Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Spirit Animal - Robin’s Voice


Robin has a nest in our yard every year, and has been in our yard for nine years.  I think that “our” Robin beats the odds of the three year life span as Robin and Mrs. Robin seem to get better and older each year.  This year, truly, I notice more grey on them.  I think they are of the group that live ten to fourteen years.

Each morning, Robin lifts his voice – a clear sweet melody that makes you feel the joy that he feels when he wakes up and starts his day.  He sits on our deck and sings.  Then, Mrs. Robin comes and joins him with a lower, quieter melody.  The Robin duet puts a voice to the feeling of getting up and greeting the world.  Robin says that what happened yesterday doesn’t matter, and that today is a new day, and a great day!  He and Mrs. sing of things to do, and, they wish us well.  Then, they fly away to catch worms and keep the cycle of life going forward.

I love that they give voice to our morning.


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