Sunday, 26 May 2013

Buddha Speaks – The Eight Paths

This post is for the several people that asked me about the Buddhist Eight Fold Paths.  These Paths are not unique to Buddhism, but, have been perhaps the best expression of living a good life that allows one to move spiritually to that place of enlightenment.

If only the politicians, business men, and shop keepers would follow these paths!



Saturday, 25 May 2013

Buddha Speaks – Another lesson in Right Effort


You can spend a lot of energy being upset, or you can get with the program—it’s that right effort thing—get the beauty of the way it is.

- Jeff Bridges, "The Natural"

Spirit Animal - King Penguins Talk Of Old Friends


King Penguins live in the Antarctic and the very southern tips of countries close to the Antarctic.  Their numbers are huge – in the millions – and their colonies are very large.  It is easy to become parted from your friends – those chicks that you grew up with in the crèche.  Finding a friend after several years is an unusual occurrence and one that has some of the same ceremony that human reunions have.

King Penguin shows us that:

  • there is nothing quite like an old friend
  • affection should be displayed
  • life can be full of surprises
  • everyone loves to be appreciated



Friday, 24 May 2013

Spirit Animal - Otter Water Play


Otters are such beautiful creatures.  I think it is because of their playfulness and their loving personality.  This picture grabbed me because it reflects what Otter wants to show us.

  • Love and affection are a way of life, and should not be withheld, even from one’s self.
  • Water is about emotion.  What better place to practice love and kindness.
  • Being of the light and being buoyant seem to go hand in hand.  Buoyancy is associated with water.
  • Whiskers are little antennae that help us pick up the information around us.  Otter whiskers pick up love and playfulness.
  • Otter tells us to dive deeply into what is holding us back from being utterly loving.

May Otter appear in your life today – in the flesh, in pictures, on billboards, or on TV.



Thursday, 23 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – What Makes You Tremble?

I had a conversation with some friends about what makes a person tremble, and in particular, what made each of us in the group tremble.

The words that first came up were:

  • cold
  • fear
  • anger
  • grief
  • excitement
  • exhaustion
  • a hard run (which to me seems like exhaustion but which my friends agreed was different)
  • awe

We moved on to the physical things that make us tremble like:

  • earthquakes
  • thunderstorms
  • storms
  • hurricanes
  • typhoons

And then we moved to the intrinsic things that make us tremble.

  • the sound of certain music that raises you outside yourself
  • seeing an animal being born
  • seeing the majesty of the sky at certain times of the year
  • something deeply spiritual
  • sudden kindness from a stranger
  • the trust of a baby – human or animal

We had so much fun with this.  What I needed to remember was that each of these items seemed to be a force of Nature interacting with us.

What would you add to this list?



Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Spirit Speaks - Do You Remember?

One of the interesting things in life, is, what you remember, and how you remember it.  Things that I remember from my childhood, for example, are moments that are special to me.  My brothers and sisters don’t remember them. 

“Remember” derives from Latin – memorari - to be mindful of. ( What are the things that we are mindful of?  The items that most people remember are:

  • times someone hurt or wronged them
  • birthdays
  • Christmas or other holiday celebrations
  • family – special grandparents, aunts, or uncles
  • pets
  • travel to other places
  • shared moments with friends

Often, these memories are more painful than happy.  My challenge to you today, is to remember all the happy moments in your life.



Monday, 20 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – Do You See The Door Way?

My horoscope said that new doors would appear before me as I rolled another year older.  My imagination immediately soared as I imagined rows of different types of doors opening up for me.  Then I saw this blue door.  For some reason, it resonates.

Blue is about truth; about the throat chakra; about moving through the higher consciousness; about connecting with Spirit; and about shape shifting.   Blue reminds us that we are all in transition.  It reminds us of freedom, and the sky, and the color of pure water.  Blue is about beginnings, and is a great colour for a door. 

Do you know where to find a blue door?



Sunday, 19 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – The Sound of Rain

The rain is a blessing on us.  It washes us clean.  My sister was telling me about the jack rabbit that sat in her back yard, in the rain, letting the water wash him clean.

Sometimes, I think that we forget the power of Nature to cleanse us.  It is okay to walk or sit or run, or dance, or laugh, in the rain.

Maybe this is a good time to try it.



Saturday, 18 May 2013

Spirit Animal – Lion Blessing


May this day carry a blessing for you.

May this blessing be as gentle as a hug, and as great as Africa.

May you get the Lion’s share of love!



Friday, 17 May 2013

Spirit Speaks - Reaching

We sit in the mud... and reach for the stars.  - Ivan Turgenev

It is intriguing to me that we all yearn for the stars.  Possibly it is because we all come from the stars, from different planets and star seeds. 

Whatever your goals are today, I wish you success in reaching your Star.



Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spirit Speaks - Love and Love


It seems this month that everything is about love.  Perhaps it is the energies that are shifting through the world right now.   The influence of the eclipses has been profound, and continues to influence how see the world. 

I love the idea that we are all getting more loving and kind.  Although some activities in the world seem to say this is not the case, I see more news about people helping people and animals, then I see “bad” news.

Here is a story that moved me because of the juxtaposition of thoughtlessness and kindness.  Read about Nakio.



Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – On Love

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

Mother Teresa

One of the things that makes me the happiest in life, is when people come to our house and tell me that they love the feeling in our house; that they feel sad to leave our house.   I saw this quote from Mother Theresa and I believe that many people feel this way when they leave our house.

May you find people that feel this way in your life.



Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – Human Kind

"We’re not meant to be vehicles of destruction, but rather the very embodiment of love & light and compassion, manifest."

I recently had an experience where people were not very kind to me or to each other.  I wondered why they were like that.  Then, I met their manager.  He was not nice to any one.  When people say that influence comes from the top, “people” were very correct in this case.  

What makes someone be unkind to those around him (or her)?  Is it their home life?  Is it that they think acting mean makes them powerful?  Or, is it that they don’t like people in general?  What ever the reason, I like to think that most people are kind and that most people want to help others.



Monday, 13 May 2013

Spirit Animal – Orangutan Says Stay Close


The Orangutan recognized her offspring’s first attempts to be independent in a world that she was not quite ready for.  An older orangutan rebuffed the friendship, and threw in a few slaps and growls.  The young lady was devastated! She did not want to return to Mom, but neither did she want to venture farther.

Mom solved the problem.  She ambled slowly up to daughter, and mumbled something, and then gathered daughter in her arms. 

The moral of the story – even when you are out on your own, it is okay to stay close to those that love you, and that you love.  Give someone you love a call today.



To see another story about Orangutan, see Spirit Animals – Dog and Orangutan Teach Us About Friendship

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Buddha Speaks – Suffering Is Not The Enemy


We are constantly encouraged to reject what is unpleasant, disappointing or difficult. 'What's all this suffering? Let's be happy! Have fun!' But our suffering is not our enemy. It is only through a relationship with my pain, my sadness, that I can truly know and touch the opposite—my pleasure, my joy, and my happiness.  - Claude AnShin Thomas, “Conceptions of Happiness”




Saturday, 11 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – Ten Commandments by Bertrand Russell

I saw this poster and realized that it is quite close to the shamanic code.  After more scrutiny, I realized that it is close to many codes, including the code of the Knights of the Round Table.  I realize that it is not exact.  However, I find it interesting that several codes are so close.  I wonder then, why so many people feel the need to be bullies or tyrants.

What are your thoughts?



Friday, 10 May 2013

Spirit Animal - Tiger on Black and White

A 7-year-old white tiger sits with one of her cubs at Tobu Zoo in Miyashiro, near Tokyo. Four newborn white tiger cubs made their first public appearance at the zoo.  Picture: AP

Not only is this picture very cute, it reminds me that Tiger has a lot to say about things being black and white.

  • The definition of black is defined by white, and the reverse is true.
  • Wearing both colours shows that both colours fade to grey.  Grey then, is the combination of the colours, and the place where mixing of the colours happens.
  • Being black and white and grey allows one to blend with many landscapes.  Therefore, it is the colour of harmony, if it is allowed to be.
  • Spirit cultivates black for grounding with the Earth, and cultivates white for connecting with the Celestial.  There is harmony in this like the harmony found in black and white piano keys.



Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – Meditation Focus 25


This meditation focus comes from the book that I wrote, “Earth Wisdom Meditations: Contemplations For People Who Love The Earth”. 

I was sitting on the bench by the Bow River looking into the water.  A tree beside the river dropped a leaf into the water to my left.  I watched it float down past me.  I was just watching this leaf, and thinking, and I heard the words.  I wrote them down, and, eventually, they became a meditation for me that I use when I get stuck in my daily life.  Saying the words slowly and quietly, over and over, help me focus.

If you try this meditation, please let me know if it works for you.



You can see more about this book here.

Earth Wisdom Meditations: 111 Contemplations For People Who Love The Earth [Paperback]
Judith Hirst (Author)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – Two Kinds of Rocks


This picture along the Kootenay River reminds me of the stories about rocks.  There are two kinds of rocks that grow in the Earth.  One rock represents goodness, kindness, steadfastness, and strength.  These rock are guardians or sentinels.  A good example is the ring of rocks at Stonehenge.  Another example are the mountains of the Rocky Mountains.


Then there are the rocks that are grown from anger.  These rocks are pushed up through the Earth because people have expressed a heart felt wish of extreme anger.  The rocks lose their ability to hold strength and push up as broken and feel “off”.  These rocks can mark a place of Sorrows.

This day, be mindful of what your heart holds and what you create in the world.



Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Buddha Speaks - Using Right Speech With Yourself

Buddha Wesak

The Buddha saw that we are always engaged in relationships, starting with that most significant relationship: the one with ourselves. On the cushion we notice how we speak to ourselves—sometimes with compassion, sometimes with judgment or impatience. Our words are a powerful medium with which we can bring happiness or cause suffering.   - Allan Lokos, "Skillful Speech"

I was sitting at my laptop this morning, trying to do some work for a client.  My email was acting strange, and stopping, not refreshing, or simply not sending out my outbound mail.  I started to get frustrated.  I started to watch myself talk to myself.  I saw that I was not upset with the email or with the computer.  I was upset with myself for not being able to FIX IT.  I realized that the words I was saying were unkind and not helpful.  I realized how unrealistic my actions were. 

Where did this come from?  Where did it send me?  I think that the words came from the shadow side of me that remembers the unkind things that people have said in the past – things about how I was unworthy, or stupid, or…..   Well, you get the picture.  I think that most of the time that words like that can send us down a dark current that moves us away from the light. 

I am now back on track.  This is a good day for you to get on track as well.



Monday, 6 May 2013

Spirit Speaks - Renewal and Crocus




On Saturday morning, I walked the dogs on Deer Ridge.  It was early.  And the slope was dotted with purple and yellow.  The crocuses were out!  It is late for them, to be out into May.  The colours of the crocus, and the surrounding landscape are a vivid reminder of the colors of the chakras.  As the crocus plant gathers strength to shoot out of the Earth, so does our kundalini rise up in us. 

Check out the new Osho Imeditate site for a great kundalini meditation. 

See more on nature through pictures  at this blog  “This is A Nature Blog” at



From Judy – Getting Feedback on Changes To Blog Layout

This week seems like a good time to get some changes done to my blog layout.  I hope that they are helpful and that they make coming to the blog more enjoyable.

I would love to get your feedback on the layout of the blog, on the blog postings, or anything else that you want to talk about.   Post into the comments below.



Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – Beauty of The Earth


Along highway 93, one can pull off the road, and spend some time beside a stream or river, or small lake, and contemplate the peace.

With the peace, the beauty of the Earth shines out like a gift on one’s birthday.  Sunlight, warmth, and many elementals work with you to bring down the state of tension in your body.

Use this picture as a focal point for your meditation and see where it takes you.   Send me comments to tell me about your journey.

Check out



Saturday, 4 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – Touch The Earth


Humans, and mothers especially, have a love-hate relationship with dirt.  Yet, dirt grows what we eat.  The minerals in it are part of us.  We need it!  Sometimes, the quickest way to ground absolutely is to touch the earth.  Sometimes, getting down in the mud brings a relief to a time filled with stress, grief, and worry. 

So, today, if you are having a difficult time with family, work, relationships with friends or lovers, go and find some dirt.  it will make you feel better.



Friday, 3 May 2013

Spirit Speaks - Hug Your Friends


As I have often said in my blogs, the animals show us the way!

Hug your friends today.

Tomorrow, you may not have the chance.

A friend of ours left the Earth while out watering her plants.

One day a phone call, the next day a funeral.

It feels like this passing is something that is almost communal.

So many people are leaving right now to work with us from the other side.

I hope my friend, will come back to me, and be my light and guide.



Thursday, 2 May 2013

Spirit Animal – Eagle Flies In Dream Time

I believe that the Eagle is the Guardian Teacher of the East.  I believe that Eagle flies where it needs to fly.  I believe that Eagle flies in my dreams to teach me. 

One of these dreams that I remember began with Eagle sitting in a tree in a deserted farm yard across the road from the farm that I grew up on.  Eagle began to chase the birds out of the tree.  Then, its mate joined it, and they both swooped about the tree, scaring the birds.  Suddenly, one Eagle flew off and landed in our field that was south of the farm yard.  The other Eagle looked at me, and then flew to the ground.  It began to walk.  As it walked, it grew bigger until it was so large that it could step over the fence, into our field. 

I was so excited.  I pulled out my camera. I ran to the fence and crawled through it to take pictures of these huge Eagles.  As I was getting focused, a herd of white and pale brown and palomino horses came galloping up.  My two large Eagles faced the herd and morphed into two very large white horses.  Two of the smaller white horses trotted up to them and I realized that the small horses were the Eagle’s offspring.  I grew even more excited and thought “no one will believe this”.  Just as I started to snap pictures, I woke up!

I was so upset that I didn’t have a camera, that I was not out on the field, and that my Eagles had disappeared.



Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spirit Speaks – Love with Actions

Well, this poster says it all!  Of course, our Ancestors have always said that actions speak louder than words.  They also say that love is the way.  Strangely, those caught up in material growth and wealth never seem to find time for love.  And, by their actions, they show us just how empty they are. 

Love fills you up!  You do not need to eat, drink, or buy to fill the craving that emptiness brings.   Finding that love is not something that you need to go on a quest to find, although I will say that quests are fun.  No, the loving is right inside you.

Today is a good day to rummage around in your body and find the love.