Saturday, 18 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Blue Heron Guide


We are lucky that there is a great blue heron reserve within two miles of our house.  So, we often see Blue Herons. 

The sight today was special, however.  I was walking and thinking about the new things that I am doing with Angels and with Data Cloud.  I was thinking about all that Roger and I have been learning, and I was thinking about all the rain that has been falling.

Then, a Great Blue Heron flew across the path, in front of us, seemingly coming out of nowhere, and moving north.  I felt the tug and push of something knocking on my thoughts.  I saw colourful flashes of shades of green and brown.  I understood!

“Look through my eyes.  I fly above what you walk in.  You need to rise to a place to see all that you are doing and them see the big picture, the landscape of the new journey that you are on.  There is much to be done and new energies to disperse.  It is time.  Are you ready?”

I believe that I am ready!

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