Monday, 30 June 2008

Chickadee Visit

071101 Chickidee 007“A Chickadee Visit”

© 2007 S. Roger Joyeux

Used with permission.






Every morning, and sometimes in the evening, the dogs and I walk in the provincial park along the Bow River.  When we walk on weekends and evenings, my husband Roger joins us.  And, if we are blessed, we are also joined by one of the wild ones.  In this picture, the black capped chickadee came to talk to us.  The time is early fall, and there is a flock of about twenty chickadees that hang around one bushed area of the park.  Through the fall and winter, when they see me coming with the dogs, they fly around us and around my head and will sometimes land on my shoulders.  If you have heard the song of the chickadee, you will understand that it becomes quite complex. By December, I was pretty sure that they were saying, "Here comes she!" and not "chick-a-dee-dee-dee!".

When a wild animal recognizes you and pays attention to you, there is an expectancy that you will listen to them, and to keep the balance, provide something for them.  Sometimes I take them the black seeds they love so much. However, many times, they don't eat the seeds; they just like to sit on my hand and "talk".  We have learned so much fear in dealing with "wild" animals. It is interesting to me that we call them wild because they don't live with us.  They live in a different environment, close to and part of nature.  They happily share their knowledge with us, if we ask, and if we show respect. 

The information that the chickadees bring to me include:

1.  asking me to see with my innate knowledge of all things, instead of with my westernized logical mind.  The chickadee's black cap is a reminder of the higher wisdom available to us.

2.  showing me the truth about whatever has been on my mind during my walk that day.  It the chickadee that brought me the message about teaching people how to clear their karma, and why we need to clear karma now.

3.  reminding me to keep all things in balance - work, play, body, mind - and of course the chakras.  Chickadee incorporates some of the chakra colors.  The black on the chickadee represents the black/red of the first chakra.  Part of one's balance is about being grounded, something that I work on to balance my meditations.

I love the chickadee's cheerful greeting.  Even if I meet no other humans, I am acknowledged as being part of the woods, and the All.  There is great comfort in the feeling of belonging.

May you have a chickadee visit, and may it bless you!


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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Life is Not an Accident!


    "Existence" - a card from the Osho Transformational Tarot deck.


    The meaning of the card begins with, " You are not accidental. Existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it."

The first time I pulled this card in a reading, I was very early in the process of working full time and developing our company, Angels And Ancestors. The card came up as the first card in response to my question "Should I be working full time in Angels And Ancestors".  The question came up after being out of the corporate world for five months; being in a start up phase of a new business; and being concerned that I had made a HUGE mistake in leaving my position with Microsoft. 

     When this card popped up, it was so beautiful that I just felt awe!  It captured the moments I have when I am sitting out on a planet or star in the dimensions beyond in dream time, watching the universe go by.  I read the phrase - you are not accidental - and I knew this to be true.  Where we, everyone of us, is now, is because we are there for a purpose.  Life is not an accident. It is filled with glorious moments of synchronicities that have us meet certain people; get jobs that are the "dream job" that we have always wanted; and, have us feel tragedies that we feel drag us down that transform in to opportunities of great joy. 

I felt like a gold thread in a tapestry.  If I did not go in the direction the weaver wanted, or if I broke, as a thread sometimes will, then the tapestry would be less without the gold thread in it.  I could "see" the weaving of The Divine in moving me out of my corporate position, and having me begin a new venture, become an entrepreneur, and perhaps be that shiny gold thread example of light for others. 

As I look back on that time, and the card "Existence", and the fact that Angels And Ancestors will be celebrating two years in a short time, I realize again that truth, "Life is Not An Accident".  I am grateful that I am part of a big, mysterious design.

© June 2008 Judith Hirst

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Finding the Site For Ceremony - 22 Steps to get it Right

Mystics Alter at Solstice June 21

    Sacred Solstice Ceremony Altar

   © June 2007 Judith Hirst-Joyeux

Before one can perform a ceremony, one must have a place (site) to complete the ceremony. The following items should be considered in choosing a ceremony site.

1. Is the ceremony indoor or outdoor?

2. How many people will be participating?

3. What size of a circle or area do you require to hold this number?

4. Are there special requirements for entrances and exits?

5. Do you need fire and if so, do you need a fire permit?

6. Do you need candles?

7. Do you need special material to make a circle?

8. If so, does the facility allow these materials?

9. Does the ceremony need to be on sacred ground?

10. Do you need to be in a “power” place such as a vortex?

11. Do you need to have ley lines available?

12. Do you need certain trees or certain natural energies to enhance the circle?

13. Are there time restrictions around the site where ceremony may be performed?

14. Are there any issues with neighbours?

15. Are there issues with noise bylaws that one needs to be aware of?

16. Do you need programmed music and if so, is electricity available?

17. Do you need bio facilities for washrooms and for drinking water/food?

18. Do you need maps to the site?

19. Is transportation to the site potentially difficult for the participants? (Example – a site on a large ledge part way up a mountain.)

20. Is the site handicap accessible, if that is a requirement?

21. How long to reach medical facilities in case of an accident or medical issue?

22. Do you need to go and look at different sites? If so, one must allow sufficient time to view the sites and then to book them.

By completing these steps, one will be confident that they have chosen the correct site to use to perform ceremony for the group that will participate (follows the axiom – know your audience) and to achieve maximum benefit from the ceremony.

© Judith Hirst-Joyeux of Angels And Ancestors June 2008 Calgary AB

From the Star Walker Program; Module 23 –Creating Sacred Circle


Friday, 27 June 2008

When Great Spirit Talks Through Deer

 deer_night 001                                                      

    "A deer on the path at night!" 

     copyright Sept 2007 S. Roger Joyeux, used with permission.

More and more, people are sharing with me the very strange encounters they seem to be having with animals - both domestic and wild animals.  They are puzzled about the incident, and because the actions seem so strange, they roll the story over and over in their mind.  Still, the person doses not get any satisfaction from trying to interpret the incident and feels slightly frustrated that "this big event" happened and they don't know why.

We human beings have lost our close connection with nature in general, and therefore, have lost our understanding of the language of animals and birds, and even the plants and trees and rocks that we may encounter.  The language is both verbal and action or body behaviour specific. 

In the picture above, the deer stepped out onto the path, in the fall, at about 9:30pm at night.  Roger and I were both rather startled because she showed very little concern and just ambled in front of us, allowing Roger to snap a great picture of her.  Since deer are usually quite timid and flighty, and because she looked at us quite pointedly from time to time, we knew she was trying to tell us something.  Even though she looked ordinary, it was clear that she was not an ordinary deer!  Deer have an acute sense of hearing and will hear noises half a mile away.  This deer did not need to be on our path.

So, what was she trying to share with us?  Deer have an ability to see very clearly in dusk and darkness, the times that they are the most vulnerable.  Shaman believe that this gives the deer the ability to see the deeper meaning of life around them, and understand the symbology of the events around them.  Well, that means that the message that she is showing us is about several things.  We see her message as being:

1.  Look more closely at the items that cross your path, for they have a deeper meaning than the surface message would appear.  (Talk about symbology! In fact, the second level that shaman work with in a situation, after dealing with the physical, is the "symbol".  Perhaps she was trying to communicate that to me since I was getting more and more activity in my Shamanic practise.)

2.  When one walks an unknown path, there is truly nothing to fear. As deer hears and sees, she counsels us to tap more deeply in to our clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities to discern what is real and what is illusion.  The illusion coupled with our fear makes all events much more dramatic and drains our energy.

3.  Deer are universally regarded as beings of peace.  How clearly deer was demonstrating to us that one can walk through life peacefully, regardless of what is on the path ahead of you! She also demonstrated that one may interact with others that are unknown, and have an uplifting experience.

We came away from this encounter marvelling at the beauty of the experience.  I had a feeling of awe and contentment that was Roger's feeling as well. We both realized that Great Spirit had stepped into speak with us using one of the most gentle creatures that walks Mother Earth. We had received a blessing.

We wish you many wonderful animal encounters that will uplift your spirit and make your heart sing.


Judy and Roger

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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Farmers’ University

(The Heat of Embarrassment)                                                                            Picture from Microsoft Clipart

Don't judge people by appearances! POWERFUL AND TRUE STORY            clip_image002

A lady in a faded gingham dress and her husband, dressed in a homespun threadbare suit, stepped off the train in Boston, and walked timidly without an appointment into the Harvard University President's outer office. The secretary could tell in a moment that such backwoods, country hicks had no business at Harvard and probably didn't even deserve to be in Cambridge.

'We want to see the president,' the man said softly.

'He'll be busy all day,' the secretary snapped. 'We'll wait,' the lady replied.

For hours the secretary ignored them, hoping that the couple would finally become discouraged and go away. They didn't and the secretary grew frustrated and finally decided to disturb the president, even though it was a chore she always regretted.

'Maybe if you see them for a few minutes, they'll leave,' she said to him.

He sighed in exasperation and nodded. Someone of his importance obviously didn't have the time to spend with them, but he detested gingham dresses and homespun suits cluttering up his outer office.

The president, stern faced and with dignity, strutted toward the couple.

The lady told him, 'We had a son who attended Harvard for one year. He loved Harvard. He was happy here. But about a year ago, he was accidentally killed. My husband and I would like to erect a memorial to him, somewhere on campus.'

The president wasn't touched.... He was shocked.

'Madam,' he said, gruffly, 'we can't put up a statue for every person who attended Harvard and died. If we did, this place would look like a cemetery.'

'Oh, no,' the lady explained quickly. 'We don't want to erect a statue. We thought we would like to give a building to Harvard.'

The president rolled his eyes. He glanced at the gingham dress and homespun suit, then exclaimed, 'A building! Do you have any earthly idea how much a building costs? We have over seven and a half million dollars in the physical buildings here at Harvard.'

For a moment the lady was silent. The president was pleased. Maybe he could get rid of them now. The lady turned to her husband and said quietly, 'Is that all it costs to start a university? Why don't we just start our own?'

Her husband nodded.

The president's face wilted in confusion and bewilderment. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford got up and walked away, traveling to Palo Alto, California where they established the university that bears their name, Stanford University, a memorial to a son that Harvard no longer cared about.

You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who they think can do nothing.

Editor: This story comes from my friend Sandra. The original story was written by Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990) who also said, “Keeping score of old scores and scars, getting even and one-upping, always make you less than you are”.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Orbs in Our Yard on June 16 2008


"Orbs in our evergreen we call "Tree Who Would Be More" and in our May Tree, over our Fairy Garden"

Picture copyright by Judith Hirst-Joyeux June 2008



"Orbs in our big May tree off our deck, at dusk."

Picture copyright by Judith Hirst-Joyeux June 2008


"Orbs hanging in our living room ceiling."

Picture copyright by Judith Hirst-Joyeux June 2008


On Monday, June 16th, my husband and I started our preparations for our Solstice Ceremony.  The energy in our house was growing, and, I had already performed one ceremony for a client during the day, which added to the energy. 

Because I could feel a different vibration in the air at about 9:15pm on Monday evening, I grabbed my camera and took some shots outside in our yard, and then popped back into the house to photograph the rooms.  The most prominent orbs were in the living room, where I had been sitting doing some planning.

I am excited that orbs keep roaming around our yard.  We have many pictures with orbs in them.  However, the orbs in these pictures seem to blend in a bit more than I have previously noted. 

Wonder what orbs are?  Here is some information on a research project.

Exploring Orbs
Orbs are those semi-transparent shapes or "energy forms" that frequently and mysteriously appear in digital photographs. If you have taken digital photos, you have probably captured an orb at some point and wondered, "What's that?"
That very question prompted the separate but simultaneous research of Miceal Ledwith, D.D., LL.D., a theologian, and Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., a physicist, who had each taken many photos in which orbs appeared. Musicians Hope and Randy Mead and their friends had similarly begun to document the orb phenomenon. This gallery explores their amazing discoveries.
"But aren't orbs just dust?" Find out what these experts say...

Adapted from "The Orb Project" (Beyond Words, 2007) by Miceal Ledwith & Klaus Heinemann from the website -

I would love to hear your experience with orbs, or see some of your pictures!

May you be filled with loving kindness, and may you be well!


Friday, 20 June 2008

Summer Solstice June 20 2008

Robins on Feeder

Picture copyright Roger Joyeux, used with permission.

This year, the summer solstice arrives at precisely 23:59 UTC on June 20, 2008. UTC is Universal Coordinated Time (reference Wikipedia and United States Naval Observatory.)  In Calgary , then, solstice happens at 17:59pm or 6:00pm.  Summer solstice is the time of the Earth Mother Goddess handing the cycle of the year to the Sky Sun God - Helios (or Ra).  In the summer cycle, the God provides sun and rain to nourish the crops, and the Goddess rests, preparing for harvest in the fall.  This is a time to let go of something that you have tried to control, and give it to the Goddess and God.  It is also time to set an intention, and offer a service for the granting of the intention. It is also an auspicious time to declare your love for someone else.

At our summer solstice celebration, we celebrate Solstice using a Standing Stones Ceremony. The ceremony allows participants to each have an opportunity to let go of something and throw it in the fire.  There will be a round for each person to set an intention and offer a "service".  The service may be either service in some capacity or a blessing/prayer for someone needing support.  Participants bring special objects and the knowing of what they want to give up and what they want to intend.  Throwing sage or tobacco in the fire to strengthens the intention.

Karen Bishop of "What's Up On Planet Earth" has some interesting comments about the summer solstice.  I am quoting from her June alert.

"Yes, we are now experiencing a brief period of peace, perhaps manifesting as exhaustion in some, fatigue, feeling drained or even spacey and lost, wanting rest and sleep for awhile, but all in readiness for the summer solstice.

And what a solstice it will be! This will be one of the most dramatic and intense solstices I have ever experienced. The earth will crack open energetically, releasing intense and highly vibrating energies which have been hidden for eons of time, and much will be revealed as we are catapulted into a very new energetic space as a planet where we have not been for a very long time.

The lightbearers needed to pull out in order to allow for more of the fall. We needed to be in a different space than what will be falling with even more intensity than what we have currently experienced up until now. We are not supposed to be holding anything up....much must go.

The unity consciousness is not taking hold as easily as it could. Many on the planet are not letting go as they could. In this regard, a more shaking up will be needed, and this will arrive with the summer solstice. We are being held back in order to be safe and secure. And after even more shaking up and digging deep, more individuals will hopefully be ready for the help and guidance the lightbearers can provide. They must be left alone with complete non-interference from us in order for them to find their own way, to be willing to allow for something new, to examine themselves and what is no longer working, to finally realize what is truly important to them, and to then be ready for a very new connection."

I wish everyone a very wonderful and clearing solstice!  So mote it be.


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Friday, 13 June 2008

What Have I Done?

treathe in the bueaty around you Sometimes a sentence catches you - and won't let go.  A quote by Michael Michalko who wrote THINKING LIKE A GENIUS: Eight strategies used by the super creative, from Aristotle and Leonardo to Einstein and Edison is one such quote.  He said, " Do not ask the question "Why have I failed?", but rather "What have I done?" ".  The concept is so simple it becomes brilliant.

All of our training has been about not failing, and if we have not performed as others expect us to perform - we are judged! We are judged as having failed, or as failures.  What does this mean?  It means that we have not failed! In fact we have done something that the other person could not do, and in some cases, would not even attempt.  How is it then that they could pass judgement on us as failing. 

The sad part of the whole scenario is that you and I have bought in to this.  This is what we learned.  So, we do not celebrate our achievements.  Instead, we pass judgement on them as though there is a special rating system for each activity that we do. 

We need to change the way we think.  We are unique; each of us is unique.  Therefore, anything that we do is going to be different than the way others may perform a task.  How we perform it does not mean it is wrong.  Does a silver or bronze medallion winner at the Olympics go around saying that they have failed because they did not win the gold medal?  Of course not!  They have achieved a feat that only the person winning the medal ranking higher has been able to achieve. And, they achieved it at the same time.  How can anyone dispute their success?

So the next time the task that you are working through does not go according to plan.  Step back.  Look at the steps and say, "What have I just achieved?"  As the Law of Attraction says, focus on the positive.  The results will come.

Have a brilliant time achieving!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Spirit Guide - Fairy Or Blue Penguin

Adelaide Zoo, Australia.  This picture comes from Wikipedia from the Adelaide Zoo files.

I am writing this discussion of the Fairy Penguin as a spirit guide in response to a post from Anonymous which appeared on the blog on Spirit Guide - Penguin from March 6, 2008.  Anonymous, thank you for writing such a great description of how Fairy Penguin appeared to you and for asking for some guidance about this appearance of a somewhat unique guide in your life. As you did not leave an email address, I was not able to respond directly to you. 

What I have learned  is that when a spirit guide pops up in your life, it is there to help you focus on what is happening and what will be happening for the next week or two.  To begin this blog, I needed to look up a picture of a Fairy Penguin because I do not know much about this animal.  As you can see from the picture, the Fairy Penguin has beautiful colouring that reflects the message that it may bring to people.  Some may call the feather colour blue, and others will call it indigo.  Whichever, the colour blue is associated with our throat chakra while the colour indigo is associated with the third eye or brow chakra.  So, what is the message in the colour blue?  Fairy Penguin is telling you to speak the truth, or your truth which may be the same thing, depending on the circumstances. 

This thought brings to mind the book, "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.  In his book, Ruiz lays out the first agreement.

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word
Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Are you speaking your truth?  Are you walking your truth?  Are you aware of a situation that is a lie or cover up, and is it time for you to "uncover" the truth?  The throat chakra is about communication as well.  Just as you ask what the Penguin is trying to say - the Penguin may be saying to you that you need to communicate more and with a different tone/technique than you are now using. If people do not understand you, it may be their challenge or it may be yours.  Generally, it is both.  Those around us mirror that which we struggle with. An interesting thought is that the throat is used to express the will of the Creator (or God/Goddess).  Are you needing to express a spiritual truth that you have been suppressing?  If so, this little Fairy Penguin might be telling you about new beginnings and to get actively involved in something that expresses the creative voice and will of Creator and Universe.  What is it that has been nudging you in the last several weeks - a conservation type project - perhaps helping with the Fairy Penguin, or is it about taking an active role in your community?

If you see the blue as more of an indigo colour, then the message is bringing you an awareness of your third eye.  The third eye is about "seeing" what is beyond the visible or beyond our concept of reality.  The fact that you saw a Fairy Penguin that others seem to be missing. Remember that the "Fairy" part of the Penguin's name is about 4th Dimensional Reality, about magic and mystery, and about the unknown.  Is your awareness growing?  Are your psychic abilities now starting to present themselves?  Are you doing anything - taking training, meditating - to help this process?  The colour indigo is also a reminder that one needs to seek the highest truth (there is that truth thing again!) and usually the highest truth is that message or way of living that happens with Divine guidance.

The Blue Penguin or Fairy Penguin grows up to sixteen inches tall.  His small size is certainly similar to what we believe the size of fairies to be.  The white breast is associated with the colour of spirit.  The dark and light contrast may be about moving between spirit and form, or between the light and night of the world.  As the Penguin may move between the water and land, the little Blue Penguin also moves between the seen and the unseen.  There is a very definite invitation in the "bark" of the penguin to take the "plunge" and move into the emotion and experience of working with the unseen.  Remember too that water is always about emotion, so when an animal or another water related being speaks to you from the water, they are asking you to dive down into your emotions and examine them, and "swim" through them to get out the food or what you need and let the rest go. 

You have been given a great gift!  May Fairy Penguin walk with you for more of your journey.



Saturday, 7 June 2008

The Goddess Discordia


   A plate depicting the Greek

    Goddess ERIS from 520 BC






Does it seem to you that the world seems more mixed up – that there is more discord? Have you ever wondered where the concept of discord originated? Some think it stems from the crucifixion of Jesus. However, mythology tells stories of a Roman Goddess called Discordia. These records date back to 600 BCE. Her name means “disagreement” in the strongest possible way. In the military, this type of disagreement would be a mutiny or seditious activity. The Goddess who is in opposition to Discordia is called “Concordia” who happens to be the Goddess of Harmony.

Discordia was known for her warlike and aggressive behaviour. She is known as a vicious opponent during battles between the gods and goddesses, or between mortals. She aided both sides in war and was joyful in the pursuit of disharmony. Virgil writes that in her “down time” the Goddess hung out with the Goddess Bellona (a war goddess) and the God Mars (the god of war).

Mythology compares Discordia to the Greek Goddess Eris (who is the Goddess of Strife). History/mythology attributes the start of the Trojan War to the Goddess Eris. Eris was not invited to very important Greek wedding because of her affinity with discord. Still, Eris showed up at the wedding location. However, she was kept out of the festivities. In her anger, Eris disrupted the wedding by tossing a golden apple on which she had inscribed “To The Most Beautiful”. These words stoked high emotion and ego in the Gods/Goddesses and mortals at the wedding. The conflict caused a man by the name of Paris to abduct Helen of Sparta, and incidentally, start the Trojan War.

If you are experiencing high discord in your life, perhaps you have invited the Goddess Discordia to be part of your environment. A gentle way to un-invite this goddess is to do a simple thank you ceremony and ask her to return to her place of power where you may call upon her again, should you require her assistance.

Since periods of great change, such as the present one, come so rarely in human history, it is up to each of us to make the best use of our time to help create a happier world.

~ Dali Lama ~

© May 2008 Judith Hirst-Joyeux. Judith is a Sage-Healer-Shaman who works with the Goddesses and Gods, Great Spirit, and angelic realms to move quickly to the source of issues or blocks and helps the client shift the blocks to begin their own healing process.