Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spirit Animal - Buffalo Vision


I was lying on the copper board, clearing, and doing a quest meditation.   My quest was interrupted by a large, bull buffalo/bison walking into my vision.  He shook his head in greeting. 

He said to me, “Earth Child, we are not meant to be kept corralled in small pens and fields.  We must roam free across all the prairies and woods.  We were promised this by White Buffalo Calf Woman.  Now, humans try to keep our numbers down.  They try to keep us in certain places, and close us off from the places that we should be.

We are the Earth’s caretakers across the prairies.  We nurture and garden.  We fertilize and it grows.  We created the tracks across the prairies.  We move as the weather and the shifts in the ground tell us to.  Now, when the ground shakes, we are not able to move to higher ground.  We are not able to teach the new calves all that they need to know about the grasses, and what is safe to eat and what is not.  We cannot teach them how to defend against the wolf and the big cat (cougar). 

We hope that you can ask other two legged to move some of us back to our natural home.  We know that you have seen visions of us walking through the grass by the Bow River.  This is what we did.  This is what we should do.  You and others can make it happen. 


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