Saturday, 21 May 2011

Spirit Speaks - Living Off The Land


“I realize that I was not clear when I said that people on Planet Earth should be living off the land. 

Let me explain what I meant.  The idea in my mind was that by living off the land that the people would look after the land and help it replenish.  I did not foresee that people would take out iron ore and forge steel to use to dig out the Earth, and to cover the Earth with tall buildings and super highways.  I did not see that people would want precious gems to grind for colour and for decorations.  I envisioned that people would use goods that the Earth pushed to the surface; not that people would aggressively dig down for these things.

I pictured that all beings would live in the harmony of their cycles.  I was surprised when humans hunted animals for their fur, almost to extinction.  And, my beloved whales are almost decimated by the addiction to hunting them for oil.  Again, Whales already sacrifice and wash up on shore to be harvested.  There was no need to hunt them.

Living off the land was to be a way of life to use that which is freely given – as things appeared to you, they were used.  Somehow, this idea has gotten off track.  It seems time to change it all back.

I will be making some big changes.  Even those people that think they can control all that is will be in for change. 

There are some fundamental truths:

  • All things must be done with permission from others, and silence is not consent.
  • All young are to be kept safe from harm.  Note that doing drug experiments on children, food experiments on children, and audio-visual experiments are part of the concept of “harm”, especially if done without parental knowledge and consent.
  • Abundance – having enough food and water – is the way that Earth was set up.  Sharing is the key to this.

Living off the land means taking care of it.  Will you find a way to do this in your own way?”

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