Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Hawk Wants You To Listen


I received a great story by email, from Andy, about his experience with Hawk.  He and I have emailed, and he has given me permission to share what he wrote.  Here is his story.

I was riding my motorcycle on a Alberta highway when I spotted a hawk flying on a collision course to me and at the last moment, it pulled up and away from me.  Ii know they have great eye sight so I know it must of seen me and heard me. Ii think the message was to pay more attention to my path be it my life path or the actual path I was ridding or both. Or, maybe there was some other meaning. I made my trip home and put the bike away and went out on my front porch. I heard a commotion happening in the trees when a small hawk type bird flew out with a small bird in its talons. Two parent robin birds were trying to attack it to let go of their young. This was quite a sight! But, I don't know the message in this.  -Andy

Since each of us is unique, and since we all have unique experiences with animals, Andy’s message will be tailored for him, and where he is in his life.

Some of the thoughts that come up are:

  • Be clear of the path you are choosing.
  • Beware of the items/people that you may collide with as you stay on the current path.
  • Chase what you need to have in your life.
  • Do not allow others the power to take away things from you that you love.

Hawk is working hard to communicate with Andy.  Watch to see how animals try to communicate with you.

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