Friday, 20 May 2011

Spirit Animal - Sparrow Sings


Our window was open this morning, and I could hear the Sparrows singing away as they hopped around the bird feeder to gather food.  Suddenly, it got quiet.  Then the most beautiful, clear notes rang out.  I peeked out the window.  It was one Sparrow, sitting on the grass by itself, singing away while the others got food.

The sound was clear, like a flute going to unusual notes.  Sparrow seemed to be singing about taking a long journey, and how great it is to be finally at “home” again.  The song seemed to cover the ideas of having a permanent home, and the dangers of that as well as the idea of moving every six months. 

I realized what brave, small creatures that these Sparrows are.  They travel long journeys twice a year to be able to raise chicks, and to be able to survive the winter.  They are very different from us humans.

The song was about five minutes.  When it was done – it was about 5:30am – I snuggled in for another hour of sleep.

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