Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Angels Speak - About Happiness



It is difficult for most people to stay in a complete state of happiness indefinitely.  While it seems sad that we cannot be happy all the time, the off set is that we are not sad all the time, either.  We find things that make us happy and sad.  We find things that let us grow in our wisdom about happiness or sadness.

The Angels tell us that we are in a place of learning about emotions and truthfulness.

Where are you in your journey to find happiness?


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Angels Speak - Keep Moving



When we think that we cannot move forward any longer because of the pain, the pressure, the depression, and the hopelessness – then know that it is exactly the right time to move forward. 

Keep going!  One step and another.  Ask for help from the Angels.  Ask for strength.  It will happen.


Friday, 27 January 2017

Buddha Speaks - The Lessons We Need To Learn



Have you ever looked back at your life and noted that some events occur over and over?  Those are life lessons that we need to learn to deal with.  Until we deal with them, we are not going to move past the lessons. They will keep repeating until we understand what we are to learn.

When we learn the lesson, then we move into the healing of that situation.  We have a time of letting go of the past.  The transition from victim to healed is fast and is empowering.  It is a blessing.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Angels Speak - I Believe In Myself


January is a great time to decide to look at one's self.  The Angels tell us that we are perfect but that many of us do not believe that.

The big message is "I believe in myself".


Monday, 23 January 2017

Angels Speak - Changing



When we walk through the things that we have to do each day, know that each of us changes.  We change by choices that we make, and by our actions.

Some say that free will makes us good, powerful, and better able to find spirituality.  The Angels tell us that we are often so much in our heads that we miss the signs that are showing us the correct path for our journey.

We believe that we can 'fix' nature and people and animals and anything that does not measure up to our standards in our head.

Let it go.  Walk in harmony with the Earth and with mankind.


Saturday, 21 January 2017

Buddha Speaks - Release Resentful Thoughts


The hardest thing about living life is the letting go of the resentful thoughts and grievances that we accumulate daily.   When we have resentful thoughts, the thoughts diminish our light. 

As a way to love yourself this year, let go of resentment and grievances.  Remember that you are the light to those around you.  By being in SERVICE and being MINDFUL, we expand our light and our self worth increases. 

Be you.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Buddha Speaks - Be Yourself



You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. Buddha

Often times, we feel pressured to do things and to be someone that does not resonate with our soul or our heart.  When these times come, remember that when someone says, "Do this, or you don't love me," that you are being manipulated.  Only you can do what is right for you.  If someone needs something done, they should do it for themselves.

We each have days to move through to bring us to our destiny.  And each day that we walk in our truth brings us more harmony.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Angels Speak - Do Not Be Afraid


The Angels say that we do not have to be afraid of failure because it is just a bump in the path.  It helps us grow.

When we are grateful, filled with hope, and healing ourselves, we are magnificent!  We carry the light.  We move along the path listening to the rhythm that sounds only in our head.  When we stop listening, we falter, and we have a major disappointment.

Do not stop.


Friday, 13 January 2017

Angels Speak - Daily Actions


Here are more actions for living a spiritual life.  The Angels talk about how we need to be the shining example to show how the light will shine in the dark places.

  • Forgive them Anyway
  • Be kind Anyway
  • Succeed Anyway
  • Create Anyway
  • Be HAPPY Anyway
  • Do Good Anyway
  • Give your best Anyway
  • It was never between you and them anyway


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Angels Speak - What Is the Spiritual Path



The Angels tell us that a spiritual path is not one filled with mystery or intrigue.  It is how we live our life, everyday. 

What they want us to know is that living life to our best efforts is how we move into spirituality.  Some of the things that help us grow spiritually are:

  • Being very kind to all, including ourselves
  • Feeling love for all things, even the nasty people.  Know that you can love people without liking their actions or choices.
  • Finding compassion for those that are having difficulty, whether it is people or animals, and recognizing their struggle in yourself
  • Communicating clearly with yourself and others about what you feel, what you need, and what you would like to do

Life becomes so interesting.


Monday, 9 January 2017

Angels Speak - Are You An Awesome Partner?

Figure 1 – Poster comes from www.Amplifyhappinessnow.com

Whether you are in a marriage or cohabitating with a roommate, you are in a relationship. If you are a friend or a sibling, then you are in a relationship.  Each person is a partner.  Although we tend to think of a Partner as someone in a marriage type arrangement, being a partner is more then that.  Remember that there are people that are partners in corporations, law firms, accounting firms, doctors offices, and on, and on. 

The Angels tell us that the points in the poster above are really about all relationships.  In number 5, "Show Affection" is saying to show that you are loyal and that you value the other person. Substitute Partner for Sweetie in number 8.

Do you see how this is going?  This is a guideline for living life and for interacting with others. 

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Spirit Animal - Elk on Confidence


Sometimes, information and guidance comes from strange places.  Elk stepped in to provide some tips on being confident.  Here is what he had to say.

  • Always stand tall.  Never let your spirit be pushed down by someone else's opinion.  Their opinion is their problem, not yours.
  • Walk with purpose.  When the wolves surround the Elk, we move with dignity and do not show fear. We stay together but each of us is alert.
  • Choose where you want to go.  Elk are very individual and will go in the direction that calls to them.


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Angels Speak - About Life Lessons



Moving through life does not happen without one meeting obstacles.  The obstacles are like accidents or detours on the road when you are driving from A to B.  Although we may curse the delay and set back in our travels, in LIFE, these delays and setbacks always prepare us for what is yet to come.

The Angels speak and tell us that a guardian angel is with you always, and that that Angel will keep you where you are supposed to be, for that is what guardian angels do.  This means that what ever happens to us is perfect for our life. 

If we do not want the series of unfortunate events, then we need to shift our belief system, our values, and our evaluation of self.


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Angels Speak - Where Do You Call Home?


The mystery of why we live where we live is probably one of the most explored concepts that brilliant minds try to solve.  The brainiacs have offered up all sorts of theories:

  • It is because of family ties
  • It is because of friendships and not wanting to let them go
  • It is because of family roots
  • It is because people cannot afford to leave
  • It is because of lifestyle
  • It is because of a job\career
  • It is because they do not want to uproot children

All of these arguments are easy to counter. 

The Angels say that we live where we live because we know in our hearts that this is the place that we belong.