Monday, 13 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Toad Plays “Who Do You Love”


Last night, as the dogs and I walked out in the park tonight, at dusk, I could hear all the different frogs singing their songs.  And then it got quiet.  The dogs and I heard this boom, boom, boom.  It sounded like a drum.  Then, there was a steady rock’n roll beat, and an image appeared.  It looked like “Toad” – the toad from Toad Hall – was going to sing.  He was standing over the water, and looked about six feet tall.

The words that he sang were “who do you love”, over and over in a deep, bass voice.  I know the song, so I was expecting to hear him begin to sing the whole version.  However, the words changed to “do you love you”, in the key of G, with a deep, 4/4 drum beat.  I was startled!  It seemed like all the animals (deer, dogs, ducks, geese) paused and looked up.

I thought I did love me.  Yet, when he sang those words, I felt this guilt flow through me as though I did not love myself enough.  Wow! That was something that I am going to work on.  I realized that Toad was singing about “angel love” or unconditional love, and that I had not gone far enough with me.

Then, Toad began to sing again, “who do you love?”, and the visions I saw were of all the important people in my life.  These were the people that I love.  My big surprise is that there were several people missing.  The missing people were in a screen called – “Like, don’t love even though you thought you did”.  Another surprise!

Toad now started singing, “Gotta work it out, baby!” And, he sang that over and over as his voice faded away.

Why did a cartoon or movie type image appear to me?  Well, at that moment, Spirit decided that this image was something that I would relate to, and therefore, understand the message more clearly.  The images that appear to us, or the words or smells or “knowings” that we get, are symbolic to us as individuals, and sometimes as archetypes of groups or tribes.  The symbols convey a message.

I got my message, loud and clear!

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