Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Buddha Speaks–Reflecting Love


The problem with interpersonal love is that you are dependent on the other person to reflect love back to you. That’s part of the illusion of separateness. The reality is that love is a state of being that comes from within.

- Ram Dass, “Tuning the Mind”

We all expect that love will be available, freely, to us, because we are charismatic.  We believe that we are all loveable.  We believe that if we are not loveable, it is the other person’s fault.  We need to love ourselves, and then, everyone loves us!



Monday, 19 August 2013

Spirit Animal – Owl Messages

The Owl has long been a symbol of great wisdom to humans.  Probably because it flies at night and sees clearly in the dark – something that humans cannot do. 

Owl has been coming and sitting in the tree outside our house at night.  It sings a song that is filled with messages that make sense for us to follow.

  • Eat only those things that you have grown or caught or worked for… you know that they are healthy
  • Live in balance – eat regularly, sleep to heal, and play with your family and friends.  Work only for what you need to keep eating
  • Try new things!  Let yourself soar, if only in your imagination.  You will be happy at how high you go.  You will see your life with more clarity.
  • Do not try to see through another’s eyes.  Instead, go higher and look down at your self.  It makes a difference.



Saturday, 17 August 2013

Angels Speak – Take Responsibility

Responsibility is about taking credit for your own actions.  When you blame someone else, then you give your power away.  Giving your power away means that people have no reason to respect you, look up to you, or see you as a valuable friend. 

If you want to change the way people look at you, take responsibility.  It is easy to look at the other person, the circumstances, the scene, or the environment, and say that you are not able to make changes – that others want to limit you.  You and I know that is not true.  Yes, some people may want to bully you.  Don’t let them.



Thursday, 15 August 2013

Spirit Speaks – Visible Or Not, It is Achievable

So often the life you lead is because you see things in the mirror of failure.  Try positive thinking.  See things in the mirror as though you do them with zest.  Make the intangible real to your mind, and you have already achieved it.  

The biggest mystery is that thoughts are energy.  And, therefore, you are what you create.  This is not new, and it is not either good or bad.  It is a state of being.

The question becomes, would you rather be stuck or rolling?



Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Angels Speak - Have No Regrets

We Angels hear you ask for help.  We send you what you ask for, and then you stare at our offering, and turn away.  You have fear.  We understand that fear is limiting.  Ask us to help you face this fear.  It never lasts long; it just keeps tripping you up.



Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Spirit Speaks – Catching The Dream

Great Spirit!

Hear me, your child of many birthing times call to you.

I feel the shifting of the buffalo in dream time. I feel the Earth shudder as the Sun and the Moon call her name.

Great Spirit, am I called to walk with you and learn some wisdom that will help my people?

My tribe is in need of peace and healing.

I see tribes around us fighting, greeding, polluting and killing.

I wish peace for all.

May the smoke of my sage carry my request to you, Great Spirit.

May you bless us all.



Monday, 12 August 2013

My Soul Speaks - Ward

My soul tells me that I must ward myself.  The old meaning of ward was to protect.  I look at this poster and I laugh!  What a contradiction it is! 

Back ward.  Protect yourself from the back, from the past.  That’s good advice.

Out ward.  Protect yourself from the outside and yet you must reach out.  What courage that takes!  Can I do it?  I will have to see.

Heaven ward.  Oh my!  Protect yourself from Heaven, and yet gaze up to it.  It is a measurement of the distance of where I am and where I aspire to go.  Do I have the strength to stay the course?  I know not at this time.

On ward.  Well, I protect myself from going on – that is going forward, and I must yet press to go there.  This is a stasis point, and one place where I do see people getting stuck.  What can I do to move beyond this?  I believe.  I move on.



Sunday, 11 August 2013

My Soul Speaks – Limits, Not!

Today my soul speaks to me and asks me to higher and farther than I have been before.  I accept the challenge.  Yet, I do not know what to expect.

Then, the surprises start coming!  I go into a deeper meditation than ever before.  I do not see everything, yet I see some scenes happen so clearly, beginning to end, before I even start the situation.  I have precognition.  I can change the outcome.  I can touch things that were not touchable for me, yesterday. 

I have grown.



Friday, 9 August 2013

Buddha Speaks – Right View

Sometimes, it seems that life is just not where you want to be right now!  Sometimes, you would rather be anywhere but the spot that you are standing or sitting or lying in.  We feel negativity.  We hurt.  We withdraw.  We get angry.

All of those feelings are real and very, very unique to each of us.  And, they would come into the category of wrong view or not right view.  Right view is taking each experience and looking at it from a distance.  In this way, there is de-attachment to the situation.  We do not feel hurt/pain/anger.  We see a lesson to be learned.



Monday, 5 August 2013

Angels Speak – Touch The Moon

The Angels say that we are too focused on the material.  To translate, what they mean is that we do not dream the lofty dreams that our Ancestors had.  Instead, we are caught up in texting, tweeting, face-booking, emailing, and gaming.  All things we do with our heads down to our phones, ipads, tablets, or computers.  We stare into technology instead of reaching out to the Universe at large. 

Today, try to touch the Moon.  Imagine all the ways that it might be possible.  What would it mean to you?  To others? 



Sunday, 4 August 2013

Angels Speak – Focus on The Pattern

The Angels tell us that we are easily distracted.  It may be thoughts, self conversation, noises, or even flashes of movement that lift us from contemplating all that is available to us in the Universal Mind.   So, the Angels suggest that today, for five minutes, you focus on the pattern.  Let the pattern drive out any distractions.  Where do you go?  What do you see? 



Saturday, 3 August 2013

Spirit Animal – Donkey On Life


Donkey talks about being the guide that leads you safely over rough ground, through dry terrain, and up the side of mountains.  Donkey teams with you so that you have guidance on:

  • Being surefooted
  • Being able to go the distance, no matter how hard the struggle
  • Being able to push or to pull you up a steep hill
  • Being able to survive on just about any food

If Donkey is now coming in to your life, you are very lucky.



Friday, 2 August 2013

Spirit Animal – Elk and Friends


Elk always knows where the sweetest grass is, and where the water runs clean and pure.  The legends speak of Elk’s ability to talk with the earth, the rocks, the trees, and all that is with them.  If you look in the picture above, you can see the face of a guardian in the rock face.  The Guardians look after the Earth and the animals.  The Guardians are friends to the Elk, and protect them while their antlers are growing.



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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Angels Speak – Blessing The Earth and The People

Dear Ones!  You do not realize how often that we walk with you, and how often we care for the Earth, all the animals, for you, and, really, for all Beings on the planet.  This is a very delightful time.  Although we hear you say that it is chaotic, we see huge levels of change.  We see people being kinder and healthier than they were a decade ago.  We see hope, and light, and laughter.  We do see the grimmer things that upset you so.  Remember, these are paths that each participant has written.  These are steps they want to take.  Sometimes it seems that there is no justice, as you call it.  Yet, we see everything in balance.

Try looking at a bigger picture, and you may see the beauty of the way things work.  It is never about you or you or you (as we point fingers at different people); it is about the all, or unity or the Universe.

Love to all of you and peace be with you too.

The Angels