Monday, 29 February 2016

Angels Speak–Where Do You Want to Walk?


We do not always know how far or how high we can go.  Most of us grew up in decades where there were many limits on where you could go, what you could do as a career, and even where you could expect to live.

Change has happened in the last ten years.  We as a society are encouraging adults to get more education, to change careers, to become self employed, and to be involved with making changes in our communities.

The limits that used to exist are now eroded.  That is a good thing.  People now have an expanding consciousness that, in many ways, politicians and country politics are still trying to limit us. 

Where do you want to walk?  Do you have a destination in mind?  Or, do you want to walk into your destiny?


Friday, 26 February 2016

Angels Speak -


When you attempt to do something "big", the world will tell us that we have a very high probability of failure.  The Angels tell us that we have already been successful because we set our goals high. 

The paradox is that many want you to fail; they do not want you to succeed.  A young man in Ontario worked three jobs to pay off his mortgage.  He paid it off in a year and a bit.  As a child, he had experienced their home being repossessed.  He vowed it would not happen to him. 

He was successful in paying off his mortgage.  He celebrated with friends, and the story hit the media.  Soon after his story was published, he started to get hate mail, angry phone calls, and even death threats.  People were angry with him. 

They were angry that he succeeded.  Those folks around him took his sacrifices as a personal challenge to them, and they resented him.  He did something great.


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Angels Speak -


The Angels tell us that often, we humans move without mindfulness.  We become automated as we do the tasks that we think that we have to do.  We are not consciously choosing or not choosing; we are allowing automated tasks to fill our days. 

The Angels tell us that this is a form of protection for humans.  Business keeps us from doing things that matter, things that are really big.  As we continue doing our every day things, we move back and forth on a path that wears down to become a rut, and then a ditch. 

Be mindful today.


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Angels Speak - Happiness and Freedom


"Live life" is a common theme on posters and pictures. A common question people ask themselves is, "Am I free?"  or "Am I happy?" 

The questions seem to indicate that most people are not sure what freedom is or what happiness is.  The interesting part of the "doing what you like" as being freedom seems to contrast being responsible for your self and for others.  Each person can choose what they want to do – free will some say – and each person can be happy or not. 

What do you choose?


Friday, 19 February 2016

Angels Speak–What do You Collect?


There have been several articles recently in various online magazines about the new compulsion to collect things and to hoard things.  While hoarding always seems to have existed, it has taken on the form, world wide, of an addiction.  One suggestion is that the reality shows that will evaluate old items and then surprise the owner with the value is feeding the addiction to hoard.

The contrast to hoarding is to live simply, with exactly what you need.  This is a minimalist style.  It allows one to be alive without being weighed down by "things". 

As you live your life, which life style speaks to you?  Do you need lots of stuff, or, are you ready to let go of what does not serve you?


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Spirit Animals - Dogs and Kennel Cough



After all the money that I spent on vaccinating my dogs, including the vaccine for kennel cough, my two dogs both got a strain of kennel cough not covered by the vaccine.  Doesn't it sound like humans getting the flu even if they had the flu vaccination?

The pet hospital did not want to give them any antibiotics unless they got really sick.  I am on board with that.  So, I brought them home and searched for natural remedies.  The most helpful posting for me was at  I used the formula for yogurt, honey, and cinnamon that someone posted in the comments, and, I made them chicken soup.  Within three days, the boys have almost stopped coughing, and the sickest has stopped wheezing.  They have their energy back and want to play.  While they are not completely clear, I think that they will be fine. 

It seems that the message is clear – natural remedies, if we have the patience to seek them out and to use them – are the best solution for dogs and humans alike. 

For those that are wondering, I used:

  • 3 tablespoons of Oikos 2% greek yogurt, vanilla flavour
  • 1/2 teaspoon of natural honey
  • shake of cinammon

I gave them this three times the first day, and the past two days, twice per day with their food.  Both dogs are 75 and 82 pounds respectively.

Let me know if you try this and how it works for you.


Nature Speaks - Have a Plan


If you think about everything that happens in Nature, there does seem to be some sort of master plan at work.  The problem is that we do not usually see it.  We do not see the point of weeds, mosquitoes, flies, etc.  All have a purpose.  Each time something needs healing, there is a plant for that.  It can be animals or people.  Each time immunity needs to be changed, there is a bug or a virus for that.  Even when people need to change locations, it is usually because of an act of flood, earthquake, volcano, or other natural so called disaster.  The disaster is, of course, that people desire something different. 


Monday, 15 February 2016

Angels Speak - Good/Not So Good



What a poster!  From the time we are little, we are reinforced at every turn to be good.  The interesting thought here is that it seems everyone has a different idea of what "good" is. 

As story that makes me laugh is about the robber who held up the convenience store.  He rushed out with money.  Coincidently, he needed to cross the street.  A little lady with a white stick was crossing at the same time.  He slowed down, took her arm, and guided her across.  This turned out to be a great disguise for him.  The convenience store clerk described to the police how this big guy raced away.  The police were looking for someone who was in a hurry, big, and looking nervous.  They totally missed the robber several feet away from them.

Good or not so good?


Sunday, 14 February 2016

For Valentine's Day 2016


Check out the amazing ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, even if you are single, or, by yourself for Valentine's Day.  This wondeful posting was on

#1: Hug a Tree
Appreciate Nature. Go hiking. Surround yourself in
the great outdoors. Soak up the beautiful energies
of Mother Earth. She has a heartbeat. Tune into it.
Express your Love and Gratitude for all the blessings
the Earth bestows you.
Then listen. Who knows? She may have a message for you.

#2: Sit Under the Stars and Appreciate the Cosmos
We live in a vast Universe. Contemplating the Infinite
need not make us feel small.
With love in our hearts, we remember our Connection
to All-That-Is. And recognize we are THAT too, the
realization of which fills our soul with the WONDER of
the Mystery.

#3: Express Appreciation to Your Beloveds
Expand the traditional sense of Valentine's Day Love
to include all your Beloveds. Your kindred. Your soul-
mates. Your friends. Your family. Your children. Your
parents. Your animal companions.
Make it a point to consider what you most appreciate
from those closest to you. Then make sure to express it.
Face to face. Or call them up. Or email them. Or text them.
Or write them a note.

#4: Hug Your Self
Love your Self. Appreciate your Self. Feel deep compassion
for your Self. This is probably the most important thing any
of us could do on Valentine's day and every other day.
For it is only as we Love, accept and honor ourselves -
ego shadows and all - that we can truly love and uplift others.

I love this.  I love that we need to do self care, and that we can show our appreciation to ourselves.  It is time!


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Buddha Speaks - Well Being



In Buddhism, pursuing happiness is not just a moving away from one thing—the acquisition of external objects—but moving toward another, dharma practice. It’s extricating yourself from the actual sources of dukkha, which are internal, and moving toward greater freedom, greater mental well-being, greater balance, greater meaning.   —B. Alan Wallace, "What is True Happiness?" (From

I am at a place where often conversations turn to the topic of 'Well Being'.  The topic is a hot one right now, especially when people compare their life to that of a Syrian refugee, or to someone who is homeless.  In the area that I live in, well being is generally considered to have achieved a place where you have a house/home, a good job and paycheque, and where you are not constrained in any way. 

I found the poster above, and I think that this really sums up the idea of well being.  The one thing that I think is missing is a bubble for "Spirituality".  I am not talking religion, although perhaps that should be on there too.  I am talking about having something bigger than yourself that you are part of, that you believe in, and that you have faith in. 

What do you think?


Friday, 5 February 2016

Spirit Animal–Wolf on Life


Picture is from

The Wolf was part of yesterday's blog, and today, has shown up again.  Wolf is a fascinating guide because it walks through the light and the dark.  It speaks to the Heavens, is friends with the Moon, and burrows in the Earth.  Often, we feel the need, like Wolf, to howl at the moon.  Sometimes, we look at our dogs, our friends and allies, and we are reminded that they have the blood of the Wolf in their ancestory.  It is a fascinating thing.

Today, if Wolf calls to you, do not hold back.  Go for that run, that hunt, or out to howl at the Moon.  Let the fierce freedom engulf you for some time.  When you return to the normal life, you will feel as though you were on a vacation. 

Your thoughts will be clearer, and your creativity will be intensified.  You will find the information floating around in your head that gives you reason to act – it may be anything.

Be joyful.


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Angels Speak - Wolf Tarot Spread


The Angels give us gifts to share with others.  I was having a discussion with one of my friends about tarot cards, and oracle cards.  We were talking about different spreads.  She told me about this cool reading layout called, "Hungry Like The Wolf" Tarot Spread.  It is by  Lyn Thurman.  Check out her blog and website.

As you may know, I love wolves so this spread speaks to me.



CARD 1I’m hungry like the wolf. This is what I hunger for and howl at the moon for her to bring me:

CARD 2: I’m lost. Yikes!  What do I need to see or do to gain direction:

CARD 3: I’m found. I know I’m on the right path when I find:

CARD 4I howl and I whine.  All is not lost because even though I might not see it, I do have this going in my favour:

CARD 5: It’s discord and rhyme. This is the confusion or obstacle I have to get past:

CARD 6: I’m on the hunt, I’m after you.  Oh yes!  I’ve got my wolf frame-of-mind on and my course of action is clear.   This is how I hunt the hunger down:


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Angels Speak - We Need To Say the Hard Things



I read this poster and felt the zings that one feels when a truth is spoken.  I get this feeling when something I want to talk about is close to my heart.  I get choked up.  Emotion is what alerts us to the "important" things.  At a cerebral level, nothing is really that important. 

Think about all the things you will not talk about to others.  Make a list, just for yourself, and read it out loud.  Then, burn it or tear it into bits and flush it.  There!  You have talked about it.  You have loosened its hold on you.  Relax for a bit.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Angels Speak - Are You Weird?


Three times in the last week and a bit, different people have called me weird or very strange. The comments came after I commented on a situation where they had one view, and, I showed them a very different view.  They think that my perception is not normal.  Well, that is true if they think their perception is "normal".

Really, how would human kind progress if people all thought the same way?  Where would our new inventions come from?  I am happy to be who I am.


Monday, 1 February 2016

Angels Speak - Forgiveness Lightens You

Interesting Image

I often say that forgiveness feels like taking off a suit of armor. It allows you to let go of the resentment, anger, and fear that weighs you down. - James Van Praagh

The picture and the quote come from James Van Praagh's blog at

I received an email with the link to the blog in it, and, I clicked to see what was up.  When I saw the picture and read the story, I needed to share it with anyone who would like to see it.  So, I am sharing with all of you.

This year is the BIG chance to release anger, resentment, and grievances against anyone that you feel has wronged you, or is wronging you. 

Why not check it out?