Lillian Smith                              image

The quote made me think of all the clients that I've seen who have an illness or a block that stems from an incident in childhood.  When we are children, the strongest people in our lives are our parents.  And, because they have not resolved all of their issues, they often hurt the child inadvertently, or, in some cases, purposefully.  Because our parents did not know how to resolve their issues, they are no help in resolving a child's issues.

When of the largest categories of books in a bookstore or library are self help books.  This is because of many of the unresolved in people today.  I have read my share of these books.  One of the common themes is that if you don't resolve these hurts then you will remain in victim hood.

So, what is an easy way to heal past hurts? For me, the easiest way is to throw the hurt into the fire.  I am using a fire ceremony to do this because it is simple and it feels so good.  If the fire ceremony does not completely clear the hurt, then I use an affirmation.  My affirmation is “I forgive myself for believing that I ever did anything wrong”.  This affirmation is based on the idea that one’s life is perfect and that each action is perfect in the moment for whatever part of the bigger picture we each play.

May you find a way to heal all your hurt.    New moon meditation conference call on Friday January 15th at 7:30pm Mountain time.  See details at

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Monday, 11 January 2010

Tarot Discussion – Morality

My question for today was, “What kind of shift is the Earth going through now?”

The response from the cards was “Morality” which is card 32 in the Osho Zen Tarot Deck.  The picture of the card is below.



Osho’s commentary on this card is: Morality has restricted all the juice and energy of life to the narrow confines of this woman's mind. It can't flow there, so she really has become 'a dried up old prune.' Her whole manner is very proper and stiff and severe, and she is always ready to see every situation as black and white, like the jewel she wears around her neck.
The Queen of Clouds lurks in the minds of all of us who have been brought up with rigid ideas of good and bad, sinful and virtuous, acceptable and unacceptable, moral and immoral. It's important to remember that all these judgments of the mind are just products of our conditioning. And whether our judgments are applied to ourselves or to others, they keep us from experiencing the beauty and godliness that lies within. Only when we break through the cage of our conditioning and reach the truth of our own hearts can we begin to see life as it really is.

When I look at all of the scandals that are being brought into the open, whether they are political, corporate, or personal (where the individual is a role model), or a combination of any of these, it seems that Mother Earth is going through a morality shift.  In fact, some of the discussions or acts around Tiger Woods actions and the consequences of these actions, reinforce Osho’s words about judgments.  I find it interesting, however, that people in general, are starting to express that they think lying and cheating and bullying are simply not the influence that they want for either themselves or their children. 

The   talks about the definition of morality:

1. conformity to the rules of right conduct; moral or virtuous conduct.

2.moral quality or character.

3.virtue in sexual matters; chastity.

4.a doctrine or system of morals.

5.moral instruction; a moral lesson, precept, discourse, or utterance.

We, the citizens of planet Earth are becoming more concerned with “right conduct”.  Any action that is intentionally harmful to many is against right conduct.  However, right conduct has many meanings to individuals, depending on upbringing, religious background, training, and life experience.  Or, as Osho says, how we view morality is a product of our conditioning.  Do we move forward past 2010 with a new definition of morality?  I think not.  I believe that we will finally all adhere to the heart’s reaction to a situation and know, in our heart, what right conduct is.  And, everyone will respond in a similar manner - “with harm to none”.    New moon meditation conference call on Friday January 15th at 7:30pm Mountain time.  See details at 

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Angels Speak – Compassion

Have you noticed that compassion seems to be lacking in the world today?  Yes, certain people have compassion.  In a wide sweep of the population on Earth, however, there seems to be little compassion for fellow humans.  We have more compassion and more energy for saving/rescuing/feeding animals.


This picture – compassion and caring – comes from





Lisa Beachy ( sent out her weekly angel message today.  It was:

"Dearest friend, Living in compassion with those that you share this physical experience with is so key to your spiritual growth.  Compassion for their fear, compassion for the way they view certain issues and compassion for how they formed their beliefs in the first place. Compassion is needed from you for their decisions and the ability to give that compassion without judgement. Compassion for others, as well as YOURSELF will walk you further down your spiritual path quicker than any book or class.  - With Love, The Angels "

It was Lisa’s message that set me thinking about this issue of compassion and whether we feel it or not. At, compassion is defined as “Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.”  Often, with people close to us, we do not see their suffering as truly suffering because we compare it to other things like a starving child in Africa, or being a street person at –30 C, or living in the slums of India.  What we are doing then, is making a judgement about the degree of suffering that the other person is doing.  If we do not think that they are really suffering, we have little compassion for them.  Sometimes we simply see them in the role of “victim”, and sometimes we have little patience for that.

The Angels’ message is quite timely for me.  I have been wrestling with how to work with a friend who keeps expressing how much they are suffering, and yet I do not see it. I realise from Lisa’s message that I simply have to hold space for that person, and let them have their experience, whether it seems significant to me, or not.  And, in my compassion, I need to hold a space for my self, to let me work out my judgements around what I observe in others.

I am grateful for Lisa’s message.  I had an “aha” moment.  May you feel the truth of this message as well.  Hear November and December 2010 New Moon meditations at

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Friday, 8 January 2010

Spirit Animal - Phoenix

On December 29th, I was out walking my dogs, when a shadow passed over us. I glanced up, and there was a very large bald headed eagle flying over us. I was thinking about what spirit animal to write about. I asked if it was Eagle. The answer was “No, think bigger!”

Immediately, a vision of a very large Phoenix popped into my head. A writer named “Phoenix”, who writes on, had this to say about the bird.


Picture from

“The Phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird. Said to live for 500 or 1461 years, the Phoenix is a bird with beautiful gold and red fiery plumage. At the end of its life-cycle the Phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young Phoenix arises. The bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe (hence the expression rising Phoenix-like from ash or ruin), thus being almost immortal and invincible — a symbol of fire and divinity.”

I asked then, what message Phoenix was bringing, and if it was for me, or for everyone. The answer seemed to include everyone. Here is Phoenix’s message.

This is a time of great cleansing, the way that the cinnamon fire cleanses and renews me. The material things that weigh you down need to be cleansed either in energy or physically removed from your nest. Negative feelings and energies are now to be released. This means shaking your heads from all of the thought/mind control that is pushed at you each day. Radio and TV contain many experiments that affect people (even the very young) with a mind numbing inertia. This world is about moving and changing. Inertia is described as when a mass remains inactive. As you look around you, see all the people that are inactive, that is, are stuck in only one way of doing things. This is not a natural state. Every being moves.

This is a time of looking at what is truly important to you. If your life and health are important, then cleanse your cupboards of harmful goods, and move forward into a new level of body health. If your free will is important to you, turn off the TV and radio and video games, and pick up books on different subjects. If your job is not to your liking, decide what it is that you want to do, and it will happen.

This is a time of very fast response to what a person is thinking or wanting. Humans are calling it manifestation. It is however, more precisely described as revelation. What you have been thinking and feeling are now coming to the surface for all to see. This change is part of the necessary clearing (fire) to allow us all to begin joining together in mind contact. When all thoughts have been purified, then telepathy may be fully possible without need of hiding anything.

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Stars and Planets - Second Smallest Exoplanet Found


Second Smallest Exoplanet Found Published by

Matt on Thu Jan 7, 2010 11:35 pm via: Keck Observatory This artists' rendition shows extrasolar planet HD 156668b as discovered using Keck/HIRES. Credit: NASA

The discovery of new planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulas is happening at a great rate compared to the discovery of new pieces of the universe before 1970.  Part of the reason for discover is, of course, improved technology.  However, it seems like some of the discoveries now happen as part of the evolution of mankind and his ability to integrate with the universe.

Perhaps that is what the space programs are really about – not simply discovering other planets, but showing the other members of the Universe that we are advancing and that we are now able to go into space. 

Whatever the reason, it is very comforting to see new planets and nebulas being discovered because that means for us, we have not reached the end of the Universe.    New moon meditation conference call on Friday January 15th at 7:30pm Mountain time.  See details at

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Monday, 4 January 2010

Ancestors Speak – Sending A Blessing

I have been taking training in magick, healing, and the way of a shaman for many years.  Integral to the work in any of these disciplines is the ability to give or to send a blessing.  Perhaps it is an art form because each of us does it quite uniquely.
My friend Ashleigh sent me this wonderful video on giving a blessing.  I share this with you.
I also send a blessing to the creators of this video…
Beautiful words on the gentle art of blessing written by Pierre Pradervand. Movie & photography Jane Young

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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Tarot Discussion – Past Lives, Card 18 of the Osho Zen Tarot

Zen Tarot Card

Picture of the Past Lives card from OSHO’s Zen Tarot Deck



Back in 1988, Dr. Brian Weiss wrote a book called “Many Lives, Many Masters” in which he tracks one of his client’s experience with remembering past lives.  Many of us read this book.  For some of us, it resonated and we too began to remember past lives.  For others of us, it simply reinforced what we already knew, that there were past lives that we had lived and that this life time, we have the chance to close some of the circles of unfinished business.

When this card came up for me today, it reminded me that meditation is not simply about “no-thing”.  Sometimes, meditation is about intense focus to allow our subconscious to connect to our conscious mind, and to pass on information.  We are all journeying.  Some of us for many, many lifetimes.  Osho’s commentary struck home for me….

Everybody can penetrate to the past life, or many past lives. But for that you have to go deeper into your meditation, for two reasons: unless you go deeper, you cannot find the door to another life; secondly, you have to be deeper in meditation because if you find the door of another life, a flood of events will come into the mind. It is hard enough even to carry one life....

A glimpse into the eternity of our existence is a gift, and understanding the function of karma in our lives is not something that can be grasped at will. This is a wake-up call; the events in your life are trying to show you a pattern as ancient as the journey of your own soul. ~~Osho~~

I realize that there are some things I need to remember in order to do the job that I came to do this lifetime.  I need to remember to complete my “Earth Mission”.  Perhaps this card will also remind you of what it is you need to do. 

May you successfully complete it in 2010.  See my January newsletter for 2010 at

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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Spirit Animal - Owl


While I was doing my medicine wheel, an owl came in on a direction.  It blended so well with the landscape, it was difficult to see.  Now, the above picture is not the Owl that came to speak with me.  If you look closely, you will see how this grey owl blends into the tree trunk.

Owl, blending like this, brings a message about identity.  Who you are is who you let others see you as.  If someone sees you as courageous, then, it is because you show them courage.

Owl asks you, what is it that you want people to see right now?  Do you want them to see a being of integrity, or, a being of greed?  When one is greedy, one cannot be in their integrity, for truth is that we all have enough!  Owl asks you to hear your hear begging to be let out of the glamour of scarcity and greed, and that everyone see the other person as a potential friend instead of a potential competitor.   See the new January newsletter at

Friday, 1 January 2010

Spirit Animal – Junco

Juncos like the mountains, and can be found flying around the Rockies, and go as far north as the tundra.  They are a shy, hardy little bird. 

image   Junco from Wikipedia

Junco brings a New Year’s Day message.  Remember, that she eats seeds and insects, and likes to be in flocks with her kind, hopping about on the ground.

Junco’s message:

  1. Be in constant touch with the Earth, for you will feel the changes that she is bringing and therefore be better prepared for them.
  2. Seeds are precious and bring many nutrients to our bodies – to both Juncos and to humans.  Eat more seeds to get healthy.  And, ban those organizations that would modify the seeds that nourish us, for they put poison into our bodies.
  3. Being in isolation makes you see things in a skewed perspective.  You are not the most important person on Earth, and mostly, people do not care about you if they do not know you.  Join a flock (community) and find out about others.  When you stop thinking about yourself so much, then life becomes much more pleasant.  Join communities that do good things!  Helping others is an amazing energy boost.
  4. Talk about your soul longings and what it is you like and dislike.  Better still, before you talk about them, make a list of what interests you, and what bores you.  You might even be surprised. 
  5. Get out side each day.  Breath deeply and let the light of the world into your body. 



Junco picture from 

Photo © Joanne Bovee.

Juncos range over western North America, right up into the North West territories.
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