Sunday, 5 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Northern Pike


I used to have a cabin on Moose Lake in Manitoba.  One of my favourite summer pastimes was to lie on the rubber raft, hands trailing in the water, feeling the gentle rocking of the water movement.  Often, when I would peer into the water, I would see a mid-size Pike looking back at me.  In Canada, we call Pike by the name “Jack Fish”. 

I have not thought about Pike very much over the last ten years.  Then, this week, twice, Pike came up in the conversation.  As I sat meditating, I invited Pike to come into my space to share any messages that it might have.  Pike has this advice.

    • Staying still is a great camouflage behaviour.  It works out even better for a person if they can learn something from “spying” on what is going on.
    • Lurking in the shadows is one way to catch your prey.  Police have learned to do this from Pike and the police call this the “stake-out” routine.
    • Since most beings do have a brain, and do their reasoning at their head, it is best to consume prey in a head-first position so that they do not have time to plan an escape.
    • When you get caught, never give up!  Fight until the end!  It is amazing how often one can jump off the hook.

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