Thursday, 26 May 2011

Spirit Animal - Cougar Watches


My friends have a Cougar or Mountain Lion, living in their forest behind their house and farm yard.  You can tell when it is in the trees, watching who is coming and going, because all the horses move to the fence closest to it, and watch back.  The horses stamp their feet and neigh, and then after a while, go back to grazing.

When I was in meditation, I contemplated the Cougar and why it was watching the yard so intently.  It seems that it is watching for something that is not in the highest interests of the people and other animals.  This Cougar, so far, has not attacked the dog, chickens, horses, or cattle. Cougar seems to be well fed and unconcerned about the animals roaming about. 

Cougar, in this case, seems very guardian-like.  At night, sometimes, my friends can hear the Cougar make its coughing roar.  It is very much like a warning to stay away.  It is true that legends tell of the great cat who protects tribal villages, and warns the tribe when danger is coming. 

Perhaps this gift of service from Cougar is being reinstated with my friends.  I am looking forward to meeting Cougar out in Nature, at their place.

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sue said...

i've been dreaming of a large wild cat of late..just watching me..a calming presence. not sure what cat it is though i can only see his head. but very similar to your picture..just larger.