Thursday, 30 September 2010

From Judy – Changes, Changes, and More Changes

Dear Readers,

After a week and a bit away, recharging at a conference, and then in the mountains, I am now ready to be back, sharing the information of the animals and the earth and the angels, with all of you. 

I have had some amazing conversations with different beings and animals, and I will write out some of their sharing over the next month.

I am also making some big changes in what I am doing.  Beginning October 1, 2010, I will be back in the corporate world full time with my new company that I have started called “Data Cloud Consulting Inc.”  My husband and I are getting the website developed and I will be taking training on the new technologies that we will be providing, through October.

Life is so much more than we think.  We can do everything that is given to us by Spirit.  And, Spirit has so much to give!



This is a picture that Roger took of me at Takakkaw Falls on Sept 29th.  We had been driving through fog, and when we drove up and up to the falls, we were blessed with glorious sunshine.  I asked for a blessing for my new business, and, Spirit (Great Spirit, Creator) as well as all the guardians of the mountains and the falls seemed to bless the new venture.

You can see one very large orb over my head, and if you expand the picture, you will see other, smaller orbs, or less dense orbs, coming down towards my head.  What a blessing!

I am grateful!

I hope all of you have new ventures that you are putting in place that will give you great joy and activate the creativity in you.








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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Spirit Animal – Hummingbird Buzzes Around

The following comment appeared on the Hummingbird blog for October 8, 2008.  The story and the reply may also have relevance for many of you.  Therefore, I am sharing it as a post since many people do not read all the comments. – JH


image  Picture of hummingbird from

Judy, please tell me what you think about my frequent hummingbird visitor. One morning I was leaving my apartment building, I heard a loud buzzing noise & saw something move real fast across my path. I thought it was a bee so I batted away. To my surprise, it was humming bird flying, yet still right in front of me, looking at me. The hummingbird began to fly off but for only a few feet and then backed up or flew back and just hovered in front of me again. A week later, at the park with my kids I saw another hummingbird hovering up high in a tree. Another week or two went by, again outside my apartment I experienced another hummingbird with bright red feathers on it's back. Just yesterday, another hummingbird has blessed me with its presence. This bird was brown and green. What could possible be the message from all of these birds since they were all difference.


Hi and thanks for sending in the fascinating information on hummingbird.

The knowing that I have around this is that Hummingbird is your spirit animal guide and is trying to get a message to you. Please understand that the messages will resonate with you if they fit, and they will not resonate if this is not your experience.
The different birds are used because it seems that you have not been paying attention to the messages in the actions and the environment that the bird is in.

The messages are:
1. Life is sweet! Now is the time to enjoy the differences in all things that you do, and to let go of the judgement around the "how" or the "why" they are different.
2. Hummingbird has great courage and is not afraid to make changes or to travel great distances even when it is not sure exactly where it is going, or what will be waiting. Hummingbird tells you to make the changes that you have been procrastinating on doing because you are afraid to change. Each change is like a flower that goes from bitter to sweet as it blossoms.
3. Hummingbird would like you to spend more time outside. The trees and flowers are healing. Whatever is going on with you, you do need healing. Let the birds and the flowers and the trees help.
4. Life is full of differences. It is the differences that make us unique and give us our special gifts. Hummingbird says that it is time to allow yourself the freedom to be yourself, unique and beautiful, able to stand free and above the constant criticism that others may make of you. It is your journey, not their journey. They have no say.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Earth Changes – Cosmic Changes

This is another article that shows me that what happens in space is important to us on Earth and that the changes on Earth are perhaps, echoed in the Galaxies around the Universe.

Enjoy this article about stars and planets and the dust and gas that they create.


Cosmic ice sculptures: Incredible shapes in a distant galaxy as stars 'sculpt' vast clouds of icy gas

By Daily Mail Reporter  Last updated at 4:15 PM on 20th September 2010

This bizarre image shows radiation from stars as its carves away at clouds of molecules in a distant galaxy.

These strange structures occur as violent stellar winds and powerful radiation sculpt these clouds of dust and gas in the Carina Nebula.

The cloud on the right of the image is around one light year in length.

The distant Carina Nebula where radiation is eating away at vast clouds of dust and gas

The distant Carina Nebula where radiation is eating away at vast clouds of dust and gas

This image is a composite of 2005 observations taken of the region in hydrogen light (light emitted by hydrogen atoms)

It was combined along with 2010 observations taken in oxygen light (light emitted by oxygen atoms), both times with Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys.

Eventually the star's radiation will boil away the dust clouds until stars not yet formed in the interior will stop growing.

The immense Carina Nebula is an estimated 7,500 light-years away in the southern constellation Carina.

Read more:

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Earth Changes – Changes in the Vatican’s beliefs?

This story caught my eye, and started off all sorts of thoughts in my mind.  Is this true?  Does the Vatican believe that there is life beyond Earth?  Read the article and see what you think?


I'd love to baptise ET, says Vatican's stargazer

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 9:16 PM on 17th September 2010

Read more:

Christian Cosmos

New frontiers for Christianity: NGC 300, a spiral galaxy similar to the Milky Way, and located in the nearby Sculptor Group of galaxies. Taken at the La Silla Observatory in Chile 

Read more:

Friday, 17 September 2010

Spirit Animal – Leopard Seal


Photo: Kin0be/Flickr

Sometimes information comes to us and we need to think about it before we can make sense of why we were destined to read or to see or to hear about “Something”.  I was confused when I read the following information about the Leopard Seal, and felt a zing of energy go through me. 

The leopard seal is at the top of the food chain in its home in the Antarctic, and this is one predator you don't want to swim with. It is bold, powerful and curious, and it has been known to hunt people, although it usually targets penguins. In 1985, Scottish explorer Gareth Wood was bitten twice on the leg when a leopard seal tried to drag him off the ice and into the sea, and in 2003 a leopard seal dragged snorkelling biologist Kirsty Brown underwater to her death.  ~~ from 15 cute animals that could kill you

I was searching over and over for why I needed this information.  Finally, the answer came to me.

Leopard Seal has a message for people in this changing time where weather is unpredictable and the way of life is changing because of the weather.

  1. The leopard seal is grey and white with darker spots of almost black or dark grey in places. Since it lives in the Antarctic, these colours blend with the surroundings.  It is time for humans to move back to the land and to learn to blend with the surroundings.
  2. Not everything is black and white.  Things blur with one’s vision and perception.
  3. When one is hungry, one cannot be too fussy about what one eats. 
  4. When one stays solitary, as leopard seals do, everything else is food.  Life is basically about survival, and eating what is available.

We humans tend to think that seals are loveable entertainers.  We have had that perception because of the sea life shows that we see and the cute seals that are in shows on TV or in the movies.  Leopard Seal is reminding us that we need to look more closely at animals and at other people to see below the surface view, and to see what we are really dealing with.  We can learn about what we are really dealing with by being aware of the environment around us, and around what it is we are observing.

One always needs to be alert and aware; or in different words, one needs to be mindful at all times.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Spirit Animal – Monkey Business


Capuchin Monkey from

When you think about monkeys using tools, generally the first thought that will come to mind is either an image of a chimpanzee “doing” something or a picture of the organ grinder with his sidekick, Monkey, holding out a tin cup or a hat.  Yes, Monkey has known how to use tools for a long time.

Why did Monkey think that they needed tools?  When scientists were observing the monkeys, whatever type they were, the monkeys used tools to get food, to relieve discomfort (scratching) and to use to play with (fun).  It doesn’t seem like Monkey’s needs are very different from human needs.

I asked Monkey what thoughts it wanted to share with us.  Monkey grinned and gave the following words of wisdom from all of the monkeys.

We have been on the planet many, many, many sunrises.  Our stories tell of us seeing the big ones that you call dinosaurs. Monkey knows that the everyday things that we do to stay fed and watered are business – the business of life.  Humans have lost sight of the simple needs of all creatures.  Instead, humans focus on things that are not necessary.  Why is it necessary to cut down our jungle.  What possible use do you have for all the trees that provide me with food and hold water for us to drink?  You burn most of the jungle that you destroy. The need to destroy things for the sake of destroying them is a dark side to humans that seems to be growing.  There are some, we see, that are creative and plant trees and grasses that will take back the empty land.  It takes so long for our big trees to grow. 

In our tribe, we all care for our young.  It is an honour to care for the young.  That learning has been with us all our suns.  We see you leaving the babies and young to fend for themselves.  We hear in the echoes of the big wind that carries thought around the trees that little children are hurt by big humans.  We do not understand why.  How does that fit in to business – staying alive? 

We are glad that we are monkeys.   For more on Monkey see  Spirit Animals – Chimpanzee (Monkey)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spirit Animal – Dove Says “Family”


Picture from

There are times that I get up in the morning and I am tired, and I do not feel like walking my two dogs.  That feeling was with me the other morning as I left the house in yet another morning of rain. 

As I rounded the corner of our cove, a dove flew up in front of me, and almost seemed to back flap so that she could have my attention.  There were other doves in a distance, and I surmised that they were all getting ready to fly south.  However, the dove that flew up in front of me seemed to linger.

She looked at me with those Dove intelligent eyes, and then blinked.  She blinked again.  It seemed that she was flashing some sort of Morse code at me.  I let the blinks sink in – about a minute’s worth, and she flew away.

I have never learned Morse code so I had no idea what message Dove was blinking at me.  I walked with the dogs, and wondered what the message was.  As I walked, I began thinking how much like children the dogs were, and in fact, how much the dogs were like family, or more correctly, are my family.  I thought about all the pleasure that I have had out with the dogs on walks, and all the great people that I have met through the dogs.

By the time that I arrived home, I realized several things:

1.  Dogs are family, and it is okay to be tired and acknowledge the tiredness.  One still needs to do the “dog” work.

2.  I get energized from Nature, and the walks with the dogs ensures that my day starts of right.  I am grateful for that.

3.  Dove was reminding me that we need to travel with our family, like she was.  Traveling alone does not offer the support of the group, the love, and even the protection.

I thought that was pretty good advice from Dove.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Spirit Speaks – Lessons On Life From Music by Benjamin Zander

Until I watched this inspiring lesson from, I had no idea who Benjamin Zander was.  I learned that he is the Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, a teacher, a great speaker, and a gifted pianist.

I learned so much from this twenty minute video. However, rather than influence you with the thoughts that I had, I will let you watch this video and decide for your self what the life lessons are.

Would you please post your ideas about his lessons in the comment section?

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Spirit Animal – Cleanliness is a “Bear” Necessity

Here is a wonderful bear story and pictures that my friend Sandra sent to me.  I love the expression on this bear’s face as he enjoys himself.  I hope this story makes you smile!


Some people living in Colorado Springs wondered why their water barrel was almost empty every day.  They set up a camera and caught a bear bathing. That was last year.

Well, he's back.  This is what I just received:

Big Al came for his weekly bath again this week. He really looks like he enjoys the experience. He needs a bigger tub, will think about that for next year.


Friday, 10 September 2010

Spirit Animal - Gorilla


Gorilla photo from

Several years ago, my husband and I went to the zoo for the day simply to walk and enjoy the animals.  We were lucky to hear the zoo guide talk about the gorillas and how much personality each gorilla had.  The guide told a story about one female gorilla that climbed to the top of the tree posts and sat up there on the platform through the times she was fertile because she did not seem to want children after she had her first baby.  Apparently, this frustrated the big male because he could not climb up that particular tree post as he was too big.  This story has three points.  One, the gorilla did show a unique personality. Two, the female gorilla was illustrating that she had both logic and some ability to work out the future.  And, three, she was defying the convention that she bear young.  This female gorilla beautifully illustrates “gorilla medicine”.

If Gorilla resonates for you as your spirit animal or power animal, the following traits might be true for you:

  • great intelligence and planning capabilities
  • the ability to communicate on several levels
  • a strong individuality with a sense of what is right and wrong for you and for others (self respect and respect for others)
  • big strength and gentleness
  • clear vision (clairvoyance) and keen hearing (clairaudience) that allows you to hear things that others do not hear (guides, animals, music)
  • great loyalty first to family, and then to the immediate friends (tribe)
  • strong caretaking talents for self and for others
  • a sense of fairness

Gorillas have often been portrayed as large, brutish, and violent as in the movie, “King Kong” or in the movie, “Tarzan”.  While Gorilla always knows what it wants, it usually gets its way through cleverness and gentleness. 

Learn to use your Gorilla medicine to move your life in the direction that is right for you, and ignore what others tell you is in your best interests.  See the September magazine online at

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Spirit Speaks – Through New Moon Meditation with White Eagle


Picture from

On Monday night, we held a new moon meditation on the cusp of the New Moon.  The guardian/guide for our meditation was the Ascended Master called White Eagle. White Eagle has had many incarnations, however, he came to us as part of the Great White Brotherhood.

When White Eagle led us on the first meditation which was to take us to times when we were warriors protecting those who could not protect themselves, some of us saw the energy as a white eagle, some saw it as white light, and some saw it as different versions of a man or woman in native dress.  All were valid images since White Eagle will appear in the manner that one is comfortable with.

The second meditation was the gift of a clearing of all the lifetimes where we felt that we were inadequate as warriors, protectors, and leaders. The clearing was done backwards and forwards in time, and across all levels, planes and dimensions, allowing us a healing that will return some of our lost soul pieces to this lifetime to help us become complete.

In the third meditation, White Eagle had us soaring through the clouds, from platform to platform to meet our Council of Eight Business and Life Advisors.  Each council member had their own specialty, and each person had their own unique council of eight. 

At the end of the evening, White Eagle suggested that I blog about the experience and tell everyone that they too, can call in White Eagle to work with them, and give them these meditation experiences.

I wish you well on your journey!  See the September magazine online at

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Buddha Speaks – We Are One With Buddha


When I am working through my Zen Buddhism studies and teachings, I am constantly amazed at the the wonderful writings that have been created and handed down through the centuries. 

The passage included at the end of this article is one such writing.  It is a poem that is used in ceremony at sesshin.  I love the flow of the words and the ideas in this writing.  I love that this poem  says the same thing that other great writings say about man’s nature – that it is Buddha like, that it is God like, and that we are one with the Universe. 

I have included some key words and their meanings to help people understand the way of life that sees this poem as a ceremonial poem.

zazen – silent meditation as practiced in Zen Buddhism.

sesshin – a period of intense meditation.  “While the daily routine in the monastery requires the monks to meditate several hours a day, during a sesshin they devote themselves almost exclusively to zazen practice. Traditionally, the long meditation periods are only interrupted for a few hours of sleep, short rest breaks, meals, and short periods of work (samu); and even these activities should be done with the fullest possible attention. During the sesshin period, the monotony is a bit broken by the master (roshi) giving presentations (teisho) and individual directions  to the monks.” from

samadhi - Collectedness of the mind on a single object through calming and/or increasing mental activities. A diversion of mental resources from one location of the brain to another by decreasing activity in one area and increasing it in another. A conservation of energy in one part of the brain allowing increase in another. One aspect of Samadhi includes a non-dualistic experience in which the consciousness of the experiencer becomes one with consciousness itself. This occurs when all other mental functions pause except consciousness. Concentration is not samadhi. Rather, concentration helps create a mind capable of experiencing samadhi by strengthening the mind. Samadhi is not a straining concentration on one point, nor is the mind forcibly directed to an object.  from

(Dharma poem by Hakuin Ekaku [1685-1768]. Read as part of the ceremony at the end of the day during during sesshin.)

All beings by nature are Buddha,
as ice by nature is water;
apart from water there is no ice,
apart from beings no Buddha.
How sad that people ignore the near
and search for truth afar,
like someone in the midst of water
crying out in thirst,
like a child of a wealthy home
wandering among the poor.
Lost on dark paths of ignorance
we wander through the six worlds,
from dark path to dark path we wander,
when shall we be freed from birth and death?
For this the zazen of the Mahayana
deserves the highest praise:
offerings, precepts, paramitas,
Nembutsu, atonement, training--
the many other virtues--
all rise within zazen.
Even those with proud attainments
wipe away immeasurable crimes--
where are all the dark paths then?
the Pure Land itself is not far.
Those who hear this truth even once
and listen with a grateful heart,
treasuring it, revering it,
gain blessings without end.
Much more, if you dedicate yourself
and confirm your own self-nature--
that self-nature is no nature--
you are far beyond mere argument.
The oneness of cause and effect is clear,
not two, not three, the path is put right;
with form that is no form
going and coming--never astray,
with thought that is no thought
singing and dancing are the voice of the Law.
Boundless and free is the sky of samadhi,
bright the full moon of wisdom,
truly is anything missing now?
Nirvana is here, before your eyes,
this very place is the Lotus Land,
this very body the Buddha.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this writing.

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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Spirit Speaks - Willingness


Helpful picture from




My word of the day from the Angels is the word “willingness”.  Merriam-Webster dictionary online provides the meanings of willing as:

1: inclined or favourably disposed in mind : ready <willing and eager to help>

2: prompt to act or respond <lending a willing hand>

3: done, borne, or accepted by choice or without reluctance <a willing sacrifice>

4: of or relating to the will or power of choosing

As I meditated on the word “willingness”, I wondered why that was coming up for me.  I believe that I am very willing to be in service to the Universe.  I help others.  I teach others.  I go where I am called.

As I thought about these things a picture began to form in my mind of several occasions in the last while where I was reluctant to answer “the call” because the call was to do several difficult things.  I did go, but very slowly.  For once, my impatience to do something was curbed.

I was beginning to see why the word was coming up in my meditation.  I have been willing, in the past, to do the difficult tasks as well as the easy tasks.  In fact, I seemed to thrive on the difficult.  So, what had caused the change for me?  I asked for clarification of my reluctance, and I saw, on the screen in my mind, that during those reluctant times, I was tired, and I had been faced with some family issues, and, I had not been doing long, strong meditations to stay feeling happy and in condition to face any challenge.

So, there is an underlying message in the word, “willingness”.  Behind the reminder that I am in service was the reminder to keep myself whole so that I can be a willing light worker. 

May you find your place and your willingness to be in service. See the September magazine online at   See my other blog for more technical information.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Spirit Animal – Toucan on Wardrobe

image Picture of Toucan from

I was sitting down to write my blog, and closed my eyes to ask who wanted to come and work with the blog today.  Toucan, with her many bright colours, popped in and said, “Pick me! I have lots to say!”

I gracefully allowed Toucan to take the driver’s (or writer’s) seat.

“Toucan here with some observations and comments.  First, we see you all wearing dark or sombre clothes.  It is fine to wear dark clothes, however, dress up the drabness with bright colours like we Toucans do.  Use bright yellow, red, green and blue to liven up a black or dark blue or grey suit.  Men can do this too with bright ties and pocket clothes.  The brightness will make your energy higher, and when you feel better, you look better, and you are happier.  People are attracted to you, and great things will happen in your life.  We Toucans have bright colours to attract mates and to blend into the brilliant colours of the tropics.

If your world seems cold and you do not feel like you fit in, take a trip to some place in the tropics, close to the ocean.  This is a time for being in touch with the warmth of the planet for she is conveying great love, and all of you need to learn and to give out great love.  Water will soothe and allow un-rest full emotions to surface so that you can deal with them in a safe place. 

Meditate on bright colours and ask what message each colour has for you.  Remember, each colour is part of the rainbow, and therefore a promise of life.  What is it that you have pushed off because you do not think that you deserve it?  Do that thing very soon, and celebrate it with colour!

Love is expressed with colour.  Giving brightly coloured flowers to those you love is an expression of how you feel – the bright red of the rose, the bright pink of the carnation, and so on.  When a child is born, you give them brightly coloured clothes and stuffed toys because you love them!  Use that colour on yourself to express how much you love yourself. 

And, if you have trouble being good with colours to yourself, then now is the time to learn to love and approve of yourself.  Ask a Toucan!  We will tell you how wonderful you are!”  See the September magazine online at   See my other blog for more technical information. 

Friday, 3 September 2010

Great Spirit – Singing of Peace

If you have been following the news recently, big changes are happening around the world.  Peace is beginning to look more real because all discussions are looking at ways to pull out troops, and to be kinder and gentler to the people.

All people want the same thing – to have enough to eat, shelter, a place to belong, and to feel joy from simply being.

Our Ancestors were very concerned about keeping safe.  We are in a world where nothing much threatens us except other humans.  We should be safe!

Our Ancestors celebrated the slightest event with music for music lifts our spirits and the vibrations of the sound of the music continue long after the music stops.  IF this was not so, you would not recall songs and hum them to yourself or sing the songs that make you feel good.

Perhaps, early in Joan Baez’s career, she started a peace movement with her music that is finally coming out in new actions that are not war.  This too is something to celebrate!

Listen to Joan’s song about peace, and see what shifts in your body.



May peace be with you this day!

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Spirit Animal – Sweat Bees

Now this is exciting!  A new bee species!  This means that the death of the bees we know and love, in their hives over winter, is off set by Nature.  Nature does know how to keep “life” in balance.

The message to all of us is that instead of bemoaning what no longer exits, ie. the past, we need to look for the new things in the present moment to see what is changing.  Usually this change results in positive things, if one looks at the picture long enough.  For more thoughts around this, see my blog, Buddha Speaks – Allow Everything To Be Perfect from the end of August.

Enjoy this story, and look for the new things in life!


New bee species found in downtown Toronto

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 1, 2010 | 4:09 PM ET By Emily Chung, CBC News

Jason Gibbs collected the first specimen of this new species of sweat bee from a front garden on Brunswick Avenue in downtown Toronto on his way to the Spadina subway station.

Jason Gibbs collected the first specimen of this new species of sweat bee from a front garden on Brunswick Avenue in downtown Toronto on his way to the Spadina subway station. (Jason Gibbs/York University)

Bees found in downtown Toronto and the Okanagan desert are among 19 new species discovered by a university graduate student while he was working on his PhD.

Jason Gibbs found one species while walking up Brunswick Avenue to the Spadina subway station in Toronto one morning in the fall of 2006.

As usual, Gibbs, who has since graduated from York University in Toronto, had his net ready in case he spotted any bees among the flowers.

"People have some really nice front gardens on Brunswick Avenue," Gibbs said Wednesday. "I just stop anywhere that looks like good bee habitat and I collect as many as I can."

Have you seen a sweat bee?

Sweat bees are dark-coloured and most are just half a centimetre long.

"I imagine most people have probably seen them, but they may not have recognized them as bees," researcher Jason Gibbs said.

When he's shown sweat bees to friends, they tell him they would have mistaken the insects for flying ants.

While sweat bees can sting, they're so small that their stingers can't penetrate human skin, Gibbs said. "I usually pick them up with my fingers without any problems."

The sweat bee he popped into his jar that morning turned out to be one that had never been identified, even though it later proved to be common throughout Eastern Canada and the United States.

Gibbs found other new species in the arid Okanagan region of southeastern B.C.

Gibbs's exhaustive descriptions of 84 sweat bees, including the new species, were published Wednesday in the journal Zootaxa. They also won him the 2010 dissertation prize from York University.

Sweat bees are tiny black or iridescent green bees known for their attraction to perspiring humans.

Read more:

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Earth Changes – Rolling Into September 1, 2010


As the Earth revolves, so do the seasons.  And here in Calgary, the scent of Autumn – that clear, crisp, smell of leaves drying and the final puff balls floating through the air – signal the change from summer to fall.  And, it happened fast!  On the night of August 30th, we had frost that touched our tomatoes and beans.  Now, we need to get busy and harvest the bounty of our garden before the next big frost or snow.

This year I am noticing too that people are tense as we move into September.  Generally, people are more relaxed after the summer, and it takes until November or December for the stress and tension to build up.  It seems that the summer, at least here, was not warm and sunny, and the gentleness of summer was absent.  Now, instead of rolling with the flow, people are more tank like.  They are encased in some hardness and they are ready to strike out at the smallest infraction.  If these neighbours of ours were in uniform serving our country, they most likely would cause unrest, and perhaps even create a few battles.

Part of the reason for this tenseness is the change in the Earth energy.  As all the natural phenomenon of flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires from lightening scourge the planet, the four elements come alive – water, earth, air, and fire.  The elements cause humans to release their emotion and to release their true character.  The four elements call out the ‘dark side’ of each of us.  And, this needs to happen.  We are not truly whole unless we embrace all of who we are.  We are the warriors as well as the peace makers.  We are the destroyers and the creators.  We are anger and love.  We are a dichotomy.  Just like the planet, we are now scourging those things in our makeup.  They have to surface.  Then we can blend the energy from these opposites to become one new being. 

What a rocking, rolling ride!

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Monday, September 6, 2010, 7-9pm By Donation
“Develop from the heart, meditate on love, live love, absorb love, give love, and your soul will become alight.”
—From White Eagle’s teachings.
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