Thursday, 31 December 2015

Tarot Discussion -- Osho Transformation Tarot–Card 18 Meditation

From the OSHO Transformation Tarot – Card 18 – Meditation
Write up on the card:
Do the small things of life with a relaxed awareness. When you are eating, eat totally--chew totally, taste totally, smell totally. Touch your bread, feel the texture. Smell the bread, smell the flavor. Chew it, let it dissolve into your being, and remain conscious--and you are meditating. And then meditation is not separate from life.
Whenever meditation is separate from life, something is wrong. It becomes life-negative. Then one starts thinking of going to a monastery or to a Himalayan cave. Then one wants to escape from life, because life seems to be a distraction from meditation.
Life is not a distraction, life is an occasion for meditation.
This card was especially appropriate for me this morning.  As I have been getting busier with consulting, I am finding that I am changing my meditation times, and the length of time that I am meditating.  I am making the meditation separate from the normal acts of my life, where I can meditate at any time.  I am squeezing meditation out.

I wondered why?  I realized that my Ego was becoming more active and that it was telling me that I did not need to meditate. 

I realize that I need to move back into that flow of all things. 

I needed this card today!


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Angels Speak–Give Yourself Time

I saw this poster and I realized in a flash, all the times (pun intended) that I have said that I do not have time to do this or that.  I choose what to do with my time.  I choose how to use my time.  I choose what I want to do with my time. 
I am now choosing to say "that does not resonate with me" rather than "I don't have time".

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Angels Speak–What Can You Achieve?

I am in a place where I can imagine the world in different ways.  However, I could not imagine the beauty of this old tree trunk that gave life to a new tree in the middle of impossible circumstances.  This is life in a glorious celebration of creativity and beauty. 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Angels Speak - Be Yourself



Sometimes, we have to believe in our self, and not anyone else.  If we listen to others, we are shaped by their perceptions of the world, of us, and we become their image.  We need to be able to be true to what our scan is.  By scan, I mean our blue print. We know that no two bridges can have exactly the same blueprint because of the width of the river, the stability of the banks, and the type of river traffic that uses the river.  So too none of us can have the same blueprint.


Sunday, 27 December 2015

Angels Speak - Do You Procrastinate?

This poster made me laugh because I have noticed that I am procrastinating more all the time.  The message is clear – I really do not want to do the task.

When I am doing things that make no sense to me, and when I do things that are mindless, I do other things.  I find things to do, I go on wild goose chases.  I find that other things interest me more. 
I am learning not to procrastinate.  I am learning to be responsible.


Saturday, 26 December 2015

Angels Speak–Get On With It!


The Angels tell us that things are changing very quickly.  The energies of winter solstice, and the eclipse and full moon make this the time to make big changes in your life.  When you change, you will see remarkable shifts in the envrionment around you, whether at work, home, or at play with your friends.

One of the Christmas messages is the Angels think we should play more.  They do not mean frivolous, mean spirited play.  They mean the play that enriches your life and those around you.  Play with your children, your pets, or have a game of something with a friend.  Enjoy.


Merry Christmas 2015


This Christmas, I wish you peace, love, long life, and moments of joy.  I wish you health, happiness, and strong friendships for 2016.  I wish you strength, of character and of physical strength. 


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Angels Speak - To Be Mentally Strong


I love this! I have used it for many things – and all that see it say that they find it inspirational.  I love this poster because it gives us guidelines for living a comfortable life.  I hope that you find this helpful as holiday time can be stressful for some people.


Blog Posts Will Continue Using Windows Live Writer



I am happy to be able to continue blogging with Google and Blogger!  I can do this because Scott Hanselman and others at Microsoft created a new, open source program called OPEN LIVE WRITER.

Here is some information from Scott's blog….at

"Today is the day. An independent group of volunteers within Microsoft has successfully open sourced and forked Windows Live Writer. The fork is called Open Live Writer (also known as OLW) and it is part of the .NET Foundationand managed by this group of volunteers. Read the fantastic announcement at the .NET Foundation Blog! Download Open Live Writer now!"

Watch for catch up blogs from me.


Monday, 21 December 2015

Dear readers... I am sorry I have not posted for a while.  I have an issue where Blogger is now blocking my blog editing tool of choice.  

I am waiting to see if this is resolved.  If it is not, this will be the end of this blog on Blogger.  I will move it over to WordPress. 

Thank you for your emails, wondering what is happening, and for your patience.


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men….." -Herman Melville We move in and around other people each day. Some people seem very familiar although they are strangers. Others, who we know, present characteristics that make us shake our heads. We are all connected. We have minerals from the Earth as part of our body. Our blood flows red from the iron in it. We have the same basic DNA structure. We are educated from birth to be able to fend for our selves. And, the older we get, the more alone we feel. We feel the separateness of our experiences. We feel the isolation of our schedules. We feel defeated by life, at times, and then ride the crest of the wave of joy when something wonderful happens. We are unique. When we finally realize that we must connect because we are connected, we are amazed at the experience. It is good. Namaste

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Nature Speaks–About Humanity


It is the way of Nature to quietly clean up after herself, and to clean up after others.  Many people are like that – they clean the crap up that others leave behind.  It may be garbage that is lying around,  or it may be the actions of others that cause destruction and mayhem and even death. 

Today, we need to decide if we the ones that litter or if we are the ones that clean.


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Nature Speaks - Harvest



We are in the time of the sleeping of the seeds.  The harvest is in, and we are waiting for the spring, to sow new seeds and then move the growing period.

We are moving towards a changing way life of life.

We are seeing that corruption is being uncovered.

We are seeing new acts of kindness.

We are seeing new species as old ones disappear.

We are expanding into space to see the birth of planets and the rearrangement of the Universe.

We are self assessing and getting stronger.


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Angels Speak–Expectations and Frustration



A common theme that I see as I travel from client to client is a simmering frustration.  Like the poster says, the frustration comes from having an expectation that at the moment, is unrealistic.  Often, the expectation is based on having only part of the information and the rest of the information is conjecture. 

While many people maintain that expectations are just like goal setting, I disagree.  Goal setting is about setting goals for one’s self.  Expectations are often about setting goals or standards for other people – standards that may be impossible to achieve.

One needs to recognize the truth about expectations – whether the expectation is based on fact or fiction.