Sunday, 17 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - The Garden


The thought of karmic gardening is a very clever way to point out that we have choices in our lives.  When we are moving forward in life, we need to attend to the positive thoughts, identify the negative thoughts, and release the negative thoughts. 

Negative thoughts or weeds, are usually thoughts of judgement, jealousy, anger, displeasure, envy, condemnation, or any other thought that is not supporting you and others.

Today, do not give the weeds any fertilizer to grow into thoughts that pull you down and keep you from being happy.


Friday, 15 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - On Generosity


Over the past year in North America, different areas of the continent have been hit by floods and fires and wind via tornadoes and hurricanes.  We have all had a chance to be generous to those who have had misfortune, through no fault of their own.  We have had the chance to help people/families rebuild.  Many people do not give, however.  We wonder why. 

It is not the way of people today to be overly generous.  Most often it is because they live from pay to pay, and have little put away for emergencies.  Regardless of the circumstances, the abundance will flow to you if you practice generosity beyond your immediate family.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - Forgiveness


Forgiveness is really not about someone’s harmful behavior; it’s about our own relationship with our past. When we begin the work of forgiveness, it is primarily a practice for ourselves.
—Gina Sharpe, “The Power of Forgiveness”

There is much to be grateful for in life.  However, when we are carrying around intense anger, resentment, and blame, we are not able to live in the present moment and enjoy the time to be grateful.

We have the free will to shift our thought patterns.  We often forget that.  We do not need to carry around the same thoughts and old grudges.  Clean your closet and forgive. 


Monday, 11 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - You Cannot Hide Three Things


When you observe conflict between people – families, friends, co-workers – quite often it seems the conflict is caused by someone keeping "something" a secret.  The secret or lack of communication causes the conflict.

As the poster says, the sun and the moon are natural phenomenon that must shine because of the natural bodies that they are.  In the same way, truth always shines because it occurs naturally, and will always be.


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - Speak Mindfully


What I find is that people talk a lot!  They seem to be afraid of silence.  And, often, the words lack substance; they are empty without conveying true thought or commitment. 

The chatty people criticize the silent people for their silence.  The silent people wear ear plugs to be able to tolerate the noisy people.

How would the world be different if people only spoke when they had something meaningful to say?


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - Do Not Compare Yourself to Others


The hardest thing in life is to stop comparing yourself to others.  We do  a comparison because from the earliest time that we can remember, our parents are comparing us to other people. 

As a baby, the question is, "who does she/he look like?"  In school, are you as smart as …  your dad, your mother, your sister, your brother, or the kid down the street.  Comparison is a learned behavior

If you can change one thing this month, refrain from comparing yourself to others.


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - Remembering Old Wrongs


I was sitting with a group of friends and the discussion came up about family and the things that disappoint you or bother you about family members and their traits.

The most common trait that the friends brought up was that one or two members in the family remembered and brought up any wrong that they thought had been done to them, whether it was real or just their perception.  The list of hurts was surprising.  Things like:

  • they served me a cold meal
  • they did not make me feel welcome
  • they laughed at .. "something"
  • they didn't give me a good present
  • they didn't remember my birthday, or anniversary, or…
  • they didn't treat me as special
  • they didn't appreciate all the work that I went to
  • they didn't appreciate what I did for them
  • they didn't appreciate how far I travelled

The list was much longer, and, I am sure that you get the idea.  The other common trait was that all of the sufferers were also very sad or angry.  They typically were not pleasant people to be around. 

The conclusion was that "something" caused the person to be sad/angry/depressed and that this made them turn everything in their lives into a slight towards them or a deliberate action of hurt.  Is there a cure?  Most in the circle thought not.  They believed the condition was self inflicted, by carrying the memory of all wrongs.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - Don't Take Revenge


Most people that feel that they have been wronged also feel that they would like a revenge of some sort.  Wanting revenge is a human condition that mankind cannot seem to grow out of.

Buddha's message is that people that cause purposeful harm to others will usually have some event happen in their life.  The key is that the harm is purposeful.

I overheard a man chastising a woman for a perceived wrong that he thought she had done to someone else, and it was obvious that he did not know the whole story.  He told her that karma would get her.  First, he interfered in something that was not his concern; he just like to point out people's faults. Second, when you interfere without permission, but think you are acting for someone's best interest, you are creating a harmful act.  Third, she had not done any intentional wrongs; she was acting in her child's best interest as the child's only caretaker. Fourth, there was huge irony in the fact that the man cited karma as her punishment when he was the one actually doing something harmful.


Friday, 1 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - Our Thoughts


September starts, and it is a perfect time to become mindful about our thoughts.  Physicists have been proving what Buddha has taught thousands of years ago – that thoughts are energy and that the energy is a cause that creates effects in our lives.

When we think joyful things, we are joyful and those around us become joyful.  The reverse is also true.  We have little idea of just how truly powerful our thoughts are.

For this month, send out truly positive, powerful thoughts that evoke an action of some kind.  Note the date and time, and then watch how quickly the thought manifests.

As an example, I wished that, with harm to no one,  my massage therapist, who is extremely busy, would have time open up around my appointment so that I could have an hour and a half massage for my sore back. An hour and a half before my appointment time, I got a call saying that there had been a cancellation before me and did I want to start my massage earlier.  The answer was "yes!".  I got my extra time.