Thursday, 30 April 2009

Buddha Speaks – ON Excess

j0399971Buddha from Microsoft Clip Art

   A Buddha Teaching Story

Once upon a time there was a drummer living in a small country village. He heard there was going to be a fair in the city of Benares. So he decided to go there and earn some money by playing his drums. He took his son along to accompany him when playing music written for two sets of drums.

The two drummers, father and son, went to Benares Fair. They were very successful. Everyone liked their drum playing and gave generously to them. When the fair was over they began the trip home to their little village.

On the way they had to go through a dark forest. It was very dangerous because of muggers who robbed the travellers.

The drummer boy wanted to protect his father and himself from the muggers. So he beat his drums as loudly as he could, without stopping. "The more noise, the better!" he thought.

The drummer man took his son aside. He explained to him that when large groups passed by, especially royal processions, they were in the habit of beating drums. They did this at regular intervals, in a very dignified manner, as if they feared no one. They would beat a drum roll, remain silent, then beat again with a flourish, and so on. He told his son to do likewise, to fool the muggers into thinking there was a powerful lord passing by.

But the boy ignored his father's advice. He thought he knew best. "The more noise, the better!" he thought.

Meanwhile, a gang of muggers heard the boy's drumming. At first they thought it must be a powerful rich man approaching, with heavy security. But then they heard the drumming continue in a wild fashion without stopping. They realised that it sounded frantic, like a frightened little dog barking at a calm big dog.

So they went to investigate and found only the father and son. They beat them up, robbed all their hard-earned money, and escaped into the forest.


This little story offers many bits of wisdom:

  1. Listen thoughtfully to one’s elders
  2. Excess in anything – drum beating can lead to ruin
  3. Silence is often more healthy than noise
  4. The more noise you make, the easier it is for your enemies to understand you.

These were some of the wisdoms that I learned from this story.  I would love to hear your thoughts, as well.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Shaman Wisdom – Teleportation


Article from BBC Knowledge May/June Page 78 Currently online at

The Shaman that moved with our Ancestors fifteen thousand years ago used teleportation as a means of transportation to meet with other Shaman. Most often, they used a focus object such as a medicine wheel or labyrinth to move from point A to B. There are anecdotal records of this travel, passed down from Shaman to Shaman, as well as some cuneiform writings about invisible travel.

As we have lost our ability to use our minds to work in an energetic way, the way our Ancestors were able to, we now use our minds to be inventive. Using technology to teleport is being researched all over the world by scientists. There are many advantages:

  1. Most gas or diesel driven vehicles will be eliminated which also eliminates emissions which aggravate the environment and any person with respiratory ailments.
  2. Public places for gathering to take public transport will be eliminated. In some countries, because of weather, airports and train stations are a huge expense.
  3. Weather will not matter any more when one is traveling.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ancestors Speak – We depend on Bees


This picture of a beehive from


Around the world, honeybees pollinate apples, cucumbers, alfalfa, blueberries, almonds, squash, watermelons, cantaloupes and a huge variety of other fruits and vegetables — an important contribution to an industry worth tens of billions of dollars.

In Canada, Alberta is particularly reliant on the insects for production of hybrid canola, while provinces like British Columbia and Ontario rely on them for berry pollination.

Last year about 26 per cent of the more than 600,000 colonies across the country were lost over the winter, according to a June 2008 report from the Canadian Honey Council, an industry group representing both commercial and hobby beekeepers. Normal losses during wintering are usually around 15 per cent.  From the CBC News article

I was reading the article on honey bees, and I wondered how many people really knew that in the winter of 2007 to 2008, Canada lost 26% of its honey bees.  Honey Bees are the volunteers of the animal world.  They not only make honey which is good to eat, they mix in their saliva and some pollen to produce a sticky substance that is one of the best healing ointments.  When anthropologists opened tombs in Egypt, they found sealed jars of honey, still unspoiled (no mold).  Make note that the unpasteurized honey is the best healer.  Honey Bee is also, as the article mentioned, a pollinator extraordinaire!  Alfalfa and clover fields blossom because of the bees, and that means feed for cattle, horses, and other bovines, which means milk and meat and leather for humans.  Our Ancestors tried to settle close to a honey bee hive because the hive activity indicated that the land was healthy and that the growing cycle was good.

If you find that you want to send good wishes to someone today, send out some positive thoughts to our Honey Bees!  They are disappearing. Shaman say that when honey bees disappear, that mankind can only last a decade or so, and then man will disappear.   Sign up for our free May newsletter at

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Spirit Animal – The Walrus


Walrus picture from

Recently, Disney Studios released the movie “EARTH” which is a spectacular look at nature over several years.  Featured in the film is “Walrus” as Walrus protects their young from a starving polar bear.  Walrus is as big and sometimes bigger than the bear.  As an animal living in a harsh environment, Walrus has lessons to teach us and messages to share with us, right from the eyes on the side of its head to the long white tusks that hang down from its mouth.

Walrus lives in the Arctic so environment becomes a key factor in how Walrus lives.  First, the tough hide and layers of blubber keep Walrus warm in the frigid waters.  Second, as Walrus glides in the water for lengths of time, the blood vessels contract and the colour of the hide changes to almost white as the blood recedes to keep Walrus’s core temperature more in balance with the water.  Third, on shore, Walrus huddles together with other walruses so that the combined body heat warms the air around them and keeps the calves warm.  Fourth, Walrus believes in safety in numbers, and constantly talks to its neighbours to learn what is going on in the environment on the other side of the herd. 

image  Walrus and Man picture from 




On land, Walrus seems awkward and moves like a large slug.  In the water, Walrus is gracefully efficient.  This works well since Walrus must follow the food sources in the spring and fall, migrating almost a thousand miles.  To help it stay afloat, Walrus has huge air sacs in its jaws, and, by filling these, Walrus can sleep and float on the ocean’s surface.

The lessons from Walrus are concerned with safety and environment, especially emotional environment.

  1. Walrus asks you to keep a close watch on the environment around you because there will always be danger lurking behind a rock.  And, even though it has tusks, generally, Walrus will need help to fight on land.  Who can you count on to fight with you?
  2. Her ability to be on land and in water makes Walrus an animal that moves easily from deep emotion to physical reality in life.  Is Mother Earth sending you messages that you are not understanding? Are you ignoring signals that your environment is unstable?  This is exactly what happened in the mortgage industry – early warning signs were ignored, and then it seemed sudden when the world collapsed.
  3. Finding a way to protect herself from the cold as she plunges through the water of emotion, Walrus teaches that one must have a way to protect the self from the rapid changes of emotions and backlash of anger and self flagellation as we review our life “Story” for how we see things is our story and not necessarily how others will perceive the journey.
  4. Walrus’s unique way of lowering her body temperature to balance to the cold shows that the heat can be concentrated around the heart center, and that we do not have to have a “cold heart” to move through life.

If Walrus is coming to see you now, allow her to share her life lessons with you.  Ask her to be your guide to visit deep emotional issues.  She will huddle with you and get you through your task.   See for workshops and services.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Spirit Animal – Lobster


Picture of lobster from Wikipedia 

Judy’s note:  Sometimes, I hear an animal calling to me to have me write a blog about them as a spirit animal.  Two days ago, I heard Lobster call.  I thought I was mistaken because I have never heard of anyone getting a message from Lobster.  Since then, Lobster has sent me two more signs and symbols reminding me to do a blog.  Enjoy!


Lobster hatches from an egg, and then, over five years may shed its shell up to 25 times – which equals 5 transformations per year.  She also swims exceptionally well, and will stay at the top of the water for the first month before moving to permanent residence at the bottom of the ocean.  As a youngster, Lobster hides in the dark crevices of the ocean floor to avoid being eaten by larger predators. 

As Lobster becomes an adult, it becomes more territorial, and hides and moves furtively to hunt for food.  In most areas of the ocean, a hundred or so different species may provide food for Lobster.   Because Lobster swims well, it may cover a square mile at maturity, marking the edge of its territory.  As Lobster is not fussy, and eats food that is either fresh or has been dead for awhile.  It will even eat its own sheddings erasing any evidence of its existence to ocean life around it.

Lobster is a messenger animal that focuses on the Root chakra, and our connection to the Earth.  If Lobster shows up to talk to you, then she is asking you to get grounded.  Remember that currently your survival (the primal needs of the root include food, shelter, and safety) comes from what is produced on the Earth. Lobster also reminds us to eat locally rather than have exotic foods that are not nurtured in our area of residence.  Local food enhances one’s connection to Nature.

Lobster’s colours are also about connection to the Earth and blending in to the ocean bottom, to colourful coral, and to camouflage itself as it hunts.  The colours and the growing process of Lobster is about transformation and growing into new identities.  Lobster does not stay stuck in one persona, and she encourages us to constantly move through life and new processes to recreate ourselves.

When you see Lobster, a surprising feature is that she has ten legs including her claws.  This is about sacred numbers for ten is the universal number of unity.  In the Sacred Texts, the Universal Law of 0 to 9 states that everything flows out from Creator in ten steps and then flows back to Creator, the Source.  She then is a reminder that we may live for 10 times 10 years or one hundred years, yet all must return to Source.

Lobster has large pincers for catching and holding food, for fighting  and to help it move up coral or plants.  Her nature is aggressive and each fight with another lobster is to the death.  She urges you to be more aggressive and focused in what you are doing and in fulfilling goals.  Lobster teaches us about survival, and that one needs to be fit, and of the importance of understanding one’s environment.  The lesson is about surviving, regardless of the challenges.

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Friday, 24 April 2009

Spirit Animals - Nature's Camouflage


This picture comes from an email entitled “Nature’s Camouflage”

Spirit animals send us many messages as they cross our path.  The same animal may appear to three people at the same time, and give each of them a different message.  In this instance, a message about “blending in” is foremost.  Often, as powerful as we are, we do more good, or have a greater effect, if we simply blend in so that others do not see us and take exception to us or avoid us.  Sometimes, simply by being present in a locale, we can influence others with the energy that surrounds us. 

The other message from camouflage is that in hiding in plain sight, we are often safer than if we try to hide off the beaten track.  By hiding, we often think that we are reclusive.  What may really happen is that we do end up drawing attention to ourselves because of our “abnormal” behaviour.  Our Ancestors saw wizards and wisdom keepers (reference Munay-Ki) as specialists who could be consulted when the local Shaman did not have a solution for the problem confronting the tribe.  The wisdom keeper lived in isolation and was obligated to help when the situation seemed without solution. The very fact that the wisdom keeper lived apart and seemed hidden made them more mysterious and more sought after.

May you find ways to hide in plain sight!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Buddha Speaks – A Story About Ghosts


   Picture from   




This story is one that puzzles me.  I am happy to receive any insights into the lesson intended in this writing.

   Banishing a Ghost

 The wife of a man became very sick. On her deathbed, she said to him, "I love you so much! I don't want to leave you, and I don't want you to betray me. Promise that you will not see any other women once I die, or I will come back to haunt you."

For several months after her death, the husband did avoid other women, but then he met someone and fell in love. On the night that they were engaged to be married, the ghost of his former wife appeared to him. She blamed him for not keeping the promise, and every night thereafter she returned to taunt him. The ghost would remind him of everything that transpired between him and his fiancee that day, even to the point of repeating, word for word, their conversations. It upset him so badly that he couldn't sleep at all.

Desperate, he sought the advice of a Zen master who lived near the village. "This is a very clever ghost," the master said upon hearing the man's story. "It is!" replied the man. "She remembers every detail of what I say and do. It knows everything!" The master smiled, "You should admire such a ghost, but I will tell you what to do the next time you see it."

That night the ghost returned. The man responded just as the master had advised. "You are such a wise ghost," the man said, "You know that I can hide nothing from you. If you can answer me one question, I will break off the engagement and remain single for the rest of my life." "Ask your question," the ghost replied. The man scooped up a handful of beans from a large bag on the floor, "Tell me exactly how many beans there are in my hand."

At that moment the ghost disappeared and never returned.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Buddha Speaks – A Tale Against Killing



 Once upon a time, the son of Brahmadatta was ruling righteously in Benares, in northern India. It came to pass that the King of Kosala made war, killed the King of Benares, and made the queen become his own wife.

Meanwhile, the queen's son escaped by sneaking away through the sewers. In the countryside he eventually raised a large army and surrounded the city. He sent a message to the king, the murderer of his father and the husband of his mother. He told him to surrender the kingdom or fight a battle.

The prince's mother, the Queen of Benares, heard of this threat from her son. She was a gentle and kind woman who wanted to prevent violence and suffering and killing. So she sent a message to her son - "There is no need for the risks of battle. It would be wiser to close every entrance to the city. Eventually the lack of food, water and firewood will wear down the citizens. Then they will give the city to you without any fighting."

The prince decided to follow his mother's wise advice. His army blockaded the city for seven days and nights. Then the citizens captured their unlawful king, cut off his head, and delivered it to the prince. He entered the city triumphantly and became the new King of Benares.

This story is a story about using the brain instead of the brawn to handle a situation.  It is also a story of non-violence.  Ultimately it is a story of warfare.  Each of us must take our own meaning from this lovely Buddhist parable.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Tarot Discussion – Aloneness


 Osho Zen Tarot Deck and the card IX ALONENESS

Today, I pulled the card that would describe what I am experiencing and what I will be experiencing for the next while.  The card that came up was “Aloneness”. 

Osho says, “Aloneness is the presence of oneself. Aloneness is very positive. It is a presence, overflowing presence. You are so full of presence that you can fill the whole universe with your presence and there is no need for anybody. The humble figure in this card glows with a light that emanates from within. One of Gautama Buddha's most significant contributions to the spiritual life of humankind was to insist to his disciples, "Be a light unto yourself." Ultimately, each of us must develop within ourselves the capacity to make our way through the darkness without any companions, maps or guide.” 

I see how perfect this card is for me at this time.  Our Ancestors were able to take long journeys and be by themselves. Their only companions were the Angels.  When you are alone, it is easier to find time for “you”, to meditate, to look at your life dispassionately, to find self Love so it is easier to love others.  I will be going on a journey this week and I will be alone with people.  It is a chance for me to be quiet, with myself. 

May you have days of quietness to bring peace to your life.  See for articles and newsletters.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Spirit Animal - Anteater


Picture from


Anteater is unique to Central and South America.  It is Great Spirit’s answer to the vegetation being overrun by ants and termites.  Anteater is a four legged pest control solution.  Usually shades of grey with some yellowish white fur, Anteater blends in to the forests and jungles and grasslands.  Although very slow moving, and with a body temperature lower than other mammals, Anteater has long, razor sharp claws for ripping apart tree trunks two feet in diameter.  If attacked by a jaguar, Anteater will defend itself, and even kill the hunter.  She will also use her claws to climb high into trees, searching for food.

Anteater is about the senses.  It has poor eye sight and very acute hearing – it can hear termites chewing in a tree trunk!  Anteater also has a good sense of smell, and can smell ants to track them to a hive.  The tongue is used for taste as well as a weapon to trap ants or termites and pull them into its mouth and then swallow down to the stomach.  Where other mammals have teeth, Anteater has sticky barbs on its tongue to spear its prey and begin breaking it up.  If attacked, Anteater will rear up on its hind legs and hug the attacker to it (touch) and then dig its sharp claws into the back and break it.

If Anteater has appeared to you recently, she brings several messages.  Is there something in your life that is “bugging” you?  How will you solve it? Have you grabbed on to something and now, you do not know what to do with it?  Anteater’s advice, rip into it, and get to the very core of the issue.  All can be resolved. 

Are things as they appear?  Remember, if you don’t see clearly, anyone can try to trick you.  If it doesn’t “smell” right, then the deal or situation probably has some flaws.  Using Anteater’s strategy, climb higher up for a better view.  Stand back from the situation and observe what is really happening.  Do you have an article or comment that you would like to put in our May 1st newsletter?  Or, sign up for our monthly newsletter at

Friday, 17 April 2009

Ancestors Speak – Where Does Your Food Come From?

image Germany bans farming of genetically modified corn  Last Updated: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 | 1:29 PM ET

Picture of corn stalks in a field from Wikipedia…


Every fall, during the harvest, our Ancestors ensured that they kept enough seed of the best vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains to use as seed for the next spring.  Our Ancestors knew instinctively that without caretaking of seeds, the plants may become extinct because of over harvesting.  Our Ancestors also knew that when the plants were kept strong and healthy by gardening practices and by keeping the best seed, then the strength of Man would mirror the strength of the plants.

In the 21st Century, Man’s health is failing at an unprecedented rate, even though as a species, humans live longer.  They are, however, like the genetically modified seeds that large corporations create to own – humans are being genetically modified by all the drugs that they ingest.  Much the same way that drug addicts need the drug to move forward, humans are dependent on a variety of drugs that our Ancestors simply found in their food supply.  Humans weaken as plants weaken.

Norway has recognized the value of preserving seeds.  In 2008, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault was opened to allow countries around the world to preserve seeds in case humans have need of seeds in the future.  See the website to learn more about this global mission to protect where food comes from. 

Each person can contribute to preserving seeds by keeping seeds from bumper crops of garden harvest.  Or, simply purchase Heritage Seeds where the source is known, and put them away for a future time.  Seeds may stay dormant for years and still grow. 

Why preserve these seeds?  There is a saying that Shaman always use that says that Great Spirit has given man everything needed to survive and heal any hurts (wounds).  The easiest way to stay healthy is to eat healthy.  Do you know where your food comes from?  Brands that once provided a healthy source of food have been purchased by conglomerates.

  1. Organic? Green and Black's organic chocolate was taken over in 2005 by Schweppes, the 10th-largest company in North American packaged-food.
  2. Tom's of Maine is owned by Colgate-Palmolive, a massive company with a revenue of approximately $11.4 billion.
  3. Burt's Bees is now owned by Clorox, a massive corporation that has historically cared very little about the environment.
  4. Kashi cereals was bought in July 2000 by Kellogg's, the 12th-largest company in North American food sales.

When one looks at these types of facts, it is clear that the source of the food is suspect.

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ancestors Speak – Whales Indicate the Health of The Ocean and the Health of the Planet


The blue whale population on the West Coast is on the rise, according to researchers who photographed this one off Bodega Bay, Calif. (Gretchen Steiger/Cascadia Research)   Rare blue whales returning to B.C. coast, study suggests  Last Updated: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Ancestors believed that the Whales kept the water clean and checked that the Earth was healthy.  They also believed that Mother Earth was represented by a Great Blue Whale. For years, too, they believed that the Blue Whale was a form of Goddess/God, and that all things on Earth came from her.  As you look at the picture of the skeleton of the Blue Whale, you will see why they might think so.  Our Ancestors that lived on the coasts of the world used whale bones, especially the Blue Whale bones to fashion into knives, buttons, and for decoration on clothing or on bags. 


Picture of blue whale skeleton is from Http://

The Blue Whale has some astonishing statistical facts associated with it.  Calves will drink 100 to 200 gallons of mom's milk per day and they will grow at 8 pounds per hour.  Blue Whale lives as long as man – up to eighty years.  The only beings that hunt Blue Whale are Killer Whales and Man.  Interestingly enough, Blue Whale makes the loudest noise in the animal world. Its whistle is recorded at 188 decibels which makes it louder than a jet plane.

If Blue Whale is appearing, she is bringing you a message or even several messages.

  1. Are you being heard?  Are you able to tell people what is on your mind and feel good about it?
  2. Is it time to dive into the emotional issues that are getting as big as an ocean, and finally release the attachments to the emotions?
  3. If you have children, are you nourishing them in body, mind, and spirit to the best of your ability so that they grow strong and healthy?  Or, do you have an inner child that needs to be nourished?
  4. Are you taking care of yourself – all things in moderation, getting exercise (swimming is good to do), taking vacations in different climates?  Self care allows us to do our jobs more easily and to care for others with compassion.

May your life move “swimmingly” along.   See our newsletter at   See articles as well…  Tarot Discussion - Osho Card 10 – Harmony; Spirit Animal – NarwhalHaving Fun!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Spirit Animal - Dog


“Sage” a guardian dog – picture by S. Roger Joyeux

History tells us that all civilizations seemed to have some sort of domesticated dog.  In early times, our Ancestors used dogs as work animals for pulling small carts and wagons.  And, of course, dogs were used to herd and hunt.  Their keen sense of hearing and very good sight were the extended version of the Master’s sight and hearing. 

Dogs have a message about service, one that they show us everyday.  First, they love unconditionally, even when they are treated cruelly. Second, they will try with all their heart, to complete whatever task we give them, even if they don’t understand it and it taxes their physical capabilities.  Third, dogs do not judge or gossip.  They simply try the best they can.  Fourth, they do all this without thanks or praise.  The message to anyone on a spiritual path, then, is to be in service and to be there without thinking of gain, to do one’s best, and to do the service joyfully with unconditional love. 


“Magic” – the dog that greets and makes you feel welcome. 

Picture by Judith Hirst-Joyeux



Dogs are also about safety, and humans may learn from them because they can sense earthquakes even two days prior to the quake actually happening.  As well as sniffing out drugs, guns and explosives, dogs can sniff when a person is going to have an epileptic seizure, and when cancer cells become active.  These abilities may be associated with psychic abilities.  The message to you then becomes, are you using your clairvoyant abilities and clairaudient abilities to keep you and friends and family safe?  Are you a gifted healer who has been ignoring your healing gifts.  Can you “see” dis-ease in someone before the disease hits? 

Remember that we choose pets – dogs – as we choose our family and our mates.  We choose them because they are like us and the dog can mirror the issues that we need to solve and to learn from.   See also Ancestors Speak - A Parable of Two WolvesFishing - Even the Wolves Know It is Fun & Relaxing!Spirit Animal – Cheetah     See our newsletter at

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Buddha Speaks – A Monk Named Water-Drop

buddha by big rockBuddha picture from email

Sometimes, when you are reading or studying, you come across a story that leaves you with what I call “The Miss Marple” feeling… and you say, “How remarkable!”  As I was reading some Buddhist stories, I came across this one called “A Monk Named Water-Drop”.  I find this story intriguing.  For many years, I have heard the quote “In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans” by Kahlil Gibran. 

I also am familiar with a quote by Victor Schauberger, “In every drop of water dwells the Godhead, whom we all serve; there also dwells Life, the Soul of the "First" substance - Water - whose boundaries and banks are the capillaries that guide it and in which it circulates. More energy is encapsulated in every drop of good spring water than an average-sized PowerStation is presently able to produce."

Therefore, I found this little story very thought provoking, and somewhat mysterious.

Tell me what you think!

                    A Monk Named Water-Drop

One day, Ch'an Master I-shan was taking a bath. The water was too hot, so he called for one of his disciples to bring a bucket of cold water.

A disciple brought a bucket of water and added some of the cold water to the hot water to cool it. After cooling the bath water, there was some water left in the bucket, so he just threw it away.

The Master was not very pleased with this, so he said, "Why are you so wasteful? Everything in this world has its use. Things only differ in their kinds of use. Take even one drop of water for example. If you give it to the flowers or the trees, then not only will the flowers and trees be happy, the water drop itself will not lose its value. A single drop of water is very valuable. You should not waste it."

After listening to the Master, the disciple changed his name to "Water-drop".

Later, when Water-drop started to teach Buddhism, people asked him, "What is the most virtuous thing in the world?"

"Water drop," he answered.

"Empty space can contain all things. What can contain empty space?"

"Water drop!"

Master Water-drop was already in harmony with the water drop. The whole universe was his mind. Thus, one drop of water can encompass limitless time and space.    Sign up for our free first of the month newsletter at

Monday, 13 April 2009

Spirit Speaks - Loon


“Common Loon picture from Wikipedia”





The loons (North America) or divers (UK/Ireland) are a group of aquatic birds found in many parts of North America and northern Eurasia. (from Wikipedia)

In the spring and summer, there is nothing more haunting then the call of the Loon in the evening… a long sad, almost crazy, sound.  An adult loon is mostly black and white and some grey.  Their colours are representative of the juxtaposition of opposites, and the grey represents that there are many grey areas in life and nothing is as it first appears. 

If Loon is appearing, her message may be about sanity.  Many folks are questioning their sanity as they discover psychic skills in this time of new energy on Earth.  As one hears different things, or sees things not normally thought to be in this reality, one’s belief systems get stretched.  Loon’s colours represent all the magic and mystery in the world.  Like the Shaman, Loon wears black so that it is more difficult for the Enemies to track it.  Like the Angels, Loon wears white so that when it flies in the skies, and the Sun shines on it, and it is difficult to distinguish in the sky.  As the Loon settles on the water, the ripple from black to white, represents the dark to light ripples of the water, a form of camouflage. 

Loon rides the water the way people need to learn to ride their emotions and be one with them instead of covering them up or exploding all over the place.  When necessary, to stay in balance and to be fed, Loon is able to dive deeply into the water to gather up what ever will sustain her.  Are you diving deeply enough into your emotions to get past the low level vibrations of blame, hurt, anger, victim, and come to terms with understanding that emotion must be released to nourish your soul? 


Picture of Loon in marsh… 




Loon’s happiest time is in the dawn or dusk, the time of Magic.  At this time, she catches crayfish, frogs, snails, salamanders and leeches just rising for food.  Is the message to you to get up early in the morning because this is your best time to work or exercise or meditate?  Have you been trying to live someone else’s life by staying up late?  Is it making you crazy that you cannot live your life?    Sign up for our free “first of the month” newsletter at

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Spirit Animal – Snake



Picture from




In April, snakes come out of hibernation.  As they leave the dens, they mate and then part ways.  Generally, one associates Snake with transformation – shedding the skin is representative of shedding “things” that no longer are useful.  It is also a metaphor for how we shed old ways and habits as we grow into higher spiritual energy symbolizing the death and rebirth process. Often, the shedding is associated with astral travel and out of body experiences. People the world over are fascinated with snakes. This is because there are so many stories and legends about Snake. 

For example, the Hopi revered snakes as a fertility symbol. The Hopi people of North America performed an annual snake dance to celebrate the union of Snake Youth (a Sky spirit) and Snake Girl (an Underworld spirit) and to renew fertility of Nature. During the dance, live snakes were handled and at the end of the dance the snakes were released into the fields to guarantee good crops. – Wikipedia


Garter Snake picture from Wikipedia





Indigenous peoples in Africa and Australia had myths about a Rainbow Snake, which was either Mother Earth herself giving birth to all animals or a water-god whose writhing created rivers, creeks and oceans.  The Zulu Shaman of South Africa believe that to cross a snake’s path will cause a shift in one’s energy, and allow the person to become more spiritual. Or, the energy of the serpent’s path may be so strong that the person becomes ill, and remains stuck until the Ancestors clear the blockages.

Snakes are about life, and if Snake appears to you in some way, pay attention to the messages. In addition to some of the items mentioned above, Snake is about regulating temperature.  The cold rocks cool down Snake, and darkness and cold puts it into near dormancy.  In the Winter, this happens to many who sufferer from SAD.  To combat the cold and the dark, Snake lies in the Sun and basks to fully warm up its body and to be in the light.  The message may be to come out of the darkness that you have held yourself in, and move into the light and the warmth.  Light and warm represents “Love”.  Snake is also linked to Love in many belief systems as Snake represents fertitlity, part of the reason the Hopi freed them into the fields.

Snake may eat minimally and go for weeks without eating.  The message is about your eating habits.  Are you eating what is right for you?  Are you eating too much?  Snake does not over eat.  Are you doing the right things for your life force?  Do you need to live in a warmer climate?

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ancestors Speak – Fry Bread


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As we get more and more information about living more simply, and working with the food that is easily found around us, I wondered what kind of recipes our ancestors used to stave off hunger.  I also wondered whether this could be done over an open fire or on a charcoal barbeque.  This simple fry bread recipe comes from North America, from the Cherokee and from the West Coast tribes.  It is however, quite similar to the fry bread recipes of Latvia, Ireland, Wales, and Russia. Which proves, I guess, that the traditions do travel around the world. 

I have eaten fry bread many times, and I am using these recipes to make fry bread (fry bread and jam or preserves is awesome!). 

Fry Bread

  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 1-1/3 cups warm water
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • honey

Combine the flour, baking powder and salt. Add the water and knead the dough until soft. Roll the dough out on a lightly floured board until 1/4" thick. Cut out 4" rounds. Heat 1"-2" of oil in a saucepan. Fry the bread until puffed. Turn bread when edges are brown. Brown on both sides. Serve with honey.

Fry Bread – West Coast Style…
4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 1/2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
4 cups shortening for frying

Combine flour, salt, and baking powder. Stir in 1 1/2 cups lukewarm water. Knead until soft but not sticky. Shape dough into balls about 3 inches in diameter. Flatten into patties 1/2 inch thick, and make a small hole in the center of each patty.   Fry one at a time in 1 inch of hot shortening, turning to brown on both sides. Drain on paper towels.

I would love to hear how your fry bread turned out, and what your favourite way is to eat it!

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Spirit Speaks – The Full Moon of April


  Moon picture

  by Eric Foltz

The Moon

by Robert Louis Stevenson

The moon has a face like the clock in the hall;
She shines on thieves on the garden wall,
On streets and fields and harbour quays,
And birdies asleep in the forks of the trees.

The squalling cat and the squeaking mouse,
The howling dog by the door of the house,
The bat that lies in bed at noon,
All love to be out by the light of the moon.

But all of the things that belong to the day,
Cuddle to sleep to be out of her way;
And flowers and children close their eyes
Till up in the morning the sun shall arise.

Today is the full moon of April.  This is a very auspicious moon.  The Cherokee call this the “Flower Moon” for the first of the flowers and plants come out at this time.  I went out into my garden and checked to see whether any herbs or flowers are coming up.  The first of the herbs, chives, and comfrey are coming up.  I also have a small pansy up and blooming!  My husband was pleased to see a few lettuces coming up from seed dropped last fall.


Full Moon picture by Tony Sweets

The Plains People also look for the birth of babies.. humans, horses, and some birds.  White Buffalo Calf Woman gave The People herbal medicines, and they usually start sprouting and sometimes flower in late April and early May. 

The rivers begin to flow once again, after having being frozen all winter.  This is particularly true this year with the flooding along the Red River in both the US and Canada.

The new moon is about making magic, the completion or growth of something. 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Spirit Speaks – Walking the Land


Picture from

I am quite surprised by the number of people that tell me that they never go outside except to move from house to car to office and back.  As a child, I learned from my parents that one had to go outside and walk the land to stay healthy.  What I now understand is that walking Mother Earth is one way to reset one’s heart beat.  The prescription of “walking out in nature to lower one’s blood pressure” is really about getting back in touch with the Mother’s (Earth’s)heartbeat.

When we are outside, and walking the land, we absorb the understanding of the environment.  We may not hear everything at a conscious level, yet our bodies respond to the sense of excitement, of life, and in the rare instance where danger is present, our bodies will warn us of imminent danger.


Our Ancestors enjoyed walking holidays. If you travel to England, you will see the Walking Path right of ways that wind through farms and towns, properties owned by individuals and not the state,  representing a preservation of the old pathways that allowed people to go across land on the easiest route from point A to point B. 

One of the coming of age rites in many  indigenous peoples is to send the child on a walking quest so that the child has the chance to learn self reliance and to establish their own communication with Great Spirit.  Walking the land is a way to learn about the place one lives in. 

Going back to my youth, in the spring (and it is now spring), it was common to see a farmer out walking his land before planting.  My Dad said that one could get a feel for the land and whether it was healthy.  Sometimes, he even heard what crop should be planted.  I accepted this, although wondered how the land would know whether it wanted flax, or wheat, or even corn.  I now understand what he meant, because I too hear my land, my small garden patch, tell me what I should be planting when I first walk it in the spring.  As soon as all the snow melts, I will be walking my garden.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spirit Animal – Stork











Picture is from the photography of Gregory Colbert.

Most people know of Stork by the legends or mythology around Stork delivering human babies.  Many of us learned about Stork on Saturday morning cartoons such as “Bugs Bunny”. 

There is also a legend about Stork that Stork was an Angel at one time.  The Angels wanted to work with humans on Earth, however, could not stay on Earth for any length of time.  So, the Angels asked Great Spirit for a different form, one that would allow them to stay on Earth and be part of human life.  Their request was granted, and the very tall Angels became the very tall storks.  Because of their love for human kind, the Storks built their nests on the roof of a house, and warned the human of danger or weather changes.  So began the great love that humans have for Stork.  Watch for another article about Stork and the messages that it brings.  Workshops at

Monday, 6 April 2009

Tarot Discussion – Osho Card 18 – Past Lives


   Card 18 from the Osho Zen Tarot deck – “ Past Lives”



I was sitting and wondering why my business seemed slower than usual.  I actually am enjoying the break, and yet, it is important to maintain a momentum (and dollars) to keep the cycle of release and renewal going.  When I have questions, I usually turn to a card deck because this is a very concrete way to look at life, and, I believe that Great Spirit does give us what we need to know through the cards. 

So, I asked why my business was slower than what seemed normal to me, and, I pulled a card.  I was blown away!  I have been writing articles from time to time on the importance of understanding Karma, and clearing it, as it comes up in one’s body.  Indigenous people do believe that the Ancestors – our blood relatives now long gone, our past selves, and the lineages of teachers that we come from, as well as the angels and other beings – influence our current lives.  It is part of our journey in this lifetime, to balance the energy (Karma) that is not in balance. 

The message that I am getting indicates that it is time for me to “remember” all of the past so that I have the knowledge to continue to do the work that I do.  The card is saying that I simply need to be in meditation and ask for that to happen, to gradually remember all that I have been….

“The two rainbow lizards on either side represent knowing and not-knowing. They are the guardians of the unconscious, making sure that we are prepared for a vision that might otherwise be shattering. A glimpse into the eternity of our existence is a gift, and understanding the function of karma in our lives is not something that can be grasped at will. This is a wake-up call; the events in your life are trying to show you a pattern as ancient as the journey of your own soul.” – Osho, Zen Tarot, Card 18, Past Lives

In this journey, I ask that each of you remember the past lives that will assist you today.  This blessing I freely give.     See more info on Karma clearing under Services at

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Buddha Speaks – Grasping At Things


Picture of an old abbey taken by Judith Hirst-Joyeux in June 2007


I have friends that are kind enough to invite me to what ever lecture or workshop that they are attending.  Usually, upon the invitation, I test to see whether I will benefit from attending.  Most of the time, the answer is “No”.  This is disheartening at times.  I feel like perhaps I am missing out on something. 

Then, the other day, I came across this great story while doing my studies in Buddhism.  I immediately felt better! This story is called “Grasping”. 


Coming across a monk praying while walking around a holy building, Geshe Tenpa said, "How pleasant to walk around sacred places, but you know, it's far better to practice the wonderful Dharma." The monk took his words to heart and began earnestly studying the scriptures. One day Geshe Tenpa came across him and commented, "How commendable it is to study the scriptures, but you know, it is far better to practice the wonderful Dharma." The monk took his words to heart and took up intensive meditation. One day Geshe Tenpa came across him and said, "How blissful to be lost in one-pointed meditation, but you know, it's far better to practice the wonderful Dharma." The monk was completely confounded. In desperation he begged, "Master, teach me what to do." Geshe Tenpa smiled and replied, "Just stop grasping at things."    See our newsletter at

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spirit Animal - Beaver




  Picture of Beaver lodge in the Detroit River


I always find it fascinating when people discover beavers where none have been before.  This is the case for the folks in the Detroit area.  After 75 years without beavers, the Detroit River now has a beaver lodge, complete with beaver, within the city limits. 

What I began to wonder was why, after all this time, Beaver wanted to return to the area. Was it because Beaver had a very large message for the Detroit citizens? 

Beaver is about eating what is naturally in her area, and usually, only harvests trees no further than about thirty-six meters or forty yards from the edge of the water.  She is about cleaning and conserving water.  She is able to create wonderful gravel and wood sieves that bring only clean water into her pond (yes, there may be some pesticides yet much does get held by the gravel and sand). In fact if the water is quite dirty, Beaver may create several of these sieves upstream from her main pond area so that she only gets clean water for her kits (babies).


American Beaver from Wikipedia

Beaver is unique in that she works at conserving the land and her energy.  All is done with maximum efficiency and minimum energy, from how she creates her home, to how she cares for her young.  She mates for life, and keeps her kits around her until they feel the need to leave.  She tends the trees in a way that we do not understand.  After cutting down the larger trees, she leaves an opening for the willow and poplar saplings to grow. 

When Beaver appears, she is telling you that “busy as a beaver” is really about doing tasks that are productive, making each action count, and being conscious of the conservation of the land.  She eats only the food that is good for her.  She creates a carefully constructed, water tight, energy efficient house.  Look at your life. 

  1. Do you recycle and conserve energy? 
  2. Are you eating healthily?
  3. Are you using resources indiscriminately?
  4. Does your work produce something tangible? Or, does it produce something no longer required or does it produce something unhealthy for the environment?
  5. Do you honour your family and have the patience to nurture it until they know they can leave?

May your work instincts follow that of Beaver!   See the articles at

Friday, 3 April 2009

Radio Show – April 7 at 12:00 noon Pacific “Pilgrimage – Releasing and Understanding”

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Angels And Ancestors
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In 712, Glastonbury Abbey was built by Benedictine monks. It became the one spot of pure love radiating out to a dark world. It drew pilgrims, Christian or not, from all over the world. Pilgrimages are journeys to sacred shrines or places of power, often to seek spiritual guidance and perhaps healing of one’s own illness or for healing for one’s family member. Pilgrims believed the journey was a sacrifice required for healing. Since the mid 1990’s, people have again been signing up for journeys to Machu Picchu, parts of Tibet, India, down the Amazon, the pyramids of Egypt, and parts of England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Spain. Why do people make pilgrimages? Do they really change? Is a Vision Quest similar to the pilgrimage? Join Judith Hirst-Joyeux as she examines the questions, and provides information for each of you to make your own assessment of a Pilgrimage. Is it the journey or the destination?

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Karma Files – Pains in Hands


“Left hand of a human” from Wikipedia

Several nights ago, I woke at 3:30am with pain and cramping in my hands.  The pain went back and forth between hands, and had me wondering what on Earth I had done to my hands.

As I asked my guides what I needed to do to get rid of the pain, I heard, “Clear Karma”.  So, I followed instructions and began the process.  When one does karma clearing using the Akashic Records, the process may take the person through several lifetimes of memory.  The key is to observe the “movie” that is being played and not get caught up in the story since the karma may be karma that one has agreed to clear, and not the person’s own soul karma.  It is important to remember that karma is unbalanced energy or life rhythm that needs to come back into balance. 

As the movies took me into the past, I was able to see three different lifetimes.  The first lifetime movie was of a Scribe – one who copied information into other books by writing by hand and drawing pictures.  Scribes were used because of their painstaking penmanship, and their attention to detail.  In this life, the hands were constantly used and cramped. The Scribe, in later years, would bathe his hands in very warm water to release the strain.  The Scribe lived to a good age continuing to scribe and to teach others how to scribe.  In the later years, he no longer could write for more than two hours per day.

In the second lifetime, the movie showed a Warrior in about 600 BCE in the area now known as Afghanistan.  The Warrior’s principle weapon was a very large bow and arrow, as well as different types of bows.  The strain of holding the bow for long periods, and of pulling the string and arrow, was very hard on the hand and wrist.  After serving as a Warrior-soldier for various armies and in different campaigns, the Warrior accepted a position to prepare archers for different types of battles.  He lived to about age 50, and in the later part of his life, suffered severe cramps in his hands.

The third life time movie was about a man, a Wizard, who had knowledge that others wanted.  He was tortured, slowly, by having his fingers broken, one by one, and sometimes, one finger being broken in two or three places. His hands were then broken, and his arms, and parts of his body until he bled out. 

When I asked if there were any more movies, I heard that I was done.  I then honoured each of the individuals who used their hands, and who needed that energy cleared.  I asked for a healing of the pain in their hands and my hands.  About twenty minutes later, the pain in my hands reduced. After about an hour, the pain was gone.  I was able to go back to sleep and sleep soundly.

What I have learned is that when pain becomes very physical, the energy source of the pain is ready to be released.  There are many ways of releasing, however, karma therapy is fast and easy.  This session took about half an hour.

Check out the karma clearing session if you have a persistent pain that does not let go.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ancestors Speak – April 1 For Love and Fools

“Spring Palomino Colt” from Microsoft Clip Art j0406498  

                                                  This is what we call “April Fool’s Day”.  Yet, to our Ancestors, this was the day for “Love”.  Romans, Greeks, and Norse-Germanic traditions celebrated the goddesses of love, sexuality, orchards and growing things, and water. 

This day symbolically represented the day of planting. It was, therefore, necessary to have the Blessings of the Goddesses, for the second Universal Law is “all creation comes from the female”.  Women offered fires and incenses and wine to the Goddesses Aphrodite, Venus, Freya, and Hathor (Egyptian).  In return, the women wanted a blessing on love, family, birthing, and joy for the next part of their life.  In some cases, women might even court the man to let him know they were interested, and then drop him, so that he, in turn, would court her. 

It was this day that made fools out of lovers, and lovers out of strangers, for sometimes, the Goddess would sprinkle potions on the food and drink of the humans.  It was a day that nothing serious should happen except for the extolling of the virtues of one’s beloved. 

April is also the time of the pairing of birds (love birds is the nickname for this time of year), and the building of nests. Baby animals are either present or on their way.  This is the month of the “Budding Trees” Full Moon. Planting begins and is sometimes completed during the month. 

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