Saturday, 31 January 2015

Spirit Speaks - Perfect?




I was reading a wonderful story about how the willow and the oak trees were comparing their different aspects to one another to figure out who was the better tree.  They were so unique that they decided that they were both perfect.

The way that I see life is that everyone is competing to show that they are the best and the most perfect, even if they harm themselves. 

I like the poster.  I am good at being me.  I am good at following my own path.  Every time I think about someone’s opinion of me, i stop the thought and think of something happy. 


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Spirit Speaks - Your Connection With Others



I have been reviewing my life as I watch my 22 year old nephew live his life.  I find what he does so fascinating.  We are different and the same.  We are related by blood.

I watch the fun that he has with his friends.  Some of those friends he met when he was thirteen, and playing hockey.  Some of his friends were on opposing teams.  His group of friends keep peace with each other, guide each other, enjoy the spirit of life with each other, and genuinely express gratitude for the great things they get to do.  The six of them just did a junket to Vegas.  They did tours and went to shows and explored. They grew their bond.  He has friends that have stayed for a while and dropped off.  But these are his core.

I am lucky that I have several friends that have been with me since I was 19.  And I am several decades older now.  We still laugh and carry on, when we can get together as we are several provinces apart.  These friends are my foundation.  They have been my guides and they have helped me find peace with different situations.  They were the training ground for the rules of friendship and have given me the grace to go out and make more friends – some that stay and some that do not. 

It makes me realize that we are not just I or me; we are our friends too.  And that, I think, is a great treasure!


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Angels Speak - Do you have a stormy life?



For each of us, life is often incredibly difficult because of death in the family or in the circle of friends, or because of illness, or because of addictions (self or others), or because of no jobs, etc.

For some, it is the drama of each moment that is the drug.  Therefore, everything is a drama and those around them get “showered” with all that emotion.

The Angels say  to be like the Frog.  Even Frog, who likes the wet, will finally pull out an umbrella when it gets too wet.

What do you do when things get over whelming?

The Angels say, talk to them, or to the Universe, or just go out and be with Mother Nature. 

It is easy!


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Spirit Speaks - How You Look To Me



I saw this poster and thought that everyone should see this!  Our self view is created early in life by our parents and siblings, and then augmented by the school years.  WE never really know ourselves because someone is always telling us how we are.

Take a moment and wipe out the past.  Sit in quiet and ask yourself who you are.  Every time you hear something that someone else has said, simply say, “No, not that.”

Wait to see what comes up.


Friday, 23 January 2015

Spirit Speaks - We are all connected


When I read about the senseless killing of animals to satisfy some person’s view of what balance should be, I think of the above poster.  Really, when we kill without needing to eat the meat, we are killing out of ego. The karma around this act is going to be a lifetime’s work.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Angels Speak–Common Cause of Failure



I must confess that there are times that I think about quitting a difficult task.  I was overwhelmed when I did my third year university.  I was taking extra classes and working part time.  I was going to quit.  My friends and family talked me into staying the course.  I am happy that I did.

What I learned from that experience is that often, it takes a team to help you keep going.  So, get some support this month to help you meet your goals.  Whether you have one person or ten people on your team, you will succeed because you have support.

The Angels are on your team, and faith and friends will help you move through life.  Your friends may even be angels or guides in disguise.  What fun!


Monday, 19 January 2015

Angels Speak - Dare To Live Your Life


This life is a blessing, the angels tell us, and many do not live what is available to them; they live only in the confines that “someone” has set for them. 

Until we realize that we create our own boundaries, we will always be confined.  To be free is to make choices that are from the heart, and not from fear.


Saturday, 17 January 2015

Angels Speak - The Plan!


Try, and try, and try, and try, again!  There is not any better plan!  Decide what you want and then go after it.  It is the passion that carries the day.


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Nature Speaks–Nature Never Gives Up #2


Our Ancestors learned a lot from Nature.  They learned that you cannot give up if you want to succeed.  It may take a very long time. It may take a lot of effort on your part.  It may take many, many attempts.  And, you have to believe.

The truth behind abundance is that it comes from perseverance.  One cannot give up on “the dream” or “the goal”.   Our present is the garden in which we grow and cultivate the future.  Keep it clean, and feed it well.


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Nature Speaks - Nature Never Gives Up #1



Beautiful thoughts and ugly thoughts, all arise and cease in awareness, and yet awareness remains unmoved.
- Kittisaro, "Tangled in Thought"

Elements in Nature do not give up, even when the way seems impossible.  By finding a way to use the tangle of its own roots, the tree in the picture above has created its own foundation, and, at the same time, is in service to the side of the hill. It holds the hill side stable so nothing washes away. 

The Tree Spirit in this tree used its awareness to create what it is today.


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Buddha Speaks–What is Here



Yesterday, some friends dropped in and we sat and had tea.  Our discussion was about many different things.  However, the conversation that stuck with me was about how people perceive heaven and hell.  In Buddhism, there is a quote from OSHO, noted above, that I think is relevant to everyone. 

Even with all our blessings, we often forget that we have all aspects of life on Earth.  When we are in meditation, or in mindfulness, we can move through the challenges because we are aware of the bigger story, and we can free ourselves from the emotional state attached to “be-live-ing” in a state of heaven or hell.  Remember extremes mean there is not any balance.

To be spiritual, to be in that place of observing and processing what is really going on, makes the Archangels sing!


Friday, 9 January 2015

Angels Speak - Being Different



The way we all worry about what others think…The way that we all try to achieve a perfection that does not resonate for us, and, that causes us pain…. The way that others scoff at us because we are “different”. 

This is the year to stand up and say, “Hi!  I am unique!  I do not want to be like you.”  This is not about me-ism.  It is not about being selfish.  It is about being authentic, and not a clone.

You can do this. Everyone can do this.  Practice being who you are instead of trying to be someone else.  You will hardly recognize yourself!


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Spirit Speaks–Round



Sometimes our prayers seem to go into the great void, and we believe that we are alone, that no one heard us.  What we forget is that our world, physically, is round.  We forget that sometimes Great Spirit takes what seems to be the long way round to get us to where we need to be.  Sometimes, we do not recognize a blessing because we have been waiting so long.

The Angels tell us that change happens with blessings, and that change can be jump started with prayer and with mindfulness.  If we are present, it makes Great Spirit’s push to move us forward seem faster.  As the poster says, sometimes the ending and the beginning are at the same place in the circle.


Monday, 5 January 2015

Angels Speak–On Climbing


The angels remind us, time after time, that we must all own our actions and our thoughts and our goals and our dreams.  We are in a free will Earth where our will rules.

If we want to reach the top of the mountain, we must set our will to that end.  And, we must prepare for that possibility.  Therefore, we must learn mountain climbing (corporate ladder climbing, or what ever) along with training, and having the best gear to achieve our goal.  We need to get out into Nature and to become one with Mother Earth for Oneness assures success.  We need to be mindful and manage our time.

It takes time, and money, and an investment in one’s self.

Many people cannot be bothered.  Then, they attribute other people’s success to luck, or knowing the right people, or other excuses that do not involve work. 

This year, own your future.


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Angels Speak - Going Slowly



This year, may one of your goals be to build a garden.  It does not have to be a big garden; it can be a container garden.  This garden will be the place of peace that will ground you through the Earth Changes, through the challenges in your career or where ever you are in your life. Nature is a blessing, and, the garden brings that blessing to you gently and easily. Achieving Oneness is recognizing that we are part of the Earth, of Nature.  We can recognize ourselves in the natural world.  The garden will be part of the “how to” slow down and get in touch with one’s self.  It is a beautiful thing.


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Angels Speak–Peace for 2015



Happy New Year!  Welcome to the great adventure that is going to be defined in 2015.  There are many things that I would like to happen in 2015.

  • I wish that everyone could be in service instead of in greed and power hoarding.
  • I wish that we all could see how beautiful our soul and the soul of others really is.  Then, we would not want to hurt them in any way.
  • I wish that everyone could be mindful of their actions.  By slowing down some, mindfulness can settle in and help bring meaning to every day activities.
  • I wish that everyone has a chance to walk in Nature – in a park, a field, wherever, at least once a week.
  • I wish that everyone could realize that Oneness is about us all being connected, not just by the internet, but by who we are as humans.
  • I wish that each person could heal the hurts that have been done to them.
  • I wish that each person expressed their gratitude every day, and showed that by being kinder to others.
  • I wish the Archangels walk with everyone so closely that each person becomes aware.
  • I wish, peace, peace in all its forms, to everyone.