Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Spirit Speaks - “Forge” Ahead


As I asked for guidance for my blog today, I heard “Forge ahead!”.  And then I saw a series of visions around keeping one’s faith through the times ahead where chaos will be rampant, and where people will try to get you to do things against your nature.

The message was that we must “forge” ourselves through all the heat that we will be taking, into a person of steel will and mission.  We must be able to stand firm in our beliefs, in the knowledge that we are all connected in Oneness and that hurting one person to benefit another is actually hurting all of us.  We will be shaped by all of the fire that we will be under, however, if our Soul can hang on to the vision of what we can be, we will all be filled with a steely resolve that will let us continue to be in service to The Light.   The May Angels Magazine is up at

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