Monday, 2 May 2011

Spirit Animal - Dove Brings Brighter Days


Our doves returned to our yard this week, and immediately, the clouds began to lessen, and the Sun shone more brightly.  The snow has finally disappeared from the back yard, and the irises are now shooting up.  It has been a long winter!

Dove came and sat on the back of the deck seat, and then sat on the wires behind our yard.  She seemed to be looking over the yard.  As I watched her, I saw her take and make a noise, a blessing if you will, over our yard. 

I am grateful that we are so blessed!   The May Angels Magazine is up at

Tuesday, May 3, 7-9 pm
by Toonie Donation
We will be guided by the beautiful goddess, Green Tara. Her name means “cross-over”. She will be showing us “the way”. Please bring your rattles and drums, and bring a small snack (for 6-8 people) to share in community after the meditation. Call 403-225-2016, or email Judy here. Limited Space!

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