Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Spirit Animal - CHRISTMAS DOG


I think that dogs are the only beings that interact with humans that know that Christmas, and every other day of the year, is about love. 

The message that came through at my Winter Solstice celebration was all around love, and especially love with compassion and without limits.  All dogs seem to have that unbelievable ability to love unconditionally and with a sense of compassion that I marvel at.

This Christmas, I noticed that the number of people walking dogs in our off leash park has increased.   I look at the faces of the people with dogs, and those without, and I see that dog owners seem to be more relaxed, and they seem to be happier with what they are doing.

I chatted with several new comers to the dog walking trail, and found that they had decided that rather than give a lot of presents, that they would adopt a dog for Christmas.  They were finding it challenging to fit in many activities plus a new dog, however, all were happy with their choices.

I wonder, sometimes, how the Universe lines up these pairings of people and dogs.  I wonder how long it takes to get to that place where the right dog and the right people are finally able to live out their contract.  I wonder what happens when a matching does not happen. 

I am so very glad that dogs are working with humans.  We are all better off, I think.




Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!



Love starts from your house, to your neighborhood, to your community, to your nation and to the whole world. Spread love to all those you meet. Let everyone feel the Universal love that raises us all. Merry Christmas to you!

To all of you that have been reading my blog and to those of you that send me emails and post comments, “Thank you!”  Thank you for taking time to acknowledge that the writing resonates with you.  

Love, light, and laughter,


Monday, 17 December 2012

Spirit Animal - Our Pets Speak



We too came from the stars.

We too know about choosing journeys.

We have chosen to be here, now, with you on Earth.

We intervene when we can so that the hurts that might be inflicted on people are inflicted on us.

We have borne much cruelty from Man kind.

We, therefore, have issue with the word “mankind”. 

Our experience is that most of the human race is not kind to us or to each other.

We hope this changes very soon, or, we may return to the stars.

-Your Pets



Friday, 14 December 2012

Angels Speak - Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Gift
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.

I was looking for a gift for one of my family members, and I saw a man berating the woman beside him.  It was either his wife or girlfriend.  I was indignant, and started towards them.  He was very loud.  I heard in my head a message that said "Stop". 

Then, more gently, I heard, "Send her love, for this will give her strength.  Send him compassion, for this will lessen his anger.  Send them both healing, for they have lost a child."

I stopped.  Tears filled my eyes.  I did the things that I heard.  The man dropped his head as he stopped shouting.  His shoulders slumped.  He said, "I am sorry." 

She hugged him.   She knew forgiveness.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Buddha Speaks - Be An Instrument of Love

As an experiment, the next time you are doing an errand, stuck in traffic, or standing in line at the supermarket, instead of being preoccupied with where you’re going or what needs to be done, take a moment to simply send loving wishes to all those around you. Often, there is an immediate and very remarkable shift as we feel more connected and more present.

                                          - Joseph Goldstein, "Triumph of the Heart"

This is a very cool thing to do – try to send loving wishes.  I was very surprised at the response.  Since December 2012 is the time of great shifting in human consciousness, I cannot think of a better way to be a shining example of what I would like each person to be.




Monday, 3 December 2012

Spirit Animal - Mink Pops Out


There is nothing more freaky than some animal popping out of the bush at you, regardless of its size!  The other night, Magic and Merlin scared a Mink out of its nightly hunt.  And, Magic herded him so that it jumped out in front of me.  Poor Mink!  I think I scared him more than the dogs did.  He popped under a fence.  Then, he turned around and peeked out at me.  It looked like he grinned.

Mink, especially when it is white, is about remembering your spirit.  Mink tells us that we must stay connected to who we really are, and that we must disregard what other people tell us we “should” be like.  The great national pastime is trying to figure out who we are. 

When you are connected to your spirit and to Great Spirit, you know exactly what you are.




Saturday, 1 December 2012

Spirit Animal - Raccoon Visits Me

Racoon has been popping up regularly.  Last week, I found out that two raccoons are living in the fir tree in our neighbour’s yard.

Raccoon has a message for me, and, perhaps, it will resonate for some of you.

1.  Watch out for masks.  Everyone with a mask has an agenda that suits that person, not you!

2.   Be careful of what you get your claws into.  Some things are very sticky and will not wipe off easily.

3.  Stay grounded.  If you are grounded and have a safe sanctuary, you will not be sought out to do things that you have no desire to do.

4.  Play!  The play keeps your muscles loose and relaxed. 




Monday, 26 November 2012

Spirit Speaks - Let Go, Now!

Let Go, Let God

The theme of releasing has been coming up, over and over.  Not just for me, for everyone.  It is part of the theme of this latest eclipse.  We are in a time of letting go of old beliefs.  It is time to recognize the magic and let the magic in.



Monday, 19 November 2012

Spirit Speaks–Kindness


This picture is about what you do with your opportunities.  Do you work to be the best person that you can be, or not? 



Saturday, 17 November 2012

Buddha Speaks - We are connected by Love and Compassion

There is no denying that consideration of others is worthwhile. There is no denying that our happiness is inextricably bound up with the happiness of others. There is no denying that if society suffers, we ourselves suffer. Nor is there any denying that the more our hearts and minds are afflicted with ill-will, the more miserable we become. Thus we can reject everything else: religion, ideology, all received wisdom. But we cannot escape the necessity of love and compassion.

- H.H. the Dalai Lama, "Consider Yourself a Tourist"

The theme of love and compassion is strong in November.  We need to remember that we are all on a journey and that we travel at the speed that we are comfortable with.  You see this reflected in the way that people drive.  Some drive slowly, and others drive very fast.  It is all part of the movement forward.




Thursday, 15 November 2012

Spirit Animal - Blue Jay


The Blue Jay has long been associated in North America with the calling of a Shaman.  In fact, in some legends, the Shaman takes on the shape shifting ability to become the Blue Jay.  Blue Jay’s colors are interesting.  Blue is the colour of truth, of the higher chakras.  White represents the highest connection to self.  And, black, the original color of the base chakra, is now recognized as the grounding color.  Two Blue Jays came to eat at our bird feeder and then stayed to “chat”. 

Some of the interesting things to come out of the conversation were:

1. Truth is only truth at Nature’s level.  Humans do not have any concept of truth because they do not follow natural principles.

2.  Feeding wild life is a good thing to do because humans have taken so much of the “wild” away from animals.  This is why animals are dying or moving into human territory.

3.  Fear has a smell to it.  We animals smell it all the time because the smell is every where.  Humans seem to now live in fear.  Perhaps it is because they have lost their connection to the Earth.




Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Spirit Speaks - Love Is In All Beings



Horse on its mum's lap
Some pictures just don't need captions.
There is nothing like Mum's lap no matter who you are. 

This is a newborn offspring of Taskin, a Gypsy Stallion owned by Villa Vanners of Oregon ..
These pictures were taken immediately after his birth on April 6.

The mare lay down, and then he trotted around and crawled right
up into her lap








One of my friends knows how much I like animals. She has gifted me with a set of animal pictures that are amazing!

There are some BIG messages in these actions.

  1. All beings on Earth are capable of love.
  2. Love is about acceptance, caring, responsibility, and freedom.
  3. All beings do better with love.
  4. Every being does better with a hug!



Monday, 12 November 2012

Spirit Animal - Mountain Fury Calls You

There is strangeness at this time – the energies have been rolling out since October.  I have strange dreams.  Sometimes they are of people and sometimes they are about animals.  Sometimes, I walk with angels, aliens, or spirits.

The interesting dream that happens is about this black horse in the mountains. It is difficult to determine whether the horse exists of itself, or whether it is a personification of the mountains. 

The horse comes and hunts me down.  I climb on its back and it carries me to the mountains.  I climb off the horse and then sit on a rock and listen.  I hear stories and learn lessons.  I am tested.

When I awake, I have no other memories other than the basic facts that I have stated.  Perhaps some of you are experiencing the call of “Something”.  For me, the call is Mountain Fury.



Monday, 5 November 2012

Spirit Animal - The Spirit of The White Horse

Today, I traveled north to Lloydminster to work with a client.  It is an hour or so, small plane ride.  I picked up my rental car.  As I slid into the car, I thought that the car really smelled like horse smell.  That gave me a chuckle because on the rental form, it says that no pets are allowed in the car, and you have to initial that clause.

As I drove along the road, towards the city, I saw a white horse trot through a field towards me.  Because the roads seem narrow, I turned my attention back to my driving.  When I glanced toward the field, I could not see the horse.

I pulled up to the stop sign, and a truck drove past with a picture of a galloping white horse on it.  My thoughts were around – that’s odd… two white horses in about five minutes.  There must be a message for me.

As I was pulling on to the highway, I glanced up at the sky.  The sun was setting.  The clouds were shaped like a silhouette of a running horse.  I blinked, and it was gone.  Three white horses in about fifteen minutes.

Similar to the experience with the rabbits, ( ) I asked for help in understanding the significance of the white horse.  Over the next hour or so, the message became clear.

  • Now is the time to stretch and run with your ideas and what you know.  This is a time to be ahead of the herd.  Being solitary gives you a chance to experience so much.
  • Remember that you are very strong – stronger than one should be.  It is the time to use this strength to stay where you are.  Set boundaries.  Seek counsel as one does with due diligence, however, make the choice yourself.
  • There are no limits!  Go high!  Go low!  Carry the message.




Saturday, 3 November 2012

Spirit Animal – Three Jack Rabbits In The Early Morning

We have been getting more snow than usual this early in the season.  So, when the dogs and I went out for our early morning walk, I was quite bundled up.  We were almost into the park when a white jack rabbit jumped up in front of us, having scooted out from under an evergreen tree.  As Merlin lunged after him, even though he was leash bound, the noise startled out two more white jack rabbits.  One of them stopped to look at me, and then she turned and ran.

When an animal makes eye contact, it is a sure sign that you must pay attention.  As we continued into the park, I processed the encounter.  I asked my guides for help.

The messages and images came through quickly.

  • It is time for the merging of the identities of the body, soul, and spirit so that they may “talk” freely together to help create the best situation for you right now.  (That explained the three white animals very easily – anything highly spiritual seems to be white.)
  • The time for hiding what you do, what you know, and who you are is over.  Come out from under cover.  Let who you are shine.
  • New opportunities are coming to you – three to be precise.  You will now find that things that were hidden before now come to light.  Move forward with ease.


Some of you may be getting these types of messages as well.  Go with this flow, and find out what new things are available to you. 



Thursday, 1 November 2012

From Judy – Time Flies But Yes I Am Still Writing Blogs



To all of you that have sent emails asking if I was okay, and if I would still be writing blogs, the answers are:

  • Yes, I am okay… working long hours and travelling
  • Yes, I am still going to write blogs

Thank you, all, for asking and expressing concern. 

Some of you may know that I went back to a full time corporate career a year ago in November.  I find this job to be more than a job – I love it and I get caught up in the technology.  Time flies by, and I have not done the other things that I enjoy doing.

One of my goals is to get my Windows 8 loaded over my beta version so that I can test things I need to do at work.  I digress.

My angels and guides walk with me daily, and I still get fascinating information from them.  I simply do not seem to have as much  time to share it.  I know that life is about choices, and so I need to make the time to share it with you. 

Many blessings,


(Note new email

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Angels Speak - What Does A Best Friend Do?


That’s it!  Just look at the picture.  Fill in the blanks around what best friends do.




Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Spirit Animal - Frog On A Journey

The other night, I had a vision just as I was dropping off to  sleep.  In that vision, I became Toad of Toad Hall, and I was setting off on a journey to see the world.  I had not travelled far when my car ran out of gas.  I got out and walked.  I walked until I ran out of road.  I then walked through the fields and trees until I came to what seemed to be the edge of the Earth.  I had no place to go, except up or down.

I took a deep breath, and stepped off the edge, and went up!  I felt like I walked on invisible stairs.  I reached the top, and I disappeared!  I waited for me to re-appear.  Nothing happened.  I went to sleep.

Over the past few days, I realized that my vision was a metaphor for the things that were happening around me and to me.   I laughed.

What does my dream tell you?



Monday, 15 October 2012

Spirit Speaks - A Story of Love

Since the beginning of time, we humans have loved to hear a good story.  The story below is not mine.  However, it begs to be widely read and celebrated.





Updated Aug 10, 2012 at 1:59 PM EDT

A Wisconsin man has been thrust into the spotlight after a picture of him and his 19-year-old dog went viral on the Internet.

According to a story from Granite Broadcasting sister station of Northland's News Center.

The image of John Unger and his dog Schoep has been viewed millions of times on Facebook, reaching people across the world.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but, it's safe to say one of Hannah Stonehouse Hudson's newest snapshot is worth millions.

He loves this dog, he takes care of this dog, his life is about this dog."

John Unger and Schoep have spent almost twenty years together; he was rescued as a puppy.

"We both wanted to work with a dog that had been abused, we talked about it and that's what we wanted to do, to help out an animal and bring out his full potential," said Unger.

It's hard for Unger to talk about their time together because 19-year-old Shoep is nearing the end of his long, happy life.

"What he means to me? I can't put into words."

He suffers from arthritis and has trouble sleeping, so to ease his pain, Unger takes him swimming and Schoep will fall asleep in his arms.

"Not too many more times are we going to be able to do this. So every time now it's a pretty special feeling. The buoyancy it gives him in the water relieves the pain, or at least some of it to the point where he's relaxed," said Unger with Schoep by his side.

Hudson's picture captured this moment perfectly and her snap shot, viewed three million times, comes down to one

"They are two amazing beings and if you can take anything from this photo, take the love from it and pass it one to other people," said Hudson.

"You give love and that love will return ten fold, that's what I want people to get from this photograph," said Unger.

Buddha Speaks - You create the Story

When we are fully present and able to pay attention in a sustained way to our experience we can begin to see directly, uncolored by our ideas and concepts. Placing our trust more in loving attention and less in analyzing the story can allow space for a new way of holding the question.

- Narayan Liebenson Grady, "Questioning the Question"

The funny thing about life is that we are repeating what has happened before.  Yes, it is different from other stories because it carries our uniqueness.  The story, though, has been told many, many times before.  This has allowed the story tellers to create models of stories that are timeless and that are recognized, regardless of the culture the listener is in.

What makes a good story?  A good person and a bad person, someone wronged, and someone bent on revenge, some money, and a lesson learned.  These things happen to us every day.  Perhaps not all together, but, they happen over time such as a week or a month. 

Perhaps it is time to let the stories go.



Sunday, 14 October 2012

Spirit Speaks - Trip The Light

Today, my day needed a pick-me-up.  Some days are just like that.  You get out of bed and the world looks a bit greyer than it did yesterday.

Then, I read my email, and one of my good friends sent the link to the video below.   The world is a wonderful world!  Thank Great Spirit for people like Matt Harding and Melissa Nixon.

Here is a very uplifting video


Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth
Video Credit: Matt Harding & Melissa Nixon; Music: Trip the Light

Explanation: What are these humans doing? Dancing. Many humans on Earth exhibit periods of happiness, and one method of displaying happiness is dancing. Happiness and dancing transcend political boundaries and occur in practically every human society. Above, Matt Harding traveled through many nations on Earth, planned on dancing, and filmed the result. The above video, the latest in a series of similar videos, is perhaps a dramatic example that humans from all over planet Earth feel a common bond as part of a single species. Happiness is frequently contagious -- few people are able to watch the above video without smiling.


May your heart dance with the joy of today!



Saturday, 13 October 2012

Spirit Animal - Bear-lie Life

Always, the Universe surprises with the way she orchestrates events to happen.  Have you ever felt barely alive, or barely in synch with what was going on around you, or even barely awake?

What happens if you change barely to bear-lie?  “ I feel bear-lie awake.  I feel bear-lie in synch with my friends anymore.  I feel bear-lie alive!”

Perhaps you can see how one’s choice of words might show you which spirit animal that you are aligning with.  When Bear is getting ready to hibernate and ready to wake up, she is difficult, slow, and sometimes down right cranky.  Do you see any resemblance to your self?

Dear ones, this is a thought to explore.




Friday, 12 October 2012

Spirit Animal - Small Moth

As I got ready for bed, two small moths, similar to the one above, came and danced around my head, and then settled on the wall.  When I left the bathroom, they followed me, and settled on my lampshade.

Moth, like butterfly, represents change.  Because Moth goes through four transformations, and butterfly only goes through three transformation, some believe that Moth indicates a bigger magnitude of change.

Some of the ideas to keep in mind if Moth pays you a visit are:

  • Moth’s preferred time of movement is the night.  Take a page from Moth’s book and plan activities for the late evening or night, especially if you are doing creative activities like writing.
  • Moth lays its wings flat to blend more easily.  This is a time of transformation for you so keeping a low profile is a great idea.  When you do not draw attention to yourself, then others will not try to interfere with your change.
  • Moth is attracted by light.  We all are.  Moth, however, is not always discriminating about the type of light that it flocks to.  Pay attention to the things that are calling to you now.  You are vulnerable, and not always thinking from a place of being grounded.  Some things that call to you are destructive.  Beware!




Thursday, 11 October 2012

Spirit Speaks - The Energy of Change

If you are one of the people that felt incredible energy shifts yesterday, then you may want to check out some of these articles by different writers.  Note that there are very many articles on this topic and I am only including a few. 

Please remember that links change over time.  If you cannot connect to a particular article, try a Google search.

Expansion of 10-10 Energies

The Divine Feminine



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Angels Speak - How To Accomplish Change


If life isn’t going the way that you imagined that it would, then life is telling you that you need to change something.  For each of us, that “something” is different.  Yes, it is because we are unique.  Our differences mean that our choices must be different. 

If someone is telling you and one hundred others that you must make a choice to do “something”, then recognize that all one hundred and one of you are being treated the same, and your differences are not being accounted for.

If you keep making the same choices over and over, you are not only in a pattern, you are in a rut!  The only way that you can get out of the rut is to choose to climb out of it.

If you want to make changes, ask the Angels for help.  They will stand with you and help you shift.


If you want to read more about Changes, check out these posts.



Saturday, 6 October 2012

Spirit Speaks - Star Gazing

I get up early to walk the dogs in the morning.  The beauty of this act is that I get to see incredible stars and sunrises. 

When I am out under the stars in the early morning, I get a glimpse of what it must have been like for our Ancestors to see these “beings” who would appear and disappear, it seemed, at will.  The stars were the reason for mysticism, belief in spirit(s) and the need for a person who could interpret all of the information “out there”.  The stars gave birth to shaman, medicine men, wise women, and priests and priestesses.

Go out and stand under the stars.  Do you feel their energy?




Friday, 5 October 2012

Tarot Discussion - What Is My Course of Action for the Next Month


image  image image

From the Unicorn Tarot written by Suzanne Star and Illustrated by Liz Hilton

Humans have always used Oracles to help them see into the future.  I chose these three cards and thought that they are so appropriate to all of us at this time.

If you want to see the meaning for you, look up the cards online, or in the book in your own deck, and see if the explanation fits.  It will help you focus on what is going on presently in your life.  We do have the ability to make changes in our lives by the choices that we make. 

Perhaps today is the day that you make a different choice.

For some more thoughts around this idea, see these blogs:

Releasing That Which Is Harmful

Resentment is Frozen Anger

Doing The Right Thing

Love is a Choice




Thursday, 4 October 2012

Angels Speak - What Is Strength?



Finding that place of strength, courage, and compassion is the lifetime journey for all of us.  Most will never achieve it because there is so much that gets in the way.  If we find strength, often our courage will fail us.  If we find courage and strength, we can become bullies because our compassion is lacking.

The learning journeys that we are all on are so amazing.  The best learning, for me, happens when I can stand back from a situation and see what the bigger story is.  I ask my  Eagle guide to help me stand back and see the facts, and to help me ignore the emotions and story that are being played out.  It is so hard for us to “stay out” of the story.

To read more on strength, read about Elephant and about Buffalo at




Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Spirit Speaks - Do You Accept Yourself?


Transformation Tarot Card


Heart's-ease in the king's garden

You cannot improve upon yourself. And I am not saying that improvement does not happen, remember--but you cannot improve upon yourself. When you stop improving upon yourself, life improves you. In that relaxation, in that acceptance, life starts caressing you, life starts flowing through you. Nobody else has ever been like you and nobody else will ever be like you; you are simply unique, incomparable.

Accept this, love this, celebrate this--and in that very celebration you will start seeing the uniqueness of the others, the incomparable beauty of the others.
Love is possible only when there is a deep acceptance of oneself, the other, the world. Acceptance creates the milieu in which love grows, the soil in which love blooms.  - From OSHO, The Transformation Tarot

I have been chatting with many people who are noticing trouble in their relationships – with partners, spouses, children, family members, and co-workers.  Why?  The big question, is always “why?”

I am observing that whenever we have self doubt, then the mirror for that doubt shows up in the difficulty in a relationship.  The key, it seems, is to have great confidence in self.  I don’t mean that one should be egotistical or have a chip on their shoulders.  I mean that each person should have a knowing of their skills, that they are valuable, and that there is no need to please anyone else.

Some helpful mantras are at



Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Spirit Speaks – YOU are Perfect


I had a phone call from a lady who wanted a session with me because she had trouble keeping a boyfriend, and she thought that there was something wrong with her.

When she told me about the different men she had been dating in the last two years, it was clear that she was quite perfect for her space and lifestyle, and that the issue was the men… they did not fit.

I saw this sign, and knew that this was a token that I needed to send to her.  My guides said that I needed to share this with everyone, because, well everyone seems to have doubts about whether they are worthy.

The answer is “You are Perfect.  Everyone is worthy.”



Monday, 1 October 2012

Spirit Animal - Large White Tiger

This is a time when strange things happen.  Over the last several days, I will see what looks like a large, white Tiger, out of the corner of my eye.  It seems to step through the walls, and pace me at what I am doing.  It is not threatening.  It does not say anything.

What I know about white animals appearing to a person is that the white animal, a spirit animal, is confirming that you are on the right path for you.  Others may not see the perfection of what you are doing, but Creator, Angels, and the spirit animals acknowledge your choices.

May you have the blessing of the White Tiger.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Angels Speak - Words Have Power


This sign is for all the people that think they have life tough -  and then try to rationalize what they are thinking.   And, we have all done it!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spirit Speaks – You Are Human And Spirit



The first time I saw this sign, I laughed out loud!  This explains what happens to so many people who are diagnosed with mental disorders. 

We come to Earth to find ourselves, and while we are on Earth, we escape our physical reality to find ourselves.  We say, “I don’t know who I am!” 

We look for signs to tell us the way to ourselves.  We take drugs to find ourselves.  Some people try counselling, meditation, and other forms of self help, to find themselves.

Through it all, our families watch and determine that the searchers are “different” or not normal.  The searchers discover that the family is dysfunctional. 

The cosmic joke is that none of us is perfect, and yet, we judge others as though we are.

Enjoy the joke,



Monday, 24 September 2012

Spirit Speaks–You Want Directions To Where?



It seems that there are days that are made for happiness and then, most days, someone needs to hand out directions for getting to the state of happiness.

How do you find happiness within your self?  Do you remember happy times?  Do you think of a song that is happy?  Do concentrate on a particular person?  Any of those things might work.  The thing is, to get to how you want to feel, you set a direction. 

Sometimes, you get there, and sometimes you go past what you were aiming for.  Our bodies naturally want to feel happy.  They want to drop off the stress from work, bad food, unhealthy relationships, and other common elements of self destruction.

This is a good day to find happiness.



Sunday, 23 September 2012

Spirit Speaks - Equinox Energies And Did You Feel The Shift?

We were sitting on the deck of our house, with a gathering of friends (about 20 people), concentrating in meditation.  I felt a vibration begin in my body.  We were all shifting….

Did you shift?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Buddha Speaks - Your Life

What is this? This is just your life. So you do your part, and the rest is clear. It is clear because there has never been anything lacking, despite any beliefs you might have, despite any ideas you might have. There has never been anything lacking. 

- Elihu Genmyo Smith, "Do Your Best"


I really think that this quote says all there is to say about life.




Thursday, 6 September 2012

Spirit Speaks–A Comment On Belief

There is a common question that many ask – the question is “What is my purpose?”   It is very difficult for another to answer something that is so personal to your soul contract.

A Course In Miracles is a book that talks a bit about life’s purpose.  Summarized the ACIM definition of life purpose is to be the best human that you can be.  To be that best person does not mean you have to write a book, or be a musician, or a great politician, or healer.  It means that you have to be as kind, compassionate, and forgiving as you can, every day. 

I think that many people confuse their gifts – singing, art, writing, leading, or whatever the gift is, with their life purpose.   I think that one’s gift can help them be the best human they can be.  My observation is that many people sacrifice their human-ness for their gifts, believing that they are answering a higher calling.  The relationship wreckages left along the way make their calling suspect. 

However, each person has the right to follow their path, and to do it without explaining it to anyone. 

May you find your way.



Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spirit Speaks - People who inspire

Sometimes, Spirit give you a nudge and says, “You really think too small.  Why don’t you do something that will make a difference to many people, not just yourself.” 

Spirit directed me to the TED Talks, and I watched this amazing lady, Candy Chang, do a presentation on “Before I Die…”.  It is indeed worth watching.



Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Spirit Animal – Hawk

The Hawk swooped down from the tree and grabbed a mouse from the field.  It flew back up to the top of a tree to eat.  It seemed that before it finished the first meal, it was aiming its flight back to the ground to pick up another meal.

This was the fifth hawk in the last two days that was chasing down food.  Something was going on for me and Hawk was trying to help me understand the message in all the different events.  The events were all related to the work that seemed to be piling up on me – yard work, house work, dealing with vegetables and fruit that were ripe, and office work. 

I realized that Hawk is responsible for feeding itself – no one else does that.  Sick or fit, happy or sad, Hawk must go out every day and hunt for food.  I was doing that – hunting and preparing food.  No one else will do it for me.  It is the way of Nature. 

Somehow, that realization was comforting.  I was going with the flow of Nature.  I was “seeing” like Hawk, and could see what had to be done, without emotion or stories.  I had the big picture.

May you be objective in your view of life.



Monday, 3 September 2012

Spirit Animal–Three Hornets


Today, I sat down to work at my laptop on a project.  As I started to open Microsoft Word, a strange message came up, telling me that I had been hit by a virus and that I needed to download a virus patch.

I recognized the message as a fake, and I immediately turned off access to the internet.  I then tried to use my virus removal software.  However, clever hacker had written the virus to block any program that scanned and removed viruses, Trojans, spyware, or worms.

I was very angry at the hacker that wrote this code.  Coincidently, I was feeling upset about all the yard work that I still had to do, and, I was upset that my dishwasher was not working properly.  I was also sitting in the kitchen.  As I was thinking all these things, three Hornets flew through the open door and settled in the kitchen, at the window, close to my chair. 

The three Hornets were pretty agitated that they could see where they wanted to go – the big outdoors – through the glass, but, they could not get there.  The buzzing got louder and louder.  The Fool in me (the Fool is the first card in the Tarot) laughed and said, “Well, isn’t that Nature imitating Life!” 

I had to laugh too.

Although Hornet has a bad reputation, she is about working with the Earth, about being grounded, about being secluded, and about leaving others alone.  Nothing makes a Hornet angrier than being disturbed in its work.  Again, I laughed.  I was imitating Nature.

Common sense kicked in, and I realized that I would need to fix my laptop, and delete the virus.  I also realized that it would probably take some time. 

Since all things are perfect, I knew that I was not meant to work on that particular task today.

I am grateful!



Sunday, 2 September 2012

Spirit Speaks–One View of Relationships


It seems that the Earth is in a time of rebalancing the relationships – between Mother and child, and Father and child, and husband and wife, and between humans and other animals.

This Proverb of the Cherokee rings true for me.  In all the animals, the male protects the female, especially when the woman is carrying offspring.  Humans more than any other animal seem to have forgotten the role of the protector.  The Protector has become the hunter of women and children and the abuser of those he is to protect. 

May you be protected by a champion.  If you are a champion, may you walk with grace.