Sunday, 30 September 2007

Wiltshire White Horses

When life is getting hectic, I think of the recent trip I made to England. The trip was to be a seven day visit to sacred sites. Our first day out was to Stonehenge. However, on the way there and back, we saw two of the the ten or so white horses in England. I was quite excited about seeing them because it stirred something primal in me. The white horse was important. It was a sign of big or bigger things.
Coincidentally, several of the crop circles this year were right around the Wiltshire White Horse at Alton Barnes. When you walk up around it, which we did several days later, one realizes that it is just a patch of ground with white chalk as the basic medium for the creation for the white horse. There are arguments about when they were created and why they were created and who created them the first time.
I feel that there is power in the horses - perhaps contributed from the ley lines that seem to be close by. It also seems that the crop circles seem to be close to them as though acknowledging that they are important. The horse does provide a focus for me for meditation.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Breath and Water

Our body consists of water. However the formula for water is H20. That means that each breath we take moves some hydrogen into water because the oxygen makes it so! It seems then that the deep breathing many of us never do is really a good habit. Breathe in, right to your pelvis, and hold for a count of seven. Breathe out for a count of seven. You guessed it! Repeat this seven times. More oxygen makes your skin look younger and healthier. Oxygen and water make you shine!

Having Fun!

One of the many things that I am learning as I move forward in my life as a participant in Angels And Ancestors, is that I need to have more fun! If someone asks me, I will be the first to say that I need to have fun. In fact, one of the reasons that I quit my corporate job was because it was not fun any longer. So, as I have been working to change my life, one card keeps coming up as a guidance card when I ask, “What is it that I really need to know to change my life?”

That card is “Play Time”. This is in the Mermaids and Dolphins deck by Doreen Virtue. If you study the card and read the notation in the guide book that goes with the deck, you see that play time is actually a form of meditation. Play time may involve being outside in nature, or playing with your children, pet, spouse, or spending time in an activity with friends. When this keeps turning up, I know that I have been focusing too hard on something that is not serving my highest good.

In fact, even before leaving my corporate job, I was getting messages from my Angels and Guides telling me to ease up and play. “Read a book, paint a picture, or latch hook. Let your mind and body wander in peace and let them create.” I believe that not having taken a vacation for about a year (other than time to go and see my folks) was part of the reason that I was getting these messages. I was pushing to get things done. Now I am trying to slow down and enjoy each moment. When one is truly at play, time stops, and you do enter a “Zen-like” state that allows one to simply “be”.

I wish for each of you moments of fun and play, and most of all, I wish you peace and joy! If we could all learn to play, peace and joy will follow, and, before long, we will all be healthier and happier. -Blessings! Judy

Harmony and Feng Shui

"If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world." -old Chinese saying

The primary objective of feng shui is to increase the positive energy flow in all environments by improving balance, harmony, order, beauty, function, and safety.

So why is this Ying Yang ball important and why is Feng Shui important? The important thought is around "harmony" and "balance". If we look around the world, it seems that so much is out of balance and that harmony in homes, between friends, and certainly between nations is at an all time low. It also seems that Mother Earth herself is out of balance and is listing to one side. People everywhere seem to be complaining about the heavy energy or low energy that assails them from time to time. Mostly though, people just seem to be complaining. With all of that negativity, the "muck" in the atmosphere is getting thicker and weighing down all of us. We see this in the unkindness to one another expressed by bullying, road rage, suicide and domestic violence in the G-7 countries (Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United States), and in the internal and external political violence in other countries.
How do we correct this? The answer lies in the old Chinese saying - create harmony within the home and family so that they do not buy in to the concepts of scarcity and fear that are being paraded by the media everyday. In fairness to the media, the politicians do tend to feed the frenzy to protect their positions. If we all got along and all lived in peace and could decide things by consensus - we would not need politicians or lawyers. Politicians, lawyers, and controversy thrive because we have been brought up on the love of power and the belief in scarcity. Those belief systems actually begin in the home environment for many of us. We see parents compete and struggle to dominate one another, their children, and their extended family and friends. We see teachers struggle within their system to control their outcome. Many times, the control turns to a need for power which manifests into classrooms feeling like small war zones as the teachers and students battle.

Enter Feng Shui. How would things differ if we could bring balance, harmony, beauty, function, safety, and most of all a sense of order to each home and business. When people feel the harmony, their well being is transformed because they find beauty in the feeling of safety and the order of their world. Everything has its place, and there is not any place that is empty so therefore there is not scarcity. Yes, this is over simplified. However the idea is to "see" the cause and effect that may bring about change. We are all looking for that place of peace where we can experience great joy and a feeling of kinship with everyone.