Saturday, 25 February 2017



Living in the light, or living happily in a spiritual way, gives us a harmonious life.  When we live life the way that we want to, then we are not under the spell of those who wish to control our lives.

We can live in the country, on a rock, on a mountain, or in the middle of the city, and achieve harmony with the space around us.

This is the gift of being in your space, living in your heart, and ignoring the others who demand that you live a certain way.

Today, decide how you will live harmoniously.


Thursday, 23 February 2017


As world inhabitants, we are still a long way from recognizing that this World is a living organism, and that we are all part of it.  We are part of the oneness of the world.  We see ourselves as separate, and we try to beat everything else around us into submission.  It is futile.  It is, in fact, beating ourselves.
We are connected to each other, the animals, plants and trees, ocean, marine life, reptiles, and everything that exists on Earth.  If we feel, they feel.  We communicate and they communicate.  Just like we may not speak another language from a foreign country, other beings on the planet do not communicate with us.
If we use our awareness, we can sense the energies and communication between other inhabitants of the planet. 
It is time to start exercising our oneness muscle.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017



Some say that Nature is cruel.  However, if you watch Nature, she does many acts of kindness.

Some say Humans are cruel.  If you watch them, you will see humans do many acts of kindness.

Kindness is recognizing that someone or something needs help of some kind, and then stepping in to quietly provide that help, and then stepping away.

It is not a kindness to do something for someone, and then hold it over their head.


Sunday, 19 February 2017




There is a harmony in being fearless. It means that you recognize the challenges and the potential for failure, and you push on.  We live in a world where fearlessness has been replaced by "what will they think".  Therefore, many grand ideas that would change our lives are tucked up in someone's mind because they are afraid to bring this idea forward. 

It is our FREE WILL to be able to move forward and do what we need to do for ourselves.  We need to be able to live with only ourselves if we should not achieve.  The others do not matter.


Friday, 17 February 2017




Calmness usually means that we are free from excitement or passion, that we are  tranquil. Yet, we must ever strive to achieve the state of calmness for it can be fleeting as we feel the pressures of every day worries and tasks.

Calmness lets us grow within ourselves, and lets us step back to see the world differently.  We see the actions of man to another man with more compassion.  We are more aware that each person has a great battle that wages within them.  We understand that sometimes the "letting go" of attachments is all that is required to bring great calmness.

Finding calm within is my next big achievement.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017



This day, I will be absolutely joyous.  I will feel all the good and the beauty in the world, and I will move forward with great purpose.  I will let those around me feel the joy.  The light of joyous will shine from me.

I use joyous to erase the sadness and the hurt and the humiliation that those around me may suffer from.  I recognize that I choose to be joyous.  I am totally grounded in joyousness.

Moving forward from this day, I will carry joyous with me in my pocket so that I can pull it out and wave it at situations that will pull me down.


Monday, 13 February 2017



Where do we find time to be mindful?  All the time!  It is a choice to be mindful.  It is a choice to be distracted.  It is a choice to be at one with what you are doing.

When you hear the phrase, "be with me now", then you know it is time to let go of the busy-ness that piles up on our shoulders.  Shake it off!  Breathe! Let it all go.

This is your day to be mindful all day, in everything that you do. 


Saturday, 11 February 2017




Gazing, looking, seeing, and remembering.  One meaning of gazing  is "look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought".

Gazing is a form of meditation.  It allows us to focus on something and yet nothing, and move our consciousness.  We are in a duet with that which we gaze at.  We become partners in creating energy that lifts the spirit. 


Thursday, 9 February 2017




There are times in our lives when the only thing that saves us from complete madness is the serenity that settles over us.  We feel at ease with whatever situation is going on. 

Where does serenity come from?  The Angels tell us that it comes from within, from a deep faith and sense of rightfulness.  It leaves us feeling distanced from the commotion, and from the anger. Serenity gives us a gateway into feeling compassion and kindness, the kind that is without strings.

When we are in that place of serenity, we are not in ego. We leave greed behind.  Power has no meaning.  The environment fades.  We are in that slightly altered state.  We feel connected and alive.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017



This is the meditation for today.  How do I become tranquil? Tranquility is about finding that space of calm within one's self.  As the pace of life speeds up and as the egos begin war with each other, we need to find that space that is tranquil.

You can become tranquil in many ways. 

1) Let go of worrying about the next minutes, days and years of your life

2) Let go of trying to find your life mission.  It will come to you if you stay still.

3) Adapt the ways of the turtle and go slowly into new things, but carry your home – your self awareness- with you

4) Be kind

5) Let go of friends and family that stress you.  It is called de-stressing. 


Sunday, 5 February 2017



The theme is about being untouched by what is going on in the world outside.  We all search for that bit of blissfulness that will move us beyond this reality.  We see it and we don't care because we are blissful. 

WE ARE MADE FOR BLISS.  Blissfulness means that we are so very happy that we have moved beyond what most people feel and hear and see. 

We float in the feeling of touching everything but having nothing touch us. We are moving and yet still.  We are laughing out loud, and yet are quiet.  We are filled with loving and are serene.


Friday, 3 February 2017



Right now, the most beautiful place on Earth is where there is peacefulness.  This is the place that our soul yearns to go to – to find that place where there is not any ego or power or selfishness.  We each have a need to find a place of peace where we can feel safe and where we can watch the stars or the clouds in the sky.

We need to know that in the peace, we do not need to watch our back (or our front or our sides) because we are protected.  We look for that place of peace all the time.

Most often it is a place of serenity inside you.  Sometimes, it is a physical place that you can go to.

Where is your place of peace?


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

February as a Step Into Spring


The weather has been cold and there is lots of snow.  It seems difficult to believe that in two weeks the weather man is predicting melting temperatures.  We snuggle in our homes and semi-hibernate as the cold roles through.  We admire the snow because it is clean and bright, and we if we are avid winter people, we get out and ski, snow shoe, or walk.

The challenge for all of us is to find grace in what we do each day.  As February moves into SPRING, we have a chance to practice the art of self healing – the letting go of things that bother us or of people that bother us.  Our Ancestors used the winter to review their life and to think about changes that they wanted to make come spring.  We can achieve what we think of.