Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year’s Eve December 31 2011– Being Kind

I love New Year’s Eve, and tonight we will be out celebrating with friends.  Before we leave 2011, I would like to share this wonderful story about being kind to animals.

Please read this story, and enjoy it.


Blessings for 2012,



Tom Satre told the Sitka Gazette that he was out with a charter group on his 62-foot fishing vessel when four juvenile black-tailed deer swam directly toward his boat.


"Once the deer reached the boat, the four began to circle the boat, looking directly at us.  We could tell right away that the young bucks were distressed.

I opened up my back gate and we helped the typically skittish and absolutely wild animals onto the boat.  In all my years fishing, I've never seen anything quite like it!

Once onboard, they collapsed with exhaustion, shivering."
"This is a picture I took of the rescued bucks on the back of my boat, the Alaska Quest. 
We headed for Taku Harbour. Once we reached the dock, the first
buck that we had been pulled from the water hopped onto the dock, looked back as if to say 'thank you' and disappeared into the forest.

After a bit of prodding and assistance, two more followed, but the smallest deer needed a little more help.
This is me carrying the little guy.

My daughter, Anna, and son, Tim, helped the last buck to its feet.  We didn't know how long they had been in the icy waters or if there had been others who did not survive. My daughter later told me that the experience was something that she would never forget, and I suspect the deer felt the same way as well!"
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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011


Many blessings on your house upon this Christmas Day!

This is a time of peace and of fellowship and cheer.

The best that we can do, or so the Angels say

Is to love one another more compassionately this year.

We look around at all the things we have and feel

That we’ve been wronged because it doesn’t measure up

To the things that we see and have great appeal

To the need to consume and “fill ‘er on up”,

That the media created to get us to buy.


We humans are more than a consumable good.

We are marvellous and beautiful and kind.

We are laughing and joking and makers of food

That we share with our friends or anyone we find

Has need of some time to refresh and to heal.

We are the ones that see others and care

Whether they are cold or need a good meal.

That kind of need isn’t so rare

Now that the world is turning upside down.


Merry Christmas to one and all!
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Friday, 23 December 2011

Spirit Animal - Fox Fixes Everything


Once again, Fox rambled into my meditation.  She showed me that the strain that I was feeling was due to the strange way that the Earth is tilting.  She asked me to be at ease with all of the strangeness – of a new job, of the sky looking different, of the changes in our family, and with the changes in me because of the shifting times.

She came over and put her paw on my third eye, and said, let it be.

And all was fine.  She fixed everything.


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Thursday, 22 December 2011

December 22 2011 - The Longest Night

The shortest day and the longest night – the time that our Ancestors called “mid-winter” is that time that tells us that Nature is still working.  If the day remained short, and the night was long, then the rotation of the planet changed.

Our Ancestors had elaborate rituals to ensure that the planet kept turning, or, as they thought, that the Sun kept revolving around the Earth.

The diagram below shows the angle of the Sun in the north.  Now, with all of the availability of science, we no longer look to the sky to see what will happen.  We have dropped doing the rituals and doing the work to keep the Sun going. 

Enjoy the Solstice.


December 22 is a Solstice Day in 2011

The December solstice will occur at 05:30 (or 5:30am) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on December 22, 2011. It is also known as the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere due to the seasonal differences.

The date varies from December 20 to December 23 depending on the year in the Gregorian calendar. The 2012 December solstice will be on December 21, 2012, which is a speculated date for "the end of the world". From


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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Spirit Animal - Fox In A Dream


Fox appears in the dream, first as a pair of eyes and a nose, and then with ears, and finally, his whole body seems to blend into the picture.   Fox walks on the snow and leaves no tracks.  This is a clue that this is a spirit fox – one who has come to give a message about some event.

Fox sends these images:

  • A large steel trap lies buried under freshly fallen snow.  As the Sun heats up the day, some snow melts and just a tip of the metal can be seen.  It shines through the snow, and reflects sunlight in twinkling motions across the ground.
  • A large rabbit jumps up from its resting place under a bush.  The Fox rushes to catch it.  The rabbit seems to grow larger and then to jump higher.  It bounds away from the Fox, increasing the distance between the two of them so quickly, it is impossible for Fox to catch the rabbit.
  • Fox walks under a pine tree bough, and the tree shakes and dumps several bucketfuls of snow on the head and the back of the Fox.  Fox is startled and yips and jumps to the side.  He then shakes off the snow and gazes up into the tree to see what caused this unexpected movement.  Is it an enemy or is it a practical joke?
  • Fox goes down into is den like a whisper of smoke.  There is no movement, not even a flake of snow shifts.  Fox pokes out its head and looks around as though it is listening for something.  It barks once and disappears again. 

The images stop.  Fox turns and grins, and shakes its tail as though to say “Good night!”.


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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Spirit Animal - Blue Jay on Balance


In the balance between all living things, Blue Jay has wisdom to share with mankind.  Blue Jay will lie low to see where food is and then see what she might like.  She then will go and pick up a pine cone, fly it to the stash of food, and leave it as she picks up the sunflower seeds that she is really after.  In her mind, a seed for a seed.  The quantity, size, or effort involved, do not weigh into the equation of “this for that”.

Blue Jay says that if humans were more thoughtful about ensuring that something was left for something that was taken, then the karma for humans would be quite reduced.  Since man does not understand balance, and seems to find joy in taking something for nothing, the consequences come in a larger size and last longer.  These might be forest fires where trees have been taken by a company where no exchange was made.  Or, it might be flooding where fishing without replenishment takes place.

The idea that we need to balance with Nature, when we walk out in Nature, or take from Nature, was a common theme in the lives of our Ancestors.  The last four centuries of people in the western world moved away from this.  It is time to bring the balance back.


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Monday, 19 December 2011

Spirit Animal - Gorilla On Growing Children


Gorilla walked into my meditation space and sat down.  She flashed me a picture of her two offspring, and said, “I want to talk.”

She continued on.  “When raising children, one needs to remember that we parents are preparing them for life.  We need to teach them kindness, independence, and how to think things through.  We need to teach them how to feed themselves, fend for themselves, and how to fend for others if required.  It is a sacred job that the One Spirit has given us.  We must do it well.”

And then she got up and walked away.
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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Spirit Speaks - Sending Wisdom


Last night was our December meditation and celebration for Solstice, Christmas, and community.  During the day, as I walked Magic on the ridge, I heard a thump in the ground beside me.  I asked, “Who’s there?”

The answer was, “We are the Wisdoms.  We are Faith, Hope, and Charity.”

I replied, “I thought that Faith, Hope and Charity were angels.  Who are you really?”

There seemed to be a heavy sigh and then, “Everyone calls us Angels although we really are Wisdoms.  We carry knowledge.  We would like to come into your meditation tonight to give your group a message.  Will you let us do that?  And, we would like to come through you.”

My first thought was, “WHY ME?”  And then the other thought was, “WHY NOT YOU?”  So, I answered that we should try out the fit first, and then I could say yes or no. 

Immediately, I had them in my mind, and saw the way that they would begin their message.  We were a perfect fit!  I guess I should not be surprised.  However, I still marvel that three of them can fit into one of me. 

Then, last night about nine-ish, the Wisdoms came in to give their message.  There was lots of love, a few tears, and a lot of energy in the group.

All of us enjoyed the wisdom of the Wisdoms.


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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Spirit Animal - Our Dog, Sage

image   image

image   image



I now can write about this – on November 30th, we lost our dog, Sage, to a heart condition. He had so much love to give to us and to all of the visitors to our house, it seemed like his heart could not contain all the love. You may have heard that some dogs are avatars. Well, Sage was certainly that! Many of our friends still cry when they think of him gone.

In September of this year, I started to get messages that Sage was ready to move on.  I spoke about it with several of our friends because, selfishly, I wanted him to stay with us for years and years.  However, one lesson that I talk about quite often is not interfering in other beings’ lives without their permission.  Sage had his action plan, and he stuck to it.

The pictures that are below are from the tribute that Roger did for Sage in the Angel’s Magazine for December. The pictures capture Sage’s joy of life. His buddy, Magic, in the last picture, misses him like we do.

The messages that we have been getting are that he is quite happy on the other side, and looking forward to his next life, or as we call it, his next assignment.

We were so lucky to have him in our lives!


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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Long Road


Tonight, the traffic was very slow for my 25 kilometer drive home.  It took me an hour!  This kind of traffic makes my tired and frustrated.

I asked why I had to endure this – a total waste of time.

The answer was – you do not have to endure.  Choose not to do the drive.  Or choose not to work out there.  Or choose a different way home. 

All the answers were about choice – we can choose the long road, or not.


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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Spirit Animal - Hummingbird’s Sweetness



Sometimes, you just get surprised by what happens in a meditation.  My surprise was this beautiful little hummingbird that buzzed into my sacred space inside my sacred space.  Only those energies that are for the greatest and highest good are allowed to move through this space.

This little lady came in to share some thoughts with me.  One of the guardians of my north direction is the hummingbird.  She said that I was not invoking all of the sweetness that it could bring to my life.  Little Lady Hummingbird said that the hummingbird’s gift was that it can transform sweetness into courage, and courage to sweetness; that sometimes people need to understand that sweetness enhances courage and strength because with sweetness, one feels sorrow.  And, she flew off.

I have been mulling over her words.  I think that I understand that sweetness is like compassion.  If you don’t have compassion, then your love is self serving.  I think she might be saying that courage without sweetness can also be self serving.

What do you think?


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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Rhythm Of Balance


The message that came up in my meditation is that we humans still do not understand the concept of balance in nature.  Balance has many different meanings – that is true.  Balance in nature is about taking and giving in return.  Humans practice this to some degree with the exchange of money for services.  This exchange, however, is not “in balance” because the theme of greed exists in the exchange. 

In Nature, when a plant takes nourishment from the Earth, it is constantly giving back to the Earth through the synthesis of sunlight, decayed plant material, and the cleaning that it does by drawing in “stuff” from the earth.  The balance is constant, and not done by having a value placed on it, but by being the very service that the plant, in this case, is able to provide. 

Our Ancestors always gave a gift when they took something from nature. The gift could be the smallest thing.  When seeding was done, the ground was worked constantly, which is good for the earth, and often milk or a brew of some sort was poured onto the earth as well, as a “thanks”. 

Even giving thanks every day is a form of returning energy, and helps to keep the balance.  Trying doing some of your activities in balance with the earth.  See how the energy starts to shift for you.


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Monday, 12 December 2011

Spirit Animal - Mountain Goat


Last night, there were two mountain goats standing in the snow, watching me.  I asked them what was going on, and they replied that they were waiting to see what will happen next.  They indicated that there are many people who drift up to the mountains on their dream time, it seems, looking for answers.  Most people are quite disappointed when they find only mountain goats.

Mountain Goat says that their wisdom is not appreciated by humans – humans look for the easy road and the fast fix.  Being in the mountains is about being cautious and a risk taker at the same time.  Travelling in the mountains is about finding the easiest and safest route, which means that sometimes you may have to jump from cliff to cliff or jump over a crevice.  Easy is not without its challenges.
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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Spirit Animal - Winter Hare


Roger and I got home from my Christmas party about midnight.  The moon was shining brightly.  And there, sitting at the end of our driveway, just like one of our dogs, waiting for us, was a very large, white hare.

We drove up and stopped because she did not move.   She looked at us, and seemed to thump her back foot.  Suddenly, we were engulfed in this very warm feeling, a feeling of peace.  I saw a picture of a Christmas from about five years ago when all of my family was together, sitting a a huge long table for twenty-two people, laughing and eating, and of course, telling stories.  The picture faded.  I saw a tall white lady, who waved her arm, and disappeared.  I knew we were being taken care of. 

Roger said, “Did you feel that? The warmth and the magic?”

I said yes… and our rabbit hopped away. 

Life is good.
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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Spirit Speaks - Take The Pressure Off Yourself


I started a new job on November 28th.  Each day is filled with many new things, and, because my schedule changes from day to day, I find that by the time I get home at night, sometimes after 7:00pm, I am extremely tired.  I do not have the energy to write or read or even watch a show with my family.  I simply eat and get my clothes and lunch ready for the next day, and fall into bed.

I woke up during the night, and asked Creator and my guides what was going on.   Normally, I am a high energy person, and I love to do new things, and I find change invigorating.  The vision and message that came through was….

TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF YOURSELF, along with a picture of a big clamp squeezing down on me, and me standing between the jaws, trying to force it open.   The next picture was an ocean, and little fishes laughing as they flowed in with the waves and then flowed out with the waves.   GO WITH THE FLOW AND ENJOY!  The next picture was a small pond, sitting in a delightful grove of trees with a small open meadow to one side, and birds singing and flowers sending beautiful scents up into the air.  There were even several butterflies!  PEACE IS EVERYWHERE IF YOU LOOK FOR IT.  The next picture was a flash of different pictures of small children sleeping soundly in their beds.  SLEEP IS REQUIRED FOR RESTORATION OF FAITH.  SLEEP NOW.  And off I drifted.

Since that night, I have quit beating myself up because I am not writing a blog or two everyday.  Sorry folks, my blogs will be more sporadic for a while, until I get my new rhythm down.  And, although I am still tired, I do feel that old energy creeping back.  I think that I will be back on schedule for my writing by the end of January.

Meanwhile, we have put out a great December magazine at with many wonderful Christmas articles in it.   Take a look.   And, drop me a note with some thoughts about how you take the pressure off yourself.

Love and light,

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Spirit Speaks - Finding The Balance

The Art of Staying in Balance

The most difficult thing, the almost impossible thing for the mind, is to remain in the middle, to remain balanced. And to move from one thing to its opposite is the easiest. To move from one polarity to another is the nature of the mind.

It is difficult for the mind to come to the right diet, difficult for the mind to stay in the middle. It is just like a clock's pendulum. The pendulum goes to the right, then it moves to the left, then again to the right, and again to the left; the clock's working depends on this movement.

If the pendulum stays in the middle, the clock stops. And when the pendulum moves to the right, you think it is only going to the right, but at the same time it is gathering momentum to go to the left. The more it moves to the right, the more energy it gathers to move to the left, and vice versa.  - Osho

Monday, 28 November 2011

Spirit Speaks - When Species Go Extinct

Western black rhino declared extinct

The Associated Press   Posted: Nov 10, 2011 9:57 AM ET
The western black rhino, a species related to the eastern black rhino pictured above, has been officially declared extinct. The western black rhino, a species related to the eastern black rhino pictured above, has been officially declared extinct. Richard Elmslie/IUCN

The western black rhino of Africa has been declared officially extinct, and two other subspecies of rhinoceros are close to meeting the same fate, a leading conservation group said Thursday.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature said a recent reassessments of the western black rhino had led it… more at


I was reading this article, and I asked Spirit why species seemed to have to die off, and whether humans should be trying to save them.  The answer was surprising to me.

“Animals understand the blueprint that is within them that allows them to grow and evolve.  At some point, for the blueprint they carry, the animal can no longer evolve.  At this point, it must become extinct because it has no place to go.  By dying out, it leaves a space for a “new” evolution of an animal that is related to it.  And, the cycle begins again.

Humans interfere with the evolution when they cross breed animals or try and keep them from extinction.  Even individual animals are often anxious to die so they can have their next experience.  Remember that each animal is an energy spirit, looking to have a specific experience.  Like the song says, “Live and let die”.
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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ancestors Speak - A Recipe For Hamburger Soup

Thank you to everyone who has emailed to say how much they are enjoying the recipes, and to those of you that have asked for more recipes, here is the latest instalment.





Homestead Hamburger Soup

8 Servings

1 pound ground beef
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup diced potatoes
1 cup sliced carrots

1 cup shredded cabbage
1 cup sliced celery

1/4 cup raw rice

3 cups water

1 beef bouillon cube
1 teaspoon garlic salt

1/4 teaspoon basil
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1 bay leaf

1 quart tomatoes, undrained

Brown ground beef and onion until meat is lightly browned. Drain off excess fat. Add
remaining ingredients. Stir so tomatoes become slightly mashed. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour. Adjust seasonings.  

Note:  I start this in the morning, and leave it covered, on low all day.  The flavour goes through everything.
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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Spirit Animal - Ptarmigan


The Ptarmigan chooses to camouflage itself by turning white in the winter, and by growing brown and white feathers in the spring and summer.  The feathers allow it to blend into the tundra and forests in the two extreme seasons.

Ptarmigan has a message for each of us.

  • Do not be afraid to change your outer appearance.  It is not who you are; it simply cloaks you.
  • Find the place that you are the most comfortable and spend time there.  Plan excursions to those places where you are not comfortable and decide why these places make you uncomfortable.  Do what you can to find a way to adapt to these places.
  • Find a companion that is like minded.  Explore the surroundings together.  Stay away from loud noises because this can dampen your response to noise – the first warning that something may be out of kilter.
  • Play!  Dance, sing, and entertain yourself.  Do not rely on others for entertainment.
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Friday, 25 November 2011

Spirit Animal - Boa Constrictor


Boa Constrictor is at home in the trees or on the ground.  She glides into your life to tell you that it is important for you to stay grounded.  Be up in the trees and have some healing time (or, up in the clouds, if that is where healing happens for you).  Always return to Earth for you are of the the earth, not the air.  The trees provide a bridge between the two, and are a safe way for you to navigate between the two.

Boa also says that the act of constricting is about creativity.  She finds something that can provide nourishment and then constricts it so that she creates food that is palatable to her digestive system.  She says that many of us eat food that is not good for our digestive system, and yet, because of media pressure, or peer pressure, or because we have no will power, we eat food that is bad for us.  She says that we must change this habit.

Finally, Boa says that we must take time to rest.  She knows how to lay quiet, to do nothing.  Humans do not seem to have this skill.  Take time to rest and to rejuvenate.
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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011


On this special day, I wish to each of you,

All the best of everything!

May each of you have much abundance in your life.

May each of you feel laughter and have fun.

May each of you connect with all your loved ones.

And, may each of you find the time to say a prayer

for all those who do not have anything.

May Great Spirit smile upon each of you today.
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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Spirit Animal - White Tiger



White Tiger entered my space and announced that it was here to walk with me for a while.  I was startled.  A white animal usually means that something big, in a spiritual sort of way, is going to happen to you, and generally, it involves a confrontation of some kind.  This was not good news!

White Tiger said slowly and quietly, “There is nothing to fear.  Now, you need a teacher to walk with you.  I have asked to come to do this thing.  You and other humans are interesting to me.”

With that comment, White Tiger sent me some thoughts to share with others.

  • Learn to really “see”.  So much of what you see is not true.  Learn to expand your mind and to try to see the things behind the picture.  Learn to see in the darkness.  You can you know – you have just been told that you cannot.
  • Mark your territory.  This is about learning to create boundaries.  You need to set boundaries at home, at work, at play, with your family and with your friends.  Too many have forgotten that boundaries are about asking permission.  Many assume they have the right to do any number of things.
  • Adapt your covering (clothes) to the places that you will travel.  There is a caution about drawing too much attention to yourself.
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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Spirit Animal - Coyote Plays


Coyote has many personas in many belief systems.  In North America, Coyote is seen as a trickster.  In other places, Coyote is the messenger from the gods.  Still others think that Coyote is a special guide that warns you when trouble is coming, and tells you to beware.

Coyote comes in today to tell everyone to play more.  Her observation is that humans are too serious and that humans miss all the possibilities to increase their productivity and creativity. 

Her message is that you do not need to play for a long period of time; you just need to play to relax your focus so that you can let go of the tunnel vision that plagues many people.

Coyote says that by looking at things with a fresh eye, you can tell whether you need to be in service to the situation, or to offer a prayer for the situation, or, even whether you should be doing some soul searching around the situation.  Nature creates events to allow us to grow.
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Monday, 21 November 2011

Ancestors Speak - Recipe For Wild Rice Muffins

Several weeks ago, I posted the recipe for wild rice soup.  People loved it, and asked me if I had any more wild rice recipes.  Here is another favorite – wild rice muffins. 
This recipe calls for blueberries, however, raspberries, strawberries, saskatoons, and blackberries, all are great substitutes if you don’t have blueberries handy.  If you use frozen berries, let them thaw first, and drain the water and measure it in as part of your 1/2 cup of water.
Happy eating!

Blueberry Wild Rice Muffins
Makes 2 Dozen
3 tablespoons butter
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup evaporated milk
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/2 cups blueberries
1 cup cooked wild rice
Blend softened butler with sugar. Add water, milk, flour,
salt and baking powder. Stir until smooth. Fold in
blueberries and wild rice. Pour into well-greased muffin tins.
Bake at 3500 for 25 minutes.
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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Word Of The Day Is Responsibility


In this time, we all have work that we must do.  Creator is urging everyone to now take responsibility for their own lives.

  • Be accountable to yourself.  The onus is on you for who you are and what you have created.
  • Others are responsible for themselves.  Do not try to take away their journey by making decisions for them, or assuming responsibility.
  • Remove yourself from victimhood.  You have choices in your life that you can make everyday, in every moment.  And, you can take responsibility for them.

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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Buddha Speaks - When We Visit Nature

If we go out into the natural world and just talk about the same things we talk about all the time, we may as well have stayed at home. When we visit nature we should put down everyday small talk, subjective mental activity, judging and discrimination, and just open up and observe nature. Starting from the time of the Buddha, it was almost always the custom for those who had left home life to spend some time practicing in the mountains. Generally the hut they lived in was made so that it could be put up and dismantled very quickly, so that the person could move on to another place. The purpose was to live a life that would not foster a group mentality, but rather cultivate a holistic attitude where one would feel at one with all lives and the universe.  — Master Sheng Yen, "As Spacious as Nature"

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Friday, 18 November 2011

Spirit Animal - Mink And Winter


Mink says that water is very important to all of us.  Creator has made us all – all animals – mostly water to remind us that we are all fluid – that is our spirit, our energy, is able to move with the flow.  There is no reason not to move fluidly, whether we dance, sing, run or walk.  We are meant to flow on the easiest path. 

Mink observes that especially in winter, humans do not flow.  Mink thinks this is because that humans do not move close enough to water.  Instead, they sit in buildings and other dry places.  Even drinking lots of water does not ease the burden of loss of fluidity.

Minks like to live near water and are seldom found far from riverbanks, lakes and marshes. Even when roaming, they tend to follow streams and ditches. Sometimes they leave the water altogether for a few hundred metres.  This is the example that humans should follow.

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Spirit Animal - Black Squirrel’s Actions


The Black Squirrel is quite hardy, and takes advantage of the nicer winter days to come out of dormancy to feast on the bird seeds and peanuts or other nuts that people leave outside.  This morning, Black Squirrel sits out in our yard, munching on pine cones.  As I stare at her, she looks back at me.  I think, at first, that she is quite cheeky.  I swear that she smiles.  And then, it looks like she stamps her foot, and says, “Listen!”

I pay attention.

Black Squirrel says:

  • Build up your strength with protein, carbs, and fat.  Cellulose – plant food will not help you at this time. 
  • Do not over eat.  This makes you slow.  Eat sparingly, and eat more often, as the squirrel does. 
  • Practice your dexterity.  This means that you must learn to do things with either hand, unconsciously, so that you can work tools with either hand.  You will need to do this.
  • “Squirrel” away some staples, and a tool or two to use to make clean water.  We drink water that is stored in the trees because the trees clean the toxins out of the water.
  • Practice getting to know your area so that you are comfortable in it.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Spirit Animal - Fox Haven


The Fox was looking around the area as I finished my meditation.  He stood still, and then spoke.  His comments are appropriate for all of us.

  • When the weather changes, or when danger seems to come out of no where, it is good to have a haven to retreat to.  Foxes create a “fox haven” that other foxes can access if they are in danger.  We telegraph the site to those foxes in the area.
  • A haven should have a good supply of food.  We foxes look for havens in valleys that are not easily accessible by man.  Here, the small animals, our food, are abundant and understand the cycle of life.  They are in service to those higher in the food chain.
  • Water is going to be in short supply.  We foxes can tell because the streams that were forever are drying up.  We say that the haven must have a spring fed water source that cannot be stopped by someone (beaver) damming the stream up water.
  • Bring forth only one or two young when you are in the haven.  If you bring in a litter, then the abundance will dry up.  It is written thusly.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Spirit Speaks - Play Well


The word of the day is “PLAY”.  Play with friends.  Play an instrument.  Jump, walk, bike, run, jog, or play with the dog.   Let yourself go and be relaxed.  You are now off duty.  In playing, you learn about yourself.  It is time to do more learning.

Things to ask yourself:

  • When is the last time you laughed out loud?
  • When is the last time that your body felt totally relaxed and refreshed from sleep?
  • When did you simply go and have fun with your family or friends WITHOUT an agenda?
  • When did you last do something for you?

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Monday, 14 November 2011

Ancestors Speak - A Traditional Wild Rice Breakfast


As winter sets in over the prairies, foothills and mountains of the the northern states and provinces, we all begin to look for food that is both comforting and warm.  This wild rice breakfast recipe is a favorite at any time.  Try it and let me know what you think.


Wild Rice Breakfast
"a traditional  recipe"

  • 1 cup wild rice
  • 2l/2 cups water
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • l/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 4 slices fried bacon
  •  6 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons minced chives
  • 2 tablespoons bacon fat or butter

Wash rice. Bring 1 teaspoon of the salt and rice to a boil in 21/2 cups of water. Simmer 35 to 40 minutes until rice is tender and water is absorbed. Beat eggs with 1/2 teaspoon salt and the pepper. Melt bacon fat in a skillet and pour egg mixture in. Cook eggs until firm and light brown. Remove from pan and cut in thin strips. Add crumbled bacon, eggs and chives to rice.  Heat through.

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ancestors Speak - Recipe For Christmas – Wild Rice Soup


Last weekend, Roger held his fall/winter Crystals’ Light workshop.  For more information on the workshop, click on CRYSTALS.  I make the snacks and lunches for this weekend long workshop held in Calgary.  (If he is invited to present this elsewhere, then the host makes the lunch and snack arrangements.) 

One of the favourite “eats” was this wild rice soup.  Several people said that they would serve it for Christmas, if I would share the recipe.  Here it is.


Wild Rice Soup

8-10 Servings

Wild rice was, for hundreds of years, one of the -main food sources for the Indians of Minnesota. It is a large reed-like grass and grows in three to four feet of water. This grass, with its long sweeping flower cluster on
top, sometimes grows eight to ten feet tall.

1/2 cup wild rice ( I used ¾ of a cup of wild rice)
pound bacon (I left out all the bacon and drippings and added 2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil.)

3 tablespoons bacon drippings (Leave out for vegetarian soup)

1 cup finely chopped celery
1 cup finely chopped onion

¾ cup finely chopped red pepper
2 141/2-ounce cans (ready to serve) chicken broth (I used 7 cups of distilled water and a 2 vegetarian broth cubes)

2 white potatoes, cubed
2 103/4-ounce cans cream of mushroom soup, undiluted


Add grated carrot, or green onions, or finely chopped leek, or finely chopped mushrooms.

Wash wild rice. Boil rice for 15 minutes and drain; set aside. If you use the bacon, fry bacon until crisp. Remove bacon and discard all but 3 tablespoons bacon drippings. Sauté celery, onion and green pepper or whatever veggies that you use either in the drippings, or in olive oil, until onion is transparent. Put in a large kettle and add rice, broth, mushrooms, soup and diced bacon. Cook on low heat for 1 to 3 hours.  (I find that 3 hours gives it the best flavour.)  Do not add salt.

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Vision is WAR PARTY

I was curious to see what would be in store for me after 11-11-2011 when portals were opening all over.  So, I cast the quest dice in “The Ancestors’ Path” by John Lavinnder.  This is a gentle vision quest that one can do to look to the future.

The dice sequence that came up was:   VISION: EARTH ABOVE FISH



A war party needs a strong leader.
The elders give generously in support.


I read the write up on this path, and I was surprised at how well it fit me and what I will be doing.  I was amazed at the write up on the moon that complemented this quest.  I share it with you now.

The Path of War Party in the Great Circle of the Seasons:  Strong frost Full Moon

Season: Winter Direction: North

Moon Phase, Full: Alertness, Potential

Dominant Influence during Moon Phase: Counterattack

Counterattack now, or forever hold your peace.
The elders take the lead.

The time of War Party happens during Strong Frost Full
Moon in the Great Circle of Seasons. The winter months are
becoming colder; in fact, this may be the coldest time of the year.
Steps may need to be taken to protect oneself and one's family
from the elements.

War Party is a time when warriors have come to terms with
themselves and are committed to doing battle. Their leaders
know their strengths and weaknesses, and the warriors them-
selves desire to be tested. Negotiations continue behind the
scenes because winning a bloodless battle is the optimum victory.
Morale must be kept high and the warriors unified, so that when
the time comes, they will fight as one.

At the right time the war party must counterattack, and a surprise counterattack will

have an additional advantage. Having the
upper hand, it must be relentless until victory. This time of War
Party is already moving toward the time of Conflict. An opponent
of equal strength will not prevail. Do not directly face a
stronger opponent, hit and run, and then hit again. If the intention
is other than conquest, attacking a stronger opponent is like
the roaring of a mouse-all bluff and bravado.

Activities in Harmony with Path: Organize, plan, or train to
compete against a competitor-at work, in sports, or in the arts.


I realize that I need to digest this.  There are many of you that will find these words resonate as you read them.  This makes sense when you remember your warrior path.  Blessings on this.

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Angels Speak – Coming From The Sun


When we feel the changes of this day, know that all of the light is coming through the portal of the Sun from many stars and planets, with the guidance of the Archangels and Guardian Angels.  The Moon and Stars and Planets are now able to shift even more light, healing light, to the small planet Earth for – you guessed it – healing!  The light and the love that shines down on us is magnificent.  Creator – Great Spirit is part of us and shines this for itself as well as for us.  We get the same light as the water and trees and plants and rocks and mountains, and all the animals, fish, birds, and creepy-crawlies.  We are all connected in Love.

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