Friday, 31 December 2010

Tarot Discussion–What will 2011 Bring For All Of Us?

From the Shaman Deck by Lo Scarabeo.




The Wheel of Fortune
In the Moon position
Home matters.


The Wheel of Fortune appears it foretells a major change in circumstance, often brought on by forces outside ourselves. In the midst of all the ups and downs, remember that the Wheel has a still center. This same calm can be found at the core of your own being. To know that place, to embrace the present and accept each moment as it comes.

Six of Cups
In the Mercury position
Business matters and skills.


Leave the worries of the world behind. Live fully in the present. Even a few moments of such deep ease can seep into and change your life. If you are not experiencing the joy promised in the Six of Cups, you might look to your memories for such a time. In fact, this is traditionally the card of nostalgia, looking back on happier days. But more than just longing for a perfect and irretrievable time, reminiscing can help you draw insight from the past to enrich the present. Forgotten dreams may resurface with renewed potential.


Eight of Swords
In the Venus position
Love and relationships.


The Eight of Swords speaks to a time of paralyzing indecision. You may feel so caught between choices that you are unable to move forward or back. Although external forces may be blocking your way, the inability to act is primarily rooted in your mind. Fear is your captor; self-criticism and self-doubt are the ties that bind you. And there may be other emotional undercurrents at work that you haven’t been willing to confront. Despite feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to shrug off your victim status and invest yourself in the outcome of your situation. Watch out for the voice that says, “I just can’t do it, I give up.” Trust yourself and start putting one foot before the other on the path to freedom.

The Chariot
In the Sun position
Fame and achievements.


The Chariot challenges you to balance your outer and inner realities and maintain equilibrium, even at top speed. You will need focus and concentration, for you might have to make decisions on the spur of the moment. It may take all your resources of strength and will but, if you can keep a steady course, the Chariot will surely carry you to victory.

Seer of Cups
In the Mars position
Adversity and opposition.


The Seer of Cups encourages you to spend time alone journaling, dreaming, or exploring nature. She may describe an introspective person in your life, and almost certainly points to qualities worth nurturing within yourself right now.


Ace of Wands
In the Jupiter position
Gain and expansion.


The Ace of Wands, like all the aces, holds magnificent potential. This card presents the best qualities of the suit of fire: strength, power, inspiration, passion, and transformation. This upsurge of creativity marks an auspicious time to begin new projects and take on new challenges.   The January 2011 Magazine called “It Sounds Like…”  is now on our website

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Angels Speak–What you don’t see


The Angels say:

“There are many things that you do not see, and even what you see is sometimes not what really is.  Humans have an interesting way of looking at things and deciding that it does not really exist.  Humans change the perspective, or the situation, to suit what they need to be true for them. 

This means that often most of you see us, the Angels and Guides and Ascended Masters, and that you refuse to believe what you are seeing.  We show you this picture.  You now see it courtesy of advanced technology on your planet.  You would never see this spiralling energy otherwise.  You would not know that it exists.  And yet, even if you don’t know about it, it does exist.  You think this only happens in outer space.  Well, your lack of seeing exists on Earth as well.  There are many animals, plants, insects, reptiles, and fish and birds that exist on Earth that you know nothing about.

And, although you know nothing about them, all of these forms are connected to you, and you to them.  Look at the picture.  All of the small dots are connected to you and to each other.  Vastness has nothing to do with lack of connection.  You are not separate, and, you are not alone.  Aloneness is something that you create in you head.  Your body has an awareness of all things.  Notice how it reacts to objects around it, even when you are not aware of movement, or interest from some other being/object.

Pay attention to what is going on around you.  Do not let governments or corporations or teachers, lead you around by telling you that they do what is best for you.  All have their own agenda.

This is the beginning of a new year on your calendar.  Decide to act for yourself.”   The January 2011 Magazine called “It Sounds Like…”  is now on our website

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Spirit Animal - Okapi


“These are the last surviving relatives of giraffe. These elusive animals look more like a zebra than a giraffe. They are found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These herbivores have red-brown coat of fur. They have white stripes on their legs. These animals are diurnal and forage through the forest searching for food. These animals are highly alert and will run away when they hear a human approaching. They are so secretive that they were not not known to the world till the 1900s. ~ from

I was wondering what I would be writing about when the funniest thought popped into my head.

“Come and join me in the garden.”

I closed my eyes, and moved into the greenery and trees.

Okapi continued to graze, and occasionally, she would look at me.  She told me that life will catch you if you let it. 

“The trick is to move away from those who wish to contain or to confine you.  Life is much better when you are free.  Freedom means different things to different beings.  Freedom is living how you wish to be and harming none.  We Okapi harm none but the grass and trees. In return, we fertilize them so they may grow strong. 

What is it that you nourish and protect?  What is it that restricts you?  Is it self imposed?  Can you be free?”   Watch for the January 2011 Magazine called “It Sounds Like…” on our website

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Angels Speak–Now is the time for Love!


As we come close to the end of December, 2010, the Angels and Archangels are singing a song of Love.  These words have been coming up in my daily “words from the angels” – love and integrity.  What is integrity?  Check out Judy Speaks – Word of the Day – Integrity and Ancestors Speak - The Evolution to Homo Luminous, or even these blogs, Spirit Animal - Ass or Donkey, Ancestors – Integrity and Spirit Animal – Swan.  For me, integrity is that knowing that you are doing the right thing for you – not for others – just for you and it makes your heart sing.  So much of what we have learned from our leaders in government, of from our parents, or even our peers, is about getting ahead at any cost, and lying to the people, to “protect them”.  Keeping secrets is a problem that creates Karma.  Often the real reason that we don’t tell people a secret is not because they can’t handle it; it is because of the fear that we have around telling them, and the feeling of power that we have around knowing what someone else does not. 

When we hold secrets to use to manipulate others, we do not act in love.  The Angels have been singing that love is the only way that we will be able to move through the next two years.  To stay in love with all that happens and to accept each action and let it go is the key to keeping calm and free from fear.  Fear is created from not knowing and letting our imaginations run wild.  Each of us has a purpose that we can follow, and when we do, we have no fear.

Acting in love means accepting our friends and our families, letting them say and be what they need to be – as hard as that may seem at times.  It means creating relationships with people that make you feel like family, and often, letting go of relationships with family that are unproductive. 

To help me with all of these big challenges, the Angels have given me a short meditation.

“Let there be love all around me.  Let there be love in my heart. Let the love spread to my body and to my head.  Let me see all that happens with an angel’s love.  No one does wrong or right, they simply do. I am here to be love.  All is well and whole and complete.”

Use this as your prayer or meditation, or as a clearing as you call in your guides, or angels, or Ascended Masters.  Let the love light shine!   Watch for the January 2011 Magazine called “It Sounds Like…” on our website

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Spirit Animal – White Tiger On Responsibility

White Tiger has been watching me struggle with all that I “think” that I must do and how the weight is starting to wear me down.  She came in to speak with me today.



“I watch you humans move through life and I marvel at your ability to involve yourselves in your cubs and in others lives.  What a waste of your abilities!  What do I mean?  When our cubs are grown, we let them go.  We teach them what they need to know for survival.  And, we trust that they will survive.  We do not go after them all the time to see that they are surviving.  If we meet, we touch noses, and move on. 

Those of you that do not have children seem to take on the care of other people’s cubs.  And, you seem to take on the responsibility for all you come in contact with.  Know that each person has their own path, and that you do no good by taking over their responsibilities.  It is not in Nature to do this action.  It is Nature’s way to let everything be.  Humans interfere all the time. 

My kind almost disappeared.  We were ready to leave, to do the next thing in our natural progression of being.  Humans have intervened to keep our kind alive.  We are chained to the Earth by what humans have done.  The pride that humans seem to have about knowing what is best all the time is one that needs to change.”   Watch for the January 2011 Magazine called “It Sounds Like…” on our website

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Friday, 24 December 2010

Spirit Animals–Cardinal’s Challenge


“This year, work to be like Cardinal.

  • Eat only those foods that agree with you, and that provide you with the nourishment that you need to keep your body healthy.
  • Feed someone else.  Cardinal’s feed one another when we are tired, sick, or mating.  In the presenting of food, we show our worth.
  • Go to places that you have never been before.  Be adventuresome.  This is the true calling of all beings, to go and see new things.  Staying in one place, with the familiar, is a form of fear.'
  • Take up a physical activity – mountain climbing or rock climbing, walking, running, swimming, hiking (in the mountains), biking, kayaking, or playing some sport.  Cardinal stays fit by flying and hopping through the trees.
  • Find a class that interests you, and take it, even if it is outside your normal range of what people think you are about.  Cardinal has always watched other birds and learned from them, and than passed this on to their flock.
  • Go outside and listen – not with a music thing in your ears.  Listen to the sounds of all of us birds, and of all of Nature.  This will help you grow and to feel the beat of life that is growing louder in Mother Earth.”

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.   Check for the new meditation timer.   See my tech blog at

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Spirit Animal - Snowshoe Hare Finds Love


“The winter snow brings a crispness to the air, and makes hiding easier in some ways. It also makes finding food more difficult.

I am finding that humans are more conscious of how hard it is to find food, and that instead of eating us, as humans did in the old days, as is told in our stories; humans are now feeding us. They put out lettuce and carrots and seeds. This makes life so much easier.

I am now less afraid of my human who keeps putting out good things for me. She puts things out in the early morning so that I will not be disturbed.

I sometimes see her watching at the window. I feel the love wave move out from her heart. I am filled with warmth, and I feel special and safe.” Check for the new meditation timer. See my tech blog at

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Angels Speak–Thoughts About Family


As we draw close to Christmas Day, most of us are now having to deal with family and friends who are family, and we are feeling the pressure to “do things just right”; “to have things perfect”; “to meet others expectations”; and, “to perform”. 

The Angels have given me some thoughts around this.  Funnily enough, they come from others who have to deal with family, too. 

May your time with your family be healing and healthy, and provide you with the love and the guidance that carries you through your days with a song in your heart!


Family quarrels have a total bitterness unmatched by others. Yet it sometimes happens that they also have a kind of tang, a pleasantness beneath the unpleasantness, based on the tacit understanding that this is not for keeps; that any limb you climb out on will still be there later for you to climb back.
-- Mignon McLaughlin

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible -- the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.
-- Virginia Satir

I know why families were created with all their imperfections. They humanize you. They are made to make you forget yourself occasionally, so that the beautiful balance of life is not destroyed.
-- Anais Nin

Family life is full of major and minor crises -- the ups and downs of health, success and failure in career, marriage, and divorce -- and all kinds of characters. It is tied to places and events and histories. With all of these felt details, life etches itself into memory and personality. It's difficult to imagine anything more nourishing to the soul.
-- Thomas Moore   Check for the new meditation timer.   See my tech blog at

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Angels Speak–Winter Solstice 2010


“The time has come for the shortest day.  Are you ready to move through the changes that the longest night will bring to you?  This night is the one where more of your aloneness and separateness  disappears.  With this change, comes the new awareness that you are responsible for your actions, that God or Creator or  The Universe, has not abandoned you.  Rather, you have abandoned your beginnings.  Some of this “forgetfulness” was done consciously so that your soul would have the experience of moving through time and space in a linear fashion. 

This “time travel” was a learning time for all aspects of Source, for each of you is part of Source.  The interesting thing that happened was that some souls exerted free will to dis-associate from Creator.  Thinking that this would give them more power, they began to take what they could from other humans, from the animals, and from Mother Earth.  This belief in lack of consequences (because they believed in their own omnipotence) caused them to do very many actions that removed species from the planet and in some cases, wiped out whole tribes of men.

All of you carry some of this genetic memory in your body.  That is why you respond to greed and that is why mass marketing works so well.  The media knows your "hot buttons”.  This solstice will cause a change in your memories so that you will be more aware when someone is trying to manipulate your mind and your emotions, and perhaps even your physical body.  Remember that you have four bodies – the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.  More people are working on harmonizing the four bodies than in the last eight thousand years.  When the bodies are harmonized, then greed, resentment, anger, cruelty, and all the other emotions that place blame outside the person, will disappear. 

You light workers are doing a wonderful dance of renewal.  We honour you!”   Check for the new meditation timer.   See my tech blog at

Monday, 20 December 2010

Stars and Planets–Lunar Eclipse Dec 20, 2010


Winter Solstice + Lunar Eclipse Tonight--First in 372 Years

When, where, and how to see the total lunar eclipse tonight.

Excerpt from the article…

Lunar Eclipses: Omens in the Sky?

While there are no known historical records of solstice eclipses, lunar eclipses in general have long been sources of mystery and spectacle—and not necessarily in a good way.

Ancient documents from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are full of references connecting eclipses with subsequent dark events, such as a famine or the death of a monarch.

In many traditional cultures, a total lunar eclipse occurs not when the moon enters Earth's shadow but when a mythological creature swallows the satellite, according to ancient-astronomy scholar Ed Krupp.

"For the Chinese, it was the heavenly dog, and across central Asia and Europe, it was a dragon," said Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. "The Maya sometimes depicted the eclipse creature as a serpent, while in the Andes, it was often a puma."

In Iraq lunar eclipses are associated with a popular children's story of a moon that is eaten by a whale.

"For most people, most of the time, most eclipses were trouble," Krupp added. "They were regarded as disruptions of the world order, and that made them dangerous."

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Spirit Animal–Gorilla


Like the other great apes, gorillas can laugh, grieve, have "rich emotional lives," develop strong family bonds, can make and use tools, and can think about the past and future.  Some researchers believe that gorillas have spiritual feelings or religious sentiments.  ~ Wikipedia

Gorilla tells us that having strong family bonds is the strongest indication of connectedness.  She says that we do not know how to fully live our lives until we have a complete family unit around us.  Without this unit, our lives are stunted, and we are emotional bereft.  The issue of not having family, and not learning how to interact with all levels of family, creates a void in gorilla’s and in human’s genetic makeup.  Gorilla reminds us that she cares for her child for four years before she has another one because she can fully give her child her attention, and teach it all that it must know to survive and take its place as a strong member of the tribe. 

Note:  Gorilla has never had any problems with over populating the world.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Angels Speak–Now is the time for Love!


Picture copyright 2007 by S. Roger Joyeux and used with permission.

This morning, as I walked into my office, I was surprised to see the picture (above) of the angel of love staring up at me.  The picture was lying on the floor and sent out the vibration of love, as well as the message… the banner she holds says “Love”, and the promise of everything in the rainbow.

I was very moved and wondered if that is why I was singing the song, “Love makes the world go round”.  Since I could not remember more than several lines of the song, I was singing it over and over.

The knowing that came after I picked the picture up is meant to be shared.  Here it is.

“The time of solstice is the time to open up to renewal.  The steps to do that are to, first, release all the feelings of ever being wronged.   The feeling of “being wronged” is a feeling that you do not deserve what has happened to you.  Actions are without emotion.  The emotion is in the person giving or receiving the action.  If you feel wronged, it is because of your interpretation of the situation.  The other person may not be aware that you have strong feelings around what just happened.  Feeling wronged is a human condition that incarnate souls have set out to release.  Most souls fail in doing this many lifetimes over.  Feeling wronged causes humans to do harm to others – retaliation.  You all know this because when you get together as families, someone says something, someone takes exception to what was said, and a family fight breaks out.  This Christmas, try to allow.  This means, simply relax and let the words roll around you without attaching to them.  Then, love can truly flow, and all situations are averted.  All is well.”

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Spirit Animal–White Owl’s Thoughts


“This is the time to practice wisdom.  One of the greatest gifts of wisdom is patience.  The large Earth changes are upon us, and, because they happen slowly, humans do not see the degree of change that is happening.  We animals notice that the Sun and the Moon do not seem to always be in the place that it has been in seasons gone by.  We notice that there is more water in some places and much dryness in others.  It changes our food supply and we too must change – move to new hunting grounds and find new prey.  We notice that some of our kind do not seem to be as plentiful.  We that survive will need to continue the species.  We see changes in our abilities with each new change.  We are not ones to die off; we are survivors. 

We find it easy to move.  We have no home or possessions to carry with us.  We simply set our destination, and fly to that place.  We do have favourite places that we like to be, although it does not matter much to us where we sleep.  Humans are weighted down by so many things.  Perhaps that is why humans cannot fly.  Even your clothes seem heavy. 

I, Owl, say to you that now is a good time to look at lightening your load and finding ways to make your journey easier. “

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Buddha Speaks–What Is Your Approach To People?



A Student Questions His Teacher

A new student approached the Zen master and asked how he should prepare himself for his training. "Think of me a bell," the master explained. "Give me a soft tap, and you will get a tiny ping. Strike hard, and you'll receive a loud, resounding peal."

Although this is a very short koan (koans are saying, phrases, or questions meant to be contemplated), it is profound in the depth of the teaching message. 

What are your thoughts on this story?

You can see what I do for my other work at or at the related blog,

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Spirit Animal–Coyote Comments


This is a northern coyote who will weigh in between thirty and forty pounds.  They are fast, agile, and logical thinkers.  They do know how to figure out angles for cutting off prey, where to steer prey to make the hunt easier, and which animal is the easiest prey.

Coyote walks into the open space and looks at you.  He surveys you up and down.  And then he grins.  As you look at him, you know that one of the names for him is “Trickster”.  Others call him “Fool”.  Still others call him “God”, for he acts as the ruler of the world that we live in.  Coyote says:

“There are many ways to walk through this world.  You can walk with your head down, shoulders slumped, and fail to pay attention to what is going on around you.  In this position, you will not even notice what is going on inside you, for you are filled with sadness and, perhaps, despair.  You care not what happens around you.

You can also walk as the Coyote.  Head up, moving at a fast trot, and looking around constantly, noting what is going on in all directions.  This is a sign that you own your surroundings.  You are signalling that you do not take the environment for granted.  You trust it to be as wild and unpredictable as Nature can be.

If you walk like I do, then each step on the Earth is grounding.  The time we spend on hilltops singing our song to the Moon is our time of meditation.  Meditation is a good time to process one’s actions and listen to the body.  It helps all Coyotes  to walk in Oneness.  We look at humans and see that most walk blind and alone.  They are not connected to the environment, to Mother Earth, or to each other.  Coyote has small packs to be in community.  We say, be in community.”

The December Magazine is at Check out the meditation timer on the Angels Home home page and use it to time your meditations.

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Spirit Animal–Crab Motion


Crabs typically walk sideways (a behaviour which gives us the word crabwise). This is because of the articulation of the legs which makes a sidelong gait more efficient. – Wikipedia

Crab also moves forward and backward.  Crab says that motion, regardless of the direction, is still motion.  Motion carries you as you work through your purpose.  Purpose is simply taking action, doing what you know you need to do without the prompting or without following other’s expectations. 

When you are in motion, you are searching.  Although you may believe that you know the destination, along the way, the destination may change.  Thus, you are ever watching for the signs that move you along. 

Crab is always looking for food and for safety.  She tells you that along the journey that you are taking, life will be better if you remember to care for yourself, as part of safety, and that eating the foods that suit your body will also ensure your safety and health.  Specialists and doctors all have different ideas of what the best foods are.  You can tell what foods best serve you by simply holding them to your heart and hearing/feeling/knowing or seeing that the food suits you, or not.  

The December Magazine is at Check out the meditation timer on the Angels Home home page and use it to time your meditations.

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by S. Roger Joyeux
The Story of Light:
Volume 2, Through Heaven's Gate
ISBN 978-0-9686521-1-4
383 pages, Notch Perfect Bound

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Angels Speak–Worlds Around You


The Angels say that the saying, “the mystery of life” has occurred because humans limit themselves in to believing a narrow range of ideas.  These ideas have been shaped by Kings and Queens, Popes and Bishops, and by philosophers, scientists, and writers.  Each person restricts information instead of allowing it all.  If you allowed it all, then the world would understand how each insect, reptile, fish, bird, animal and person has an awareness and feels love and pain.  Scientists tell you that certain animals and insects do not feel love.  And yet, there is no real scientific proof that humans feel love.  So how can scientists be sure that insects do not feel love? 

Church leaders tell you that there is no life on other planets, that it is a scare tactic.  Scientists and politicians argue about climate changes and global warming.  We tell you, “All is normal.  This is a cycle that has been repeated many times. There are other worlds around you, both invisible for the moment, and visible (in outer space) that influence the world that you live upon. 

The Source of All Things (Creator) created the movement of the spheres to go where they will to raise love and light.  That Earth is still struggling with darkness – with dark thoughts, plans, and deeds -  makes it a magnet for light.  As the light from other astral bodies hits the planets, different bits of darkness evaporate.  The WikiLeaks site is one of light exposing some of the dark plans that are meant to harm.

All is well.  Worry not.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Spirit Animal–Otter On Fear


Otter has a happy view of life.  Wikipedia says, “Otters are playful animals and appear to engage in various behaviors for sheer enjoyment. Different species vary in their social structure, with some being largely solitary, while others live in groups – in a few species these groups may be fairly large.”

Otter tells us that she knows what it is like to have fear.  She and her family are hunted by humans, big cats, eagles, and sometimes wolves, and coyotes.  Being hunted has conditioned Otter to keeping a close eye on the landscape and to looking over her shoulder to see what might be watching or sneaking up on her.  Each den has an escape route, and often, that escape route takes her right into the river where she can out swim most predators.

However, Otter does not hide away.  Instead, she explores her territory and knows where she can hide if need be.  She is wily and quick.  Even in the coldest of times, she plays because playing helps her forget to be fearful.

If Otter is your guide, then some of the questions that you might answer are:

  1. What is your biggest fear?
  2. What happens to you if this fear does manifest?
  3. Is this the worst that can happen?
  4. Have you tried to create the situation so that you can deal with the fear for once and forever?
  5. What do you do to protect against it?
  6. Otters do not worry.  Do you worry about your fear most of the time?

Friday, 10 December 2010

Spirit Animal–Lessons from Turtle









Turtle has been a “Keeper of the Earth” for many millions of years.  She has evolved and adapted to change as required.  She made the transition from water to land, and now, most of her kind are able to move between the two worlds of water and earth – something that humans cannot do without an adequate air supply.

Many of our human sayings are from the life that turtle leads.  Some are:

  • Don’t stick your neck out unless you know what is going on.
  • Travel lightly for your home is always with you.
  • Slow but sure wins the day.
  • Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
  • Sleepy turtles never catch up with the sunrise.
  • Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.
  • Trusting in wealth is like looking for feathers on turtles.

What we humans see when we look at a turtle is a being that is so wise, completely comfortable with its life, and a being that is a survivor.  We would all like to be as resilient as a Turtle. The December Magazine is at Check out the meditation timer on the Angels Home home page and use it to time your meditations.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Spirit Animal – Canada Goose on Sharing


The Canada Goose never used to be seen walking about on the snow because it is a migratory bird. However, in mild climates from California to the Great Lakes, some of the population has become non-migratory due to adequate winter food supply and a lack of former predators. (Source Wikipedia) Ducks have also begun to stay further north as a result of the abundance of food and milder winters.

Goose talks about sharing:

“When more birds stay North, we must learn to get along for the food supply is limited, the amount of open water is limited, and the heat available from the open water sewer releases is limited. We have found a way to keep our territories intact and to respect the space of the other flocks. In this way, we share without battle. No one of us needs to own the space. The space – the water – is ever changing and stays not long in one place.

As part of the sharing, we act as guards and alerts for one another. If one of us is safe, then we are all safe. The side benefit of us staying and sharing the same space is that we keep the waters very clean of seaweed type grasses and weeds. Because we each have a preference for different flavors, we eat different things and sharing becomes easier. We do not need to hoard things we do not need for food.”

See more on geese at Spirit Animal – Canada Geese and Great Spirit's Message and Canada Goose. The December Magazine is at Check out the meditation timer on the Angels Home home page and use it to time your meditations.

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The Story of Light:
Volume 2, Through Heaven's Gate
ISBN 978-0-9686521-1-4
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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Spirit Animal - Weasel


Weasel blends easily with the snow because, as the Earth changes with the seasons, so does the color of the fur of weasel.  Weasel welcomes the changes and embraces them. The information from Wikipedia says, “Long-tailed Weasels mainly eat rodents, their slender bodies enabling them to pursue their prey into their burrows. They are most active at night but are sometimes seen during the day. They are highly solitary.”

There are lessons that humans can learn from Weasel. 

  1. Adapt to change instead of fighting it.  Weasel readily accepts the changes in weather because it knows that eventually, the weather changes yet again, as do all things in a cycle.  Humans, when they look at history, can see the truth in the rhythm of cycles, and from a distance, can see that growth happens because of change.
  2. Look at your environment, and understand how it benefits you.  So often people talk about “what’s out there” outside of their current environment.  They are so busy wishing for something else, they miss what is immediately available to assist them to move.
  3. Keep one thing constant and let the rest go.  Weasel keeps its black tip on its tail through all its changes.  This is the constant that keeps Weasel grounded. Rather than trying to be a control freak, figure out the one constant that you would like to have, and let the rest of the items in your life flow like the water flowing down stream.  Perhaps your constant is yoga, or meditation, or taking classes, or making meals for your family, or even working a job you love.  Perhaps it is your love for your wife/children or your life.  What ever your constant is, recognize it and celebrate it.
  4. Find what you are good at. Weasel is good at catching burrowing prey.  As she excels at this, she seldom goes hungry, and her fur is lush which keeps her warm.  As long as she can feed herself, she is at the top of her game and confident.  Find something that brings you confidence, and work with it.  The December Magazine is at   Check out the meditation timer on the Angels Home home page and use it to time your meditations.

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The Story of Light: Volume 2, Heaven's Gate

by S. Roger Joyeux
The Story of Light:
Volume 2, Through Heaven's Gate
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Monday, 6 December 2010

Spirit Animal – Mountain Goat


We, the Mountain Goat beings are so happy that we live on the mountains.  We look at the destruction of the waters and oceans (the Gulf of Mexico, the tar sands, and the pollution of the rivers) and say, “Animals have never done this much damage to anything!” Man, so far, has left the mountains alone.  The mountains are the wisdom keepers of the Earth.  All information passes from one side of the globe to the other through the vibrations carried through the Earth, from one mountain to another. 

The Mountain Goat herd lives on all the highest mountains, and we carry wisdom up and down the mountain.  We anchor the light so that it can reach the valleys more easily.  At one point in our history, the peoples that lived in the valleys and up the foothills, regarded us as spirits that brought news and brought them foretelling of the weather.  We were treated with respect by man.  Now, our lives are in danger from what you call “big game hunters”.  We do not see their hunting as much of a game.  They use high vision heat tracking seeing things to find us, and they corner us.  They do not even eat us.  The December Magazine is at   Check out the meditation timer on the Angels Home home page and use it to time your meditations.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Angels Speak – A vortex of clouds


Archangel Uriel – the clouds are a reflection of the energies on Earth.  Right now, there are strong energies swirling the planet, working to clean out the energies of selfishness and thoughtlessness, and greed.

Archangel Michael – vortexes are the tool that allow new light frequencies to drop onto the planet.  Vortexes are like a portal.  To see a vortex in the clouds gives you notice that something new is coming, and to tell you to be ready for it.

Archangel Chorus – the clouds move in with the Elemental Weather beings who whirl and move in celebration of the newness that they feel. 

Meditation – Great Spirit, I give thanks that I see the sky and the clouds and the sun everyday.  I give thanks that I may walk the Earth and feel the ground beneath my feet.  I ask for the blessing of being grounded to the core of the Earth and beyond, and up to the highest reaches of the sun, and beyond to the moment of Source.  I ask this grounding to be part of my daily routine, from this present moment now, for all time to come.  I ask for my being to be filled with love, and that I am able to grant forgiveness to myself and to others for all things I have judged as wrongs to me.  I ask this forgiveness to be part of my daily routine, from this present moment now, for all time to come. I am truly grateful!  The December Magazine is at   Check out the meditation timer on the Angels Home home page and use it to time your meditations.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Spirit Animal – Doe in the Snow


This morning as the dogs and I walked in the small off leash dog park, we were startled by a Doe plunging uphill through the snow.  It seemed she was running to us. Then she was about fifteen feet away when she veered away.  She made intense eye contact with us and in her huffing, seemed to be sounding out a message.  I thought that it was for me, however, it does seem to be for all of us.

She says:

“Even though it may seem at the moment, that all of your movement is uphill, the feeling is momentary.  When one lives in rolling landscapes, one can expect “rolling” times – both uphill and downhill.  Uphill builds one’s strength at a core level, and makes one healthier and able to bear all things.  Being strong is a positive.  Anyone who simply travels downhill all the time does not have the endurance for life, and will eventually get to the bottom, and lay down and die.

Sometimes the choicest twigs are on the bushes on the side of the hill.  Because the bushes are spread out, they get more sun, and they are tastier!  One must work harder to get there and one does not need to compete with others for the bushes in the valley. 

Breaking a path in the snow is hard work.  All new trails, however, are started by one being.  I am a trail blazer.  Are you?”

See more on deer at Spirit Animal - White Deer of Boulder Junction; Spirit Animal – White Tailed Deer StagSpirit Animal - Deer Dancing; Spirit Animal - Deer  The December Magazine is at   Check out the meditation timer on the Angels Home home page and use it to time your meditations.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Buddha Speaks – Who To Believe

Last week, I had a blog comment from a reader with a question about information in a book they were reading.  The question was to ask me to confirm if the book was correct or not in what it was saying. 

This is a tough question because depending on the book, and when the book was written, the information may have been true at the time, and now in the 21st century, it may be proven false.

When I wonder about information because something about it doesn’t ring true, I go back to the words of Buddha.  In his teaching that has become known as the “Kalama Sutta”.  The word “Kalama” refers to the people in the village in a township in India that had the question around “what is the correct teaching?”.  The word “sutta” has a complex meaning.  However, for simplicity’s sake, let’s agree that it means “rules”.  The teaching then, is “Rules for the Kalama”.  The principles are sound.  Buddha says not to take anything on face value.

Well, I won’t say anymore.  Read this and you will see how sound this advice is.  But, don’t take my word for it!  (Smile.)



Kalama Sutta

The people of Kalama asked the Buddha who to believe out of all the ascetics, sages, venerables, and holy ones who, like himself, passed through their town. They complained that they were confused by the many contradictions they discovered in what they heard. The Kalama Sutta is the Buddha's reply.
  • Do not believe anything on mere hearsay.
  • Do not believe in traditions merely because they are old and have been handed down for many generations and in many places.
  • Do not believe anything on account of rumors or because people talk a a great deal about it.
  • Do not believe anything because you are shown the written testimony of some ancient sage.
  • Do not believe in what you have fancied, thinking that, because it is extraordinary, it must have been inspired by a god or other wonderful being.
  • Do not believe anything merely because presumption is in its favor, or because the custom of many years inclines you to take it as true.
  • Do not believe anything merely on the authority of your teachers and priests.
  • But, whatever, after thorough investigation and reflection, you find to agree with reason and experience, as conducive to the good and benefit of one and all and of the world at large, accept only that as true, and shape your life in accordance with it.
  • The same text, said the Buddha, must be applied to his own teachings.
  • Do not accept any doctrine from reverence, but first try it as gold is tried by fire.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Angels Speak – Welcoming December 2010


We Angels are here to remind you that although this is a very active season, this year, we urge you to take care of yourself.  Hold yourself in high esteem, and do not do anything that does not call to you.  This month is one of high energy changes.  The cold and flu that are circulating are helping you to release the grief and anger that have been pent up in you for eons.  This is a time of shedding old beliefs and values; of shedding old habits, and even old friends.  Some of the oldness must leave your life to bring in newness.  Life, as you know, is a spiralling circle that moves in and out of different times and groups of people. 

This is a time for you to be at peace, to hold yourself and others that you care about in compassionate protection.  Let there be only love in your heart and let each action that you move through become a prayer to the one I AM presence, and a rebuilding of your connection to home and to Spirit. 

Look to the stars and to the planets to see how bright they are right now as they beam higher frequencies to Earth to boost your ability to take in light.  It is easier to absorb frequencies when you are peaceful or resting.  Spending time outside and especially in woodlands or mountain slopes will help you shed the tiredness and ill feelings that may have been creeping  up on you, and return you to a place of harmony with yourself, and with your place in creation. 

Know that creation is not finished, and that each of you have an ever important piece of creating to do.  Many of you have taken this on faith for lifetimes.  The next two years show you that your faith is able to heal wounds and move mountains. 

It is with gratitude that we Angels honour you now.  Many blessings through December.

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