Sunday, 31 May 2015

Spirit Speaks - Healing the Damage

I was listening to a friend talk about her past, and how seriously awful her growing up years and even in to her twenties were because of family stuff.  She is now in her forties.  She blamed all that went wrong in her life on the past and what people did to her or made her do. 

I saw this poster, and realized that this was a message about healing.  When we dwell in the past, those that harmed us, even if they are not alive any longer, still control our lives.

It is a choice to move to healing, to find healers, to accept healing, and to work on it.

We have chosen free will to come to Earth, to make our own choices.  Choice is such a gift.

What are you choosing to do?


Angels Speak–The Maelstrom

It has been a crazy week and it is not over!  People seem to be so upset and distraught, and underneath all that, they seem to be angry.

I asked my Angels what was happening.  The energies affect me at times.  I saw a word appear in large letters – MAELSTROM. 

Merriam-Webster dictionary online defines the maelstrom as:
1:  a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius
2 :  something resembling a maelstrom in turbulence.

Further, the original word comes from the Dutch language – malen and strom which means grind and stream. 
That really fit with what was happening.  It felt like people were being ground down, in a spiral, and wanted to take others with them.

The Ascended Masters advocate compassion for one’s self and for others during this time.  It is much easier to be compassionate if one can be detached.


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Spirit Animal - Elk On Being

Elk comes in to remind us all that there is more to life than the run.  Life is most often easy paced.  If you run too hard, you break a leg or have some other injury.  An injury makes one easy prey for the wolves or bears.

Elk says, move more slowly and watch where you are going.  You can then find ways to avoid traps and to avoid injuries.  Take time to find the sweet grass and the clearest water.  They both taste better when they can be savoured.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Angels Speak - Let Others Be



The Angels say that what others do and how they do it should not concern you, unless they are your children.  You can only be responsible for yourself.  When you criticize, you are working through a comparison.  You are NOT impartial.  You measure everything with your ego. 

The Angels say, “Let it go!  It doesn’t matter.  What you do and how you do it, matters.”


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Angels Speak - A Full Journey



The Archangels tell us of stories about our Ancestors who journeyed by foot, over land and water, trusting that they would be guided to the place where they should be.  Our Ancestors had dreams and plans that carried them into the unknown.  Their Universe was much smaller than what we know as the Universe today.

The Angels say that the vastness of the Universe is relative to the fear you feel.

May your journey be filled with grace as you make choices to try something new.  May your path be filled with light so that you can clearly see what is ahead.

May you enjoy the challenges and the distance that you travel.


Friday, 15 May 2015

Nature Speaks–Have you looked at the Beauty of Your Life?



What a wonderful thing it is to see beauty in Nature and in works of Art or in fine glass and sculpture.  We look for those things.  What we miss, as we look so hard for what we think beauty is, are all the signs of beauty and symmetry and perfection in our own lives.  It may be the beauty of a family moment.  Or, it may be the beauty of the sunbeam dancing over one’s desk at work.  It is fleeting.  It is infinite and yet finite in the moment.  It moves us.  We feel pleasure.

Beauty in the moment has so much energy to give to us.  Try watching for those small moments of beauty.  Note them in your phone or in a small notebook.  How many moments of beauty can you catch in a day?


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Angels Speak - Motion is Required


When you keep moving, there is no chance for stagnation, for getting stuck, or for others to catch you and hold you back.  Like Nature, you move and go with the flow.  Things happen that take you forward, sideways, and even backwards, where you get to select the gentle, loving path.  Life then becomes easier. 

When you move, it is easier to be in the present, to watch that you do not trip or run into things.  As you stay present, you stay positive.  You notice the signs that move you further in the direction you want to go.

It is awesome.


Monday, 11 May 2015

Angels Speak - Laugh



Every situation has an element of “funny” in it.  Comedians realize that, and exploit the hilarity of every day situations.   They help us to laugh at ourselves.  Is it not interesting that we need someone else to point out the humour in our daily situations?  It seems that we do not know how to stand outside ourselves to see what is going on.

Things do happen that strike our ‘funny bone’ – things like laughing babies, funny dog tricks, and any number of simple things.  I started a list of things that make me laugh, and then just making the list was making me laugh.  I thought about the tough times, and started a list. That made me smile, too. 


Saturday, 9 May 2015

Angels Speak - Let Go


Today I was strong!  Today I let go.  I let go of trying to make things work when I know they are broken, and no one else wants to fix it.  I let go of believing that the others in the team have the same end goal in mind.  I let go of thinking that I can carry everyone.

I can only do for me, not for any one else.  Other people have their own beliefs, values, and responsibilities.  I am not here to let you off the hook.  I am here to move me forward along the life path that takes me to you and past you.  I am good with that.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mother Earth Speaks - Stay Close To Nature



There are days when my thoughts spiral around my mother’s illness – dementia – and how her illness has changed our family.  When I feel the circles of thoughts forming, I know that it is time to get out of my head and to get outside.  As the poster says, “Nature never fails you”.  Outside, my focus changes and I remember that all that happens is perfect.  All that befalls us is a choice.  All that we perceive, we have created.  It is Nature’s way.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Great Spirit - The Sound of Thanks



I love the line in this poster – For times of quiet contemplation – absorbing, understanding, appreciating, ever surrounded by the marvels of your creation and the continual blessings that you bestow upon us.

I was out with the dogs and on our walk, we were visited by blue jays, a ring neck pheasant, several magpies, several robins, four mallard ducks, a pair of Canada geese, and several deer.  It was a most amazing and quiet contemplation of Nature and the beauty and life around us.

My energy level came up.  My sadness dissipated. My life felt full and satisfying.


Friday, 1 May 2015

Mother Earth Speaks–The Song of The Rock


These days are tough days filled with lots of pressure to accomplish tasks and to find this or that for a client.  With all the pressure, is the constant complaint about cost.

I asked for something to help me “bliss out”.  The poster above was the answer to my prayer.

The rock has a beautiful song.  It makes me laugh.  The rock dances with the river, with the leaves and with the wind.  It is a shining example of going with the flow.