Saturday, 4 June 2011

Spirit Animal - “Heads Up” Says Giraffe


I know that an animal wants to talk to me and give me a message when a picture pops up of it, over and over.  This has been happening with Giraffe.  I will open a magazine, and there will be a picture of a Giraffe.  Or, I will open an email slideshow, and the first or second picture will be a giraffe.

I finally slowed down and asked Giraffe what it wanted to tell me.  She asked me to close my eyes, and imagine that I was in Africa.  She then asked me to open my eyes and see the scrubby bushes and grasses that give lions and cheetahs something to hide behind. 

Then she said,

“Life is a lot like the scrubby bushes that cover the savannahs in my world.  We often get so used to seeing the bumps and the valleys, that we soon ignore them.  In the beginning, we do watch them so that we don’t trip or stumble.  We make sure that we are not taken by surprise by predators. 

Then suddenly, we seem to forget about these parts of the environment.  We look beyond them, and forget that at some point, we must deal with them.  They are like the details in life that we must take care of – car payments, mortgages, food, shelter – details that are taken for granted, and therefore not treated with the attention, and perhaps respect that they require.  Soon they catch up with us.

Giraffes know that at all times, especially with the young about, that we must keep our heads up.  We must look beyond the immediate, to the distance to see what is coming.  You, too, need to do that!”

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