Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Spirit Animal -- A Visit From A Pinto Horse


Last night, a beautiful, pinto horse trotted into my dreams.  I was having some difficulty with something big attacking me.  I cannot remember exactly what was going on.  I do remember that the minute this big horse showed up, everything changed!

I ended up sitting on a rock, and Pinto was alternately grazing and talking to me.  The message was that we had an agreement of some sort.   The agreement was that he would pop in and set things right when they were looking bad for me because I had done the same thing for him at some future date.

The idea of “future date” really intrigued me.  He looked at me and said that it was difficult to explain the concept of the time of “no time” when my current structure was based on the concept of past, present, and future.  He tried to show me the idea of time based on possibilities and that one can go anywhere based on the possibility. 

He said that he always knew where I was because of  our connection. 

And then he winked out!


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