Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ancestors Speak - Refinement

When walking a path of Shamanism, it is prudent to work with the Ancestors, and check in daily for their guidance.  There are times when their guidance is not clear, so, to help you, they will direct you to a tool that they can use to communicate with you. 

In my case, today I was wondering about what I should be working on with the teachings that I am doing, and particularly, what I should be doing with the StarTalker Program.  I was guided to "The Ancestors' Path" and told to shake the dice.



Two dice images from "The Ancestors' Path" - the Wind and the Eagle


The path that these two figures represent is called "REFINEMENT".  Any refining process removes impurities.  The impurities may be in one's self, or in what one is doing, ie. teaching, in my case.

In the physical world, refining may mean constantly improving the process.  The Elder's guide that one must be careful and know when to stop refining because at some point, the refining breaks, and the process also breaks. 

If one is teaching, the Ancestors' guidance is to choose students carefully and to teach from experience and to urge students to learn from experience.  It may also be about using new methods to teach some of the lessons.  For example, I have been guided recently to start using the teleconferencing and video experience to lecture.

I hear the guidance and I am grateful!  If you have questions about the StarTalker program, email me.  Expect your answer in one to two days.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Life 2009 - Themes of Humanity

music note While writing this, I was listening to "Prayer For The Past" by Evren Ozan

Electric Tunnel  The Electric Tunnel - from Microsoft Clip Art....



I am reading the fascinating book "MYSTICAL TRAVELER: How to Advance to a Higher Level of Spirituality" by Sylvia Browne.  In it she discusses that there are forty-seven themes that classify the human  experience experience.  Themes, remember from high school English, are the major topics or qualities or characteristics of a story.  With that in mind, think of each human then, as a "story", and you will see why this intrigues me.

In Munay-Ki, we teach our protégées that when a person comes to us with a story, and wanting our sympathy and support, that we, the Shaman, should ask the question, "What is really going on here, and what is the story behind the story?"  It seems that the story behind the story is actually another story that that human came to Earth to experience. 

Ms. Browne has presented the themes in alphabetical order. I am presenting a broad over view of the information. Her first several themes include:

1.  Activator - focuses on achieving a goal that others ahead of her have not completed...

2.  Aesthetic Pursuits - driven by an innate talent, the individual is a slave to the passion that drives them.  An example of an individual that seemed to exemplify this theme would be Beethoven.

3.  Analyzers - those that pay very close attention to all detail, and need to know why something works the way it does.  Scientists fall under this category.

I could go on about each theme...however, that would spoil the read for you. 

Just to satisfy your curiosity, give the book a read!

Judy@angelsandancestors       If you read the book, what do you think?  I'd love to hear from you.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tarot Discussion - OSHO Card "ICE-OLATION"


Picture of the ICE-OLATION card from the OSHO Zen Tarot deck.


Today is a big day for us - we are flying east to see my brothers and celebrate their fiftieth birthday.  So, when I drew the card from the Osho ZEN Tarot deck, it was little surprise that I picked card number three - Ice-olation.  When we are in isolation, we are alone, and, some say, you are isolated because of "your cold emotions".  Isolation may be caused by illness, by distance, by business, or many things that just seem to occur without being intentional.

Part of the write up on the card explains this very well.  "....To be in the self means to become an island. To be in the self means to draw a boundary line around you. To be in the self means to make a distinction between 'this I am' and 'that I am not'. The definition, the boundary, between "I" and "not I" is what the self is--the self isolates. And it makes you frozen--you are no longer flowing. If you are flowing the self cannot exist. Hence people have become almost like ice-cubes. They don't have any warmth, they don't have any love--love is warmth and they are afraid of love. If warmth comes to them they will start melting and the boundaries will disappear. In love the boundaries disappear; in joy also the boundaries disappear, because joy is not cold."  From the OSHO ZEN TAROT COMMENTARY.

The explanation makes the card perfect for this day!  In flying, all of the boundaries of province, time, and distance disappear.  We have great joy in this occasion because not only do they mark their half century celebration, it is also the joy of reunion of family.   For my family, isolation means that we live in three different provinces across a space of several thousand miles.  We talk on the phone, however, nothing replaces the happiness of being together.

May you find an occasion to move out of your isolation and find peace and joy! May your Spirit sing as a result!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Angels Speak - Guardian Angels

AngelFriendsSunRadiating 72  From S. R. Joyeux and, used with permission


The story... we all have a story... stems from the time that I was four, and a huge McKee Harvester Box door fell on me, accidentally, because instead of having my nap, I had sneaked out of the house to go to the barn yard to find my Dad. My Dad, upon seeing me, yelled "Run!" many times, as the door starting falling on top of me.  I ran!  The door hit me at the hip level and covered my legs.  I could have been crippled or worse. However, the soft ground in the yard cushioned the blow, and allowed me to sink into the Earth to avoid injury.  I was certainly scared! And yet, when Dad carried me to the house, and they examined me, I did not even have a bruise.

I was "out of it" for a while, but then I was four and very scared.  It also scared me that my parents were so upset.  They were saying all the things one says in an extremely emotional time - it is a miracle, we are lucky she's not dead, how could she have no bruises, why wasn't she in bed. 

As for me, I know that I ran as fast as I could away from the big thing that was falling.  I know that I heard a roar behind me.  I know that it felt like a big hand hit my back and pushed. I know that later that day, I went out and played with our dog.  I know that something big and white helped me, and if I was hurt - healed me.  I know that I am lucky.

I believe that all of us have guardian angels and that they and the Archangels are with us for life, that they love us unreservedly, and that when they are around there is peace and joy, and that we feel free of Karma.  Our Ancestors believed in Angels because they saw them all the time. All the old churches and temples have carvings of the winged ones.  There are many legends of how angels came to be.  My favourite is that they came to be because Humans needed them.  My other favourite legend is that each time one of us cries unreservedly for another's pain, a guardian angel is born of that energy to be there for someone that needs help.

May you find your guardian angels beside you as you walk this world today!  See our website

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ancestors Speak - Unk "Satisfaction & Passion"

imageCard 7 from the Lakota Sweat Lodge cards - Spiritual Teachings of the Sioux

This beautiful card is the card that I drew when I was trying to figure out what to do after a huge shift in my body, mind, and spirit. Or as the Shaman say, a huge shift in the physical, symbolic and energetic levels of my being.

The picture shows the trunks of two trees, firmly planted in the ground, rising up to the sun with a four legged one and a winged one watching over. It is often in the Sun, that we feel our happiest and able to conquer all.

The word "UNK" means the yearning or delight between two lovers, or the passion one feels for "doing" and activity, or the love of someone for another or an animal or an object. Passion is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It is what sends us to look for new ways of doing things or of thinking. Passion ultimately puts us in touch with our own spirituality and even, perhaps, our higher self and Creator.

When we achieve through passion, we feel satisfaction. As we strive and achieve, we are in balance. If we strive without satisfaction, we keep trying harder, trying to control more things in our life, and we ultimately fall in to a state of disharmony. We may try to "fix" our state of mind with drugs, alcohol, gambling or some other repetitive activity to take our minds away from what truly causes the imbalance.

As for me, I indeed did have my passion back! Through sitting in meditation and asking what was happening and what would make me feel happy, I arrived at my passion! Sounds simple, doesn't it? It took several meditations and many hours of searching through my life.

May you too find the balance and passion in your life, and may it be a gentle and kind process. What is your passion in life?

Monday, 26 January 2009

Buddha Speaks - The Philosophy is Kindness


Picture of the Dali Lama from



This is my simple religion.
There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy.
Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.  Dalai Lama, 1935 - -now.

I saw this on a quote page as I was scrolling through web sites.  This is the same philosophy that the indigenous people and their Shaman, Medicine Woman/Man, Wiseones, Mystics, etc. use around the world.  Indeed, there is no need for temples. We are all connected to Creator and vice-versa.  We are connected with everything in creation, if only we can find a way to hear or see or feel or remember.

As we get caught up in the drama around us, we forget to look inside for the answers.  For thousands of years, the teaching has been to look outward. 

If you look around, does it seem to you that the world is getting kinder?  Does it also seem that more and more people are moving away from the old fashioned religion?  Yes, many of the individual church congregations are creating their own philosophy for their church and the people.  It includes new ways of doing things and bringing energy healing into the church.  It is perfect for this time.

May kindness guide your day!    See for articles and workshops.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Spirit Animal - Raccoon


A great picture of a Raccoon's mask - from Wikipedia

When ever I hear people complain about raccoons turning over their garbage and creating a mess, I wonder why the complainer sees the negative of the situation. From Raccoon's perspective, she is doing a favour. She would not pull the garbage apart if the occupant was recycling and not throwing edible items into the garbage. Raccoon, like some other animals, is a scavenger. She knows that finding the next meal may be difficult. So, she is grateful for the wasteful humans for providing food. Why not take advantage of the buffet? And, look at all the waste she prevents from reaching the landfill.

What makes Raccoon so distinctive looking is her black mask, wide grin, and fashionably ringed tail. As a masked being, some people fear her because they do not understand her. (As I sit here typing, Raccoon says, "Humans fear everything in a mask, perhaps even a clown!") Part of the fear stems from the legends around Raccoon - she is a shape-shifter, she foretells death, she represents magic and mystery, she works with sorcerers. In the water, Raccoon is a powerful swimmer. She also likes to dig up small things from the mud like crayfish or fresh water shrimp.

From garbage to eating gourmet crayfish, Raccoon is made of contradictions. Her black and grey colour show her being of the night and yet she is seen busily digging along river beds in the brightest sunlight. Her colour helps disguise her in the night, her prime time of being. The Ancestors believed that she was a spirit creature which is why she wore a mask. They believed that she was a small Goddess because she had small "hands", and that she was mischievous. Anyone with locked doors or gates or garbage who has been "burglarized" by Raccoon will tell you how much dexterity she has and that she must be very intelligent to figure out locks that keep out adults!

If Raccoon is showing up around you, pay attention to what it is she focuses on, because this is her message to you. If she focuses on food, her message is about your diet. Perhaps you need to give up "garbage or junk food". If she is sitting high up in a tree, than she is telling you to be on the look out for some coming change to your life, or even a possible danger. If you see Raccoon around the water, and perhaps up to her belly in the wet, than you may be sure that it is a message for you to begin looking at all the emotions that you have stuffed over the years. When Raccoon stares intently at you, and you see her mask, she is telling you that she can see your mask, and that it is time to pull it off. Show the world who you are with out the constraint of "what people think". Be free!

I wish you happy days wandering around with out your mask!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Event... How To Feel Energy The Shamanic Way 12:00- 1:00pm Pacific time

What:How To Feel Energy The Shamanic Way - Angels And Ancestor Radio Show
Physics texts describe energy as the capacity to perform work. Further, the texts say that energy exists in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, or other forms. This view of energy matches what the Shaman knows – that energy works on the physical, symbolic, mythic and spiritual planes. In fact, Inuit Elders say that all humans are Shaman and that people just haven’t tapped into it. Join host Judith Hirst-Joyeux and her guest Samantha Hussey as they talk about “feeling” energy. Participate with them as Judith leads Samantha and you through some practical exercises so that you, too, can feel energy and “remember” that you are a Shaman. Discover the difference between the feel of energy in sacred space and non sacred space. Feel the change in your energy as you learn a grounding exercise. Learn an easy meditation to clean and balance your energetic templates. Escape from the mundane world to the world of spirit for an hour!
When:Tuesday, January 27, 2009 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Where:Internet Radio at
Calgary, AB T2J5V6 International

Friday, 23 January 2009

Buddha Speaks - The Story of The Shovel Wise Man

imageBuddha picture from


Over time, "things" come and go from our lives.  However, if you are like me, there are some things that really are hard to let go of.  These "things" have a value as a special gift from a special someone, or as a symbol for something you have endured.  We are hard pressed to part with some of these "things".  The Buddhists say that one of the issues holding us back is "attachment".

Here is a teaching story from that talks about attachment.  My guides led me to this story to help explain why I need to let go of one or two important things in my life...

                     THE STORY OF THE SHOVEL WISEMAN

Once upon a time, the Enlightenment Being was born into a family of vegetable gardeners. After he grew up he cleared a patch of land with his shovel. He grew herbs, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers and other vegetables. These he sold to earn a humble living.

The shovel was his one and only possession in the whole world. He carried it in the same way a forest monk carries his walking staff. So he became known as the 'Shovel Wise Man'.

One day he thought, "What good does it do me to live the ordinary everyday life of a gardener? I will give up this life and go meditate in the forest. Then I will be peaceful and happy." So the Shovel Wise Man hid his one possession, his shovel, and became a forest meditator.

Before too long, he started thinking about his only possession, his shovel. He was so attached to this shovel that he couldn't get it out of his mind, no matter how hard he tried! Trying to meditate seemed useless, so he gave it up. He returned to his shovel and his ordinary life as a vegetable gardener.

Lo and behold, in a little while the Shovel Wise Man again gave up the everyday life, hid his shovel and became a forest meditator. Again he could not get his shovel out of his mind, and returned to being a gardener. All in all, this happened six times!

The next time the Shovel Wise Man gave up his forest meditation, he finally realised it was because of his old worn out shovel that he had gone back and forth seven times! So he decided to throw it away, once and for all, in a deep river. Then he would return to the forest for good.

He took his shovel down to the riverbank. He thought, "Let me not see where this shovel enters the water. Otherwise it may tempt me again to give up my quest." So he closed his eyes, swung the shovel in a circle over his head three times, and let it fly into the midst of the river. Realising that he would never be able to find the shovel again, he shouted, just like a lion roars, "I have conquered! I have conquered! I have conquered!"

It just so happened that the King of Benares was riding by at that very moment. He was returning from putting down a revolt in a border village. He had bathed in the river, and had just seated himself on his magnificent royal elephant. He was riding back to Benares in a victory procession.

When he heard the triumphant shouts of the Enlightenment Being, he said to his ministers, "Listen. Who is shouting, just like a lion roars, 'I have conquered'? Whom has he conquered? Bring that man to me!"

When they brought the Shovel Wise Man to him, the king said, "I am a conqueror because I have won a battle. You say that you have conquered. Whom did you conquer?"

The Enlightenment Being replied, "Your lordship, even if you conquer a hundred thousand armies, they are meaningless victories if you still have unwholesome thoughts and desires in your own mind! By conquering the craving in my mind, I know I have won the battle against unwholesome thoughts."

As he spoke he concentrated his mind on the water in the river, then on the idea of water itself, and reached a high mental state. In a sitting position he rose into the air. He preached these words of Truth to the king: "Defeating an enemy who returns to fight you again and again is no real victory. But if you defeat the unwholesomeness in your own mind, no one can take that true victory from you!"

While the king was listening to these words, all unwholesome thoughts left his mind. It occurred to him to give up the ordinary world and seek real peace and happiness. He asked, "Where are you going now, wise one?" He answered, "I am going to the Himalayas, oh king, to practise meditation." The king said, "Please take me with you. I too wish to give up the common worldly life." Lo and behold, as the king turned northward with the Shovel Wise Man, so did the entire army and all the royal ministers and attendants.

Soon the news reached the people of Benares that the king and all those with him were leaving the ordinary world and following the Shovel Wise Man to the Himalayas. Then all the people in the entire city of Benares followed them towards the northern mountains. Benares was empty!

This great migration of people came to the attention of the god Sakka, King of the Heaven of 33. Never had he seen so many giving up worldly power. He ordered the architect of the gods to build a dwelling place in the Himalayan forests for all these people.

When they arrived in the Himalayas, the Shovel Wise Man was the first to announce that he had given up the ordinary world for good. Then all those with him did the same. Never was so much worldly power given up, or renounced, at the same time.

The Shovel Wise Man developed what holy man call the 'Four Heavenly States of Mind'. First is loving-kindness, tender affection for all. Second is feeling sympathy and pity for all those who suffer. Third is feeling happiness for all those who are joyful. And the fourth state is balance and calm, even in the face of difficulties or troubles.

He taught the others advanced meditation. With great effort they all gained high mental states, leading to rebirth in heaven worlds.

The moral is: Only one possession is enough to keep the mind from finding freedom.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tarot Discussion - Osho Zen - Going with the flow

I have been having a week that is not going as smooth as I would like to see it go.  Yes, I am setting some expectations, and I do have several tasks that I want to accomplish.  I decided that I would pull a card from the OSHO ZEN deck and ask the question, "What is blocking me?"  It has been said many times - be careful what you ask for.

When I pulled the card, I pulled card 58 called "Going with the flow".

image Card 58 from the OSHO ZEN TAROT DECK 


I immediately saw the connection, and again marvelled that Great Spirit so easily communicates when asked questions.   I could see that I was not going with the flow.  I was trying to be in control.  Or, as one of my Shaman Teachers would say, "You are trying to drive the bus! Get out of the driver's seat. You aren't qualified to drive the Universal Bus!" 

Osho's write up says, "When this card appears in a reading it is an indication that you are able to float now, trusting that life will support you in your relaxation and take you exactly where it wants you to go. Allow this feeling of trust and relaxation to grow more and more; everything is happening exactly as it should." 

I get it!  I am supposed to relax and not push for a certain outcome.  I am supposed to just "BE" and in be-ing, I will quit do-ing.  As I am, I will feel the healing powers of the Oneness and all tasks that I must do are no longer "musts" but simply flowing with the current.  When I emphasize the task too much, I destroy the balance.

I wish all of you ease of daily activities!  See the write up for Psychic Abilities Assessment at  You will see a picture of the actual form used, and a table of contents page for the different headings used in the report.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ancestors Speak - A Personal Creed


A quiet place for reflection in Fish Creek Park - by Judith Hirst-Joyeux


When one thinks of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, one thinks of valour, and of a creed of goodness or honour.  It will not surprise you to find that "Creed" means a "set of beliefs or guiding principles" (from the online dictionary). 

History admires knights or anyone who seems to hold fast to principles of integrity and truth.  Why?  Because today, we no longer work with truth and integrity as part of our every day lives in business.  A popular sales tool is called "bait and switch".  The goal is to get the buyer interested in a mythological set of goods, and then actually sell the buyer something quite different.  Where is the integrity in that?  Corporations sell based on making money and producing revenue for shareholders. Shoddy workmanship, falsified lists of ingredients or list of parts, and mislabelled packages are all part of the "game" to improve the bottom line. 

With such examples in our every day lives, it almost seems impossible for an individual to avoid replicating the examples from the workplace.  Buddhists have the five precepts that they live by:

  • Abstain from destroying life
  • Abstain from stealing
  • Abstain from sexual misconduct
  • Abstain from lies
  • Abstain from intoxicating drinks

These five precepts are actually their creed for their way of life - a way of life that has been around since the first day of Buddha.  Many people find these precepts difficult to understand. 

Shaman suggest that each of us create our own creed or way of life.  Therefore, when we violate our creed, we immediately "feel" the breach of trust with our self, and we react to repair the damage.

Here are some ideas for a personal creed. 

  • I will be good to my body.
  • I will be truthful to myself and others.
  • I will treat all living things with respect.
  • I will honour the rights of all human beings to be the individuals they are with their own Sacred Points of View.
  • I will embrace my faith, and I will trust the Creator's divine guidance.
  • I will see all experiences in my life as ways to grow with lessons to learn.
  • I will strive to be my personal best without comparing my path to others.   (Suggestions from DANCING THE DREAM by Jamie Sams)j0430790
  • Being good to your body means the right foods should be consumed!  Picture from Microsoft Clip Art....



    When each of these ideas is examined, one says, "Why wouldn't I follow these beliefs?"  The interesting answer is that often, in order to work at a job each day, one cannot have many of these beliefs because the beliefs at work conflict with the beliefs of the person. 

    When one sits in Meditation and asks how to resolve the incongruity of the work place and the person, Angels may answer and simply tell the person to leave their job.  To work at something that does not treat humans with respect is not healing or loving.  When we have a creed of honour, we crave the feeling of Oneness with all things -much like the Shaman of old were seen to be filled with peace and a spirit that directly linked to the Heavens.

    The creed that our ancestors lived with was about being in balance, recognizing Nature/Mother Earth as the provider of all food and water and air - simply, the provider of everything.  Corporations with all of their material goods, do not provide everything that we need. Perhaps it is time for all of us to develop a creed.

    What would your creed be?   Share your personal creed with me for publication in our newsletter.  Identities will be protected.  See our January newsletter online at

    Tuesday, 20 January 2009

    Spirit Animal - Grandmother Spider


    Spider picture from Wikipedia, with thanks...



    Lately, I seem to be seeing spiders around the house, seeing them in my dreams, and sometimes, on the periphery of a mediation, a spider creeps in and stares at me intently. 

    Spider has been in my life many times.  I was taking part in a retreat where we needed to build a sweat lodge.  The process takes a good day and then the sweat happens at night.  The Lodge name comes from whatever animals/birds/insects pay attention to the Lodge.  In the case of the Lodge I helped to build, the Lodge was called "Spider Lodge". 

    I had a fear of spiders all my life.  My parents cannot remember when it started - they believe I was born with it.  In the Shamanic world, often the things that we are the most afraid of are those very things that we need to amalgamate with to increase our power.  My fear was dealt with and cured in a BodyTalk class that I took, a level one class with Sylvia Muiznieks (you can see a video with Sylvia talking about BodyTalk at

    Now, suddenly at the beginning of 2009, Grandmother Spider is coming into my life again.  Spider has been around for an estimated Four Hundred Million years.  It is with respect that she is addressed as "Grandmother".  

    Grandmother Spider is known as the "keeper of words". She, with her weaving, brought writing to humans.  Spider is able to travel across oceans on her silk spun parachute.  She travels without fear.  She tells many to travel to new lands, look at new things, and gather new learning.  This message is important for me as I am planning some vacation time.

    Grandmother Spider is about writing and creation. As we create, we write, and as we write we create.  Her eight legged body represents infinity and all that is.  She guides that we all are a part of it, and we should look inward to see what needs to be created.

    May your creativity blossom!   Join me on Tuesday, Jan 20th at 12:00noon Pacific time for Angels And Ancestors Radio Show.

    Divination - How To Create An Aces Spread With Tarot Cards

    We all want to know the future. Divination is as old as human kind. Jonn Livinnder wrote the book, "The Ancestors' Path". He aptly describes why humans like divination. He says, "If we become adept at recognizing the signs around us, we can predict the future. The future is the effect of the now, at a later time, according to the laws of nature. While, due to free will and the complexities of human relationships, no prediction of the future is a certainty, prediction is possible based on probabilities. The Ancestors foresaw the future by understanding the current situation based on past experience." It is, however, very difficult for us to cast our own destiny. Today's show is a teaching of one Tarot method of divination, called "the Aces Spread". Use this spread to connect with your Angels or Ancestors to get messages. Or, use it to determine if you are heading down the right path. Join Judith Hirst-Joyeux, and Roger Joyeux, as they teach you this ancient tool of divination.  More>>

    Monday, 19 January 2009

    Ancestors Speak - The Nature of The Plant People

    In the twenty-first century, we are technology bound and roped to increasingly long hours at our jobs with days made even longer by commutes that may take an hour or more each way.  Why did that happen?  Many analysts, anthropologists and historians blame the industrial revolution that began in the late 1700's as machines became more and more part of the textile industry.  During this time, the need for labour and the change in land holding pushed the rural folks from the country side to the cities in the Western World.

     j0432754 "Wild Flowers in A Field" - from Microsoft Clip Art


    In Canada, the population of the country is just over 33 million, and of that, 6 million live in rural areas, that is outside metro cities. (From Stats Canada

    What does this mean?  It means that less and less people live in the country side and feel and understand the true nature of the Plant IMGP0090 People. 

    The Plant People and The Tree People are closely related although they have great differences in longevity.  Picture copyright  by S. Roger Joyeux and used with permission.

    Our Ancestors believed that since all living things on the planet existed, that they had a life force or spirit, and because we are all related, each of the different species were then "people".  The Ancestors very much depended on the Plant People.  As a life force, Plant People are 99% of the population on Earth.  Plants are the only natural organism that captures carbon dioxide out of the air and by processing it through its cellular structure, can then create oxygen, which humans and other life depend upon. Our Ancestors believed that they were completely dependent on Plant People for existence. Therefore, they treated Plant with respect, never over harvesting or randomly killing anything.

    We are not treating the Plant People with IMGP0091 respect, causing a build up of carbon dioxide in areas of the world. 

    Plants beautify and clean the air around us! Flowers in our yards are dual purpose.  Some flower petals may even be used for salads.  Picture by Judith Hirst-Joyeux, August 2006.

    Additionally, large bio-agricultural companies are genetically altering plant structure, depleting their ability to efficiently produce oxygen.  Plants are starch, fat and protein, all items essential to the nourishment of plants and animals.  If the composition of these three ingredients is altered by "tinkering", what then is the "Nature" of Plants?  Does it actually naturally exist.

    This spring, try to find Heritage seeds or Heritage plants to put in your flower boxes and gardens.  Keep seeds from the plants for next year to keep the "Nature" of the plant from being altered!    I'd love to hear your comments on this. 

    Sunday, 18 January 2009

    Spirit Animal - My Connection To Polar Bear

    music note While writing this, I was listening to "Unto The Burning Circle" by Andreas Vollenweider

    Polar Bear north of Churchill from 


      In my blogs, I talk about about many topics connected to spirituality. Each topic reflects something that is going on in my life.  Therefore, I truly enjoy writing about animals since the ANIMALS are such a large part of my life.

    The Polar Bear has been receiving a lot of attention recently.  Polar Bear, however, has been a part of my life since 1972.  That is the year that I went to work with Hudson Bay Northern Stores.  The clerical work that I did was for the Northern Stores in Churchill, Lynn Lake and north in Manitoba, Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario.

    In the winter, the Store Managers, Trainees, and sometimes District Managers from our office in Winnipeg travelled back and forth.  Many of the residents from the north would come and visit at my desk.  They always had great stories of encounters with polar bears, arctic wolves, arctic foxes, and whales and seals and walruses.  As they realized that I really loved to hear stories of polar bears, they began to snap pictures of the animals and send them off to me in the next batch of books to be analysed.  I began to get several pictures a month during the winter. I kept some of the pictures, however, the earlier photographic paper does yellow over time, and does not stand up to much handling. 2009 jan polarbear 3 

    Pictures like this one, of a mother and cubs were common.  This picture comes from

    The point of the story is that when an animal shows up over and over in your life, especially from an early age, a Shaman says that this is one of Power Animals.  A Power Animal both shows an aspect of your self as well as showing an external source of power that is always available to you.

    At the time that I was meeting Polar Bear for the first time, I did not realize the implications of the true power of this Bear.  Polar Bear is truly a specialist in the North - the colour, the ability to hunt all prey in such a camouflaged way as to be invisible, and the great speed - send a message that I did not "get" until a couple of years ago. I think that I am still learning some of it.

    What Polar Bear did for me during the time that I worked at Northern Stores was create a love for all things Northern, and a great sadness that the company that I worked for was sponsoring hunters to kill the animals of the North for their fur.  I realized that I did not want to be part of that culture and within the year of starting my job, I began taking night classes at University to become something else. 

    One of the messages that I received from Polar Bear, in a retrospective look at my life, was to move away from being somebody without a goal or a specific purpose.  Polar Bear was a BIG motivating factor in moving into Education and then into Accounting, and finally specializing in Accounting Software. 

    The other thing that Polar Bear did was make sure that I was with the perfect mate.  When I met the guy that is now my husband, one of the things that impressed me was that he had a picture of two Polar Bears playing. I have included the picture below.



    Two Polar Bears Playing... picture that hangs in our house - taken by Judith Hirst-Joyeux.



    I wish you happiness and days of playing!    Tell me your story about Polar Bear!

    Saturday, 17 January 2009

    Spirit Animal - Squirrel and Change


    Squirrel picture from Wikipedia...


    We have several squirrels that frequent our backyard, looking to sample the newest fare in the bird feeders, and waiting to see if they can tease our dogs. 

    Squirrel is shameless in her bid to have fun!  As she is so quick and wiry and because she can jump great distances, Squirrel is known to find ways to taunt animals and people.  This simply shows that she is in great physical shape.  Squirrel counsels that now is the time for you to get into top physical form.  Squirrel does not survive without staying physically fit.  Are you going to survive the changing energies and Earth gravitational shifts in the shape you are in? 

    Is Squirrel appearing to you in your yard, in your dreams, or through email?  The message may be around preparing, preparing for a time when the packaged goods will be scarce because corporate production will decline... and that is a good thing!  Squirrel eats seeds and nuts and fruit and different vegetation supplementing this with available eggs and some meat if she can rob a nest.  All of these foods are the basic staples of human diet.  However, we have moved so far from that diet.  We are unhealthy!  Squirrel is telling us to change. 

    Squirrel also does not hang on to much, and only caches away food.  She speaks out against the materialism that has consumed so much of the forest that she loves, especially oak trees and other nut/cone bearing trees.  She speaks out in a loud chatter against the stuff that weigh us down -- all the "stuff" that we have.  As people loose their homes by repossession, they become more like Squirrel - able to move from place to place freely.  Minimalism is in.

    May you begin shedding all the "Stuff" that no longer serves you, and send it to someone that needs it!

    Blessings,  Judith

    Friday, 16 January 2009

    Tarot Discussion - What Does the Next Week Hold?


    Three Cards - Zero, the Fool; Eight of Cups; Eight of Pentacles --- from the deck simply called "Tarot" by Running Press.

    Usually at the beginning of the week, I will pull out three cards from a Tarot deck and simply ask, "What does the next week hold in store for me?" I pulled the cards, and the set above was revealed.

    This is an interesting layout for me. It starts with the ZERO or Fool card. As you may know, the actual deck of Tarot is the allegorical tale of the journey of the Fool - his quest if you will - to find out what life holds. Generally, as a youth, we leave home and whether we recognize it or not, we all do have some idealism attached to the idea of being "free". What we find through life is that even though you are "free", there are many things one must do to keep that sense of freedom, and the "must do" then starts to erode "the free".

    So for me, having the Fool come up as part of a weekly layout is indicative that I will be starting a big, brand new journey next week that will take me beyond where I have thought I could go. I love the number zero because it is nothing and everything, the total circle of life. The implication is that I am starting over, and in this year of change, that feels right.

    What is unusual is to have two 8's come up in this limited spread. The number 8 has meaning on on several levels. On a spiritual level - the number represents the ultimate achievement of enlightenment - entrance to Paradise. The eight also represents a "new man" theme in mystery schools.

    In BUDDHISM, the eight is about completion of projects, and the attainment of all possibilities. Good Luck may be represented by eight symbols.

    In CHRISTIAN symbolism, the eight is about regeneration and rebirth.

    In an earlier blog Tarot Discussion - How To Read Eight of Cups in a deck called "Tarot" - how to read the 8 of cups was featured. Applying this interpretation to the cards above, there is a warning that one needs to be content for the moment, unless one is up to making a sacrifice.

    The other 8, the 8 of pentacles represents the eight symbols of luck together with some hard work represented by the hammer, and other tools. If new knowledge is required, one must seek it out, to be able to remain content and in that Paradise of happiness.

    May your journey this coming week be filled with happiness!

    Listen to the Angels And Ancestors radio show on Tuesday, Jan 20 2009 at

    Ancestors Speak - The Evolution to Homo Luminous


    This picture is entitled "Future Human" and comes from an article called "Are we Close to Creating Super-Humans? A Galaxy Insight.... from the blog -

    In Munay-Ki, the process of becoming, through the nine Rites, is to become a Homo Luminous being.  The Inca believe that the process of becoming Homo Luminous will assist humans transcend their current form and vibration. The Hopi and the Navaho call the new being "the Rainbow Warrior".  All belief systems agree that mankind is in evolution.

    Our Ancestors all believed that at some point, the world would be a better place - kinder, friendlier, more peaceful, and loving enough to treat all equally.  The ascent to Homo Luminous requires people to become more spiritual which does not mean more religious, but more in tune with the rhythms of Mother Nature and Mother Earth.  Essentially, it means slowing down, having time for family and friends, and taking a walk in the park or making a dinner from scratch.

    When people undertake the process of Munay-ki, they have to agree to a different way of life than what they have been living.  The vows are to harm none, to be truthful, to be "integrity", to show moderation in all things, and to be lovingly generous. 

    Some fear those that walk the path to Homo Luminous.  For, if one person can become, so too can all people, and that means that many people will need to change.  "Harm none" then becomes a threat to many people's way of life.  "Harm none" means that passing judgement, interfering in other's lives, speaking disrespectfully of others, gossiping, watching others getting hurt or hurting others as entertainment, all those things, must stop.  For many, these activities seem to be their whole lives.

    Homo Luminous is about freeing one's self from the density of the current life styles on Earth.  It is about returning to a natural balance with the Earth, eating what one grows, care taking  the land because all we need to live comes from the land, and, we return our bodies to the land. 

    It is about change... what our Ancestors predicted 25000 years ago.

    May you open your mind to looking at change with gratitude... and loving compassion.

    See also Ancestors - IntegritySpirit Animal - CrowAncestors Speak - Using Energy Through Conscious Living.... ,   Earth Keepers - Minding The EarthSpirit Animal - Hummingbird

    Thursday, 15 January 2009

    Buddha Speaks - When Love Meets Pain


    A row of Buddha - picture from Microsoft Clip Art...

    I was listening to my lesson on Zen Buddhism when a phrase caught me so deeply that I lost focus on the lesson. The phrase was "when love meets pain, the vibration shifts, and then you find compassion". This thought totally intrigued me.

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary meaning of compassion is "sympathetic consciousness of another's distress together with a desire to alleviate it". The Buddhists call compassion "karuṇā" . This is the second of the four great Immeasurables in Buddhist practice.

    The Buddhists say - "The definition of compassion is: wanting others to be free from suffering. So compassion is the definition of the highest scope of motivation. It is said that to generate genuine compassion, one needs to realise that oneself is suffering, that an end to suffering is possible, and that other beings similarly want to be free from suffering."

    When I see animals starving or beaten or hurt in any way, I am overwhelmed with sadness and yearn to help in some way. From the readings and the studying I have done, I understand this to be compassion. It is easy to love animals unconditionally for we expect nothing from them. I believe that many people are like me, and feel that same way when they see an animal suffer.

    However, when I see a person suffering through starving or being beaten or hurt in some way, I do not always feel that yearn to help. Instead, I feel more detached. I understand that the detached feeling is not compassion.

    This left me wrestling with a big WHY. Why don't I feel that same compassion for a person as I do for an animal. As I sat in meditation, I realized it is because an animal has never let me down, whereas humans do let me down, all the time.

    I realised that the reason the phrasing around "love meets pain" side swiped me so that I did not finish my lesson, was that I need to work on being unattached to what humans do, and I need to work on feeling compassion for every living thing when hurt comes to it in some way. And, I thought I had cleared all this stuff! So, I will spend meditation time over the next week to work on changing my life view.

    May your journey be without pain or hardship!

    Listen to ANGELS AND ANCESTORS radio show Tuesday @ 12 PM Pacific - 7thWaveNetwork Listen live, at this link.. ANGELS AND ANCESTORS RADIO SHOW or, listen to the archived .mp3 file at the same location!

    Wednesday, 14 January 2009

    Ancestors - The Sacred Laws


    Baker Creek in Banff National Park - Picture by Judith Hirst-Joyeux



    From the beginning of time, all peoples around the globe have believed in Sacred Laws  - the laws of nature, not man made laws.  Sacred Laws define how the four elements - air, earth, water, fire - interact with one another.  Sacred Laws reflect how the Stone People, Plant People, Tree People, four leggeds, finned, furred and winged-ones all interact.  The Sacred Laws also prescribe how the two legged - Man - shall interact with the Earth and all that is upon it. 

    The Sacred Laws are about the weaving of the energy between all things.  It is this set of Laws that allows the Australian Aborigines to communicate with one another across the outback without the use of cell phones.  The Laws have dictated that hunters will take the lives of the animals or other live things, with respect.  The Laws are about balance.  Therefore, the Nature of the Sacred Laws permeates all things as both creation and evolution.

    For thousands of years, many MEN have forgotten what it is to be in balance.  False laws and rules have been made.  The laws and rules end up serving the few, using resources unnecessarily, and creating the environment of scarcity and consumerism.  The Sacred Laws are now reinforcing the need for Balance on the Earth.   Indeed, it is interesting that in most indigenous societies that our Ancestors lived in, Sacred Laws were put into context as a way of life.  The Norse created "Praiseworthy Virtues". 

    What is praiseworthy?
    1. Gifting is praiseworthy.
    2. Generosity is praiseworthy.
    3. Moderation is praiseworthy.
    4. The maintaining of frith ***in all circumstances is praiseworthy.
    5. Courage is praiseworthy.
    6. The seeking of good over ill is praiseworthy.
    7. Hospitality is praiseworthy.
    8. Courtesy is praiseworthy.
    9. Tolerance is praiseworthy.
    10. The pursuit of wisdom and knowledge is praiseworthy.
    11. The defence of freedom is praiseworthy.
    12. Industriousness is praiseworthy.
    13. Vigilance is praiseworthy.
    14. The protection, nurturing and forbearing of kin is praiseworthy.
    15. Showing respect for elders is praiseworthy.
    16. Loyalty to friends and kin is praiseworthy.
    17. Keeping an oath is praiseworthy.
    18. Honouring the sanctity of marriage is praiseworthy.
    19. Refraining from mockery is praiseworthy.
    2o. Refraining from arrogance is praiseworthy.
    21. Making kin, honour and justice more important than gold is praiseworthy.
    22. Cleanliness is praiseworthy.
    23. The maintaining of one's dignity in all situations is praiseworthy.
    24. Good organization is praiseworthy.
    25. Persistence is praiseworthy.
    26. The rule of law is praiseworthy.
    27. To try ones steel against an opponent fairly is praiseworthy.
    28. Respect for the dead is praiseworthy.
    29. For a man to never strike a woman is praiseworthy.
    30. To not abuse one's power is praiseworthy.

    ***Frith means PEACE      Praiseworthy actions come from the Odinic Mysteries.

    After reviewing this list, one feels that the Sacred Laws should be our guiding light.

    May all that guides you, be Sacred!   If you have a thought or comment on this article, I would love to hear it.

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    Tuesday, 13 January 2009

    Tarot Discussion - OSHO Card XII - New Vision


    "New Vision" - Card XII from the OSHO Zen Tarot Deck

    Today is the day that I start my radio show.  So, I wondered what the guidance was for me, on this day, with something new starting.

    The card that I pulled was from the OSHO Zen Tarot Deck - the 12 card or XII card called "NEW VISION". 

    That seemed quite appropriate for the show and for where I am headed in 2009.  I noticed the geometry in the card, and the angelic or phoenix like wings on the  being that is transforming .  I feel the energy of transformation in me. 

    The card also conveyed a sense of the evolution of mankind, as well as the evolution of the SEEKER, or person on a spiritual journey.  At the beginning, our cellular structure evolved from the Earth.  In fact, we are made up of the components of Mother Earth, and when we die, we return to the earth.  From the spiritual perspective, when we are not on our path, we are in the density... it pulls us down and life seems difficult as though we need to crawl through it. 

    Osho's comments on the card are quite invigorating!

    "The figure on this card is being born anew, emerging from his earthbound roots and growing wings to fly into the unbounded. The geometric shapes around the body of the figure show the many dimensions of life simultaneously available to him. The square represents the physical, the manifest, the known. The circle represents the unmanifest, the spirit, pure space. And the triangle symbolizes the threefold nature of the universe: manifest, unmanifest, and the human being who contains both." - From Osho's commentary on the New Vision card.

    I wish you a "new vision" for 2009!  

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    Monday, 12 January 2009

    Angels Speak - Angels And Ancestors Radio Show Begins Jan 13

    First show------1/13/09 - How To Benefit From Psychic Abilities Assessment


    Archangel Raziel is called the “Angel of Mysteries”. He guides individuals in their studies of the paranormal such as psychic or magic skills. To help people determine their special gifts (skills), Archangel Raziel has guided Judith to develop a Psychic Abilities Assessment Tool, listing 100 known abilities. Just as a person has a physical examination to assess the body’s health, the Psychic Assessment examines one’s progress in using one’s special abilities on the spiritual path. As a Seeker, learn what your strongest abilities are and which abilities need study and practice. Through discussion, understand your life experience in a new light based on the knowledge you gain in the assessment process. Join Judith as she discusses the process, the tool, and walks a Seeker through the process of discovery as they assess several abilities and work with Archangel Raziel.

    Links to show: Tuesday @ 12 PM Pacific - 7thWaveNetwork Listen live, at this link.. ANGELS AND ANCESTORS RADIO SHOW or, listen to the archived .mp3 the same location!
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    Sunday, 11 January 2009

    Buddha Speaks - The Story of The Lost Son

    The teachings of Buddha come in many forms - lessons, stories, and exercises to practice.  The stories, however, are very much like the parables of Christianity. 

    In the following story, the son represents the truth.  The Father represents many of us.


    "A young widower, who loved his five year old son very much, was away on business when bandits came who burned down the whole village and took his son away. When the man returned, he saw the ruins and panicked. The took the burnt corpse of an infant to be his son and cried uncontrollably. He organised a cremation ceremony, collected the ashes and put them in a beautiful little bag which he always kept with him.

    Soon afterwards, his real son escaped from the bandits and found his way home. He arrived at his father's new cottage at midnight and knocked at the door. The father, still grieving asked: "Who is it?" The child answered, it is me papa, open the door!" But in his agitated state of mind, convinced his son was dead, the father thought that some young boy was making fun of him. He shouted: "Go away" and continued to cry. After some time, the child left.

    Father and son never saw each other again."   

    After this story, the Buddha said: "Sometime, somewhere, you take something to be the truth. If you cling to it so much, even when the truth comes in person and knocks on your door, you will not open it."     From

    Saturday, 10 January 2009

    Spirit Animal - Ass or Donkey

    image  Donkey picture from Section8angel at   With thanks!



    How many times have you referred to some obnoxious person as an "ass"?  Why do we do that?  Do we do it out of habit or because we truly know what an Ass is?  Yes, Ass is known for its stubborn characteristic, and, if she doesn't like you, she will bite or kick you because she is not shy!  Ass or Donkey is truly not obnoxious.

    How did Ass get it's name?  Legend says that this smaller type of horse animal was always at the end of everything - going to the watering hole, at the end of a stampede, and therefore, at the "ass end of everything".  More commonly, however, the Ass is called "Donkey".

    Donkey is unique in that it is an independent thinker unlike other herd animals. She will not go where she believes there is danger, nor will she suffer a human that she thinks is not to bright or a human who is cruel.  However, where Donkey sees gentleness, she will adapt and become patient and kind.  She will act as a guardian for small children, for sheep and goats, or for cattle.  Her courage is unmatched for her size.

    Donkey's life path was to come to Earth to be a guide for people and for animals.  If she is coming into your life, then pay attention! This animal is one that represents "service to others".  Donkey guides you to help others and that in turn, this will help you.  There is a sense of reflected Karma about Donkey.  She can be very loving, and expects that treatment in return.  Treat her unkindly, and she will walk away from you!  The message then is that if people are asking you to do things outside of your truth and integrity, then walk away.  You do not need to be unkind in return, simply leave.

    In Donkey's role as guardian, she may walk with you in your journeys or in your dreams.  Ask her to help you with what ever task you are attempting.  Ask her advice on relationships.  Donkey is most adept at reading people.  And, listen to Donkey if she tells you to take care of yourself.  Perhaps you are overtiring yourself or treading in dangerous places.  Trust her!  Remember that Donkey was the animal that the Angels entrusted with carrying Mother Mary when she walked the Earth.    See also  Spirit Animal - Horse; Wiltshire White Horses; A "Noah's Ark For Endangered Species - A Cool Idea!

    See for info on the radio show starting Jan 13th or click on

    Friday, 9 January 2009

    Spirit Animal - Mouse


    "Wood Mouse" - picture from Wikipedia

    "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!" - line from the poem, " 'Twas The Night Before Christmas"

    Humans have long had a love-hate relationship with tiny Mouse.  On the love side, we have Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Stuart Little, Algernon, Mighty Mouse, and Jerry from the cartoon, "Tom and Jerry".  On the hate side, we have traps, science experiments, carrying disease, and eating holes in walls and bags of food.  One of the most famous views of Mouse's place in the world comes from the series, "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.  In this series, it is actually Mice that use humans for experiments in the human condition.

    Why does mouse affect us so?  Why do we see pictures of people standing on chairs trying to get away from Mouse?  More than anything, people that are scared of Mouse are really scared of Mouse's power.  This tiny animal is a great example of "small package contain big power".

    Mouse is fearless, very quick, and can climb pretty much anything.  Mouse also has very sharp teeth that are self sharpening, allowing her to gnaw through pretty much anything.  With her speed, ability to climb and her ability to gnaw, Mouse will challenge any obstacle and conquer.  And, don' t forget that Mouse is very intelligent. In different experiments, Mouse has proven her ability to look over the situation and to reason out a solution.

    When Mouse shows up, do not be frightened!  Mouse has messages for you and will show you different ways of being.   One - always be persistent in attaining your goals.  If you give up, you will go hungry!  Two - walk through life in an unassuming way.  You do not threaten others and this allows you to go where you will, much like I do.   Three - be wary of all people and all new things presented to you.  Someone is always trying to create a new Mouse trap.  Let people earn your trust.  Let them show you and others that they are "in service to others" and not selfish.  Four - pay attention to the messages around you.  I see the the shadow of Hawk, and know that I will not be safe on my journey, so I rest.  I feel the energy of Coyote in the grass, and I know to hide and contemplate life.  I smell the rain, and I know that the Great One is providing water for me, and I must drink.

    May you find your way with Mouse's guidance.    

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    Thursday, 8 January 2009

    Ancestors Speak - Earth Above Fish - A Vision

    drum2_15_500x500  "Elk drum" used by Ancestors, picture property of Judith Hirst-Joyeux

                                                                       When the Ancestors walked this Earth, they lived in close Harmony with the Earth.  Each day, they looked around their space to see what signs they could from the tree people, plant people, two legged, four legged, and the finned, and furred, and winged ones.  Our Ancestors understood that all are connected, and so everything that our Ancestors did, involved a recognition of Nature, and of the Gods, and of the Ancestor Spirits.  As each day began, our Ancestors petitioned the Six directions - east, south, west, north, Earth, Heavens (Sky) for guidance and protection for the day.

    We have not changed in fundamental living from our Ancestors.  We still need to find food, have clothes and shelter, and we worry about our relationships with other people.  Our Ancestors looked to find success as hunters and warriors (male) and leaders and artists and creators of abundance (female) to be able to provide for self and family and tribe at large with adequate food and clothing stuff.  Now, we look for success as business people and our success is not measured in how well our family and tribe prosper, but in how we individually do by the money that we earn.

    To assist their daily life, our Ancestors had various symbols on bones and rocks that they used to throw to help them determine what the next several days to a week would be like. Or, they could throw the bones for a year, or in the case of a new born, for a quick look at an overview of the life.  All humans on the planet have this form of divination in their past, and some still use it in the present.

    Why do we use divination?  What purpose does it serve?  The best explanation seems to be one by Jonn Lavinnder, who says, "If we become adept at recognizing the signs around us, we can predict the future.  The future is the effect of the now, at a later time, according to the laws of nature.  While, due to free will and the complexities of human relationships, no prediction of the future is a certainty, prediction is possible based on probabilities.  The Ancestors foresaw the future by understanding the current situation based on past experience."

    image The Earth symbol represents material resources.  The Fish represent the species that lives in water (whales, dolphins, sharks, cod, lobster, all that are vanishing.  And in the fresh water, fresh water dolphins, salmon, trout, and others that are dying out.) The message is that with polluted water from the Earth, balance is no longer.  Material resources are out of harmony with the Earth.  Correction is required.

    The Path for 2009, generally, seems to be "Earth Above Fish".  The meaning is that changes need to be made, and in making changes, there will be resistance from those who have long had their way.  There will be a fight.  A strong leader is required, and, the leader require the support of all people.

    In 2009, we still are able to resonate with this symbol, and the message.  We see the United States about to inaugurate  a new President next week, one who represents all races, colours, and religions, and who is definitely a Warrior, and a strong leader.

    The bones truly do show the potential of the future! 


    1.  Thanks to Jonn Lavinnder for writing "The Ancestors' Path", Inner Ocean Publishing, Inc.  2003.

    2.  Judith works with runes, cards, and is creating her own set of bones. 

    Wednesday, 7 January 2009

    Life 2009 - Pairing Up and Paring Down


    "Winter wonderland" - copyright S. Roger Joyeux, and used with permission.


    As I walked out in the park this morning with the dogs, the first thing that caught our attention were two deer walking slowly down the path at the far edge of the park, about one-half mile from where we were entering.  They were content, grazing as they went.  There was a peacefulness to their journey. 

    Then as we walked down in to the river flood plane, two eagles flew up and down the river. One finally came to the tree top directly across the river from us.  The other eagle circled, watching us and watching the geese, and looking for the fish that would come close to the surface.  Again, there was a serenity to the scene that makes the moment a blessing.

    Quite often, our walks are "walking meditations" for me.  As I walked, I reflected that even the two chickadees that we saw were a pair.  The ducks that flew up seemed to be in twos.  The sense was of a "Noah's Ark" effect.

    One of the thoughts that passed through my mind was that in order to hold our balance through the upheavals that will be happening, we each will need someone - a partner who will anchor us as we will anchor them.  To help maintain the balance, we will need to let go of many things - material things.  That process has already been started in the US where people are having to walk away from houses full of furniture for financial reasons.  At the same time, by letting go and paring down, these people are opening up space to accept new energy that will take them beyond the consumer infection that the corporate world has been pushing for the last fifteen years. 

    As we pare down and let go, many of the energy blockages that have kept us from being happy - we were so busy consuming that we did not realize what happiness was - will dissolve.  Life will be simpler. 

    Have a great day!

    Tuesday, 6 January 2009

    Tarot Discussion - OSHO Card 38 - Adventure


    "Adventure"  Card from the OSHO Zen Tarot Deck


    During the month of December, many times I would pull different Angel Cards and get the same theme of "Adventure".  The idea of adventure is that one goes forward and walks through new doors, and accepts that change is the status quo.  It is about making decisions and moving -- one cannot remain complacent.

    Therefore, it was not a surprise this morning that the OSHO card that I drew said "Adventure".  The card represents the Adventure that all of us are facing as we move into 2009.

    If you look at the card, you see a child moving through a green archway, and walking into a rainbow of colours.  The card reminds us that when we move into a new adventure, we must do so with child like wonder and innocence.  A child is without expectations because the child has little experience to draw on, and therefore does not set out a vision of what should happen.  We need to let go of our patterns of behaviour and the conditioning of the last ten years by the media and the corporate world.  We need to get back our sense of magic!

    The best way to say this is to use Osho's own words.... "Insecurity is the only way to grow, to face danger is the only way to grow, to accept the challenge of the unknown is the only way to grow."

    Enjoy the adventure!

    Monday, 5 January 2009

    Spirit Animal - OX


    Image of Oxen from

    Oxen pulled the carts and wagons that helped the pioneers cross North America from the East to the West coast.



    “Dependable, calm, methodical, patient, hardworking, ambitious, conventional, steady, modest, logical, resolute, tenacious. Can be stubborn, narrow-minded, materialistic, rigid, demanding.” This is the description for OX, Chinese Zodiac animal for the year, 2009.

    Ox is actually a bull that has been neutered either because of its very gentle disposition which makes it ideal for pulling work, or because the bull is not a good breeder. The best Ox is actually one with horns because the horns help the yoke stay in place. The horns also enable Ox to defend against predators.

    Our Ancestors preferred Ox’s draft capabilities over that of a horse or mule where steadiness over speed was required. Ox is sure footed, patient, and generally gets along with anyone or any team-mate. Ox is also stronger, and not likely to injure itself because it is methodical in what it does, and does not jerk or rear against the harness or driver. Ox has also been used for riding because again it will go much longer in the day than a horse will travel.

    As Ox is part of the family of cattle and bovines, it brings some of the same messages. If Ox is in your dreams, or shows up in pictures for you, then it does bring you a message. Some of these messages might be:

    a) Are you pulling your weight in the world? Ox takes on huge loads and moves them, without protest. Have you been whining and complaining about your lot in life? Are you labelling yourself as a victim? Ox is here to remind you that everything is fair and for a reason. Put your back into what you do, and you will forget about being a victim.

    b) Do you help others? Ox is in training for his part as a draft animal by age two to three, and usually will work for four to six years. Ox has committed his life to helping mankind move forward. If you are feeling low self worth, Ox suggests that you find someplace to volunteer. Helping others is the surest way to improve self esteem.

    c) Are you working hard, and doing everything yourself? Do you feel unappreciated? Ox reminds you that most animals work better in a team. Why do you try to do it all yourself? Find a good team-mate, and split the work load. Bring your life back into balance.

    Ox is a great example of being able to go with the flow in life, and not get excited or emotional. Let Ox be your guide for 2009.

    © December 2008 Judith Hirst-Joyeux. Judith is a Sage-Healer-Shaman who works with the Great Spirit, Ancestors, Goddesses and Gods, and angelic realms. She teaches workshops, coaches other practitioners, and works with clients on helping them work with their body to heal itself.  This article first appeared in the Angels And Ancestors Newsletter January 2009 Volume 3 Issue 4.  Newsletter available at

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    Sunday, 4 January 2009

    Spirit Animals - Whales

    "Giant of the Whales" - Sperm Whale picture from Wikipedia   image








    If you want to know what your power animals are - look around your house and see what types of animal ornaments, pictures, or symbols you have hanging on walls or sitting in a conspicuous place.  Look at what calendars you buy.

    When people come to my house, they know from our bathrooms and the various towels and pictures, that I love whales.  Whale, as a  Spirit Animals has been with me since I can remember.  When I am on the east or west coast, I will always see whales daily.  They come to chat.  Most often, they appear in dreams.

    If Whale is showing up for you in one of its forms, then you know that you are being asked to "shine your light" and accept your spiritual path as part of who you are.

    Whale also brings other messages.  Whale is about community.  Most whales will stay within a pod, or at least swim in pairs.  Whale brings a reminder to you that it is easier to do things with a friend or with a group.  There is no need to do activities alone.  With the input of friends, the combined effort (intelligence and brawn) will produce an outcome much different than could be predicted.

    What if you already have many friends and the group is not feeling right, and Whale shows up?  Whale's message to you then is to look at the group and what is being communicated and how it is being communicated.  Whale can send soundings to its family through vast stretches of ocean.  If you are feeling isolated in the group, then Whale is telling you that you may no longer fit with the group, and you may not feel as safe and secure as you once did.  It is now time to move on and find your new community. 

    Whale also represents travel for it will travel great distances to feed and to calf.  Some whales feed in the Arctic and do their birthing off the shores of the Hawaiian Islands.  Whale is reminding you that travel offers new adventures for you, as well as opening up the environment so that the Universe may use your skills in another area.

    The legend of the Whale is that it represents an aspect of Mother Earth.  So, if Whale shows up for you, it is a reminder that you need to be out in Nature - you need to ground. If you are close to the sea or ocean, Whale suggests that you go for a swim, and dive into the emotions that are holding you back from your life.

    May life be a "Whale" of a success for you!

    Saturday, 3 January 2009

    Spirit Animal - Buffalo

    j0180428 - Picture courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art

    The buffalo has always had a special place in my life. When I was six or seven, I tried to get into the buffalo compound at the zoo because it was so fascinating to see these large creatures eating hay just like our cows did. When I was fourteen, a lone buffalo crossed the prairie from about fifty miles to the north of our farm to some two hundred or so miles to the south of us where he would join a small herd. The sight of this buffalo going straight across the fields, regardless of fences or humans or interference from dogs, was amazing!

    The farmers along the buffalo's path all reported on its progress. In many instances, it frightened the cattle and caused some minor stampedes from one side of the pasture to the other. Buffalo simply ignored them all.

    Buffalo, in the natural setting, always faces the storm, always finds the shortest or easiest path between itself and its destination, and generally moves with the herd for safety and protection - unless it has a different calling. If a major storm interferes with Buffalo's travels, he finds the middle of the storm and simply walks through the storm, head down, to get through the weather in the shortest possible time. Buffalo never wonders whether the decision is the right one, it simply "knows".

    How many lessons can Buffalo give us on living life? The most basic are:

    1. always follow the easiest path. If the path is not easy, then that destination is not for you.

    2. in times of difficulty, put your head down and keep going. This is the quickest way to get through the problem.

    3. always follow the crowd, unless it doesn't make sense to you. Then, move out and follow your own path without letting anyone or anything deter you.

    I wish you "Buffalo Medicine".

    Friday, 2 January 2009

    Angels Speak - 2009 - Watch for These Life Changes!


    Picture from Microsoft Clip Art


    At the end of 2008, much around the world had changed and was changing.  Change, then, is the theme of 2009.  The numbers in the year give us some clues about the changes that will happen.  Two represents all that is dual as well as death, science, and generations (ancestors).  Nine stands for ocean, horizon, boundary and limitations.  It is also the Triple Triad (3x3) and in this context means: Completion; fulfillment; attainment; beginning and the end; the whole number; a celestial and angelic number - the Earthly Paradise.  The combined number, Eleven, or two ones, is the first of the Master Numbers… which indicates that we are moving into a more spiritual era.  Eleven carries strongly balanced male/female energies, and indicates increasing psychic abilities. This is a time of redefining mankind.

    Harmony is the first theme.  Those that have been shedding partners, family, friends and careers will move into a new phase in 2009 where they will find the perfect partner who provides balance. A new harmony is created.  This new harmony happens with new friends and new family ties.  We pay more attention to the messages that the animals and plants are giving us – about climate, about environment, and about how these animals are evolving and becoming more intelligent.  The other species wait for Man to finally fall in to the harmonious accord of “we are all related”.

    Community is the second theme.  While it seems terrible that people are losing houses and jobs because of the failing financial system, the bright light is that people are re-discovering community.  Most of us are not wizards who need to live in big towers far away from everyone.  We are part of a tribe or clan.  The big houses that have been built plus the demanding work schedule of nine plus hours per day have, in many cases, isolated each person from their immediate family as well as extended family and friends.  We need the energy of community to be successful.  “I” does not cut it anymore.  “We” replaces competition and scarcity and fear.  Displaced families are finding new homes with friends and family.  New ways of managing income and sharing expenses are redistributing money energy.

    Simplicity is the third theme.  Return to being self sufficient as an individual and as a community.  Eat food grown closer to home, and grow your own.  Depend less on processed foods and designer labels. Moving away from packaged foods may improve our health since more contamination of food stuff is being discovered. With production being reduced because of downsizing of everything, daylight savings time is not required.  We return to natural cycles.  We have several families living in very large houses.  It all works!

    May 2009 give you love, light, and synchronicities!  Happy New Year!

    Note:  This was the Letter From The Editor in the January edition of the Angels And Ancestors Newsletter.  Other articles in this edition are:

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